Spoken Word Is Original Seed; Book 1 #01

lnviolate, Irrevocable, Eternal Word Of God
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Brother Lee Vayle

Shall we pray.

Heavenly Father, we know that the prophet told us the exact truth concerning Your Presence in this particular hour, which concerns our redemption, the finalization of that plan Lord, which You had in mind at this particular time just previous to the Millennium, that even as You did not send an archangel, a cherubim, or some very distinguished angelic personage when Your son and daughter fell in the Garden of Eden, but You Yourself came down, and so today.

And we thank You for that Lord, and all that it implies, because we know in You lie the Millennium, in You lie immortality, in You lie the resurrection, the changing and all these things, and because Lord You are the Author of it all, and You are the maintainer of it all, and we appreciate that.

So therefore, if we know that You are with us, and we do know that You are with us, there is nothing that’s going to stop Your great plan, and our being a part of it, even as the prophet often said, “I the Lord have planted, watered, lest any man shall pluck it out of My hand,” which we know that no one can do it.

And this particular hour Lord, that which has started cannot be stopped, and Father we know that as a prophet said if we’re not a Bride, there’s a Bride out there somewhere who absolutely will come forth from the dead and be changed, an immortal being to immortality.

Be caught up to the Wedding Supper of the Lamb, and there in the great Marriage Supper of the Lamb, come forth with Christ the great King, absolutely incarnate, coming back to the earth to take over the domain, which absolutely is ours by virtue of the repurchased price.

So we thank You tonight for Your Presence Lord, knowing that the Pillar of Fire is here, not only to lead us in the Millennium but previous to that, to raise the dead even as that same One here vindicated Himself to bring the Word.

We know Lord since this is true, all things must follow, it certainly is time for the Wedding Supper.

We appreciate it so much, and thank You in Jesus’ Name. Amen.

You may be seated.


Now, I don’t really intend to actually start a series, although I am. Now that sounds strange, but if you caught it, it simply means I can start tonight and tomorrow, and never go back to it, and go back to it months from now or who knows.

But it was interesting, I just thought maybe I might start reading in Spoken Word Is The Original Seed, and we could take some thoughts from it.

And as we do we want you to remember, remember if you perhaps have read this, and I’m sure you’ve read it, and heard many times many quotes from it, myself I have used it in many quotes, that this was preached in March of 1962.

And of course that’s before the opening of the Seals, and it’s more than three years before Brother Branham passed off the scene after having brought such messages of Things That Are To Be, and Modern Events Made Clear By Scripture, and so on and so on.


And so what I’m saying is that as we read this, you know very well that we will be looking at in the light of what was not previously taught when this was given. So we will have insight beyond this, I hope and I believe.

So that as Brother Branham brings out various things, in this message we will have the ability to understand as the people in that day, and we ourselves, if we heard him, did not understand, and I was listening quite carefully in those days to him, and I was down there a great deal of the time, as his various sermons were being preached.

Now also we will notice here that as we look at this in the light of what Brother Branham brought us later on with great clarity, we have to recognize that this sermon meant a great deal to him, and he wanted the people to know just where he stood.

Where he was coming from according to the Word of God, so that his ministry, which was a Message, and the Message particularly of His Presence, would be brought to the people in such a way that they would be able to grasp many of the things that he was teaching.


So that’s pretty well what we have in mind here, as we begin to read and look at it. Now Brother Branham starts out by reading from the Book of Genesis, and remember it’s the Spoken Word Is The Original Seed.

[6-3]  In the beginning God created the heaven and… the earth. And the earth was without form, and void; darkness was upon the face of the deep. And the Spirit of God moved upon the face of the waters.

And God said, Let there be light: and there was light. And God saw the light, that it was good: and God divided… the light from the darkness.

And God called the light Day, and the darkness he called Night. And the evening and the morning were the first day.

And God said, Let there be… a firmament in the midst of the waters, and let it divide the waters from the waters.


By the way, the fact that God said, “Let there be light,” before He actually made a sun and a moon and things like that, science today is just beginning to learn a little bit about darkness and light, in a way they have not previously known.

I’m not scientifically minded, if I were, without a doubt I would definitely have saved articles. And I would be looking for articles on this very subject, which proves the Word of God to be so very, very correct, when a scientific remark is made.

It’s as one person well said, “This Bible is not a book of science, it is not a textbook of science, but when it makes a statement, you’d better believe it’s correct.”

Many people for many years believed when Job said, “I’ve been saved by the skin of my teeth,” they thought that that was, you know, a cute little cliché, it was certainly a nice way of saying it, you know, nobody knew that this teeth actually had a skin on it.

But it does. And you’ll find that many things in the Bible that seem very unique, has been proven by science today.


So this Scripture here, where it says that God said, “Let there be light,” and then later on seems very confusing, because He said, “The greater light to rule the day, and the lesser to rule the night,” and so on, it’s actually scientific concerning this light and darkness.

And so just remember that. And the firmament, of course, and so on, and we look:

[6-3]  And then God made the firmament, and divided the waters which were under the firmament from the waters which were above the firmament: and it was so. And God called the firmament heaven. And the evening and the morning were the second day.


You notice in there that’s where all that water was, when it came time for the flood. Up there in a misty form that made the earth like just one beautiful big hothouse.

And I know people today are very much worried about the ozone, and the big hole up there, and the big ozone lack and they say we could… and it will increase, and man is going to bring it on himself, make no mistake about it.

It’s not God being mean to people, it’s just He warned people what would happen if they didn’t listen. They didn’t listen, so that’s what happened, you know.

You know how it is with kids, you say, “Now don’t put your hand on the hot stove,” that kid’s going to do his best to put his hand on the hot stove and prove his mom and pop are a bunch of idiots, he won’t get a blister.

But then after a few blisters he learns mom and pop ain’t so dumb. Well the world never learns that God’s Word is true, it’s not supposed to anyway, but you know. But you must remember this Bible is very, very true.

[6-3]  And so God called the dry land Earth; and the gathering together of the waters he called Seas: and God saw it was good.

And God said, Let the earth bring forth grass, and the herb yielding seed, and the fruit tree yielding fruit after his kind, whose seed is in itself, upon the earth: and it was so.

And you notice the perfect picture there, that the life is in the tree, and the tree brings forth a seed, and the seed brings forth another life, and so on, there’s a propagation there. See?

[6-3]  And the earth brought forth grass, and herb yielding seed after his kind, and the tree yielding fruit, whose seed is in itself, after his kind: and God saw that it was good. And the evening and the morning were the third day.


Now Brother Branham said:

[7-1]  Now, I want to begin this morning with my text to used this: “The Spoken Word Is the Original Seed.”

