Spoken Word Is Original Seed; Book 1 #17

God’s Word Made Manifest; No Thoughts But God’s
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Heavenly Father, we thank You for Your Presence this hour, we appreciate It so much that the same One who brought the Word to the apostle Paul is here and has been here revealing It and now we have that perfect revelation making the complete Word, knowing, therefore, that the Resurrection must come and the people remaining here must be changed and there must be that great call to the Wedding Supper.

We know that to be true Lord, because we’ve seen the first part completely vindicated and we know the second part shall come to pass, and the third, and all these things now in line, even as the prophet said, “Time and eternity have blended.”

We appreciate that Lord, that we have understood these things, as little children, and we realize we are little children, because we put aside our understanding of those things that we thought we knew, but having come face to face with truth Lord, we accept the truth even to the inner parts of our very being, down into our souls, that it might be manifested in Thee that we are the children of Almighty God.

And we love You for that Lord, and we know that You loved us even before we had a thought of love toward You, in fact we were in rebellion, come into the world speaking lies and completely ignorant of these things, but now we have been shown and we thank You Lord, for the grace conferred upon us, that we had seen and believed and we testified to it.

And we thank You for the privilege which we know is a complete matter of grace and the love of our heavenly Father. Be with us in our studies today, and It might even be more simple and more glorified in Jesus’ Name, we pray. Amen.

You may be seated.


Now we are in number 17, of The Spoken Word is Original Seed, and we have made fantastic progress. I think we… what? covered about, oh my yes, we covered twenty pages, 17, yeah, 16 sermons. What’s that? Twenty four hours. Not bad.

We’re doing pretty good. We’ll be out of here by next Christmas. No, we’ll try to cut it back.

But anyway, in the last discussion on this sermon, we spent our full hour and a half expanding on Brother Branham’s revelation, that the Appearing and Presence of our Lord Jesus Christ in the form of the Holy Spirit was and is an exact parallel to the time when He was here in the flesh two thousand years ago.

And we saw that the Pharisees and Sadducees who comprised the majority of Israel, denied the Scriptural presence of Messiah, because they were hybrids with a hybridized word and, therefore, with an entirely false revelation of the doctrine of Messiah.

Exactly the same thing happened and is happening in this hour when God Himself came on the scene with His awaiting and attendant prophet, according to Revelation 10:1-7, and therefore, the so-called Christians have, absolutely, no understanding of the Appearing.

Do you understand what I am saying? Sadducees and Pharisees, Roman Catholics and Protestants, utterly devoid of the truth, yet there is a seed germ Word company of God’s children called a Bride who believes God, and in and through them will bring forth what Eve missed and the first church missed.

But now is guaranteed by His appearing Presence the Messiah has to come forth in flesh and we with Him, and take over the land, the earth, renovate it, not by fire yet, oh perhaps a little, but He will do it when He comes back with His Bride.


Now, after Brother Branham sets this forth in paragraph 1, on page 27, he turns to those outside that seed germ Word Bride of Christ fully identified with the Word, revealed by manifestation and pronounces God’s Word as concerning them.

So let’s just read what we took an hour and a half on, pretty well, the other day, on page 27, after him saying there’s a complete parallel, this hour to that hour. And remember, Alpha must have an Omega.

There is never any one solid event in Scripture that’s it… phttt!.. that’s it. No, can’t be. Alpha is always Omega. Because you must know the seed at the beginning and the seed at the end, and if you’re confused at what was at the beginning, all you got to do is look at the end.

Hey, did I plant turnips? Let’s find out. Did I plant poppies? Let’s find out. Right? How do you find out? You wait till the harvest. See.

You say, “What about those growth stages?”

Can’t tell nothing about it when it comes to the Bible, you just got to wait because it’s got to be what was planted, it’s got to come right up here in the harvest. The same seed.

When people wonder and say, “Well, God gave the Gentiles the perfect seed through the apostle Paul, then He’s bound to come back at the end time and show what it is.

Same way He did.” “Just think,” he said, “the same Pillar of Fire brought the Word to the apostle Paul is here revealing It.” Goes over people’s heads; they don’t understand the principles. If you don’t understand the principles, you’re stuck. Okay.


We read:

[27-1]  Same thing today: “I’m that Seed that was to come (the woman’s seed).” “I’ll give you a seed,” to the… [he said, now to the serpent, he said, “Serpent, you got a seed. Woman got a seed.”] The serpent has already defiled her.

He said, “But Thy seed that I shall give will bruise his head.” He’ll take that thing back again. Amen. I wish–I just wish everybody could see that. “I’ve come to conquer and correct what he did.” And the only way I can do… is through the woman that believed the Seed where the woman didn’t believe the Seed.

So, he’s telling you right now, there’s no such thing as correction on this earth, there’s no way anything can be rectified, until there’s a woman standing here that receives the seed.

You say, “Just a minute, I thought that Mary received the seed.” Come on, she’s only a type. There’s got to be a Bride standing here, who says, “Be it unto me according to Thy Word,” and means it.


You know what it cost Mary to do that? Well, don’t you understand that the Jews don’t have much use for the virgin birth theory, because all through the ages the virgin birth theory is always that a woman is a virgin and she gets pregnant and “oh, it was done by the gods.” Yeah.

Mythology is loaded with it. So, Mary comes by and she said, “Well, the angel said so.” Now Joseph gets upset because the woman is pregnant.

Now he said, “Oh God, here we go again. This was a nice woman. Fine, lovely, clean woman and she’s messed with a man and she’s going to sell me on that stupid idea.”

You say, “Brother Vayle, it’s in the Bible.” Sure, it’s in the Bible, he didn’t have a clue to it though, because God only interprets His Word by manifesting It, and when the manifestation came, he was jittery.

Come on, I quote the prophet and he was vindicated. So he’s stuck, but an angel of God comes in a dream and said, “Joseph, don’t be afraid. It’s the truth.” And she stands right there and she said, “I’ve conceived by the Holy Ghost.” “Yeah, you and who else?”


Now, what group of people at the end time are going to say, “Listen, I have consorted with Him, through the open womb of my mind, I have received His seed and therefore, and thereby, those who cannot be made perfect without us, we stand in the end time perfection and it will be upon us, the promise comes to bring forth that promised seed, we’ll be standing right here to be caught up with those that are resurrected?”

Yeah, you and who else? Seventh day Adventists went through it. Jehovah Witnesses said it back in 1918. “Oh you, Lee Vayle and your Presence; yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.”

Yet if I were asked those who teach this Branham message, and I say, “Who came down?” What would their answer be?

But until they preach the Judge, brother/sister, until they preach the Judge, they don’t know Presence from a hole in the ground. No, they’re just like the world out there that doesn’t understand Presence. Okay.

[27-1]  …the only way I can… come through a woman… One woman believed the Word where one didn’t believe It. “I’m that overcomer. I’m the One that’s come to give Life that through My death to pay the penalty of what she did, through My life will be given to you to flow over you, and you’ll be sons of God and daughters of God” (See?), as long as there’s a Seed there.

In other words as long as there is something to flow over it, and Brother Branham will tell you how the ark was built with material that could be penetrated, to actually suck up, the fabulous substance that would make her float and fulfil the destiny that God had for her.


Now we’re reading. Now listen what he says.

[27-2]  You hybreed it… [hybridize it] and you got nothing but a denominational bastard child,…

So, what are they bringing forth to the end time? A denominational bastard child. And who is he? Anti-Christ. Yeah. Now where are we going this morning? Are you part of that which is bringing Him forth? Or bringing forth the anti-Christ? Now he’s a slick customer.

And the Pentecostals are already fooled, because the Full Gospel Businessmen are the perfection of the Pentecostals, ‘rich, increased in goods, and don’t lack a thing.’

And they make Dr. Bartolucci, a prophet, that says Demos Shakarian who stood with the prophet William Branham, and when William Branham, gave him a private interview and warned him, which no man knows the contents, he looked down, kicked his feet in the dust and walked off with tears in his eyes.

See, he had too much and he couldn’t give it up; shopping malls, dairy farms, and the big shot in the world.

“Oh my, oh, we can’t… Lord, come on, Lord, when you were born in the stable that’s fine but now you’re the Lord of glory, and I’m going to be up here in glory with You, so forget the stable, will you please?” What about it, brother/sister?


All you can bring forth is a denominational bastard child.

[27-2]  That’s all. Anything deny the Word… Excuse me, sisters. …I’ve just got to say it just the way it is here. See? And that’s the way it is.

Now listen!

[27-3]  All of God’s sons must be the same.

Now sisters, he doesn’t say all of God’s sons and daughters must be the same. He said, “All of God’s sons must be the same.” So therefore, a woman intrinsically would be a son, because Adam was a son, and he was a part of her.

You don’t find a bunch of female angels or anything else, up there. You’ve got to understand what we’re talking about. We’re talking about life and when God made man in the creation of that spirit, you find that He later said, “Male and female created he them.”

So therefore, there is a separate creation in there. You can say what you want, but I don’t believe the Bible just stutters and stumbles, “Oh, excuse me, I forget, there’s really two of them here.” So you got to read it with perception.

