Stewardship #12

Commercialized Religion; Using Wealth
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Shall we pray.

Heavenly Father, we realize You are here and we are in Your Presence, that we have crossed over to Your side, even as the cry came, “Who is on the Lord’s side?” We are happy and anxious to be on Your side, Lord, and be approved of You through the not only through the blood, by the sealing of the Holy Spirit, but of walking in the light even as we are living in that light.

Not living in a glare but living in the truth of the revealed Word of Almighty God, which is shining upon us and helping us to come to a place of maturity. Lord, mature our minds, mature our hearts, our souls, our very lives, O God, before You that we might be those mature Christians, strong Christians in the adoption, even as Paul spoke of that, strong food for strong people able to bare.

Peter knew that many people could not bare the strong food that Paul gave, but Lord, we know we are able to bare it and we hunger for the depth of revelation of that which You desire to give us. Not hungering Lord to go beyond it, simply hungering to know the truth, the truth to set us free, Lord, and we to walk in that light.

And one day walking down the road of this mortality, to walk into the path of immortality, changed in the twinkling of an eye, and then caught up with the redeemed to meet You in the skies, Lord, at the great wedding supper, the marriage supper of the Lamb.

Help us this morning to apprehend truth within the inner man and then display it in the outer according to Your Will. In Jesus’ Name we pray. Amen.

You may be seated.


Now last night we were looking into the fact of stewardship. And there was a great office given to Adam upon earth when he was given the charge to raise up children to Almighty God, to populate the earth, and then, actually, to take over what God had already created.

Even as the Scripture said, “What is man, that thou are mindful? Son of man, that you visit him? You made him a little lower than the angels, and You set him over the work of Your hands.” And we know that God gave Adam that promise, and It was a command promise.

It was a command promise on the grounds that God told him to do it. That’s a command. And the very fact that God told him to do it was his enablement.


And you found that, and Brother Branham did bring that out when he spoke of his own ministry paralleling that of Joshua’s where God gave the command to Joshua. “And be thou strong,” He said, “of good courage.”

And, when God tells us to be strong and of good courage, then that automatically is our enablement, because, if God said it, then it can be done, and It will be done. And, of course, it’s a matter of learning to get out of the way.


Well, Adam did not discharge his responsibility. And after God created all these things he says in Genesis 1:26, “Let us make man in our image, after our likeness.” And of course, we know that was God speaking to His Son.

You could, if you want it to be like the Queen of England and the editorial ‘We,’ ‘Our Majesty’ is displeased, or ‘we’ are displeased. Well who cares about ‘we,’ you know?

I mean I’m not a really a queen basher but I want you to know this is not the editorial ‘we,’ this is God speaking to His Son and they are communing together.

One fellow I heard of and evidently he went to Australia according to reports I got said that this was God speaking to Satan. Well now, maybe… Well, I won’t finish that thought. You can guess what I was going to say.

Genesis 1:26-27

(26) Let us make man in our image, after our likeness: [And then you know, he’s got the…] let them have dominion over the fish of the sea, [That’s mankind.] and over the fowl of the air, over the cattle, over all the earth, and over every creeping thing that creepeth upon the earth.

(27) So God created man in his own image, image of God created he him; male and female created he them.


Now you notice, there’s a certain portion in there that God creates. And there’s a certain portion that God uses to form from the earth, which was already created, having within it all the elements that the body would require to be sustained.

And Brother Branham even likened that, when God got through fashioning Adam, [to] a tree, with his roots in the ground like Adam, with his feet in the ground there, then coming forth like a great tree.

And it is true, because we’re like trees in that particular respect. And you know, they use the phraseology, ‘tracing the family tree’. So, there’s likeness there. It’s just a little bit of a thought.


And anyway, He created them; but there’s a part, of course, that wasn’t created and formed. That’s when God breathed into Adam’s nostrils the breath of life, the breath of lives is what it is and he became a living soul.

So you can see the distribution of God, which is the part of soul, the spark, the gene, the part of God, the bit of God. Comes by human, you know, production. It’s produced, and that life blood is in the veins the life is in the blood, coursing through the veins and all. And we have, therefore, then, a remarkable relationship to Almighty God.

That’s why I could say in the dedication service this morning that giving a child back to God is not only legitimate, it is actually mandatory, because children are the inheritance of God. And actually God Himself is the great Creator; [He] has an inheritance.

That sounds awfully strange [doesn’t] it, but it’s true. They’re an inheritance. Why? Because this life of God comes through the parents, and the parents give the children back and rear the children for God, and we have a godly race of people.


It’s a pity we have so many portions of our will not under the actual tutelage… Well it’s under the tutelage of God, but we don’t actually respond as we should. In Adam, of course, doesn’t respond correctly either. Actually we find Adam giving up what God gave him.

And so, we took that back last night, and we went back to the beginning to see where Satan was the great beginning of things of God, created so perfectly, everything in a divine order, and we saw how that Satan just ruined the whole order and became the first one who fell from his great position, because he perverted the Word of God.

Now, when you pervert the Word of God, what you’re saying is this: “I am destroying that which is perfect,” because remember, the Word of God is perfect converting the sinner. That Word of God was so perfect it brought forth children in a sinful condition, the Word coming right around and bringing it back.

Why? Because the Word corrects the Word. If there’s any error, the Word will correct it, because any error comes from iniquity, which is a perversion.

Like you and I today, we have problems with our doctrine. Well, I don’t have any problem with a few things.

Is that mike going? Okay. So anyway, we find that Adam, not inadvertently, but fooled by Satan, gave up his great position.


So as I say, last night we took that back, and I want to read some of my notes, and I’m going to try to work in where I can catch us all up to date on where I want to be and finish this message.

So, last night we read for quite some time, we have viewed and reviewed the stewardship of Satan and angels and spirit beings.

And we have seen how they have failed in their offices, though endowed with tremendous gifts from God, with Elohim Himself standing behind those empowerments that Elohim Himself had ordained unto them, even to the extent that when Michael the archangel contended with Satan over the body of Moses, he could not do anything but say, “The Lord rebuke thee.”

And in there you see an example of the fact the Scripture says, And I meant to look it up to get the context, but I didn’t. “the gifts and callings of God are without repentance.”


Now, if anybody would try to tell you that Satan is a different creature from the time that God created him, you will be in error, because the Bible already tells you, “You were perfect in all your ways until iniquity was found in you.”

In other words you began to pervert the Word. It doesn’t say one thing about Satan any other way. Now from that time on, of course, you see a deterioration in the character, in the ways that Satan conducted himself, because now he wants to be above God. And you see that right in religions today.

And you have to remember that Satan was a marvelous creation who led in the worship of God. And he had an ephod. He had everything in line to do this job. And he was doing it right. He was doing in the presence of God with Michael.