So Brother Branham is literally telling now what is a seed? A seed actually is a conduit. It’s a conduit made up of those elements that are necessary to propagate the life, or to bring forth a plant. In everything it is in there in a miniscule form.

Now many people say ‘miniscule’, and many people say ‘miniscule’, I’m the old school it’s ‘miniscule’. You can be miniscule if you want to, I’m miniscule. Just very, very almost infinitesimal. In fact you can’t see life, l-i-f-e.


Now he says here:

[7-1]  Now, that’s what I wish to lay the text on “The Spoken Word Is the Original Seed.”

Spoken Word is the original seed. In other words then, that Word no matter what was going to come forth as to the plant, as to the object, as to the animal, no matter what it was, that Word was the conduit that had within it every single thing to bring forth what was to be, which had not yet been, but from that point on in being, would use this exact method of propagation.

You understand what I’m saying? There’s nothing there to begin with. Everything has to come from something. Everything has to have a source where it can replicate itself.

So he says the Word is it, and it’s the original. So if I have a carrot seed that’s going to bring forth a carrot, way back in eternity there was an unspoken idea that wanted this thing and said it and that was it.

Now if you just let your minds go for a while, and think of the millions and trillions of things that are literally out here in this universe, what a powerful Word is the Word of our God. What a majestic and wonderful Word it is.

And I realize people think they’re atheists, but I like what one man said, and I don’t even know who said it, but he must have been an elderly gentleman, a scientist, and he said: “Only young scientists are atheists. Because you know they know so much.” You know, they just think they know so much.


All right, he says here,

[7-1]  I want to begin this morning with my text [to used] this: “The Spoken Word Is The Original Seed.” [It’s the original conduit! This is it that brought forth that. Or this that brought forth this, that that brought forth that. Name it, that’s it.]

Now, that’s what I wish to lay the text on “The Spoken Word is the Original Seed.”

Now, if you’ll notice, God said, “Let it bring forth of its kind.” [Let it bring forth of its kind.] Whatever it was it must bring forth of its kind.

Now you’ll notice that Brother Branham here is telling you that this is the original.

So therefore, there were multiplicities of originals: bird, bat, thousands of kinds of birds, hundreds of kinds of bats, thousands of kinds of insects, hundreds of kinds of reptiles, thousands of kinds of animals, thousands of kinds of birds, every single one.

And he says concerning that, the Word was the original Source! The Word was the original seed, that which is there in order to bring forth another identical one.

So it starts with one original pattern, and that original pattern must endure, and it cannot change.

For God said, “Let it bring forth after its kind,” it meant that it couldn’t bring forth after any other kind!

“Well,” said God, “I think I’ll say turnip! And it doesn’t really matter if there’s no blood in a turnip, we could sort of remedy that.”

See? People are nuttier than fruitcakes! Brother Branham wants to get this across, and that is what we are looking at.


Let me read it again:

[7-1]  …“Let it bring forth of its own kind” [Or after it’s own kind.] Whatever it [bird, bee, louse, bug, name it,] whatever it was at that time it must bring forth of its kind.

That is an inviolate, irrevocable law of sowing and reaping! Now you might think I used some redundancy here when I said inviolate and irrevocable.

Inviolate means that it cannot be changed under any circumstance or condition whatsoever! But it could run out! You see? But it doesn’t run out! So therefore it is irrevocable! Meaning that God cannot take back this principle period! and yet everybody wants to fool with it.

Everybody wants to change it. Everybody wants to do something about it, except look at it, and take it, and believe it, and live on it, or die on it! You understand what we’re saying?


In other words, this is the origin that goes all the way back here to the Book of Revelation, the very last chapter. And almost the very last verse.

Revelation 22:18-19

(18) For I testify unto every man that heareth the words of the prophecy of this book, If any man shall add unto these things, God [will] add unto him the plagues… in [the] book:

(19) And if any man take away… God [will] take away his part…

The most detestable, despicable thing that anybody can possibly do is to fool or tamper with the Word of God.

Many people pride themselves on being thoroughly honest and conscientious when it comes to the Word of God, and they say, “I believe it,” and then have no trouble changing it.

So Brother Branham states a law, a principle! Whatever it was, it must bring forth after its kind. And it cannot fail to do so. It cannot fail to do so! Try as you might, you cannot change it.


Going on, he says:

[7-2]  Now, this Word of God is eternal.

This is the Source of that Word, God is Its Source. So therefore the full capability and culpability culpability, capability; capability, culpability; remember the two words can go together fall a hundred percent back on God.

That’s why when they tried to argue over predestination, Paul says… the man says, “Why if God is doing this, why doth He yet find fault?”

“Who art thou oh man that repliest against God?”

In other words, Almighty God was completely responsible for that Word and every single thing pertaining to that Word from start to finish, so that His ability lay within It, and if there was anything in God that had a variable, that was variable, or any change, He Himself would take the culpability and the full responsibility!

Remember I preached on that in April of this year, ‘The Responsible God’, and showed you He took a hundred percent… how could He be anything but responsible? I never told Him what to say!

And I’d like to find the person who did! In fact He stands back and He said, “I took counsel with Myself and with nobody else.” So God is absolutely capable and culpable, the whole thing lies on Him.

[7-2]  this… Now, this Word of God is eternal.


Now there’s a thing right there we’re looking at. As I said awhile ago, it is not only inviolate, it is irrevocable! It will never peter out. It will never change, no way, shape, and form.

It is continually ongoing, It is eternal. In other words, It didn’t have a beginning, and It can’t have an ending.

Now certain manifestation can have a beginning and an ending, but that which lies within it cannot! See that’s why I’ve preached so many times, look at nature out here!

What you’re going to see at the end time, in the new heavens and the new earth, is the whole thing brought back in its perfect glory, where every single Word that brought forth a life will be manifested, all the hummingbirds will be there, beautiful, all the macaws, and the parrots, and even the magpie will be beautiful, and the crow, because they’re beautiful birds, and everything is going to be so marvelous.

And there isn’t going to be anything that was that is not going to be. See?


You say, “Well what about this and that?” Don’t worry about it, anything that got perverted, the end is going to be there all right, there won’t be any of it, because it says, “After its kind.” Original, as far as I can see here, as Brother Branham said, “Every Word eternal.”

[7-2]  God, being infinite, cannot speak one thing and then later on change it to something else, to a better decision, because every decision of God is perfect. Once His Word is spoken…

And that has to be the truth. And if you go to the Psalm 119, you’ll see the Word of the Lord is perfect converting the sinner.