If she wasn’t in the original creation, then she wasn’t in the original creation. And remember, as far as her flesh was concerned, it was formed from the ground and the life that she had already, vitalized it.

So you better read your Bibles carefully. If I’m teaching you wrong, I’m not too worried about it, God will correct me and bring me back. You don’t worry, but I believe I’m right on track from what the prophet said.


Now listen!

[27-3]  All of God’s sons must be the same. [Not serpent son, but God’s sons.] Yes, sir. To be borned of the Word and Spirit brings us back to the spoken Word again like in John 3.

Now he said, “The whole thing got messed up with the hybridization.” But it can be brought back. We can get you back to sons, and notice, it won’t be with women. Uh, uh.

It won’t be by women. Uh, uh, no, no, no, no, no, no, and every female right here is catalogued with every male and it’s only on the grounds of sex, but not in your souls.

So that’s why men must begin to regard their wives as sisters, and the wives, their husbands, as brothers. And begin to aspire to an acclaim, lay claim to, the highest order there is, sons of God, undefiled, blameless as they stand in His Presence.

You say, “Brother Vayle, when’s it going to be?” Well, I’m glad you didn’t ask the question. I sort of posed it, hypothetical, rhetorical, maybe we got to wait for the Millennium, when we all get the right ones. Yeah, and it won’t be sex.

It’s going to be strict beautiful compatibility. Hasn’t every wife and every husband even in the nicest, sweetest marriage just longed, just longed for something even better? And I’m not talking about this stupid asinine doctrine of soul-mating.

I’m talking about a reality right here, why you are a man, and you’re a woman, and can live in that sphere. I suppose, it’s going to take glorification, it’s nice to look forward to, praise the Lord.

[27-3]  All… God’s sons must be the same. Yes, sir. To be born of the Word and Spirit brings us back to the spoken Word again like in John 3. It says, See? To be borned of the Water and the Spirit, what does it do?

Then it brings you right back again unto the place of where you should’ve been at the beginning.  [ See. Right.] See? That’s the reason of Christ’s death: brings us right back again to where? Sons of God. [See? Now watch!]

[27-3]  Then it brings you right back again… to the place of where you should have been at the beginning.


In other words, “It doesn’t matter if you by-passed your theophany,” as Brother Branham called it, “your Word-body, your Spirit-body.” He used those terms, and I think Spirit-body is better and I think Word-body is better still.

Because let’s face it, if the seed is the Word and you’re a part of that Word, what better than to call it a Word-body. And yet at the same time, if you’re spirit what better than to be called a Spirit-body. No problem. You see?

[27-3]  That’s the reason of Christ’s death: brings you right back to where you were. So you see when you’re baptized with the Holy Ghost,” [as Brother Branham said,] “it’s okay, you by-passed that Spirit form, that Word-body, it’s okay. You were put here to be tempted.”

But the point is this, even in the temptation and the fall through the death and Resurrection of Jesus Christ, which causes us to be born of water and the Spirit, we are now right back exactly where we are supposed to be, so that our standing before God is immutably, righteous and perfect, but our state may be pretty mucky.


But as Brother Branham spoke of that lily down there in the mud, Mister Lily, deep down in the mud, a ray of sun strikes it and pretty soon the shoot comes up and up to the top of that little slough of despond, there comes a beautiful lily. And notice how glossy and beautiful it is.

There’s a shine about a lily that you don’t see on the rose, and many other flowers. It’s very beautiful, even the lily of the valley’s, they have a peculiar sheen, like Brother Branham said, “It is not some glitter, it is a glow.”

Some life and light emanating from the in-between, it’s beautiful. You are right back where you were supposed to be, sons of God.


All right. Are we back there? Let us check and see if we are back there. Now, I could ask Lloyd but it isn’t fair to always pick on Lloyd, so I won’t ask anybody. Where would I go? Revelation 22:10 without a doubt. And there we read.

Revelation 22:10-14

(10) And he saith unto me, Seal not the sayings of the prophecy of this book: for the time is at hand.

(11) He that is unjust, let him be unjust still: …he [that’s] filthy, …filthy still: and he that is righteous, let him be righteous still: and he that is holy, let him be holy still.

(12) And, behold, I come quickly; and my reward is with me, to give every man according as his work shall be. [His Appearing is here in 10 and 11 and in 12. He’s coming right on earth.]

(13) I am Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the end, the first and the last. [And he says here,]

(14) Blessed are they that [wash their robes], that they may have [the] right to the tree of life,


Now listen! Adam and Eve had the right to the Tree of Life. Not when they were in sin, but before they were in sin, so therefore, at this point, “We are absolutely perfectly sinless,” as Brother Branham said, “the righteous perfect Bride of Jesus Christ, you didn’t even do it.”

You say, “Well, Brother Vayle, how can it be?” I just told you! Are we a bunch of unbelievers? When a thing is vindicated what are you looking for? “Well, you see Brother Vayle…” I don’t see anything, don’t even talk to me. Don’t even talk to me. I’m not interested.

You got nothing to say. You don’t have a think coming. Who loves that beside me? Oh, my God, you’re slow getting your hands up. Do I talk too fast? I’ll say it again. No, I won’t. You ain’t got a think coming.

How many like live, die, sink, or swim? I got both hands… that’s better, now, now that’s right. I like that, see. Because you see people don’t like that.


Listen! You know what you just confessed? You have just confessed I will not take a Word, I will not add a word. You’re standing with the Tree of Life. You’re standing with God. You’re standing right there as children of the prophet.

You’re not looking down the road to be part of anti-Christ. “Brother Vayle, you know, I’ll know down the road.” Why I could tell you something right now but I wouldn’t want to spoil the meeting. True. True.

I get phone calls from around the world. And I got one last night that shook me from stem to stern; it would shake you the same way. We’ll get to it later.

[27-4]  [Listen:] If Eve would have brought forth that child…

Now there again, there’s a misconception in the minds of people. They say, “No, no, Brother Branham has to be wrong here.” Brother Branham isn’t wrong. But I’m going to tell you something.

Even though God did not say at that particular point, when He put them in the Garden of Eden, when they were ordained to bring forth children in flesh, which they would have got to sex later on.

Who is to say that because of what is missing in the Scripture, in the sense of it not having been said at that particular moment, who are you or I to deny a vindicated prophet who said what he said?

He said, “She should have brought forth and she missed it.” And if you don’t believe that, then how can you possibly believe in the death and Resurrection of Jesus Christ which alone can guarantee and actually bring forth the population of people on this earth to reign and rule.

Now you tell me.


Omega reveals Alpha. “Well, Brother Vayle, you see, I reserve to myself to have a thought.” Anti-Christ is your father. He’s coming on the scene shortly, you’re already trapped, and the best you could be is a foolish virgin. You could be no more Bride than nothing, nor could I.

You see the simplicity of what we’re dealing with? It throws it right back in the hands of God, did God, actually, vindicate this prophet to speak? Is this really God answering back? Is this really the truth? If it isn’t, then where am I going to go?

Because the New Testament doesn’t stand by Itself; It has to come out of the Old, because Jehovah of the Old, is the Jesus of the New, and the Rock that followed Moses is Christ. Well, who’s Christ? Messiah. Who’s Messiah? God Himself, that indwells His own Son and took a human figure.

All over the world, they’re claiming, “Lee Vayle is teaching two gods.” Old John McRae has got it up there in Saskatchewan. They don’t understand either.

How in the world can you miss? How can you miss? How can you miss? I’ll tell you how you can miss. Because men love darkness, rather than light. Because their deeds are the same as Cain, they’re Christ killers.



[27-4]  If Eve would have brought forth that child… She would’ve finally done it. Did God not tell her, “Multiply and replenish the earth?” But she had to walk over here and play the part of a whore.

The very thing I just told you, I had forgotten that Brother Branham said it here, but I really knew it in my mind, because I read it several times. The Spirit brings these things to our attention.

That’s what she was told. But you’ll notice the replenishing is through that seed, so therefore, if she was told she would have to have that seed. Right? Oh, come on.


“Well, it’s this way, Brother Vayle, if I want to pick up a nice thoroughbred horse; I go to the Chevrolet dealer and he…” You get the point I’m talking about? If God told her, “Replenish the earth,” it was through the seed, there wasn’t any other way. It had to come this way.

You mean to tell me that God couldn’t stand there with them and replenish the earth without sex? I know it’s a tough one to get around but there’s a truth. You got to receive what the prophet said.

Now let me tell you something here, this woman was a foolish virgin. And the foolish virgin having the Word goes about doing what she wants in her own way concerning It, and she ends up judged, but she’s allowed to bring her glory in, because that’s the Omega of the Scripture.

Even the foolish virgin is over here, where it says, “He that is unjust, be unjust still, filthy, filthy still.” And remember, this is a woman that isn’t justified, she’s forgiven.

We dealt with that and show you how she can’t be justified, there’s no way. A woman that is untrue to her husband, or has intercourse before she is married to some man and then marries another, we’re typing this, she can’t be justified, because there’s no way you can justify it, but she can be forgiven. See?