And Michael was the body that the Son of God, Jesus, used at that time. So we have Michael, an archangel, and we have a higher order, even in creation. And that higher order of creation was the cherubim.


Now, if you’re looking at creation, you’re going to find out that we are a little lower than the angels. We’re much lower than a cherub or a seraphim; much lower, as far as creation is concerned.

But you cannot get higher than sonship, when it comes to reality, because anything created a beginning and consequently, except for the breath of God, the desire of God, the privilege of God extending that life in those created beings, they’re going to be gone, because they got a beginning.

And Brother Branham said in one place, “That which has a beginning has an ending,” but, of course, he… And that’s true, except if God intervenes. But, when it comes to us, and the Only-begotten son, that’s eternality. There’s no beginning, and consequently, there is no ending.


But, when it comes to positioning, God Almighty can take and place in a position a cherubim or an angel, which gives him seemingly a position greater than [that] which a human being would have.

But that is not true. It’s only in the sense of the greatness of creation. And remember, that would be greater than the spirit that we got created by God or the forming of the dust, when it comes to the application of reality.

You’re on this side; not the left side. You’re on the right side the blessing, which is the lineage of God and the inheritance of God. And then, everything else must then come and bow to it. You see?

In one area there’s a superior side forget it. If you take that side, then you’re going to find yourselves involved in materiality, when the kingdom of God is not meat and drink, but joy and peace and the Holy Ghost.

And the fruit of the spirit [is] entirely different from the fruit or the manifestation of flesh. And they’re both outlined in the Book of Galatians. You see a vast and tremendous difference there. So, all right.


You’re looking, then, at a created being, and he’s called Satan or Lucifer. And that one was the greatest created being that God had ever created; and I suppose at this time he’s still the greatest created being that God has created. And that hasn’t changed. See?

What he was made for hasn’t changed. Now that he has defiled it and used it in a wrong way, which he has, does not change the fact that intrinsically, he is that one. See?


Now, the same thing with you and me. I don’t care what we went through and Paul went through and anybody else as sinners. That has nothing to do with it. Like Brother Branham said, “You didn’t do it in the first place,” [You were] tricked into it.

No imputation there at all. As David said, “Blessed is the man to whom the Lord will not impute sin.” Didn’t say the man wouldn’t sin; [It says] God didn’t impute it to him.

Then, there’s the Scripture [that] comes along and explains it. John explains It, and he tells you the seed of God cannot sin. There’s no way the seed can sin. The Son of God can’t sin, because his seed remaineth in him.

And what is his seed? His seed is a gene from God. Show me where God can sin. Show me where God will pervert His Word.


At the same time a child of God, then, has the greatest faith in the world. You don’t have to measure it: “I got a lot of faith.” “I got a little faith.” Shut up! You’ve got faith.

Because you see, that seed will never deny the Word of God. Can’t do it, because, why? It’s a part of it. How can God deny you and me, when we’re a part of Him?

And people often say I have disinherited my son. I disown him. Hah! You and who else? That’s the stupidest thing in the world. Well I don’t agree with my son. I don’t have a thing to do with him anymore.

He’s still my son, but we just don’t walk on the same level. We don’t walk on the same plane. We don’t think the same thoughts. We don’t do the same thing.

And, as far as the flesh is, he’s my son. But spiritually, oh, brother, I got a problem. There’s nothing there. But [he’s] still a son. Can’t do a thing about it.

You see, people will argue, and they will advise, revise, cogitate, then think again, and come up with some half-baked solution, which isn’t a solution. Just adds to the problem.

And that’s what they do with the Bible. It’s a pity. It started all back in the Garden. Okay.


For quite some time we talked about Satan here and even when Michael, the archangel, at the time of Moses’ death, rebuked… He couldn’t do anything but rebuke him.

And you notice what Michael, who was actually in an archangelic form that Jesus was inhabiting, you know, kind of incarnating himself in like you kind of call that…

Although the word ‘carnous’  has to do with flesh, but he’s in the spirit being. And he contended with Satan; and he didn’t say, ‘I rebuke you’.

He said, “The Lord rebuke you.” In other words it was a prayer to the Father that the Father would have to do something, because this was a great personage with great authority.


Paul had, as I mentioned last night, the same problem. He called, you know, a high priest a ‘whited-wall’, and a soldier struck him, and he said, “Why did you do that?”

“Well,” he said, “You don’t talk to the high priest that way.”

“Well,” he said, “I’m sorry,” he said, “I didn’t know he was a high priest. I would not have said it.”

See? There’s a recognition of authority. There’s a recognition of position. There’s a recognition that God is over all and has set everything in order, even to the extent, as Peter tells us, that the very officers of the government, the arm of the government which is the law, the legal department all ordained of God, and they are all messengers of God.

And, if you obey them, you will have no fear, because they are those that set in order to keep the physical things in order. And we realize that that has spun out of control, too. That’s spun out of control. But you see, all of these things are of God.


Then, we saw Satan, via the beast, invade Eden, the headquarters of God on earth and take into captivity Eve, and consequently and subsequently, Adam, through means of a perversion and a misapplication of the Word, turning a curse into a blessing, and the position they were not to assume, because it wasn’t theirs.

Now remember, Satan came and said, “You shall not surely die. Eat of that Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil, it won’t kill you. Why you’re going to have your eyes opened, and you’re going to be as gods. You’re going to have a greater position. Now come on: do what I say.”

Now come on, don’t tell me the church hasn’t done that and is not doing it. Now Satan did it. He even told them things that God hadn’t told them, and God had to stand by it. Didn’t God say “Now he’s become as one of us knowing good and evil?” So you think the devil can’t come along and trick you?

Hey, if I didn’t have a vindicated prophet, I would blow my brains out. Not just figuratively speaking. I think I would have to do it.

Now, of course, I likely wouldn’t do it, because I’d have a self-delusion of grandeur: “I came to the Lord, I found Him, and I believe, and look at me.”

Yeah, don’t look too hard. I’d advise you it could maybe turn your stomach.


So, Satan came as an angel of light. He came down there in Eden with his ephod on as a high priest. And Satan is the high priest to his own religion.

Now let’s face it. Didn’t God come down and inhabit the form of Jesus Christ to turn people to Himself?

Then, don’t you think Satan will come down and do everything to turn people to himself? Oh, come on. What’s worship all about? Huh? Makes you think doesn’t it? Well, I’m only trying to help you. All right.

Satan came into Eden through his subtility, and he converted these people to himself to his own interpretation of the Word, turning death into life, a curse into a blessing, promising them a position that they weren’t ordained to. See? Now, if they’d a been ordained to it, they’d a got it from God.