You’ll find everything mentioned about the Word of the Lord, how great, there’s a tremendous, about a hundred and fifty one verses, I think, extolling the commandments, the statutes, the law, the ordinances, the Word of Almighty God.

It says here that:

[7-2]  God, cannot speak one thing and later on change it to something else, to a better decision, [no way,] because every decision of God is perfect. Once His Word is spoken…

In other words, Brother Branham is telling you that every single Word of God is a decision, coming forth from His utmost wisdom, which is infinite, coming forth from His inner nature, which is love, put out there before us by the fact He’s omnipotent.

And there wasn’t one single movement, there wasn’t an atom, there wasn’t a breath of air, there was nothing at all. Just darkness. See? Nothing there.

Now when God used that Word, it was a decision, which was perfect, irrevocable, eternal, fully responsible, coming forth from the majestic Person of God Himself, in Whom is neither variableness nor shadow of turning.


Now keep on reading:

[7-2]  …It can never die. [That’s right.] It lives on, and on, and on, and can never die, because It is God.

Why? Because this Word tells us Who and What He is and what He is doing. And it manifests Him when it comes to the fact of expression, which we can apprehend by our senses, and sometimes by our spiritual understanding, which of course is the best of all.

His Word can no more die than He can die. That’s the reason we read in John, 1st chapter, “In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. And then the Word was made flesh.”

Now of course how many millions of eons after that the Word became flesh? I don’t know. But remember here, as we told you time after time, you cannot separate Rhema and Logos, and the minute you try to do it, you’ll come to the place where I told you about that guy.

Well he had a meeting down here in Dayton, recently. I hope I’m telling you the truth, I better phone the guy and find out for sure, but… I’m not a malicious spirit, but I know it had to happen someday.

He said anybody believe Brother Branham was you know what he was. So they kicked him out. In other words, he rode on Brother Branham’s coattails.

What were these preachers thinking when they had him in his pulpit all these times deluding their people and taking their money, and then finally he just had to let the cat out of the bag, that Brother Branham was full of it, and if you can’t understand what he was saying, you haven’t even been to school.

It’s read, and it’s on the TV, and it’s in the radio, and everybody says it all the time.


See there you are. But he’s going to make God and His Word different, so he can come down and separate the two and confuse you. Haven’t you had enough trouble with Eve and just one word, without some stupid idiot coming in here?

That his words contradict Brother Branham’s own ‘THUS SAITH THE LORD’ and the Word, based upon from God Almighty, spoken of by John: “In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.”

And Brother Branham categorically said, “If you make Jesus the Word, then you’ve got three gods.”

He’s telling, you cannot separate Rhema and Logos! There is no way that you can differentiate actually between God and His Word!

Why? Because it’s the only way you’re going to have anything to do with Him! So if you don’t want it, spit on it, throw it out! Don’t bother reading it, it’s not going to do you any good, it’s only going to condemn you. Get it off your chest.

Russia tried it for fifty years; they’re all begging for something. Poor bunch of deluded people, getting baptized in the Name of the Father, Son and Holy Ghost.


And [Inaudible] he’s a Greek Orthodox Christian now, and who was the great man that led him around where he was? Oh he’s a fine man, his name is James Bakker.

Doesn’t that tell you something? Well at least it wasn’t Demos Shakarian, he’s with Dr. Bartolucci. Bartolucci’s going to get Demos to the pope, and the pope will no doubt you know because Demos has made Bartolucci a prophet.

Prophetouille; phooey on the prophetouille. Can you imagine such hogwash? Can you imagine? You talk about selling out.

Poor Demos, he was just giving everything, “Come and get it, come and get it, so I can condemn my soul.”

After having known William Branham, I don’t know how he could look back on Dr Charles Price; I knew Dr Charles Price too, he’s a fine man, he wasn’t any William Branham, come on now, let’s get that flat.

I can speak from experience too. See?


“In the beginning was the Word.” This One then was made flesh. See? Now the unchanging, Almighty God. Okay, we keep reading.

[7-2]  The same Word that was spoken in the beginning with His Eternal purpose came on over and was made flesh and dwelt among us, God’s Word.

Now I like that. You know why I like it? Because it backs up everything I’ve been preaching for years. The Ultimate of God. The Eternal Purpose of God. The Fulfillment of God. See? Notice, It became flesh!

In other words, God was going to end up with the best of everything, which was God Himself this is hard to express, but just put it this way: the Ultimate of God, and the full expression of God was to come by flesh! See?

Oh I know people today, they don’t like that. Kids are born a chore, takes money to feed them; when you correct them, they misunderstand you and hate your guts.

Then there’s some smart psychologist comes by and he pulls it all out by coaching and wheedling and needling, until the kid says, “Yes, it was my father, that’s right, that’s right.

He looked at me one morning and he said, “You eat your mush or I’ll slap you.” That did it; that did it! That’s why I rape and I do this!”

Oh, I’d like… those lousy stinking psychiatrists. Dirty bunch of filth. Yeah. Well you got to blame somebody.


Let me tell you something flat, the ultimate is still the flesh, and it’s going to be glorified, and it’s going to be a Bride, and you get that flat, because God is going to do it because God said so, and His Word is life, it’s the conduit that does it, and you are merely a manifestation from that conduit!

Now that was a good mouthful. If you don’t believe it, read the 21st and 22nd chapters of the Book of Revelation. You can read Genesis 1 to begin with, and then skip right over there to those two.

[8-1]  Some years ago [Brother Branham said] I heard a woman [Now, this may… be authentic. And I’m going to tell you the truth, it is authentic, what he tells you,] that she licked her tongue in radium while mixing it and putting on the hands of a clock and the dials; and it killed the woman.

And years later, they took a Geiger counter, and they took the skull and it was just rattling like crazy, and they said, “That will never ever wear out.”

[So what’s he doing? He’s using an illustration here. Now he said,] with the rumble you could still hear that radium going on in her skull after she had been dead years. Radium continually goes on.


[8-2]  The Word of God continually goes on. I’m told that if we could pick up an instrument that could catch it, that a man’s voice, my voice that I speak today, ten thousand years from now could still be picked up in the air.

It’s like dropping a pebble in the middle of a pond. And a tiny little wave that failed to be seen by the eye, continue on till it hits the bank. [That’s true.]

And the air-wave of our voices continually travel around and around the world; and then our voices, what we say will be our judgment. Our testimony will rise right up against us.

Our own voices will echo in our own ears at the judgment bar of God when His great instrument catches every voice that’s been speaking every word that’s been uttered.


Well I’m going to tell you something. You might not have remembered reading this, but there are two tremendous things happened. One was in London, it must be twenty years ago at least by now, that a person turned on a television set, and picked up a television program coming out of Texas!