Now, over here in the Book of Revelation, chapter 21, and we’re here somewhere. Where do we want to go?

Revelation 21:22-27

(22) …[there’s] no temple: for the Lord God Almighty and the Lamb are the temple [see, this is not Millennium, this is New Jerusalem.]

(23) …the city had no need of the sun, neither of the moon, to shine: for the glory of God did lighten it, and the Lamb is the light thereof.

(24)  And the nations of them [that] are saved… [Now notice, Brother Branham says, saved is not born again. Right?] shall walk in the light of it: and the kings of the earth bring their glory into it. [Right? remember, they bring it in. The gates aren’t closed; they come and they go. But they’re not a part of it.]

(25) And the gates of it shall not be shut all day: for there shall be no night there.

(26) And they shall bring the glory and honour of the nations into it.

(27) And there shall in no wise enter into it any thing that defileth, [and] whatsoever worketh abomination, maketh a lie: but they [that] are written in the Lamb’s book of life.


Now just a minute. It says, “Whatsoever worketh abomination.” What is an abomination to God in this hour? Anybody know? Tell me out loud. Huh? No. Women wearing men’s clothes. You don’t know your Old Testament. Women wearing raunchy clothes.

How many women in this church do you know refuse to mend those splits in the back of their skirt? And I’ve been preaching for a long time on that. Shall I tell them the truth, Jan? Jan has her skirts exactly right. No problem. But I can talk to my sisters like I was a doctor of sexology, or something.

I have… no shame and no fear, because I have no women in my life except my wife, and I never want anybody. But you women don’t even know what spirit’s on you to have that skirt the way it is. It’s a filthy spirit. It’s a filthy spirit.

You men want to tell you wives, meet with me after church, and I’ll tell you all about it. An abomination. No, brother/sister, let’s stay with the Word of God, else we be destroyed.


Now it says, there’s nothing that defileth. Okay. Again we look at a picture. All sin is without the body except the sin of adultery, whoredom, where a man sins against his own body.

He defiles… Brother Branham was told by God, “Don’t defile yourself with women.” What is defiling? Organization, denomination, that’s why the foolish virgin comes out, but she doesn’t meet Him, she doesn’t go in, she dies. That’s Omega. There’s your picture.


Revelation 22:1-2

(01) …he shewed me a river of [pure] water of life, clear as crystal, proceeding out of the throne of God and of the Lamb.

(02) In the midst of it, and [so and so and so and so.]


All right, you’ll notice there’s no sin in that particular place, it has all been dealt with and how has it been dealt with? It’s been dealt with in this particular manner as I am trying to bring it to you.

Up there… down here, I beg your pardon, in the New Jerusalem and the new earth there is no death. These things spell death. They are symptoms of the unbelief. And there isn’t any. Man was not meant to die. Now how did he die? She died by giving into the serpent.

Now the Bible says, “Sin entered; and death by sin.” What was her sin? Unbelief. Now you simply can’t have unbelief and pin it on a person for what they’re thinking. You can’t hang a man for that, although God could. But you and I can’t. There has to be manifestation.

What was the manifestation? It was her sexual dalliance with the serpent, the beast. I don’t like the word ‘serpent’; I like the word ‘beast’. Now what did it do? It brought death. See, sin brought the death.

That’s exactly why you’ve got AIDS and why I preach the way I preach, that it’s this dalliance and these things that people do. Science will tell you a different story from the Bible.

Now every child that’s born signifies life at the same time there’s death there. They are born to die. Now there’s nothing in here whatsoever, because all of this has come forth by the Lamb. See?


Now, let’s go to Galatians, the 3rd chapter, and verses 15 and 16, and you’ll see again, the singularity which means singular, number one, and one only, not two, not three, not four, not five: life coming by the seed; not by Adam and Eve.

Galatians 3:15-16

(15) Brethren, I speak [in] the manner of men; Though it be but a man’s covenant, yet if it be confirmed, no man [disannuls], or [adds to it]…

(16) Now to Abraham and his seed were the promises made. He saith not, [As] to seeds, as of many; but as of one, And to thy seed, which is Christ.

So here you are. Brother Branham bringing us the perfect truth; if Eve would have brought forth that One, she did not so, therefore, there’s the interruption and the interruption is all flattened out with death, and now comes the end, the Resurrection, in this very hour.

[27-5]  You just say, “That’s flat, Brother Branham,” but wait just a little bit; we’ll get into that a little later. See…? You say, “Can’t be.” Well, we’ll just find out whether the Word says it is or not. See? Then it’s right. They’re not; it’s not hid. If it’s hid, it’s hid from those who are lost. See,


Now he’s quoting from 2 Corinthians, the 4th chapter, is that right? After the 3rd chapter it tells you that the lifting of the veil or the wrong creeds and dogmas, and whatsoever is against the Word of God, whatsoever, must be removed.

And when it’s removed there’s no more veils in front of your face. There’s no more problems. But there’s a liberty in the spirit, and you can look right into the Word and, thereby, be changed from glory to glory.

Now Brother Branham categorically said, “Oh, what a glory it was, [he said,] when Moses was there.” That’s what Paul said, rather. And he said, “That glory fades into nothing but a liability compared to the glory which has been revealed in Christ.”

Brother Branham said concerning Luther, “As Luther left the Catholic church, oh, what a glory! And when the Wesleyans left the Lutheran, oh, what a greater glory! And when the Pentecostals came out, oh, …what a greater glory still.”

But he said, “Concerning this, those glories faded but this glory can’t fade.”

Now what’s it going to go into? What you’re talking about. This end time glory that come…


Now watch! And Paul says,

2 Corinthians 4:1

(01) [Wherefore] seeing we have this ministry,…

Which ministry? To bring this about. Now hold your finger there. Hold it there. Let’s go right back to 2 Thessalonians again, the 1st chapter,

2 Thessalonians 1:7,10

(07) And you who are troubled rest with us, when the Lord Jesus shall be revealed from heaven with his mighty [messengers],

(10) When he shall come to be glorified in his saints, and to be admired in all them that believe (because our testimony among you was believed) in that day. [Which is this day.]

The ministry of Paul at the end time, Christ judging the world by Paul’s gospel, it had better be vindicated that it’s his gospel. You better believe it.

God had better have some kind of a plan drawn up that it is Paul’s gospel. Or Paul’s a liar and God’s a liar with him. But there it is right there. The same Pillar of Fire brought the Word, revealing It.


Now notice,

2 Corinthians 4:1-4

(01) Therefore [having] this ministry, [to bring this about,] as we have received mercy, we faint not;

(02) But have renounced the hidden things of dishonesty, not walking in craftiness, [not] handling the word of God deceitfully; but by manifestation of the truth commending ourselves to every man’s conscience in the sight of God.

(03) But if our gospel be hid, it is hid [from] them that are lost:

(04) In whom the god of this world hath blinded the minds of them which believe not, [That’s this bunch he speaks of in the 11th chapter,] lest the light of the glorious gospel of Christ, who is the image of God, should shine unto them.

He’s telling you here’s the gospel of Christ who is the image of God. In other words, He’s the One thing that you can see and positively did see when He was here in His flesh. And He could say, “He that hath seen Me has seen the Father.”

And now today, Brother Branham, they said, “Brother Branham, what does it mean when Jesus said, “He that has seen me has seen the Father.” He said, “You’re looking at me, aren’t you? Same thing.”

Now who’s choking on that this morning? Anybody choking on it? Why choke on it? Can you tell me you are somehow wonderfully endowed by God? Vindicated by Him that you can come against that? I challenge you.

All of you put together never had the visions and dreams come to pass in your life, altogether that I’ve had in mine and I don’t have any vindication at all.

And I don’t have any indication, as well as, vindication. Where does that put you? Throws you back on grace, doesn’t it? Well, that’s a nice place to be. I see nothing wrong with that.


Notice, and he tells you how this comes to pass.

2 Corinthians 4:5-7

(05) For we preach not ourselves, but Christ Jesus the Lord; and ourselves your servants for Jesus’ sake.

(06) For God, who commanded the light to shine out of darkness, hath shined [into] our hearts, to give the light of the knowledge of the glory of God in the face of Jesus Christ.

(07) But we have this treasure in earthen vessels, that the excellency of the power may be of God, and not of us.

And that’s exactly what Irenaeus said. And that’s what Brother Branham said. “God being a Savior, predestinating a man who would require salvation to give Himself reason and purpose of being.”

And everything that God is doing is bringing forth His own glory today and we’ll understand some day, as we are transformed into that which we’re looking for. But not until that time.

Now is by faith, “Live, die, sink swim.” “Ain’t got a thought coming.”

I don’t know where you stand, because I can’t read your hearts. But I can tell you one thing, this is great. Because it throws the whole thing back on the prophet and he got to throw it back on God.


Now, let’s keep reading.

[27-6]  Now, this brings [it] right back to the spoken Word, then we are God’s Word made manifest.

Now, be very careful here, because remember, you have to recall what Paul said to the Corinthian church when they became devious in their worship, and began to attribute to themselves positions which were not theirs.