You say, “Well, perhaps they were ordained.”

But not at that time. See?

See how the devil takes Scripture, misplaces It, puts It in a wrong time slot, gives It a slant, turns a blessing into a curse, a curse to a blessing. Now how can he do it? He was made that way to lead in worship.

And what one word off, although Satan had many words off. One word off took the human race the true children of God away from the position God put them in.

Now the Word of God can’t return void, so you’re going to see that position restored, and you do. And you see it through Jesus Christ, the elder brother.


So, okay. Then, Satan, turning a curse into a blessing, gives them a position that wasn’t warranted. And you find that over here in 1 Corinthians 12:1-3.

Now we didn’t go into this last night. I know I’m on a treadmill this morning. Set the turkey’s back three hours, and we’ll see what happens. Okay.

1 Corinthians 12:1-2

(01) Now concerning the spirituals, the gifts, brethren, I would not have you ignorant.

(02) You know that you were Gentiles, carried away unto these dumb idols, even as you were led.

Now this speaks of a compulsion, of an entrapment, of where people worship idols and come under the influence of spirits that they have identified those idols of clay and gold and silver, wood and stone with, saying, “The spirit dwells in this idol and the spirit now can come into me.”

And you’ll see that they were being led by spirits, which is actually, then, devil religion.


Now, “Wherefore I give you to understand, that no man speaking by the Spirit of God calls Jesus accursed: and that no man can say that Jesus is Lord, but by the Holy Ghost.”

So, when you have Satan coming on the scene, you will find that the devil has the ability to turn the Word of God that’s accursed into a blessing and turn the blessing of God into a curse.

So, he says here now, the devil can come on the scene with idolatry, and he can take this very Word, because Paul had brought them the Word, and they knew the Word, because Paul explains that in the first two chapters how the Word came, and how they got it.

And there were people that fragmenting the body of Christ, and they were giving way to traditions of men, to fables, and they were finally giving away to the false prophets, the false apostles, and everything which was positively the devil.

And Paul says, “Satan himself is transformed into an angel of light.” And he said, “I want you to know one thing: there is no way the devil can take anything I say here concerning Jesus Christ, which is a curse if you turn him down and make it a blessing, or make it a [curse], when it’s a [blessing].”

So that’s what I’m looking at: what 1 Corinthians 12 really means, and I catch it back here in Genesis. Why? Because this is an infant church started by God through the apostle Paul, the Apostle Paul through God, and the Word.

So, if I’m not making myself too clear, let’s go over it again.


Back here I told you that Satan took a verse of Scripture, and that is; God said to them, “Eat of this Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil, and you will die.”

And Satan came and says, “On the contrary, you will not die.” He said, “I will tell you what will happen. You will now have a status just like unto Almighty God. You will be a part of that. You will definitely be a part of it. Your eyes will be opened, and you will know good and evil.”

He turned what was death to life. But you can’t do that.

That’s the same as saying, “Okay, Jesus Christ,” you use the terminology concerning him and you say, “Look,” and he’s talking now to the Jews and those that didn’t believe in Jesus and others that had their philosophy.

He said, “All right, you’re making… I’m going to tell you one thing: this… I can show you Scripture, “Cursed is everyone that hangeth upon a tree.” And I’m telling you, and I’m informing you, the Holy Ghost to you, that this man is accursed.”

And he twisted the whole thing, so that you could no longer come around and say, “Jesus is Lord though he died upon Calvary, he is risen again, and he’s Lord of Lord, except by the Holy Ghost.”

There is not a genuine living Jesus Christ on the throne of God today, unless you’ve got the Holy Ghost. Get that flat.


Now I’m speaking about revelation, because this did not come to me until this morning and at this time. And my revelation is correct, and don’t think it isn’t, because I’ll challenge you.

You take you Bible and prove me wrong on those three verses right now, because you cannot make him Lord, except by the Holy Ghost. And what did he do? If you can’t see him on the Father’s throne right now, then you’ve got a curse on him.

Why? Because he’s cast off from the Father’s presence, the Father’s down here. See, Scripture doesn’t lie my brother/sister. And there’s no Scripture that doesn’t reveal Itself in this end time.


Now in the day of Paul, he was on the mercy seat. Take him off that mercy seat before this hour and you do not have Jesus exalted by God, you have him set aside; then he’s accursed. Isn’t that true concerning Adam and Eve?

The minute that they went against the Word of God and took the word of Satan, that they became accursed in that legitimate sense that they had to die? Didn’t the Word of God go negative?

Then, how can you and I have the Word of God positive, if we don’t see Elohim down here and the Son, who took the book, the Lamb, coming behind the throne, took the book out of the Father’s hand, ripped off the seals, turned the book back to the Father, climbed on the Father’s throne and the Father came down here, and there’s a reflection, that’s the Shekinah glory reflection of the presence of God behind it, and the prophet William Branham. Yeah. Okay.


So Satan started up his kingdom on earth and established a religion and a religious system by the very endowments and gifts and the very essence of his being and his original calling, which we note was of the highest order of creation in heaven, and was exceeded only by the seed of God and God Himself That’s the Son of God and God.

As to not only essentiality, but preeminence and authority. There was only one higher than God [Satan], that was the seed of God and God two. See?

Now, you notice that he used everything he had that God gave him, to nullify worship to God, to set at naught the children of God, to bring confusion and disorder.

I ask you a question: who was doing this in the Corinthian Church? “I speak with tongues, hallelujah.”

And Paul said, “Yeah? I speak with tongues more than you all, what does that mean?”

“Oh,” they said, “We prophesy.”

Yeah, how many were boasting about the gift of healing? I don’t doubt but what some had it. What about the gift of the word of knowledge and wisdom? What about faith, miracles? No doubt they had it.

Brother Branham said, “Any local church could have all nine gifts in operation.”

But first of all, you’ve got to have a man at the door discerning of spirits or the devil can come right along and twist the whole thing into a, you know, a breeze.


So who do you think were speaking up against Paul? Those that said, “I got some too,” the same Korah, Dathan, Abiram, who said, “Who is this guy Moses anyway to tell us he’s got everything? Why we’ve got things too.”

I’ve had them throw that in my face about Brother Branham. “Well you know, Brother Vayle, I’ve prophesied…” Oh, forget it, forget it, forget it.

Paul called their bluff, and he said, “Okay, you’ve rested the Scripture. You’ve taken the curse to be a blessing. You’ve taken the blessing to be a curse.”

Remember, its always left hand-right hand, blessing cursing. You never get away from it. And they had it exactly opposite. They had it all messed up. And they were backed up by the gifts that God… with which God had endowed them.