Well you say, “Well that’s go to be the weather!”

Well the point is that television program that was picked up from Texas had been run twenty years earlier and never been run again! And that’s happened twice. It happened by radio. See?

Now there’s something out there somewhere! You see what’s happening, and people don’t know it, God makes the wrath of man to praise Him, and the remainder of wrath He doth restrain!

And all this is going to come up at the judgment. See? Now Brother Branham is using a little bit of the evangelist comment here, by warning people you’re going to be judged for what you say.

What about this guy that said Brother Branham, he was just, you know, a liar, and full of bull, is what he actually said.

Can you understand that picture and vindication, what came from that Pillar of Fire, either outside the man or in the man, when he discerned a hundred percent and you couldn’t fool if you tried?

Never made a mistake. What are people looking for? Well I’ll tell you one thing, they’re not looking for God, and I got another word for you, God’s not looking for them.

Because the good Shepherd goes looking for the sheep, and He’s certainly not concerned with a bunch of jack rabbits which got three feet.


All right, Brother Branham continues:

[8-3]  And now, there’s only one way to stop that voice that’s wrong; then that’s repent. God alone can stop it. If it doesn’t, it goes up and meets you there at eternity. Therefore, God being perfect and His Voice Eternal, His Own Voice will have to catch up with it.

Now notice how he puts it! He said, “If I’m making you responsible, don’t think for one minute that I won’t be responsible!” See?

You know a lot of us say, and we like to say it, “Don’t do what I do, just do what I say.” God’s not that kind of a person.

He said, “Your word’s going to catch up with you, and believe me, My Word is going to catch up with Me.” Absolutely.

See, that’s why you can take these great and wonderful things that God said, and no matter what people say about them, or how events seem to deny them, it’s going to be!

See, that’s why faith is without sight! And it’s substance because you can bank on it because your faith comes out of the Word of God.


All right now, let’s just take a little peek here at 1 Timothy 5, and we’ll get what Brother Branham is talking about here in verse 24, if I’ve got it written down properly, and I sure hope I have.

And it says:

1 Timothy 5:24-25

(24) Some men’s sins are open beforehand, going before to judgment; and some men they follow after.

(25) Likewise also the good works of some are manifest beforehand; and they that are otherwise cannot be hid.

So it tells you right here, there’s a way out of meeting your life that is based upon lies, or the perverted Word of God.

And you can get right back to the real Word of God, which God will meet at that day. And if that Word is said concerning you, there is no way it will not be fulfilled in you!

That’s right. “My sheep hear My Voice, and they follow Me. All the Father gives Me will come to Me, and I’ll in no wise lose any of them.”

Predestinated from before the foundation of the world, names written in the Lamb’s Book of Life.


Brother Branham says here, which is so true, “God will face His Own Word.”

The same as you and I will face our own word, and if our own word is God’s Own Word, what a happy, happy day it’s going to be, that’s a real marriage.

God stands there and He said, “I, Jehovah God Father, do pledge all My love and all My goods and all I am and will ever be to you, My Bride.”

And she says, “And I pledge it all back.”

And that’s exactly what the Word of God says that a marriage, and it’s in the Bible. What a tremendous day the Wedding Supper’s going to be.

When the voice of many waters at that time, the testimony of witness to Jesus Christ, of that virtuous, wise virgin Bride, comes at that time.

Having sent our own words on ahead, our own sins on ahead, they’re blotted out, never remembered against us.

[8-3]  Now therefore, God being perfect [there’s only one way to stop it now, repent, or they’ll meet you.] Therefore, God being perfect and His Voice eternal, His own Voice will have to catch up with it.

And what’s he say concerning it? Though they be red like crimson, they’ll be white as snow, never remembered.

Therefore, He must be perfect in every decision. For when He says something, it has to go all the way and come back to the judgment. [See?]


Now Brother Branham said that, and of course that’s logical, and I think over here in Romans 10… I mean 14.

Here it says:

Romans 14:10-12

(10) But why dost thou judge thy brother? or why dost thou set at nought thy brother? for we shall all stand before the judgment seat of Christ.

(11) For [it’s] written, As I live, saith the Lord, every knee shall bow to me, and every tongue shall confess to God.

(12) So then every one of us shall give account of himself to God.

How are you going to get rid of that one? You’re going to have to have a Word of God somewhere to get you out of it.

And if He’s given you a Word out of it, like Brother Branham said, the Bible said, Matthew 5:48, “Be ye perfect even as your Father, which is in heaven is perfect.”

He said, “God said it, God commanded it, so God’s got to make a way for it, and He did by the blood.”

And he said, “How can you make a man a sinner when the blood of Jesus Christ scatters all sin till there be no evidence?”

[8-4]  Now, if you’ll be real understanding, or try to be, you’ll see why I’ve taken always the stand for the Word of God that I have; because all other things must perish; [there’s nothing that’s going to hold up.]


Now that’s in Colossians the 1st chapter, where it tells you that:

Colossians 1:15-17

(15) [Christ] is the image of the invisible God, the firstborn of every creature: [of all creation.]

(16) For by him were all things created, [which] are in heaven, and earth, visible and invisible, thrones, dominions, [and so on:] all things created by him, and for him:

(17) [For] he is before all things, and by him all things consist.

So it tells you right there that all things are maintained by Him, because the word ‘consist’ means ‘maintain’.

That being the case, that Brother Branham has said concerning the Word, then not only does the Word of God create, and the spoken Word is the original seed, but it is the maintainer and therefore the water that keeps it.

There’s no way that you can get around it. What He said, the plant that He planted, He’ll water. No man can pluck it out of His hand.

[8-4]  Now, if you’ll be real understanding, or try to be, you’ll see why I’ve taken always the stand for the Word of God that I have; because all other things must perish; God is Eternal, and His Word is Eternal.

Now, as you study, and I’ll try to speak just as lengthily as I can so you’ll get all the words; [In other words he’ll repeat it back and forth,] and I do that for the tapes also, that you must know that this Bible is God’s Word!


Now, you know that Brother Branham is simply not speaking from the point of a man who stands up with tremendous and utter conviction, and he said, “Let me tell you this is the truth, because I’m standing on it; and if I’m standing on it, you can stand on it. And when I’m standing on it, and you’re standing on it, ain’t nobody else going to stand on anything different and make it.”

Now that would be the most presumptuous, stupid, cock-eyed statement I’ve ever heard from anybody, even an idiot. The man doesn’t have an education even! Where’s his ability even to understand language?