So, he spoke out on gift ministries where the fallibility lies and the great danger of being sucked in through manifestation. And he said, “What came the Word of God out of you? Or came unto you only?”

Now he said, “Let him that is a prophet, or thinks himself to be spiritual, let him acknowledge that the things that I write unto you are the commandments of the Lord.”

In other words, everybody shut-up and sit down. “Well,” you say, “Brother Vayle, that’s not nice.” Well, then God’s not nice.

How nice is a God who let Elijah, when they said, “Oh, man of God, come on down,” he said, “If I be a man of God, let fire come down and consume the whole bunch of you.” Fire came down and consumed them.

“Oh, what a terrible thing, Brother Vayle.” Well, that’s just you talking. That’s just you talking. Well, the next bunch came out, same thing happened. When the third bunch came out, the captain was smart this time.

He said, “Look I know you can call fire down and consume the whole bunch but,” he said, “I’m not here on my own. I’m here because the king sent me. Won’t you please come down and save my life and come on in?”

He said, “No problem.” When he got there, he blasted the king. Called him what he was, told him what would happen. “God’s not very nice to do things like that.” No, He sure isn’t. But I’m glad He did.


I’m going to tell you one thing, nobody but a true seed will give God respect and that respect is through the grounds of faith which is the true revelation of God’s Word.

How many times have I warned you in this message, you could literally die listening to me preach, because I’m preaching what Brother Branham said, what Irenaeus said, “God being a Savior, it was necessary for God to predestinate a sinner in order to give Himself reason and purpose of being.”

And when Paul preached the same thing in the Book of Romans, they said, “Why does God yet find fault?” “Who art thou, O man, to reply against God.” Yeah. Something’s wrong somewhere.


Now listen! What Brother Branham is speaking here concerning the baptism with the Holy Ghost, it takes you to where you were supposed to be in the beginning regardless of what condition you are physically or any other way. He says.

[27-6]  Now,… this brings it right back to the spoken Word. Then we are God’s Word made manifest. See? Jesus said the same thing.

Now watch! Here’s what he is saying here now. We are God’s Word made manifest and he’s taking you to where Jesus Himself said it. Now be very careful.

[27-6]  “He that believeth on Me, [Now there’s an interpolation here, so I’m going to read without the interpolation,] “He that believeth on Me, the works that I do shall he do also.

[Now the interpolation which is an explanation is this,] the things that… Who I am, what I came for and the purpose I do, to bring a man back to believe the Word of God and take nothing else with it,…

So, Brother Branham is speaking on John 14:12. “The works that I do, he that believeth on me, greater works than I do shall he do,” …is the vindication of a man, vindicated by God, to prove the Scripture a hundred percent right and the person dealing with It, the full authority from God Himself to deal with It.

So the Scripture is fulfilled when it says, “He that receiveth whomsoever I send, receives Me, and he that receives Me receives the One that sent Me which is God.”


Now listen again! Well, Brother Branham doesn’t quote it, so I’m going to go all the way back here.


John 14:12

(12) Verily, verily, I say unto you, He that believeth on me, the works that I do shall he do also; and greater works than these shall he do; because I go to my Father.

Now he’s telling you that a greater ministry is in the horizon down there, down the road someplace. Now what was this verse all about?

John 14:6-11

(06) [Now,] Jesus [said], I am the way, the truth and the life: no man cometh unto the Father but by me, [the Son.]

(07) If [you’d] known me, [the Son, you] should have known my Father also: and from henceforth [you] know him, [my Father,] and [in seeing Him, and you’re looking at me.]

(08) [And] Philip [said], Lord, shew us the Father, [Yeah, he didn’t believe Him. Give me, give me a sign I like. Yeah.]

(09) [And] Jesus [said], Have I been so long with you, and yet thou [hast] not known me, Philip? He that hath seen me hath seen the Father; and how sayest thou then, Shew us the Father? [Now watch!]

(10) Believest thou not that I am in the Father, and the Father in me? the words that I speak unto you I speak not of myself: but the Father that dwelleth in me, he doeth the works. [That gives me the right to talk as I talk.]

(11) Believe me that I am in the Father, and the Father in me: or believe me… else believe me for the very works’ sake.

He said, “Philip, do I have to take you back all the way to where the works are? Do I have to show you again what Moses said? Are you so ignorant having been all this time with Me?” Then he saith,

John 14:12

(12) [Truly, truly,] I say unto you, He that believeth on me, the works that I do shall he do also; and greater works than these shall he do; because I go to my Father.

This verse as Brother Branham explains, tells you there’s coming a man and he has to be a prophet. Now here’s how he says it.

The things that I do, and who I am, what I come for, and the purpose, to bring a man back to believe the Word of God and take nothing else with It.” Now, that’s what Jesus did and that’s what He’s doing now in His Appearing. “There you are,” said the prophet.



[28-1]  Why is it not being done today? It’s hybridized, bastard children, mix… [it] up. …it’s a mule; it don’t know what it believes. A mule doesn’t know who his daddy is, who his mama is… He hasn’t got a pedigree; there’s nothing to him. He’s a illegitimate creature.



[28-2]  That’s the way any person that claims to believe God and doesn’t believe His Word will take a denominational creed and breed it with the Word. See, you’re not of God; you’re dead. You can’t be dead and alive at the same time.

Live, die, live, die, live, die, live, die. Before it’s over you’re going to get converted. I’m going to be happy that this man shot his mouth off, and he said, “He just hates that saying, he can’t take it, ‘live, die, sink, or swim’.”

I’m going to use it right to the hilt. And you’ll either sink with him or you’ll live with us. Which ever way it goes is your business.

But listen; I’m not your Savior. You think for one minute if I couldn’t save you, I wouldn’t? Certainly I’d save everybody, even if it was just a matter of my pride. Look what I did.

And I’ve looked just that stupid or stupider on judgment. See, it catches me on the camera up there. Yeah. Think I’m a clown? I’m not a clown. I’m just showing what the truth is; parodying it, satirizing it.

[28-2]  You can’t be dead and alive at the same time. [Not under this ministry, because the Word’s proven. So even the Word of God doesn’t even grow. There’s no Word to grow in you, anyway.] You’re just playing the part of a hypocrite. [That’s the dual, he spoke about.]

Let that go for bishop, priest, cardinal or whoever it might be. That’s right. It’s got to be the Word or you’re dead, just an illegitimate child. God’s part won’t grow. [He says, “God’s part won’t grow.] You might grow in the same field as we’re getting to directly, but… you’re sure not in the fold. It won’t grow.


Now, let’s understand something here. He’s dropped a little something in here and you can take it two ways which I certainly am going to do.

Number one: he’s just emphasizing the fact, if there’s nothing in there to grow, forget it, skip it. But when he turns around and says there’s something in there, that won’t grow, he could be talking directly to the foolish virgin.

Because if there’s a part in there, a step down, and you can come in saved, but not justified, foolish virgin but not Bride, the nations outside to bring their glory in. Remember, there’s no sex after the Resurrection. Forget it. Like the angels of heaven. Neither married nor given in marriage.

So, what are we looking at? Well, I’m going to take you over here to Ephesians, and I know we’ll run out of time, I’m sorry, because there’s so many good things in here we should be looking at.


The Ephesians, the 4th chapter, there’s a true five-fold ministry from verses 1 to 11. Beginning at verse 12, this five-fold ministry is given…

Ephesians 4:12-16

(12) For the perfecting [that’s equipping] of the saints, for the work of the ministry, for the edifying of the body of Christ:

(13) Till we all come in the unity of the faith, and of the knowledge of the Son of God, unto a [mature] perfect man, unto the measure of the stature of the fulness of Christ:

(14) That we henceforth be no more children, tossed to and fro, and carried about with every wind of doctrine, by the sleight of men, and cunning craftiness, whereby they lie in wait to deceive;

(15) But [holding] the truth in love, may grow up [unto] him in all things, which is the head, even Christ:

(16) From whom the whole body fitly joined together and compacted by that which every joint supplieth, according to the effectual working in the measure of every part, maketh increase of the body unto the edifying of itself in love.

All right. It tells you right there, that there’s, absolutely, no way for the Bride to come to maturity outside of the absoluteness of the Word of Almighty God. You can’t do it. Add or take. There’s no way.

You’ve lost something, you cannot be in it. That’s why the foolish virgin are not the Bride of Christ.


Now notice right in here, of what he is talking about. So, then in this paragraph here that we read about Brother Branham and John 14:12.

That was an original, given to the First Church Bride and it refused it and went into hybridization. This end time Bride cannot refuse it, why? Because the works are greater.

Now watch what happens. At this time you cannot do anything about this message and the Bride cannot fall. Hebrews, the 6th chapter and it says in verse 4… verse 3.

We’ll go on to perfection, and you couldn’t, because that which was perfect had not come, but it’s coming now, and it has to do with Paul’s gospel.