Now he said, “You that think you’re spiritual, full of the Holy Ghost, and you that call yourself a prophet, you will have to acknowledge that the word that I write unto you, and that word alone, is the commandment of God.” Vindicated one hundred percent. That’s where we stand this morning.

So, don’t think for one minute Satan’s not here with his ephod, with his brilliant light, with his seduction, with his charm: “Oh you people have no love.” Is that a fact?

Am I to love you more than God or do I show my love to God by loving you? Then who do I love of you? Brother Branham said, “How you should love each other, you that love this Word.”

So, now I have become categorized, I’ve become bounded. You think you’re unbounded? God Himself is bound by His Own Word. Do you think God is limitless like the air? Don’t be ridiculous. God’s a person.

I wonder how many children Adam has by natural generation here on earth, which was supplied from his loins in the beginning? Through 6,000 years there could be two billion. That should answer some questions, maybe yes, maybe no. All right.


We saw Satan in Ezekiel 28:12-18 as actually being the summation of what God wanted to do for excellence in a created being.

You notice I did not say what God ‘did’ on the grounds that God could not do more and better. I don’t know. I only know that he was the one of the supreme ranking in the creation.


Notice carefully and indelibly the words of Genesis 3:1, and the first part of it, “Now the serpent was more subtle than any beast of the field which Jehovah-Elohim had made.”

Satan now uses the highest totally created and highest order of mammalian life on earth to get at the children of God, to induce iniquity within them, wherein they, like Satan, could now use their marvelous endowments contrary to the very purpose of their being and be in a fallen condition and used of Satan to originate and nourish a system of worship that would eventually lead to the enthronement of Satan, as spoken of in Revelation 13:8.

So he induces the highest form of creation to get to man who was created, formed, and eternal body, soul, and spirit. What did he do? He applied to their reasoning. As Brother Branham said, “Eve wanted wisdom.”

As James said, “The wisdom which is from below is sensual,” and she went straight for sex. I’m going to get to that one of these days. I want to clear a lot of things up I possibly can from the Scripture. Not that I’m any great authority, but there’s Scripture on it.

Revelation 13:8 And all that dwell upon the earth shall worship him, whose names are not written in the book of life of the Lamb slain from the foundation of the world.


So, the highest order of animal life on earth, outside of the human being… Remember, the beast had no soul. The serpent had no soul, but he had a place for one. And, when that life of Eve, which came from Adam, which came from God… Because remember, she was outside creation.

Brother Branham didn’t say she was outside from the beginning of eternality. He said creation, not in the original creation. But she had to be inside of God, the same as Adam, or no woman could ever be seed.

And that’s ridiculous, because she had the same life that Adam had. And she has to produce life, and that egg has to have life in it, even though it’s a human life, there still is an element of the supernatural. There has to be, or how in the world could a child be born the seed of God? It just couldn’t be.

Why would God take Abraham and say it’s got to be by Sarah? See? Why did Isaac have to go down and get a Rebecca? Why did Jacob have to go down and marry outside of the… where he lived? Because he had to get the seed. He had to get like-to-like. See? So, all right.


Now Satan uses this highest order to get what he wanted which was to bring forth that religion which culminates in Revelation 3:13.

And you notice the words of Paul, and that’s our day, because it’s the same Bride, the same Church, that started back there in the first century with Paul. And he said, “Satan himself is transformed into an emissary of light, a messenger.

Therefore,” he said, “Don’t think for one minute that his five-fold ministers, and his deacons and his elders, his presbyters, his people, also have transformed themselves the way Satan has.”

Revelation 3:13, He that hath an ear, let him hear what the Spirit saith unto the churches.


And it was Satan who transformed himself as an angel of light to Adam and Eve, because he came through the beast, the intelligent creature, and he said to Eve, “Look, I’m talking for God. I’m the one that can tell it to you. Why,” he said, “I was up there and I led in the worship of God.”

And, believe me, he did lead in the worship of God.

And since Moses made all things according to the pattern, which was in heaven, there was an ark up there, cherubims over the ark, there was everything up there that was brought down here naturally. There was a system; everything was informed.

And, if you read the Book of Revelation, you’ll find that there in chapters 4 and 5. It’s all outlined. Get into Ezekiel; you’ll see it there. Get into Isaiah; you’ll see it there. Right down the line.

You’re going to find what is in heaven, there, originally, in creation form, eternal form. You’ll find it right down here on earth in a form which is either identical or is going to be typed on it.


Now then, we find that Paul told the Corinthian Church, “You’ve already been seduced by Satan, the same as he seduced Eve, because your minds have now taken in that which is of Satan,” which is, what? Perverted word. I told you before, Satan never had a word of his own.

He always perverts God’s Word. There is nothing on this earth that Satan has that was not originally created by God, even devils from hell as you call it. But there are those which were fallen by; I think Brother Branham said two thirds of the angelic population.


Now these emissaries, these people that are in Satan’s religion and under Satan, these are those men of whom James spoke, in James 3; of whom Peter spoke when he said, “If any man speak, let him speak as the oracles of God;” let him say what God said or shut up. The same order of Moses that said don’t add a word or take a word. See?

They have made themselves, these men, who were already told, and the church told; don’t alter one word. Peter warned, as I said, against it, if you speak; speak as the oracles of God. Paul said say what I say.

That’s in Philippians: “Be of the same mind.” “Say the same thing.” Right on down the line. But no, they won’t. What will they do?

They will be as James said. They will use the Word of God, and It will be the Word of God, and then out of the left hand corner of their mouth, they will put their interpretation upon it.

You cannot have a fountain bringing forth sweet and bitter water. You cannot have a tree bringing forth figs and brambles. It cannot be done, unless it’s grafted in. Then, it lives on the life of the original vine and bares it’s own fruit, which is what?

False prophecy the Word of God changed and backed up by a manifestation which are signs following the Word, which God cannot deny, because they take that Word.


Listen, I came out of Pentecost. I came out of… O God, I came out of Presbyterians, Methodists, Presbyterian combined Pentecostal, Baptists… aye-yaye-yaye, you name it, all over the world. And you talk about a mish-mash and a mess up.

And they’ll quote, and they’ll say like the Baptists always said, the old dear old little old lady down there in Kentucky smoking her corncob pipe, “Why,” she said, “Bless God, I believe the Bible ‘kiver to kiver’, and everything that’s written on the ‘kivers’.”

Oh yeah, they’ll quote it too. Then, they’ll turn around and tell you what it means. Doesn’t mean that at all. The devil quoted God.

Make no mistake about it; he quoted It. Then, he turned around, and he took a curse and said, “Ha, not so. Really. When I give you the mystery of this, your eyes will be open. You’ll be wise. And you’ll be as God, because now you know what God knows about it.” Huh? You think they’re not doing that? Come on; come on.