He has to be talking of something greater, and deeper, which lies with Deuteronomy chapter 18, God vindicating Himself to this man, and this man vindicated to the people, and that man going back to the Word and bringing that Word to the people!

There isn’t any other way! I can stand and say the same thing as William Branham, “Now I want to tell you this, I believe this thing right here. And you can see how it is, and how it is, and how it is, because I say so.” Hogwash.

That’s the utmost of stupidity. Because anybody can talk, but not like that man. There’s a difference.


So when he’s telling us, I know he’s telling us not from a conviction! Because you can have enough pain in your stomach here to convince you you’ve got ulcers, and you don’t have ulcers, you’ve got diverticulosis. And that can be just as painful.

So you can have a conviction, what does that mean? That means nothing! You can have a conviction something’s wrong with your car, it’s the fuel injection, and you’ll go there and find out it was the ignition.

Smart boy, so much for your intuition. And your convictions. Hogwash. You can’t face God upon intuition and conviction. See, there’s no way you can do it.

So William Branham is getting across to us this understanding of a true prophet vindicated. See?

He said, “I’m telling you that you must know this Bible is God’s Word.”

See? Well anybody could say that too. “Why this is God’s Word, yes, yes sir, I believe it kiver to kiver, and what’s on the kivers too,” said the old Irish lady.

Hundreds of people have stood with this from cover to cover. And yet the minute that new light shone, they take a gun out and blast your head off and say, “Hallelujah, I got rid of that skuzzy bird.”

Just like the apostle Paul. Every time he’d bump somebody off and someone say, “Hallelujah, got rid of that scuzzball, didn’t I?” So much then for your simply saying something.


So as we go into this message, we already know who’s talking, and where he’s coming from, and why he is able to do it.

The same man who said, “If God told me tomorrow to raise Abraham Lincoln from the dead, I’d go to his grave and raise him from the dead, or let the armies of the earth shoot me down.”

In other words he said, “I’m willing to be a spectacle to the entire world. Put it in every newspaper, put it on every radio, put it on every television, put it in every language, and in every tongue, so there’s nobody from one nation there’s hardly a soul that does not know that I am going to be there, and I am going to do it! Train your cameras on me, because this it.”


Now remember the time Jack Paar heard that foolish fellow that said he’s going to walk on water? Well I saw it on TV, I was a great fan of Jack Paars and I had a TV, because he’s my kind of a guy.

I don’t mean I’m smart like him; I mean I liked his sense of humor. So anyway, the fellow was there, he had fasted, he’d meditated, and it was transcendently beautiful.

As he walked off the diving, whooom… like a stone, he didn’t walk on the water. The guy had guts. But he must have been filled with lead, because he sure sank.

Now you see what I’m driving at. For anybody to talk like William Branham, without something behind him, is strictly hilarious! It’s not worth the time of day. So that’s what we’re looking at.

Now Brother Branham was preaching to a very, very few people at that time that know what you and I are talking about tonight. This tremendous vindication.


Now he said:

[8-4]  …you must [you must] know that this Bible is the Word of God.

In other words, this man stood up and said, “I’m broaching a subject, wherein my thesis is this: I know categorically that this is the Word of the God! And you must know it too, because this is the truth.”

In other words, this man was saying, “I have the ability here, whether you know it or not, to impart unto you a perfect faith, which starts with the Word of God, because faith cometh by hearing and hearing by the Word of God.”

And he stood right there, and of course people they, “Hahahaha.” I know what was around Brother Branham.

They were so insensitive to that man, concerning his ability in God and who he was and all the ramifications that it testifies to their complete ignorance of spiritual things entirely.


[8-5]  Now, we know that we’re coming to a judgment

How do we know? Just because the Bible said so, and a man said, “I’m going to tell you that’s the Word of God”?

I imagine this guy, this new Jimmy Jones that figures he’s going to take on Christmas Day to make the Rapture come about, make God put His dates ahead.

He wants several hundred people, he’s going to kill them like Jimmy Jones did, and his name is Jimmy Jones, I think it’s called ‘Spoken Word’ church.

My wife read the headlines, and I said, “Oh he’s another one of these birds that have been seducing, having intercourse with young girls.” Right down the next paragraph, there it was. Filthy scuzzballs!

And he’ll tell you he can do something! Is he running around talking in tongues, trying to climb a wall? Trying to discern like this guy Shelley.

They all running for down in Georgia now, splitting up churches, he’s trying to discern when Brother Branham said, “You are false anointed and you are of the enemy.”

They don’t believe Brother Branham, they don’t believe what I’m talking, they don’t believe this Bible vindicated! Before it’s over I’ll show you where the foolish virgin are! They’re not out there, they’re here! Don’t get any funny ideas.


You say, “Boy, you are vengeful.” You guessed it, kid. You guessed it. You bet. You think I’m supposed to cry and sigh? I’m not going to cry and sigh over that stuff.

But I’ll tell you, I can sigh and cry over sin, because I’m fed up with me and you and everybody else, I want to get out of here.

And say, “What if it isn’t any better?” Well I still want to get out of here. I’ve been here long enough.

Now, you say, “That’s true, Brother Vayle, that’s true.” Yeah, you’re right, but you can talk for yourself too, fathead. I just kidding you.


[8-5]  Now, we know that we’re coming to a judgment,

What do you mean, how do you know? They said it for hundreds of years! See? “Well you know Peter said about that, you know, they’re going to scoff and say, “Where is it? Where is it? Where is it?” Well so what?”


Even today, Brother Branham’s been gone what? twenty-seven solid years, coming right up. He said, “Twenty-five, fifty.” What if you got twenty-five more years to go?

I’d say give another twelve years and there’ll be eight people make the ark. Yeah. Get a few more Clinton’s, open up the army to all the gays, and… See listen, I’m not a gay basher.

No. What I’m against is like some of these preachers that are on the air, and they’re honest, I’m against the Streisand’s, and the Candace Bergen, and who are these other apes?

Yeah… you know, it isn’t that I want to bash them, hey you can do what you want in any way you want to do it, but don’t come and try to make me do it and influence my life you bunch of sluts and sleazebags!

Oh, they’re going to boycott Vail, Colorado now, because Colorado doesn’t want their scum! Colorado never said one word about gay bashing!

All it says, “Don’t you try to impose your crud on us!” Now they got the Whitehouse going to do it! It won’t be quite so easy, because he’s not going to find it so easy! It’s not so easy to be sleazy, Willy boy, even though you’re in the Whitehouse.

You and Hilary’s can make up after all your escapades, but there’s a lot of men in government yet, I think they’ve got a little on the ball. They don’t have, God does. We’re coming to judgment! Who said?