Hebrews 6:4-7

(04) For it is impossible for those who were once [for all] enlightened, and have tasted… the heavenly gift, …partakers of the Holy Ghost,

(05) …taste the good word of God, [even] the powers of the world to come,

(06) …[having fallen] away, [they can never be renewed] again to repentance; seeing they crucify to themselves the Son of God afresh, and put him to an open shame. [Now he explains it.]

(07) For the earth which drinketh [forth] the rain [now he’s talking about people; and you’re the earth, and I’m the earth, because we’ve got human bodies,] and drinketh the rain [and] cometh oft upon it, bringeth forth herbs meet for them by whom it is dressed, receive blessing from God:


Now listen! For whom is this being dressed? And by whom? By a legitimate five-fold ministry that’s bringing the Word of the living God.

Hebrews 6:8

(08) But that which beareth thorns and briers is rejected,…

Now what brought forth thorns and briars? Adam taking his place with his wife. See? In other words, he didn’t disbelieve the Word of God; he just, absolutely, didn’t obey It. He got himself a problem.

Now, it brings forth thorns and briers, when you get off of that Word in any way shape or form. You know It’s the truth, and you just ignore It and walk on by, you add to It or some foolish thing in there. Now, and it says here,

Hebrews 6:8

(08) …[the] thorns and [the] briers [are] nigh unto cursing; whose end is to be burned.

So at the end time when you have this great fully vindicated ministry, there are those that misunderstand and are foolish virgin. What happens to them? Great Tribulation takes them. The Bride gets out of there.

What about the rest? They burn on earth, and they burn at the White Throne. Their end is burning. Why? Because they’re wrong seed in the first place.

Now if you and I live in such a way as to bring forth thorns and briers, there’s only one thing we’re doing. We’re not sowing the Word of God, because if you sow the Word of God you cannot bring forth a brier. You can’t do it, brother/sister. You can’t do it. See?



[28-3]  All right, [he said,] we notice… [this about] …the spoken Word… we are God’s Word made manifest. [We are God’s Word made manifest. Okay.]

That’s how God wants His church– is to manifest Himself. How can He manifest Himself unless His Own Seed is in that person? [Didn’t say, those persons, now he said, ‘that person’.] How can you use your own thoughts and God manifest Himself through you?

Now this is what I keep telling you, any man that says, “I hate, ‘you ain’t got a think coming’.” Brother Branham told me in ’64, “All my thoughts are of God.”

“Oh, Brother Vayle, I don’t know how that could be?”

Well, then your God is not all powerful. He’s omniscient, but He sure can’t do anything about it. Isn’t it funny how the church and most people you know have got the smart answer, the smart reply and they know more than you, but they can’t do it?

Why do you think I’ve made my position so strong before you? That Grace Gospel Ministries stands apart by itself. I don’t listen to anybody. If you listen to me, you listen at your own risk.

You say, “You’re not being nice, Brother Vayle.” I’m being a hundred percent with the Word, my brother/sister. You do what you want. I’ve not hurt anybody, taken a nickel or anything else, but you come against me, and see what’s going to happen.

And you can repent on your death bed, I won’t come near you. Why? Find me one thing in the Word of God that tells me to. You say, “Wouldn’t you do it?”

At this point, I don’t know, so I can’t say I wouldn’t, as though I positively wouldn’t, but I see nothing in Scripture that tell me, “Hey, the third time around, you’ll know better.” Come on. Be honest with me as you want me to be honest with you.

You don’t want me coming in your house and messing on your floor. Why should you come in my house and mess on my floor? Why should you come and try to destroy my ministry?


Let me tell you about that phone call from Europe. The man we had such faith in here, we thought was going to be a good pastor.

He told Brother Marstrander, when Marstrander was here about a year ago, he had many talks with Brother Petrie, and he’s very, very enlighten, very happy with what he is being taught.

So when I said to him, “He’s already controlling the church.” Didn’t say one word, just walked on, because that’s maybe, how he wanted it. You can’t hide from God. You can’t even hide from Lee Vayle.

Now you can fool me for awhile, like I could fool you for awhile, but all the tapes of everything I’ve said, have I told you a lie? Have I made a mistake? I come back and correct it.

For money, you can’t catch me on money. Phttt. If you think I’m just kidding, four and a half hours, you can find everything out what I spent last year. You won’t find one thousand bucks I’m out. That’s a lot of money, because I spend a lot of money.


Yet, I got people thinks Lee Vayle is mean. I want to ask you a question. If I can mention your name here and you can mention mine in a little building, what do you think is going to happen on the day of judgment? From the housetops.

My wife has always criticized me, “Lee, you spill your guts, why do you…?”

I said, “Let me tell you something, Alison, I’d sooner have it here, than from the housetops.”

Yeah. Yet he signed an agreement. You’re pretty silent. Are you all going to leave after? “I’m not coming back to hear Lee Vayle anymore, because I admire lying and stealing and sin, betrayal.”

You say, “Brother Vayle, you shouldn’t say those things?” Why are they in the Bible? Why in the Bible? You do what you want.

We don’t have four posts in the church, Brother Branham did, but he said, “I’ll preach to four posts.” Not trying to get rid of any of you, I thank you for coming, I love you. But you’re not going to get me to hide any longer, the chips are down.

If you’re going to live in sin, you’re going to have to be brought right… not brought on the carpet so to speak, but the point is, it will all come out here, because this is the judging Word. Have you ever heard of the Judge? It’s in here. This is the Presence.

If you were in adultery, any man here or woman, I tell you, it’ll come out, don’t worry. I’ve been dealing with a brother for a long, long time, one day I said to my wife, I said, “He’s just waiting for the shoes to never come again.” He got it. You want excuses? Or do you want God?


Can you be fair? I’ve been fair to my wife. I said, “Listen, girl, years ago I hit the skids; I took you with me. If I do one thing against God, you leave me.” Leave me.

And if I get so far from God as to hurt her, I will boot her out, give her every cent I’ve got, by the grace of God, I hope I can do it, I’m kind of boasting right now.

Say, look girl, watch. “You watch”; wife can you save your husband? Husband can you save your wife? But you better watch in the meantime, got a responsibility. Yeah.

These things have to be brought up because what was done in the church. We allowed it. They took advantage. They tried to destroy us. Now I’m supposed to stand back like a very faithful shepherd and cover all the dirt and say, “Nothing to it, nothing to it, nothing to it.”

There’s plenty to it, because I can tell you right now, if I had not stood guard, and prodded the board, every one of you down the road, could be sued mercilessly. And I mean it; I’m not lying to you. I was propositioned to be in collusion, to perpetrate a fraud.

Uh, uh, no, no, no, no, when you are in hot water, kid, I never got you there and I’m not going to come and do anything that’s going to damage this church. I’ve stood guard. Not boasting, just telling you the truth. I want you to know these things.


Now, he says here,

[28-3]  All right, we notice… this then… about the spoken Word… we are God’s Word made manifest. That’s how God wants His church– is to manifest Himself. How can He manifest Himself unless His Own Seed is in that person?

How can you have your own thoughts and God manifest Himself through you? How can you take your own belief and say, “Well, my pastor teaches… My creed says this… the days of miracles are gone.” How you going to do that and then be manifested as a son of God?

Remember, that Doctor Davis tried to get Brother Branham to ordain a woman preacher? We get women spirits in here like to preach, too. You can’t get away with it around me. Start your own church; the church of the goddess Diana. The anti-Christ will be glad to have you.

[28-3]  How you going to do it? The death of Jesus wasn’t anything to you. “Oh, I accept Him as my Saviour.” You don’t. You say you do, but you don’t. Your works proves that you are… what you are. Jesus said the same thing. “If you think I am born illegitimately…” [That’s in John 8.]


[28-4]  They said, “We’re Abraham’s son… we need nobody to teach us.”

[28-5]  Said, “If you were Abraham’s children, you’d know Me.” See? Said, “Which one of you condemns Me of sin (of unbelief)? Show Me one thing that God promised of Me that isn’t fulfilled. Show Me one thing that the Father promised that I haven’t fulfilled. (Sin is unbelief.)

Let’s see you produce it then.” That… de-horned them. See? Certainly. He said, “Who’s accusing Me? Who can condemn Me with sin and (unbelief)?” See? “And if I don’t believe, then why is the Father doing through Me like He’s doing–every Word that He promised? Now, let’s… see what you got in yours.”


Brother Branham is standing here, just exactly like Jesus Christ, because God is in him. He said, “The Pillar of Fire is standing up inside of me now.”

Listen, I want you people to know something. Either you carry this to the extreme, where God is, or forget it. Please don’t pretend anymore. Please don’t pretend. And don’t think you have all the answers, because I’ll show you something you never thought of and I never thought of, it’s right in here.

And I’m not off the Word. Don’t pretend. Was God in Brother Branham or was He not? See, you’ve got to come to it. And yet they say, “Well, I’m full of the Holy Ghost. What’s this man got to say to me, full of the Holy Ghost?”

Which cartoon character is that? Can anybody tell me? I can’t either, but he’s in there. And it’s a cartoon character. And a cartoon character is a hybrid of man’s imagination, where animals talk. See, they haven’t forgotten that the beast could talk. Oh, sure can.