Paul says its these guys here that give you a false Jesus, a false gospel, and a false spirit. The Oneness people, they’ve got a Jesus that they make God. Jesus is not God. He is the Son of God, otherwise Brother Branham would not have told us clearly, “Jesus, why sometimes he’s God and sometimes he’s not God.

In other words he’s God, but he’s not God. Well, if he’s God, but he’s not God, just answer one question: when is he God, and when is he not God? Simple as a-b-c: God is down here; the Son is up there. He’s not God. He’s the Son of God.

Now let’s face it, when that spirit that’s in our midst becomes incarnate to us, he’ll be incarnate in Jesus, then he’s God again. And that will be the Son of man, the Son of David, the Son of God, the altogether lovely, Father, Son, and Holy Ghost you name it.

Oneness got a wrong spirit. [It’s] not only mean, it’s a wrong spirit. Trinitarians got a loose spirit. They’re a bunch of fornicators. I didn’t make them that; they made themselves that.


So when James speaks, he calls them double-souled, and Brother Branham called them duals. You got the same thing in this so-called message today. They’ll tell you what Brother Branham said and interpret it to you.

Why not just go back to the Bible and find it? Brother Branham said, “I got a little gift; I can get out of the way.” I took you to the Word of God and showed you how Paul got out of the way. Do you think Brother Branham did any different? No, by no means, no. The same thing. See? The Bible lines up brother/sister.

I told you years ago: the Bible’s like a pie. I don’t care where you cut it; if you cut it straight across [properly], it goes right through the center. There is no doctrine that does not lead to Christ, the full manifestation and revelation of Almighty God.

No way. And there’s no doctrine that ever cuts another doctrine; it always end up right in the centrality of Christ, right back to God. In other words they all blend and they center; they don’t cut.

You don’t cut a pie into little goofy sections. Well, you can if you want, but that’s not how to cut a pie. Spirit of God would never teach you that.


We saw, then, James telling the people what Jesus said. What did Jesus say? He said they’ll come with the signs that follow the Word, casting out devils, raising the dead.

They’ll be prophesying, doing many wonderful things, and they’ll say false to the Word of God through misinterpretation or misplacing, where giving a little time element that doesn’t belong therein.

See? The whole thing lines up. Everything, brother/sister, has to do with stewardship, God giving offices and endowments to created beings, to His Own children, freely around the whole world. And what do people do with it?

They take it out of the framework wherein it must exist, because it was all made by the Word of God and is maintained by the Word of God. You cut that Word, it’ll bleed to death. The life goes out of It.

You can’t have it. Now do you see what we’re talking about now? This is where religion is everything, [ ] and I’m trying to bring you to the place where religion brings in economics and show you where it came from as I did last night. Okay.


Now Isaiah saw this, the same as Ezekiel. And in there we saw how that the devil fell from the place that God had given him. And then, I read an article last night, Malachi Martin, how that the article read plotting world order in Rome. He plotted it.

They’re plotting it. Now I want to ask you a question: is there any difference between the pope and his cardinals plotting a world order different from Hitler with his army plotting a world order? None! None.

Didn’t Hitler make it work? Hitler and his German cohorts did not have and could never have the backing of Satan to make it work, as will Rome, because Hitler was in economics exclusively. He didn’t care two bits about spirituality. But Rome blatantly screams spiritual, and is now in economics, and has always been engaged in war.

Christianity gone awry is no different from Mohammedism and Buddhism: they both take the sword to destroy, when necessary, screaming, “We’re making converts to God.”

And the Catholics have justified themselves since St. Augustine, all the time, by saying, “If God smote down Paul in His raging against God, then we can smite down people and tame their raging against God, too and convert them through those tactics.”


Well, you see where we’re at brother/sister? You see, that’s why Brother Branham talked about Hitler and Stalin and those guys loosing the two hundred thousand horsemen at the river Euphrates, the devils as a prelude to what is going on now.

For everything goes into communism as Brother Branham said, but he said, “Don’t fear it, it’s politics. Watch out for Rome.” And what happened? America, that has built the image, is a prime reason that communism fell.

The pope had a lot of guts going to Poland. I’ll admit he’s a pretty strong fellow. But he couldn’t have got to first base except for Reagan, and the American economy driving communism into the ground.

And, when communism explained that they would drive our economics into the ground, and they would destroy us… Yes, the communists said that. And we followed communistic lines to do it, but God didn’t say it. God said opposite. So hallelujah, I’m on God’s side, and I’m happy, I am. Okay.


Now, as Rome had it’s Constantine’s to give them prestige and power, that is what we are looking [at] today, that Rome is looking [at] today, to have this union, and Rome has rightly declared, and everybody knows politically, you can’t find anybody that will deny it, there is no world power and authority today.

There is no world statesmen. Roosevelt is gone. Churchill has gone. There simply isn’t anybody. Margaret Thatcher did very well in Britain, but from there on she was nothing. And there is nobody today in Europe.

There is nobody in Asia. There is nobody in America. There is no central figure except the pope. Let’s admit it. Otherwise, why did Reagan go? Why is Clinton going? Why are they all going? Because it is “THUS SAITH THE LORD.”

God has told us in His Scripture here what happens when people leave or take away the Word out of the framework of the Word, which means they’re giving it a wrong understanding. As Paul said, if the trumpet give an uncertain sound, who can prepare to battle?

That’s exactly why we’ve been given the certain sound in this hour, where there’s many voices in the air and the airwaves are full of them. We’ve only got one certain voice, and that’s the voice of this Word, the Word of God that William Branham brought us. So you better just take that and put it to your heart and believe it.


So, all right. I’ve showed you last night where all this began. It began in Genesis 2, where after the world is created, and God is ordained by creating, but not yet forming, man, who at that time was a spirit being, male and female both… And remember, the spirit was created for both male and female for one reason: propagation.

In other words there was a division of life in order to proceed to make life come in a form. And that’s all there is to it. For, if there was neither male nor female in Christ now, then there never was in the beginning right? Alpha and omega.

That’s why you’ve got people teaching a female Holy Spirit and a male Holy Spirit. Alpha’s omega and omega’s alpha, and my Bible tells me there’s neither male nor female in the Resurrection.

There’s neither male nor female in Christ; but, genetically and physically there is there are male and female because females cannot handle the Word of God. The church cannot handle the Word of God, it’s up to God to handle His Own Word in His Own way.

But the church carries a seed. In other words the church brings forth the children unto Almighty God the Jerusalem which is from above.


All right, we went to Genesis here. We saw in Genesis where:

Genesis 2:7-9

(07) The Lord God formed man of the dust of the ground, [chapter 2:7] breathed in his nostrils the breath of lives; and man became a living soul. [He could be a propagator now through the flesh of the children of God.]