Now he said:

[8-5]  …we’re coming to a judgment, [he should say the judgment. Why ‘the’? Because he’s talking as though it is.] that the Voice of God is going to catch up with us somewhere, because it was given to every mortal to hear.

Now Brother Branham is quoting there from the Psalms that said their voice has gone out through all the earth, and their sounds to the end. And also he’s giving you from the Book of Romans the same understanding.

[8-5]  Ministers are responsible to take it, and if this Voice of God has to catch up with every person, then… you’ve got to hear It, either here or at the judgment bar. 


Okay, is this what Brother Branham meant, when the heathen are going to have the gospel preached to them in the Millennium? Because this is at the end? I don’t know!

But I can tell you one thing; the true revelation of the Word is going to come out at that time! And make no mistake about it.

But what does this man, William Branham, think that he’s got something more than anybody else to tell us? “Oh he’s got a bigger fervor; oh I would just say he has a bigger ego for a cocky little guy.”

Why doesn’t he just stand back and say, “Hey folk, it’s gone through the ages, we’ve seen what we believe to really be the hand of God, changed lives,” and just give the regular old dilly-dally stuff.

He can’t do it, because he’s that prophet of Malachi 4, it’s the end time when the earth is going to burn like an oven. Oh yeah, we’re looking at the real thing here.

And I want you to never forget that, as we talk about these things here that we’re looking at tonight because you must view these sermons in the light of what you know over the last twenty-seven years!

And remember, when his commission was given in 1933, which was the original, he was given a second commission, take a gift of healing around the world, and from that would spring two more things: discernment and the giving of the Word of Almighty God, those three pulls.

We’re looking at a mighty, mighty big ministry here. You’re looking at really the Word of God made flesh. You’re looking at God Himself manifesting Himself in flesh once more.

You’re looking at the complete return ministry of the Lord Jesus Christ. You’re looking at all of these things, and I’m barely expressing it when I’m talking about it tonight.

But I’m using the negative against Brother Branham to let you know that this man already knew, and was laying the foundation for 1963, and the end of his ministry, ‘THUS SAITH THE LORD’, the hundred percent truth that he knew from God Himself, face to face, and he could say, “Just think, the same Pillar of Fire that brought the Word to Paul is here revealing it.”

So this is why I’m teaching it slowly, the way I’m doing, because I’m sure that’s what he wanted done. If I thought otherwise I would do different.


Now he said:

[8-5]  You’ve got to hear it either here or at the judgment bar. [Now he said,] if the church has the Voice of God, then you must hear the voice of the church as our Roman Catholic people tell us.

And when they, in themselves, are so confused in difference in their doctrine [Roman, Greek and different types, There’s one called the Babylonian group, and this and that, Reform church, and so on.]

Then there cannot be any place to have faith because which is the one church that you’re going to believe in?

Now he’s going to start narrowing it down. All of these people say, “Okay, okay, I got the Word of God, I got the Word of God.”

And he say, “No sir, it’s in this Book, and I’m the one that can tell you!” Ha, now you know that’s going to go over like a lead balloon. Yeah.

Say, “Listen bud, you ain’t eating cake unless you’re eating my cake.”

“Now just a minute, just a minute. Your cake is made out of flour, and eggs, and milk and sugar, and vanilla, and chocolate, and so on. And my Bible’s got John 3:16, and my Bible’s got Matthew 5:48, and my Bible.”

And do you see what they’re doing? They got the same ingredients.

You say, “Now you’re going to tell me that I’ve got the same ingredients, but I’m not going to make it, and you’ve got the same ingredients but you are going to make it?”

He said, “Yeah.” Yeah. “Because you’ve got yours wrong!” You can’t say the Catholic church to a degree is not based upon the Bible as all other churches are, you have to admit it!


But let’s go on and listen to what he says.

[9-1]  Is the Roman church right, or is the Greek church right, or is some other church right? Are the Lutherans right? Baptists right? Methodists right? Presbyterians right? or is it right when there is so much difference amongst them?

One is as far as east from the west from one another, but to my opinion the Voice of God is the Judge. Now to his opinion! Now he’s just saying, “To my opinion.”

Now that’s all right, that’s a good word ‘my opinion’. What’s your opinion based upon? “Brother Branham are you lining yourself against these scholars that can put you in the mud?”

“No,” he said, “my opinion is based upon the same thing that Moses and Paul had, and Jesus manifested it.”

“Well, you say, “that’s more than an opinion!”

“Nah, that’s just the real opinion.”

Now, I’ll let his word go, but I do admit there’s better words than that, in the light of the fact of who he is, but if he’s not tipping his hand, then that’s a very good word.

See we know his hand is tipped, we know who he is, so we can change things, not change what he said, as though we change the meaning and all, because we’re not doing that. What we’re doing is pointing out he’s a hundred percent. See?

[9-1]  So the Voice of God, must be perfect… [Then his opinion’s going to come forth as the perfect Word of God? Now that’s worth a laugh in a half, isn’t it?]

So the Voice of God, must be perfect, and it’s got to come from some perfect resource, and then if man brings it one way and another way with their differences of denomination, then there’s no way to set our faith surely in what they’re saying.


Okay, let God bring on His Word with the dynamic definition! And remember when I preached on They Know Better, a year ago, over a year ago in Toronto? Huh?

Well if you haven’t got it for God’s sake, get it. Not because I preached it, but it’s the truth. And you’ll never hear another sermon burn your ears off like that one.

I figure that’s a masterpiece of my fifty years experience. That Catholic admitted that when God sent a man on the scene as a prophet with ‘THUS SAITH THE LORD’, it was “Shut-up and sit down and listen!” You ain’t got nothing to say!

Yes. Just shut-up and pay attention. Every mouth dumb. A Catholic wrote the book. We got it in the library. If you haven’t heard it, get it. Because you need it.

I was gratified to hear one woman come to me after service, in Canada, she said, “That message Brother Vayle has changed my life.” I get my phone calls that say the same thing, and the letters.

And if I thought for one minute your lives were not being changed here with the understanding of this Word and knowing the truth, you wouldn’t see me after tomorrow morning, I’d kiss you goodbye and that’s the end of it.

Because I’m wasting my time and you’re wasting your time. But you must understand we are seeing God face to face in this hour. Yeah. See?

He said, “Look.”


Now, say it again:

[9-1]  So the Voice of God, must be perfect, and it’s got to come from some perfect resource…

Not just source, but a resource. Something that is backed up. In other words, the source becomes a resource to you, that you can a hundred percent depend on it! That’s where your assets are! Huh? That’s where your faith is! That’s where your knowledge is!