Now look it. What you’re looking at here, as Brother Branham said, “I don’t have any thoughts but God’s thoughts.” And he’s proving John 14:12 again. I am that one to bring you the Word, because that’s what it was all about.

Every single miracle, every single thing done from the raising of the death, the discerning of men’s hearts and minds; supplying the loaves and the fishes, and the money for Peter to pay the tax, every single thing was done for one reason, what was that reason?

Get them back on the Word to put them where they were supposed to be.

Now listen to me! This is the simplicity that is going over everybody’s heads. It’s too simple. Let’s get back to the Word. That’s all. Now he’s saying this is the same thing here today; it is the law of the prophets of vindication.

And he turns around and said, “If you denominations can come against me, how come the Word in you is not doing what It’s doing in me?”

And then as soon as his ministry was entirely vindicated to show that he was that prophet, then God let the Son of man ministry, go to the son of perdition ministry, which meant anybody and everybody with an anointing upon them, could do the very same things, except one thing, they could never read the heart’s of men, they could never discern, they were always off, but Brother Branham was never wrong.

So he’s not off on one Word, but they are. Do you understand therefore, when I say, when you say… “Oh hey, you see Brother Vayle, if this isn’t really what I’m living and dying and sinking and swimming on, see, I’m just… I’m just watching. I’m sitting on the fence and I’ll tell you when the real thing, horse comes by, I’ll jump on it.”

I got news for you; the horses have all gone by. The revelation is over. The Seven Seals have been opened. The mysteries have been revealed, and we have everything to put us in the Rapture, is already ours, because the prophet said so.

You do what you want about it, I’m doing what I want. I just stick with It. Praise God. It’s the easy way out. And there isn’t any other way to my knowledge.

[28-5]  …Now let Me see what you got… in yours.” [Said Brother Branham.]


[29-1]  Who is illegitimate born then? they were.

Then who’s illegitimate born today? I ask you a question. I’m losing you. You weren’t happy when I told you all these things a while ago went on here. You weren’t happy. You know why? Because you can’t stand it; you can’t stand White Throne.

But I’ll stand here and say, “I was deceived. Yes, I was deceived. I blew it.” I’ve got no problem, but doesn’t take me off the Word. Now you’re coming back. Yeah. Yeah, yeah, yeah, you said you were illegitimate born.

I don’t care what you can show, what you can prove, and this and that. “I’m nicer than you, Brother Vayle; I’m nicer than anybody in your church.” Well, I’m so sweet and nice, are you? All right.

[29-1]  Who is illegitimate born then? They were. Illegitimate children professing to be God’s… Jesus said, “You are of your father, the devil, and his works you do.”


Oh, they say, “Now just a minute. Just a minute, it can’t be, because you see, I’m praying for the sick. I’m getting visions. The sick are being healed. Devils are cast out.” He said, “You’re still of the devil.” Because Judas did it; nobody in Pentecost wants to believe Judas did it.

They believe Judas stood back like a little rat and when they went down the road, and the sick were being healed, he’d say, “Watch, watch, watch, you could be fooled, watch, watch, watch it, you could be fooled.

He said, “That’s Jesus. That’s Messiah. He of Nazareth. That’s the One. Listen to Him!”  You don’t think he did? Come on. Come on. Come on.

The Pentecostals screaming it all day long and say, “Brother Branham was of the devil.” Come on. Come on, people, come on. Jolt your spiritual consciousness. As Brother Branham said, “Pinch it and pinch it good.”

[29-1]  What kind of works did the devil do? try to hybridize the Word of God through Eve.


He didn’t try to do it. He did it. That’s where you get your 1 John, the Son of man ministry is here and they turn it all around. I’ve got nothing against Brother Osborne, but how come the voice if he’s the true son of God said to him, “Hey, that’s the way they did it in the Bible, you can do it, too.”

Now that’s not bad. That’s not bad. But the voice didn’t tell him the rest, which was: “That’s the man to listen to.” Oh, no, he was a Trinitarian, dyed-in-the-wool.

Funny thing, his three gods couldn’t do what Brother Branham’s one God did though. I was always puzzled at that. I always thought, the more the merrier. Now I find it’s the more, the confusing. Vindication, brother/sister, is the showdown and when the showdown it’s all over, because there isn’t anymore.

[29-2]  That’s exactly the same thing… these big denominations do today. The works are of the devil, their father, that’s what they do. They’re trying to make a creed and breed it with the Word of God. That’s what Satan did in the beginning–the father, the devil. [He’s the father of the lie, see.]

[29-3]  God bless you, brethren. Come out of it! Jesus said so. If you’ve got one little scratch of God in you, you ought to look and see that. Hybrid!. Oh, my!

[29-4]  The works that Jesus did–if a man has the Seed of God in him with the Spirit of God watering that Seed, the same works that Jesus… manifested… [He] being the original Seed of God, His death brings you back to the original Seed of God, and if the… Spirit … if the same Spirit that was within Him is in you, then the same work… will be manifested. You don’t… believe that? All right, let’s turn to John 14:12.


Of course, he goes into that, which I read just awhile ago. Now, what is Brother Branham saying? Brother Branham is saying the same thing that he said over when he talked about the spoken Word begin the original seed.

And he said to Nicodemus, “You must be born again. You must be born of water and the spirit.” Now he said, “See that is an original.” And you’ve got to get back to it and that’s the truth that Brother Branham was preaching.

And he was, and told, the people flat, he said, “You can be saved, justified in the sense of the first step, baptized in water, but you don’t go on to the baptism with the Holy Ghost,” and that’s what people don’t understand.

If you repent and are baptized in the correct manner, truly repentive, you should, being seed, receive the Holy Spirit.


Now these people, evidently, did not, on the very grounds that they could not believe that John 14:12, was absolutely, indicative of a man who should come and do it. Now, the man comes and does it.

Now, do you change your mind, and say that’s God? Now if it isn’t God, what is it? Well, it’s not the devil. “Well, the thing is this, you see, ah, I got it. It means that many people over a period of time will have many more miracles, than did Jesus.” It doesn’t say that.

It says, “One person. It shows a tremendous ministry here.” Now, if John 3:5 is an original spoken Word then so is John 14:12, and it has to come to pass, because already It says, greater works than I.

Alpha is great works; Omega is greater. One person, great works; a second person, greater. Right? All right, you understand what I’m saying? You understand? Okay.


Now, that being the case, this has to happen. Alpha has happened. Omega must happen. So then if John 3:5 stands, John 12:14 [14:12] must stand. And with it, now watch carefully, because this is a singular person, a man in a singular.

Therefore, what happened in Alpha with the man Christ Jesus, singular, and had a relationship to those people, what is the relationship of this hour? Those that receive, having believed, are the seed of God. They can place it. They believe the miracles. They know the Miracle Worker is going to tell them what’s behind it.

[29-5]  You say, “I’m a believer, Brother Branham. I’m sure I’m a believer.” All right, I’m going to see if Jesus would call you one, see if the Word of God calls you one… Verily, verily,… [now listen to Brother Branham,] (absolutely, absolutely)…

What did Brother Branham say about an absolute? You with me? What did he say? If the church is your absolute, that’s as far as you go. If your preacher is your absolute, that’s as far as you go.

How far must you go? To the place where you know, that your absolute is something that you can depend upon and you won’t be destroyed by that absolute. There you are right there.

There you are right there; picture of Brother Branham with the Pillar of Fire over his head, absolutely, giving us the truth.

…(absolutely, absolutely)… I say unto you, He that believeth on me, the works that I do shall he do also; and greater works than these shall he do; because I go to my Father.

A vindicated prophet said, “This is your key.”

Now, what are the greater works today? To point to the man as to who and what he is, and what’s behind him, and what’s going on, and how does it get to you.

It can only come back to Word, so therefore, the same Pillar of Fire that brought the Word to Paul is now proving this is the Word of God that came to Paul and we have the correct revelation.


Now he said,

[29-6]  What is it? Same seed. Same seed.

What same seed? Christ. Now may I ask you a question? What is the seed of Christ but God? The very life of God. What is the seed in you if it isn’t the life of God? Even though it’s just a portion. What about it? See?

[29-6]  What is it? Same seed. How… you plant wheat here… How can you plant wheat here and wheat here and say, “I’m going to get a cucumber here and wheat here?” You can’t do it. The only way you’re going to get cucumbers is to plant cucumbers. If you hybridize it, you won’t be a cucumber. It’ll be a hypocrite. Is that right?

He’ll be a hypocrite, friends. You’ve got to see it. Just… it’s either… it’s just… neither one. It isn’t a cucumber or what you bred it with. It’s a crossbreed, it’s a bad product, it’s dead in itself, it can’t breed itself back any more. It’s dead right there… won’t go any further. That finish… it; that’s all.

But if you want a cucumber, start with a cucumber. If you want a church, start with the Word of God. If you want a Life of God, start with the Word of God. Accept—a-c-c-e-p-t—receive the Word of God in Its fullness, every measure of It. And if that is the fullness of God in you, then the rain that’s falling will produce exactly what’s in your garden. [Okay.]