(08) And the Lord God planted a garden eastward in Eden; and there he put the man whom he had formed.

(09) And out of the ground he made the Lord God every tree that is grow to the pleasant of sight and good for food; the tree of life also in the midst of the garden, and the tree of the knowledge of good and evil.

Well the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil didn’t come out of the ground, because it could kill you. So it’s figurative. It’s death. But the tree of life, then, has to be the Word of God, because all things are formed by the Word of God, and the former stood there and the adversary stood there.

You see Word of God, you see perversion; left hand, right hand; God, Satan; good spirit, bad spirit; wisdom, wrong wisdom; true knowledge, wrong knowledge. What is it? It all comes from the original.

Everything came from God. Who do you think made Satan? [He was] perfect in all his ways, until he just perverted that Word. So now you see it standing there.


Now what do you read? You read an interpolation here in verses 10-14, because after it says the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil was there, God put the man in the garden to dress it and keep it, to prune it, and bring forth food to eat.

And He said at the man, “You can have every tree that I give you to eat, but the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil, you’ll not eat of it, because you do then,” He said, “you’ll die.” But what’s thrown in there?

“And a river went out of Eden to water the garden; and from thence it parted into four heads.” One river, and now it’s got four heads or four branches. And It tells you here, one compasseth Pison, compasseth the land of Havilah, there is gold.

And there the gold is good, there is bdellium, onyx stone. Second is Gihon, and the third compasseth Ethiopia. The next is Hiddekel that goes down, and so on. Now that’s an interpolation.

But that’s part of Genesis that I read over here, where he said in Genesis 1:26, “Let’s make man in our image and give them dominion over the fish of the sea, over the fowl of the air, the cattle and over all the earth.”

So, Adam was given dominion over all of this earth, which he did not take dominion over, because he flunked the test in the Garden of Eden. He took his position with Eve.


The devil came along and said, “Hey, how about a better position?”

And Eve looks around, and she said, “My, my, my, could there be a position better than this? Do you mean to tell me I could know more? Do you mean to tell me I can have more? Can I have more pleasure? Can I have more this? Can I have that? Can I have…”

“Oh,” he said, “Be my guest.”

She blew it. How many elders today aspire to be pastors, when they’re not called to be pastors? How many deacons take an authority they’re not given? How many people know better than the five-fold ministry? “Oh Brother Vayle, I spoken in tongues. Oh, I had a vision. I had this.”

Yeah, did you? Well, maybe you may get worms some day, like hair, and get eaten up by them too. Wouldn’t be the first time; [it] wouldn’t be the last time.


She wasn’t content with her stewardship. How many women are content with their stewardship of being mothers in the home and faithful to their husbands? And how many husbands are faithful to their stewardship to keep unto one woman and to protect her and the children and live for her?

How many men and women have a proper vow before God? No, most people who take a vow before God, and I’ve had it done before me; simply lie in my teeth. And the woman had no more intention of living up to her vow than a hog, at least at that time, and I haven’t seen much evidence since.

No, a woman wants something better. Oh yeah, and man wants something better, oh yeah. Boy, she ended up something better having, my God, intercourse with the beast. Not some big elephant covered with hair or something else.

[It] looked so much like a man it could mix and propagate. Usually hybrids can’t propagate. Very unusual if something ever happens where one could. Once in a while you hear of it.

But they got to be terribly, terribly close in order to really propagate. And that’s what this was. The highest creation, mammalian creation, didn’t have a soul.

You don’t have a soul, you don’t have a conscience. You don’t have your morals right. That’s why there no morals today; they’re amoral.

Natural brute beasts, made to be taken and destroyed. Notice the Word says, ‘made’; not even created. Of the flesh here today is formed; it’s animal, with an inhuman soul.

Whatever soul it has, it’s not a part of God; I can tell you that. And the Bible rightly says, “Natural brute beasts, made to be taken and destroyed.” Brother Branham called it ‘cannon fodder’.


So why do we have this here? We have this here as an explanation where Adam and Eve and their progeny would’ve left the Garden and be here in perfect control.

Now you know that’s so, because he was given dominion over the fish of the seas and over the whales and everything else, and there were no whales, as I understand, nor any fish, in the Garden of Eden.

So he had to get outside to it. This was his domain. And notice what it says concerning that domain. It particularly mentions gold [twice], onyx, and bdellium, which is a product of nature, an exudation, like myrrh, essential oils, flaxseed oil.

Ever hear of flaxseed oil? Flaxseed oil is the best oil in the world for you; nothing like it. You talk to Dr. Budwig, the German doctor. She’s a marvelous scientist. You’ve got to combine sulfur with the oil, and it’s got to be fresh. It deteriorates almost instantly.

It’s best that you grind it and put it with your food, [And cottage cheese is one of the best.] and you have a good meal on it every single day. Flaxseed oil.

You ever heard of sunflower oil? [It’s] good for you. Pumpkin seed oil great. What about the finest oil there is today on the market, if you get in the right source: grape seed oil. [If you] take grape seed oil, your good cholesterol goes up, your bad cholesterol goes down. It’s aromatic. It’s great to cook with, [and] delicious in salads. Huh?

So what about the fact ambergris, that comes from the sperm whale, makes the finest perfumes in the world? What about lavender oil? What about peppermint oil? What about mint oil? What about all these things in nature?

Tells you right here. Adam/Eve, you’ve got control over it. You want to bring oil out of the ground? Bring oil out of the ground. You want to raise certain kind of trees? Sure you can do it. You’ve got control of the animals. You can cross breed them and get certain products.


Everything today was available, but the devil has taken it and made man, with his inventive genius, which is from Satan, which is the knowledge and the wisdom from below. What has he done? He’s perverted every single thing.

But you take it back to real original nature, untrampled or unharmed by pesticides and the rotten junk in the universe, you’ve got the most marvelous food in the world for your body. What did Brother Branham say? “There’s no minerals left in the soil. There’s nothing left anymore. Therefore, there’s nothing in the food.”

So, if the body turns to mush which it does what about your brain? Oh the brain, now, becomes very fertile for the devil. So drugs, drugs, drugs, drugs, drugs, drugs, drugs, drugs, drugs. Here in the beginning.


Now I’m going to cut this short, because we don’t have time. Gold, here’s your gold standard. It’s mentioned twice. Look at gold. People die for it. Look at diamonds, onyx; look at it. They kill for it. It’s called the great assets.

How did the banking system start? Well, in England, the nobles and lords had gold plate, and they had jewels and things. And people were able to steal from them.

So they took them to people who had literally some vault or somewhere where they could take their plate and their jewels and their good things.