That’s why you know that you know that you know, and who cares! Well, say, “I can knock your knowing into a copped hat.”

“Go ahead buddy, have fun! I’m going to see you at the judgment.”

And he’ll say, “Well I’m going to see you get there quicker!”

You say, “Hallelujah, get me there quicker.”

Yeah, you don’t worry about these guys. You know, if they had a pea in their brain, at least they’d make a sound. Yeah.

Brother Branham said, “Their preaching is like throwing dry peas on a dry cow hide.” Pshew. I thought that’s pretty cute. Better than I could say it myself, and I’ve got a tongue for the means.


He said:

[9-1]  …then if a man brings it one way and another way and different denominations, there’s no way to set our faith surely in what they’re saying.

You see, because they have no proof of their so-called revelation. How often I pick up the paper and somebody said, “I heard a voice, I heard this, I heard that.”

I don’t care what you heard. My, likely the gas in your stomach rumbling, that’s all. Hey, you can hear your heart murmur, a little gas up there.

“Oh be still my murmuring heart. Oh I think I heard something. Yes. Oh yes, it must have been the voice…” Oh, you, come on, know why you understand why I’m sarcastic, I’m sometimes bitter, vitriolic.

What do you do in the face of that? Come on, what do you do in the face of something like that? What are you looking for? I just can’t understand people. You see?


[9-2]  I hope that’s clear see?, because… and if one says it’s this a-way…  And one says you must join this church: “This church only has salvation.” that’s the Catholic version.

The Lutherans come around and say that same thing. Here comes the Methodists and something else, and Baptists with something else, the Pentecostals got something else; and it all ends in a confusion. Then when you take this written Word to our brethren, many say, “Well, those are the days that used to be, but they aren’t now.”

Now they don’t even believe that God’s Word continues. That He cut it off. “Oh that used to happen, but you know it doesn’t work anymore.”

Well the next thing is what does work? If that doesn’t, what does? Oh you see where they go, brother/sister? In other words, if one word’s wrong, then every word is wrong. See?

[9-2]  Another says, “It’s history.” Another says, “It’s a book of poems.” “The church has a right to change it.” [Says another bunch.] Then where do we stand? Where is there a resting place for faith?

There’s only one place, let God come down and do something to prove it! That’s what you’re looking at.


[9-3]  When God, being eternal… I believe if we are to be judged and always have [believed it]… That if we’re to be judged by anything, it’ll be by the Word of God that’s given the commission;…

In other words, God’s Word which is the commission to preach, that’s the Word you’re going to be judged by.

…Then if we’re to be judged by that Word, then God would be an unjust God to put such a confusion on earth, and the poor human mind so baffled, it doesn’t know what to do; and one will join this one and then join that one.

And the poor fellow trying to think he’s trying to find a right place, he will listen to this denomination, then he will listen to another denomination, and this one seems to be better than that one; he will go first thing, and pretty soon he’s back to the first thing again.

[He made a complete circle.] He just doesn’t know what to do. But if God is going to judge the world by something, it will be His Word. I believe that.

And of course that’s the truth. How else can you judge? In other words, there must be a standard. And every standard must be defined.

And how do you define anything except by words, even though you finally can put it into manifestation, it is first of all defined by words, which is the blueprint!

Well God’s got to have something to go by, if He’s going to judge us, and it’s going to be His Word, then He better give us His Word, and He better know that there’s a way whereby we can know, that we do know the Word that He gave us!

Then there better be some way we can check up and see if we’re still on course! Go back and read your Bible, Moses did it perfectly, Paul did it, William Branham did it.

And we saw Christ stand there in the center, just making room for the sheep, bless God, you’ll never beat it. His Word has to be vindicated and it was.


[10-1]  And now, my brethren when I say that, I’m meaning that not only this little group here this morning, I’m meaning where the tapes go all around the world I wish you would bear with me awhile and think of that, and there’s got to be some way to validate a judgment.

Well there’s got to be.

How do you know there’s going to be judgment? “Well you know Brother Vayle, there was this fellow was dying. And he died. Mmm-hmm, yep, he died. And I want to tell you they brought him back, yet he came back, and he said it was beautiful, and it was lovely, and everything was just heaven, it was glorious.”

And the guy was the biggest bum under God’s high heaven! They all approach a tunnel of light, and they hear this music, “Oh music, music, to still the savage beast and now I am at rest and it’s beautiful.”

Who said so? How do you know he ever went anywhere? The guy might have been completely boozed out, and his brain dead for awhile.


How many people do you know right today, they’ve on the verge of burying, and they even taken to the morgue, and the poor guy at the morgue hears some little clickety-click or little something, and he say, “This guy can’t be dead,” and he’s alive.

That happened around here in a nursing home! They took the woman to the morgue, she wasn’t dead!

They said, “What’s going on with you guys? You’re trying to get rid of these people too quick.” Maybe she had a few bucks.

See what I mean? The whole thing is asinine! How can you possibly believe what is going on anymore? Stinking money racket!

Oral Roberts held captive by God for four million dollars! And Swaggart could take in at that time 139 million dollars a year! God let Swaggart take 139 million dollars and Oral only worth four million? Something’s wrong somewhere. Oral should have raised his price.

Listen, it’s a laughing matter to you and me, but I am taking from this sermon, and this Word of God open, and a vindicated man having been in our midst, and they pull the shenanigans they’re pulling?

There’s only one word, ‘money’, and there’s only a second word, ‘money’, and there’s only two more words, ‘more money’. That’s all. They don’t care about your souls. Oh they think they do.


How many times did Brother Branham say, “Pinch your conscience!”? Why do you think he said it?

For the same reason I can stand up here and be as satirical and just as loony as a coon to make you laugh, to see how despicable and how stupid it is for anybody, even William Branham, to dare to open his mouth in this hour, and not have proof.

“So… there’s proof out there there’s a God.”  Ah-hah! What kind of a God is He?

“Well I believe by nature, I can take this animal here, and I can take this bird here, and I can come back to God, and I can take you to storm out there, a hurricane that happened in Florida in the twenties, as it came over the Lake Okeechobee, went over the lake, it took hundreds of… and then as it passed over, the water sluiced back and took hundreds more, didn’t find many of them, what kind of a God is that?”

You can’t tell what God is by nature. You can tell there is a God, and the Bible tells you nature got perverted by man being ruined through sin and Satan doing it.

Now did the man prove it or didn’t he prove it? Did he say we have the answer to the devil’s lie? Didn’t he say we had the answer to the devil? And didn’t he say we can answer back the devil? And what did it all go down to?