Did you hear what I just read? Okay, I don’t blame you for not getting it, because look, you’re not going to get it unless God nudges you. If I hadn’t been nudged this morning, I wouldn’t get it either. So, it’s my job to nudge you with what I was nudged with; verse,

Colossians 1:15-19

(15) Who is the image of the invisible God, the firstborn of every creature:

(16) For by him were all things created, that are in heaven, that are in earth, visible and invisible, whether they be thrones, dominions, or principalities, or powers: all things were created by him, and for him:

(17) [For] he is before all things, and by him all things [are maintained.]

(18) And he is the head of the body, the church: who is the beginning, the firstborn from the dead; that in all things he might have the preeminence.

(19) For it pleased the Father that in him should all fulness dwell;

According to this Scripture here, we now know by revelation of Brother Branham what fullness means. It has to do with the Word. And he said it all along. “He is the full Word of God.”

Now the point is, the fullness of God in you in this hour is the revealed Word of this day, and you and I have a fullness that nobody could possibly have outside of this age.

And William Branham himself had a fuller fullness, because God Himself indwelt him, producing the very Word that proved the existence and the grace and the love and the relationship of Almighty God Himself to the people of this very hour.

So what was the fullness of God in Christ Jesus? The complete Word; the complete manifestation and we were a part in there.


Now listen!

[29-6]  And if that is the fullness of God in you, [that Word,] then the rain that’s fallen will produce exactly what’s in your garden.

If you have the measure of the Word for this hour, you have a place in there for a Word that Brother Branham said, “Don’t you worry; the watering of the Spirit will bring it forth into manifestation.”


Now let me just go to something very quickly to help you understand. Everything has to be of God. The seed in you is a little tiny chunk of His Spirit.

The rebirth, the baptism with the Holy Ghost is another little chunk of His Spirit, and that little chunk of His Spirit, that you were not born with, but comes to you, can only come because there’s a place in you here already that’s part Word., that the Life can come upon that and water it and bring it forth in you as an individual in the Resurrection.

And the entire Bride of Christ, the true church through all ages is going to come up and be around the throne when He’s there and everyone is going to be proven to be a little Messiahette. A little Jesus. A little Christ. Put it in the truth, a son, as they come around the great Son, the only begotten One.


And I’m not preaching two gods, though the man could phone me and say, “Brother Vayle, you said they’re two eternal ones there, then they’re both God.

I said, “Hogwash, do you believe you got a part of God?”

He said, “Oh yes, yes, yes.”

I said, “You got a part of what is eternal, does that make you God?” After all these years sitting here, then instructing a man to stand up here? Got good wages for it, too. A little sarcastic, maybe, but it’s the truth.

I can tell you one thing, when I leave here, likely I’ll just have to walk off or they carry me out in a casket, but no more, no more. I just don’t have enough discernment, to be honest with you.

I’ve enough trouble trying to stand before God to help you, without somebody trying to unhelp me, and unhelp you the same time. I cannot come behind any longer. I simply can’t do it. I’m sorry. I’m seventy-eight years of age, preached seventy-nine pretty soon. We can’t do it.

Don’t expect what is not expected from me from God. I know you don’t, but I just want to keep telling you, look, this is a tough battle and you’re in it with me, and I’m with you, so let’s go down the road together.

The past is the past, the money part, forget it, we’ll take care of that, don’t worry. Don’t worry. I’ve got friends out there that are loaded. They’ll help if we have to have help, don’t worry, I won’t burden anybody. People send me money. I don’t have to spend it, it’s in the bank. Yeah. Let’s talk about this.


Now listen! Let’s go over this again.

[29-6]  Accept the Word of God in Its fullness, every measure of It. And if that is the fullness of God in you, [that’s the measure for your hour which is a complete revelation, the Seals open and everything else are in us,] then the rain that’s falling will produce exactly what’s in your garden. [Now watch carefully!] [Now then] …where’s your Latter Rain coming up at?

Now the Latter Rain produced power but not revelation. See, that blows the cap off of everything.

That’s why you go to Matthew 7: Many come in that day, and say, “Lord, haven’t we prophesied, Lord, have we not cast out devils, Lord, have we not raised the dead, have we not done so and so.”

He said, “Depart, I never knew you.” They never had a prophet except a false prophet. And remember this is Laodicea, the people’s rights. They want to come against the ministry. They want to come against Brother Branham. They want to come against God.


I phoned a woman the other day, she’s pretty upset, and I was upset. You bet your life I was. And we got in this very thing that’s happened in this church, and I said, “Sister, Brother Branham said so and so.”

She said, “I don’t care what Brother Branham said, I go to the Bible for my answer.”

I said, “Yes, but he got it from the Bible.” Yeah. If it had been a man it wouldn’t have been so bad. I’ve got nothing against women. You know that.

You women know me that I love you. Nothing I wouldn’t do for you, as long as it is scriptural. And I can do a lot of things for you. But you know you can’t do things like that and be a Christian.

[29-6]  …now, where’s your Latter Rain coming up at? You see where that’s where that’s going after awhile, don’t you? [That’s Pentecost, see.] Going with those wild gourds that Elijah, [it was Elisha thought] …got and thought they were gourds or that [you know], the school of prophets…

They knew they were gourds but didn’t know they were the poisonous kind, see, like poison mushrooms, …the prophet got up there, that denomination they had: gathered some wild gourds and they thought they were peas or something good.


Now what’s Brother Branham saying here? He’s telling you flat that at the end time the Latter Rain began falling in 1906 which brought about the Pentecostal movement.

Now the Pentecostal movement was upon fallacy which opened up the gates to the son of perdition ministry, because it’s in the Bible.

Heal the sick, raise the dead, cast our devils, talk in tongues, interpret, prophesy, have a gift of faith; it tells you, they are legitimate. And as long as there is a true Bride on earth, they will be there. They’re not here but I can’t explain that. I wish I could but I can’t. They’re somewhere.

Now, let’s understand this, that is where you can come and stand before God, and say, “Look, all these things I have done.” And He said, “Get out, I never knew you.”

Now how are we going to get to the place then where those gifts can be valid and a hundred percent where God cannot say, “Get out of here?” I’ve just told you in Paul.

The Corinthians were off the Word of God and in the ministry of Paul, concerning gifts, he said, “Listen to me, I’m the one that’s got the right to tell you, you don’t tell me. Now listen!” And they wouldn’t listen. And that’s what happened with Pentecost.

So during the time of the latter rain, which is warned in the Bible, in the time of the latter rain, the former rain which is the teaching rain will appear.

And when the teaching rain appeared, based upon fabulous tremendous miracles and vindication of a prophet by God, where they said, “Hey, man, we’ve been right all the time, but wow, we missed how big this thing could really be. Whoa.”

“So let’s grab the bull by the horns, we’ll get a locomotive here, bless God, that’s got eight hundred thousand horse power and we’ll cut a swath around the world like nobody ever has believed.”

And they did it. And they did it. And they’re off the Word. There’s your son of perdition ministry in contrast to the Son of man. See, they couldn’t have the son of perdition before the Son of man, but they had legitimate in the Word.


Now remember, they’re off the hook until they come to John 15. We got to get over this is a hurry because we got to quit. John 15 and it says here,

John 15:22-25

(22) If I had not come and spoken unto them, they had not had sin: but now they have no cloak for their sin.

(23) He that hateth me [hates] my Father also. [Now listen! Put them together.]

(24) If I had not done among them the works which none other man did, they had not sin: but now they [have] both seen and hated both me and my Father.

(25) …[that it might come] to pass, that the word might be fulfilled that is written in their law, They hated me without a cause.

And they’re hating him without a cause today, because they turn down the prophet. Because, nobody but nobody, not even Jesus Christ had a big a ministry as Brother Branham according to this Word.

Like Brother Branham said, “He had more success in my ministry, than He had in His own.”


Now you see what we’re looking at here, and Brother Branham is standing right here, and now listen, let’s close with this one thing.

I’m going to finish right here, going right down here, what I’m saying is this with Brother Branham, everything that he is preaching here, everything that I am preaching from what he has preached and taught us, has to do with nothing but the Word.

The vindicated revealed Word of which you don’t have a think coming, because Brother Branham didn’t have a think coming. He had to get everything out of the way.

And he found out even with his deepest most sacred thoughts I’m sure, as he thought they were, that one day God confronted him in the Pillar of Fire and said, “You’re wrong.”

And I can prove it to you, because he and I argued over whether love was the evidence or tongues and I said, “Tongues.”

Finally I came back and I said, “Brother Branham, there’s one thing certain I know, tongues aren’t the evidence, I’m convinced of that,”

Although he couldn’t prove otherwise, but he said, “It was love.”

I said, “Brother Branham, you mean love can’t be counterfeited.”

“Yes, love can’t be counterfeited.”

I said, “What does it mean when the Bible, then says, ‘I give my body to be burned and don’t have love’.”

He said, “You got me there,” and laid his Bible down.