And the man would write out or say this is owned by so and so and so and so, give you the paper, and then, they learned how that, if you wanted some money, you could borrow on it.

Then, the bankers learned how that they could use it and lend on it, and you’ve got your financial system a means of exchange. You simply can’t use barter; it doesn’t work. It wouldn’t work under civilization.


And we have grown along the rivers and the lakes and the oceans. Civilization has always gone there. And you notice civilization always goes to the beauty spots; Lake Tahoe, Kiser Lake.

If they didn’t stop you from polluting it, it would be polluted. They stop you having boats not even electric boats and limit water activity to little sail boats and canoes.

But you look at the rivers and the waters; everywhere is polluted by the rich people. And they got Riparian rights that the government grants them, and they can have the beaches, and they can go down there and have a swell time, like the Kennedy’s with their sticking adulteries and immorality.

Because they got the money; they got the gold; they got the silver; they got the fiduciary. But American’s fiduciary doesn’t have any backing anymore. See? The gold is not owned by America any longer.

It went off the gold standard. Mr. Roosevelt did that; [he] crippled the whole thing. But we’re looking at this picture here. This gold and these jewels had been perverted to a wrong end.


Now let’s go back to Satan. He’s got an ephod. He’s got all of these jewels in there, but not the jewels of God. There’s about three or four different things that Satan doesn’t have, but he’s got them.

It started in heaven; he brought it down to earth, and he beat God to the punch. Yeah. Because under Moses, when God said, “I’m going to make an ark,” tell me, what did He make the ark of? Gold. Right?

What did He make the altar of? Brass. What did He make the seal of? Silver. Now, what are the walls of New Jerusalem, the foundations? Wonderful jewels. What are the gates? Pearls. What are the streets? Gold.

So God had worship set up in heaven, streets lined with transparent gold, beautiful diamonds and emeralds. We saw a little reflection down here. And men became greedy, and the devil began to use the wealth that God put here so that mankind could worship God in his fallen state, in a material way that was glorifying to God.

You know something? Except under very extreme conditions, which you would have to do and almost emulate God Himself, by using some type of… well, I guess like [cyclotrons] or atomic devices, you simply cannot get rid of a mineral an element.

An element is original; it’s stable; it’s solid. And under the present conditions, unless you exert tremendous force and play, hydrogen will always be hydrogen, oxygen always oxygen, tin will always be tin, calcium always calcium, gold will always be gold, silver always silver, platinum always platinum.


Now God had, according to the Scripture, told Moses, “See thou make all things according to the pattern which I showed thee in the mount.” And he came down, and he made things out of skin; he made them out of wood; he made them out of gold wood plated with gold.

And then, when it came time for an ark before Moses, he said come on, take the pitch, and take the Acacia wood, the balsam wood, the light wood that can float, and he said, “Pound the pitch in there till that becomes absolutely waterproof.”

He gave them the perfect dimensions. [Any]body who understands stress and physics will tell you flat the ark is the perfect measurement. And Noah got it from God. They built it perfectly.

Everything you’ll see in the Bible, everything here upon earth is used: the cedar wood, that was already grown out either in the Garden of Eden or outside of it. The pine, all the beautiful things. And cedar has a special context or a place to play in the [economy] of God. What about the palm tree signifying life, and you get oil from the palm?

What about the olive tree? You get the beautiful oil to eat and to live. And by the way, you can use olive oil all you want, because that’s a good type of oil. It’ll lowers the bad cholesterol and brings up the good.

And remember, everybody needs good cholesterol. And by the way, don’t even believe what the doctors tell you about cholesterol. It’s a bunch of lies. There’s a bunch of lies; don’t worry about it.

I can eat eggs and butter till my head floats in grease, and my cholesterol is one hundred percent beautiful, and my bad cholesterol’s down where it should be, and the first time my good cholesterol fell. “More olive oil, Brother Vayle.” More eggs for breakfast. Fry them in butter. Eat up kid!


Yeah, you can believe a doctor so far, but they give you a bunch of tommyrot, forget it. They tell you there’s no cure for cancer. I got a fellow who sits here, Brother Underwood, [every time he] comes up from down in the Carolinas.

Right, Brother Revis? And he cured himself with the sour grass. [It] looks like a shamrock, a little yellow flower, and you make it in a past. And he showed me the place where the cancer came out.

He said, “If you can’t stand pain don’t use it,” he said, “It’ll just about kill you.” It’s an Indian treatment. Hoh-ho! Thank God for the Iroquois or the Cree or whatever it is that found it.

Herbs are given for mankind to live on. Well, what has science done? They put in drugs. And at the end time everybody’s on drugs. So what a mess you’re in. See? Every one of these things were there.

What has happened? Now we have drugs from the good poppy. Poppy seed is very good, if you use it the right way. And marijuana’s fine, if you use it the right way. Tobacco’s good, if you use it the right way, which is to soak it in water and then pour it on insects so they die. That’s what you do. Sure.


Everything God put here is good, if you use it right. But what has man done? Man has commercialized it. He’s commercialized everything on earth and brought it to nothing. The same as he has commercialized religion.

Now, at the same time, the church has, and the Catholic Church is the enemy, they have done this. They have bought the souls of men. They have paid for the masses. They make you pay for the prayers.

They make you pray for grease candles. They make you pay for everything and especially praying for the people out of purgatory. They’ve made millions and millions of dollars.

When I was just a very young man I was told that every Catholic Church in Canada had a cross of gold worth $75,000 at least. What’s that worth today? In Mexico City a friend of mine was invited [in], because he was standing there.

The priest brought him in and took him all over the basilica; and in the front alone, twenty-two gates of fifteen tons of gold apiece, not counting what’s behind and what’s all over the dome.

St. Peter’s Basilica cannot be named, the billions of dollars it’s worth. So, what have they done? They’ve taken the wealth of the world.

Now the church has done it, which was the moral force and influence of the world Christianity the predominant one. And that’s what we’re talking about. [It] has taken the wealth of the world and used it illegally and contrary to Almighty God.


Now then, we’re going to go to the Book of James, so I can finish today and get you out of here, and show you where we are at right before the coming of the Lord, in verse 5. First of all, in James 4:

James 4:1-2

(01) Whence come wars and fightings among you? Come they not hence, even of your lusts that war in your members?

(02) Ye lust, and have not: ye kill, and desire to have, and cannot obtain: ye fight and war, yet ye have not, because ye ask not.

In other words James is saying here, as the same as the Proverbs, there are a few things on earth that never say enough.

Number one: it’s the fire. You can never make a fire say, “It’s enough.” You can never make the thirsty ground, the desert, say, “It’s enough.” Neither can you take a man who wants money ever say, “It is enough.”