It went down to vindication, the same Pillar of Fire that was here talking to Paul is the same Pillar of Fire talking to William Branham.

You say, “Well I can’t believe that.” Then you believe your Bible? Why do you bother? Just because Paul said it, doesn’t make it true? Paul tells you he was vindicated. Read your Bible, you’re going to find it.


What time we got? I’ll read one more paragraph.

[10-1]  And now, brethren now when I say this, I’m meaning… [Oh, he said here… yeah.] there’s got to validate the judgment. Then some one says, “Well there’s the King James Version” now they’re making a second Standard Version [and so on].

In other words, it is not to try to find a better translation, although that is admirable, that looks good, but the point is this: what is the truth?

[10-2]  I believe if God be sovereign God, as He is, the Eternal One, He has to see to it; it’s up to Him. If I want to go to heaven to His place, it’s up to Him to furnish me a place where I’ll know what to do somewhere that you can lay your hand and say, “This is it.” Do you agree with that?

It’s got to be that way. It’s up to Him. He’d be unjust otherwise.

[10-3]  If I said, “Lord, I was a Lutheran,” and someone said, “I’m a Catholic,” well, there’s your two protesting one another. Now, what’s the poor man going to do? Or what if the Catholic church is right? Well all your Lutherans are lost. And if the Lutherans are right, your Catholics are lost. [See?]


Now this is so, because there is a judgment and there is a way to know. Now if there wasn’t some way to know positively, and we’re talking about the last hour, we’re talking about the present age being completely filled, we’re talking about Luke 17:30.

The very deep things of God that nobody but a few of us actually understand or have anything to do with at all, because that’s what this man is involved in.

He is not involved as a simple evangelist quoting John 3:16 and saying there is a God, playing upon people’s emotions, and drawing the net, and then seeing nothing but chaos.

He is here for one purpose, to get a Bride ready for Christ. Never ever get that out of your mind when you hear these sermons.

Because you can go back to ’62, say, “Well that’s before the Seals,” and you can then try to read it in a way you shouldn’t read it!

The man was a prophet from the day he was born and before he was born he was a prophet. And his very nature was one ordained of Almighty God, and so is yours. You aren’t any different in that respect.


[10-4]  See, you’ve got to have somewhere that faith [that faith] can take its resting place. And to me I don’t know how you feel about it, but to me the Bible is the infallible Word of God. And I believe that God watched over His Word that there’s not one punctuation out of place.

Okay, look, no book was ever written that proves itself. Or I could write a book and say, “Well there it is, that’s proof, I wrote the book.” Can’t do it. The only books that prove themselves are actually books that are written a hundred percent according to history and there ain’t any!

So there’s only one book, and that’s a book of pure science, and we better be careful there, because now they tell us that pi, you know, it has to do with the circle, isn’t maybe quite as right as people think it is.

Which I don’t believe they’re telling the truth, I think it’s kind of a joke. But there’s only one type of book that proves itself, and that is pure science, where two and two do make four.

And we’re not preaching the liberal gospel of America, that Rush Limbaugh’s so great at announcing, where they’re teaching the kids it doesn’t matter, two and two really don’t make four, because as long as it’s close it’s not so bad. No book proves itself except the books of mathematics and science.


Here’s the Book of philosophy. Here’s a Book of beginnings of concepts, of statements, are they true or aren’t they true?

Well I’m going tell you something, the One Who wrote this Book talked back to that man, according to this Book, and this Book is right.

And so William Branham is saying, “I want to get this across to you people. We’re dealing with this Book that everybody talks about, but I have the answer for you, because I am vindicated of Almighty God, Who proved the Book I am talking about.

And let me tell you this, the spoken Word is the original seed, and what started back there has never discontinued, come on down, and come on down, and one day it will come on right back where God wants It perfect.

Same Word that started goes right to the judgment, and there right in front of your faces you’ll see it a hundred percent.” And the man could stand there and know it.

Now that’s what this sermon is all about, God’s Word cannot change any more than God can, and let me tell you there is no law in this Book that doesn’t exist for eternity.

And everything that came from God is going to go back to God, and if you read again as I say Revelation chapters 21 and 22, you will see exactly what God wanted, and that’s exactly what there’s going to be, because that’s what’s exactly going on now.

And don’t you think for one moment it’s ever going to be changed by anybody, because it certainly cannot be, it will not be. That’s the way it stands tonight.

Let’s bow our heads in prayer.

Heavenly Father, we look away to You at this time, knowing we’re going to go to the Table of the Lord. And Lord, we could just scream as we think of what is in this message we heard tonight.

You God, eternal, eternal Word, giving the conduit of that which will be manifested, this Word made bare, revealed, this Word opened, the life flowing from It, tonight.

Tonight we celebrate how It took place. You did it in Your way, and You broke that cell which contained the Life, and the Blood, and it flowed forth to come back upon us.

And we know tonight, and the celebration and the communion and foot washing, it’s real, it’s real, it’s real, I know it’s real.

We saw the reality, and I know Lord, people can say what they want, they can say, “Oh Brother Vayle, I never saw that prophet.”

And I’m standing here tonight saying, “I saw that one, I’m telling you the truth. And I’m telling you about Him, this is that One.”

Hear you Him, that’s right. You always did say that, “Hear Him.” And that same One here in the Spirit brought this Message at the end time. The same One here to raise the dead and get us out of here.

O Lord, how marvelous are Thy ways, how matchless are Thy doings. We appreciate and love You tonight Lord, and don’t want to feel as though our emotions are our own, and would get in the way, but our feelings Lord are stirred up even as Brother Branham used the text, “My soul pants after Thee O God, as the hart panteth after the water brook.”

Wounded animal searching for water, wounded creatures searching for God, but no longer wounded, no no, the end time is upon us, the Tree of Life here to be taken, the City to be gained, Millennium to go through, God coming down, His prophet on earth revealing the Word.

Stand here and say, “Let me tell you people, this Bible is true, and it’s the only Book that is true, it’s the only Word of God,” and we have the perfect revelation for this hour vindicated.

Lord that’s something to go by, I trust Father that every single mind tonight is taking It in as never before, and every heart’s just sucking It up until the heart just is oozing with It Lord, like honey flowing out of the comb, sweet, sweet honey in the rock, every heart established, every foot on higher ground.

We believe that tonight Lord and we’ll believe we’re a part of it. No longer Lord do we want to say, “If we’re not a Bride, there’s a Bride out there somewhere.”

Tonight Lord we’re saying, “We’re Bride, and we’re marching to Zion, moving on.”

We cannot thank You enough for it, we give You glory, in Jesus’ Name. Amen.

[Brother Vayle continues with the Communion Service.]

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