He told Baxter, got so mad he threw his Bible across the room. To my knowledge, the Word is greater than Baxter’s knowledge. It’s the truth, I’m just telling you flat, not boasting, just telling you.

But I had to come back today and Brother Branham had to say, 1964, “I made a mistake. Love is not the evidence.” It wasn’t the evidence either. “It’s receiving the Word of God for the hour.”

You know why? Because the love of God you have is not shed abroad in your heart by the Holy Ghost, and there’s only one conduit for the Holy Ghost and that’s the Word, what is your love, my brother, my sister?

You say, “Brother Vayle, you put us on a hard spot.” No, I’m just telling you, you got the real thing in there. Don’t let the world fool you.


Listen again, Brother Branham said, “You who believe this Word, love this Word, how can you not help but love each other.”

How can a man sit in the pew time after time there, and look me in the eye, and tell people in this church, “I loathe the preacher, but I love the Word.”

And yet for Sister Susie Qusie that’s a terrible thing I should even mention it. No, I’m not supposed to warn you. No, no. When she married a man that seduced her own daughter, and she caught him, oh, that’s a different story.

I’m going to tell you people something, in my eyes; you are the beautiful part of the Bride of the Lord Jesus Christ. Right. Then why should I be here? If you aren’t the apple of my eye, I’m trying to help you, and I’ve got to use terribly strong language at times, what’s with me or what’s with you?


You think I’m a hypocrite? I’m not a hypocrite. Hypocrites are a dual guy; he goes this way and that way on the Word. I’m not trying to find excuses. I’m just telling you the truth. I could easily go someplace else. I’m not threatening you; I’m just telling you.

Hey, look at my side of the story. Look and understand. I’m transparent up here. I’m not hiding anything from you. I can tell you every lie I told, if you want; every time I got mad at anybody, use their name.

If you want, I can start right now. You got time for lunch. Come back after lunch, I’ll tell you, hey, every single one.



If I’ve misjudged you and said something behind your back, I’ll tell you right now I’ve said it and what it was. I haven’t made merchandise of you. I’ll tell you what I do about things, too, and they’re not nice sometimes.

What does it matter, your opinion of me? What does it matter, my opinion of you? What does it matter? See, are we on the Word or not?

Because listen, it’s the only hope we got to get us out of this mess and where I’m wrong to make me right, and where you’re wrong to make you right, and all of us glorified.



If Christ didn’t want to lose none, and won’t lose one, you think I like losing people? But I tell you one thing, I do not want sheep, I mean goats, not necessarily goats, but wolves in sheep clothing around here to persuade you different, or a man to stand up here, knowing he’s breaking the contract every time he preaches.

And this goes on the tape all around us. What kind of church does Lee Vayle got? Lee Vayle doesn’t have a church, he just preaches. But he’s got some of the best folk in the world, testimony, I can prove it.

We have people from everywhere come in here, and they say, “Never saw a church like it.” I’m going to ask them the next time what they really meant. No, no, no, they’ve told me.

They said, “We never seen as hospitable, loving, kind people as the people here that are around you.” And that’s highly complimentary to you, and highly flattering to me.

Because Brother Branham said, “The spirit of the preacher gets on the people.” So I can’t be too rotten I guess. Maybe, who knows?

Let’s rise and be dismissed.


We don’t want a mutual admiration society going on here, we just want to preach the Word of God and know one thing, I’m fallible, you’re fallible, but we believed an infallible prophet, infallible Word, infallible God, who’s going to see that we get there, because listen, we’re standing with this Word.

One day as we stand with this Word and complete our journey, He’s going to say, “Father, they stood with Me, I’m going to stand with them.”

Heavenly Father, as we go here this afternoon, we thank You for the time of fellowship we had around Your Word Lord, we know sometimes these things are very, very rough.

I don’t mean to be malicious Lord, because after all I could treat anybody with the kindness and goodness that they came to me with any kind of trouble, any time they have a need Lord, you know my heart, I’d be standing right there to help them, I’ve got what Brother Branham said Lord, to the best of my knowledge of brotherly kindness.

But there’s one thing I do not have in my heart is a love for these things Lord, when the people of God could be torn down. When men and women stand up against the truth, and I’ve done nothing Lord, except to stand here with the truth.

Although I admit sometimes my nature is not as it should be, and many things Lord, maybe, are not complimentary to You, but I search my heart Lord, and I searched before the prophet who stood there, and I stand before You today, knowing Lord, I cannot be lying in my prayers and trying to appease You and try to call something off.

I know Lord, I’m talking to You and my words are going down to be remembered against me, against that day, and I just pray one thing, O God, where I’m wrong, forgive me, and give me the understanding where to come back to the people and ask them for their forgiveness.

But Lord, at never at any time, never let me, no matter how I do it, except I know Lord, You might not like this part of my prayer, but help me, O God, help me, no matter how I do it, and I trust Lord, with Your help I’ll do it in the right spirit and the right way, that I’ll always stand with this Word and never stand against It.

And remember, Lord that it’s not any gift that I have, that’s for me, but it’s for the people to help them to understand, and see the clarity and wonderment of it all, as the simplicity comes forth in a manner Lord, which is increasing day by day.

Even as the prophet said, “It was getting simpler and simpler,” and he could see it. And Lord, now after these twenty-five years, twenty-nine now, coming right on here, just right down the line, twenty-eight coming right up here Lord, we know after a quarter century, we’re beginning to see what the prophet said.

And he did say, “Maybe a hundred, fifty, twenty-five and yet tomorrow.” It wasn’t tomorrow, but it could be right around the twenty-five. I don’t know Lord, I can’t bring anybody in; I can’t put any people out.

I pray Lord, I’ll not be a wicked person ripping up the wheat with the tares, I hope not. But Lord, you know my nature, too. And Brother Branham said that, “You had something to do with it,” I believe that’s correctly saying what he said.

And Lord, there’s one thing about it, I’m not going to stand idly by, as far as I know this Word and not say the truth, because that’s incumbent upon me Lord, and it’s for the sake of the people.

Help the people that’s been helped this morning Lord, I trust in the name of Jesus Christ, that somehow that I’ve been out of the way. I know I haven’t been too much out of the way, I can sure obscure things.

But I pray Lord, in spite of it all, the Word that was given read from Brother Branham, comments upon it from the Word, which we know to be true, which we know to be very wonderful for us.

I pray, Lord, the life in them shall be released in us, and where we need more sweetness, it will come, more calmness it will come, more faith it will come.

And Lord, that’s going to come from the Word or it’s not worth a plug nickel anyway Lord, so Father, why would we want anything outside the Word. It’s going to be a detriment to us, a millstone around our neck, a sword that’s turned against us, a testimony that condemns us.

Lord that would be the most horrible thing in the world, to stand there like Cain with a testimony turned against him. Stand there with the Laodiceans at the end time, testimonies even of power, turned against them. To see a vindicated prophet, to see all these things, and a testimony turned against him.

And to hear the words out of Your own mouth, “You wicked servant,” comes a testimony, it’s against you.

God help us today Lord, it’s a solemn time, to think of these things and Lord, we’re still too frivolous right down from the word, ‘go’; still too frivolous. Help us to get over the frivolity, to get to the sincerity.

Heal the sick amongst us, Father. I’m doing a lot of carping myself Lord, about feeling rotten, and I… do feel rotten a lot of the times. Up here Lord, it feels great, with the anointing and thank You for it.

But Lord, this other folk here that feel rotten too, they got bad backs like I got, they got aching joints, maybe even far worse than mine. They got sore throats. They got fevers. Various things Lord, your Scripture said, “You healed them all.”

And I saw Brother Branham that time; I know there must have been a thousand Lord, that were healed. We thank You Lord, for those who are healed amongst us, but Father, there’s more that need healing.

I pray Father, that the life of the Word will begin to just soar and take wings from now on, until it’s not just the ineffable glory we talk about and those feelings Lord, but there’s the factual reality of the absolute Solid Rock and the life and the healing, all of it that flowed out of the Rock that was smitten.

And we partake this morning becoming more and more a part of that Rock, until Rock-like we also Lord, can give forth rivers of water, to whatever occasion wherever You want them to flow, and that’s the big thing, isn’t it Lord.

Help us, that’s all we ask. Direct us, and we know that You’re more willing to give than we are to receive. What can we say Lord, except we cannot reply against Thee? Every word of man is a lie in Your face, the face of Your Word.

What can we say except Father, thank You for Your grace and mercy, thank You Lord for esteeming us, and putting us where we could never put ourselves, doing for us what we could never do for ourselves, and now we’re waiting Lord, for finish of those promises that You gave us vindicated, that we really know are true, and one day they all will be manifested.

Bless the little children Lord; we know they got a tough row ahead of them. We worry about them. We’re concerned. O God, how tragic it is to think what is upon the world, yet the light shineth in darkness Lord, in this dark hour we thank You for the great light that came forth to the Gentiles, in Your Name we do trust Lord, and we know You hurl forth judgment unto victory, and when You rise we shall rise with You.

Now unto the King eternal, immortal, invisible, the only wise God be all power, honor and glory, through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

‘Take the Name of Jesus with you.’

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