One of your greatest, richest men in America is Buffett. And I understand that if you’d invested ten thousand dollars with him twenty, thirty, years ago, you’d be a multi-millionaire, if not a billionaire [today].

And Buffett himself admits the pleasure he gets in life is making money. What a travesty against the Word of God; what an antichrist; what a devil; what a beast that man is? If he was an American citizen, [He’s not even that.] he would say, “I make my money to create jobs.” We’ll hit the CEO in just a minute.

They never have enough. If they get a million, they want a billion. If they get a billion, they want twenty billion. If you get to run a company, you want to swallow every company up, and we’ll talk about it.

I’ll read the article the CEOs themselves wrote; not me. James says you never get enough. “Ye ask, and receive not, because ye ask amiss, that ye may consume it upon your lusts.”


Now what’s the matter with the other guys that don’t ever have anything, where the other guys have too much and never get enough? Because they don’t know the laws of God concerning proper materiality. The kingdom of God is not meat and drink.

The minute the Garden of Eden was vacated, they went right to the land where there’s gold and silver and platinum and minerals and oils and beautiful trees and beautiful things that you can blend and make into various things you want.

You can take the clay and make it into vessels. You can take the lumber and make it into beautiful things. You can take the gold and make beautiful shrines. You can take all of these things and have beauty piled upon beauty.

You can live on like one emperor did… He had rose pedals for his bed. I hope they put in the thorns, I don’t know. I wish they did. Rose pedals. Then, they take the down off of the goose not just the feathers now.

They take the nice down, and they make the soft pillows and the down quilts for you. I’m not against it. I don’t like down quilts myself, but I like wool. Take the wool off the sheep, and I make and they make it into quilts.

You see, once you’ve got outside of there, it went to materiality. They had lost the Holy Spirit that guided them in the Garden of Eden to name the beasts and all, and now they were bereft of God.

They were on their own with the Word. Oh yes: Cain had it. Abel had it, Adam had it. Eve had it. They had the Word of God sufficient, but they go out here, and they’ve sold themselves into the captivity of the devil his wisdom, his reasonings.

And now they’ll take everything in this land that’s material and turn it against themselves and against God. You think it isn’t true? Then where do the bullets come from that kill people?

Where do the swords come from that kill people? Where do the drugs that come from that kill people? And why are they there? Because money, money, money, money, money.


Now, what does James say at the end time?

James 5:1-3

(01) Go to now, ye rich men, weep and howl for your miseries have come upon you.

(02) Your riches are corrupted, your garments are moth-eaten. [Why that sounds the third chapter of the Book of Revelation, right?]

(03a) Your gold and silver is cankered; and the rust of them shall be a witness against you.

In other words they’ve put it in a place where it’s wasted. They’re pouring water into a sieve instead of a tankard. It’s become useless and valueless.



James 5:3-5

(03) They shall witness against you and shall eat your flesh as it were fire. You’ve heaped treasures together for the last days.

(04) Behold the hire of the laborers who have reaped down your fields, which is of you kept back by fraud, crieth: [even your unions can’t do you much good because they the rich man’s got a bigger lobby in Washington.] and the cries of them which have reaped are entered into the ears of the Lord of the harvest. [Last days; harvest.]

(05a) Ye have lived in pleasure on earth [and she that lives in pleasure is dead already], and been wanton;

Like a harlot, you gave your favors to men instead of your own husband. Women are doing that all around the country. I wonder how many churches are there are without women like that and me that hang around for one reason? Pigs, not sheep; pigs, dogs.

“And been wanton, you’ve nourished your hearts as in the day of slaughter.” [James 5:5b] Heaped up just for the end time.

In other words, whether you know it or not, they’ve been deliberately getting themselves ready for the end time. No wonder we have to have John the Baptist come, Elijah come, to make ready a people prepared for God.

Bride was no more ready than nothing. God’s prepared vessels were messed up. [They were] dirty around the rim and dirty on the inside, and [they] needed a good catharsis of the mind, which is the Word of God. You take this Word, it’ll clean your mind up of all the corruption, filth and defecation that’s in there.


“Ye have condemned and killed the just; and he doth not resist you.” That’s true in America today, the criminal is vaunted and glorified, and they launch attacks against the government and courts of law, because the governments not nice to them.

They’re supposed to pamper the criminal. Why, a man put a gun in his place, because they’re robbing him day and night, and he… I don’t know if he put a warning or not, he booby-trapped it, and the guy got shot and sued him and won in court.

And the thoughts were to stop these guys messing up our parking lot out here, to put in some nice spikes to blow tires. And the sheriff said, “You’ve got a good idea, but it’s illegal. They can sue you.”

So they can rip the church down, it’s okay. Oh, these nice criminals. These little boys and little girls you know.

Their parents said, “[Inaudible]” one morning and they, “Aeeehhh!” And they’ve been in shock ever since. And now they can kill, murder, and commit adultery or anything else; it’s okay.

What can the parents say to the kids? “Oh, don’t take dope,” because they themselves were dope heads.

Your baby boomers are a bunch of scum. How they going to tell their kids don’t take pot and don’t take drugs. I could tell my kids don’t do a thing I never did in my life. If there’s any liquor around our place, it goes on ice cream and in puddings, dessert. Alcohol’s not bad, if you burn it in a lab or something.


Now watch what It says: “Be patient, therefore, brethren,” who are being gypped by people who hold back from you what is rightly yours by Almighty God giving it to Adam, and it’s still his, but Satan’s running it.

And don’t tell me it’s not his, because the Bible tells me that everything written in the first chapters of Genesis, this earth is going to be dissolved. Then, the old earth is going to pass away and the old heavens, and God’s going to reconstitute and bring it right back here, and there’s going to be a river of life and the Tree of Life, roots on both sides, and streets of gold, and everybody glorifying God who should be there and doing it the right way.

And the city, as I said, has foundations of the most glorious jewels in the world. And the gates, 11 miles wide, I think it is. of a solid pearl. My, no wonder they don’t need any light up there except the Lamb.

Once his glow strikes all those beautiful streets of gold, there’s light everywhere a beautiful diffuse light, a glow; not a glare. Brother Branham explained that. All right.


It said, “Be patient brethren to the coming of the Lord. That’s the Presence the Parousia. Behold the husbandman waiteth for the precious fruit of the earth, That’s our bodies, and then get the world back. hath long patience for it, until he receive the early and the latter rain.”

Now that’s at one time, the early rain falls at the time of the latter rain, when in history it never could happen: early rain’s early rain; latter rain’s latter rain. But now you’ve got a ripening rain at the very time that the rain comes, which is the Word of God.

So, now you’ve got a ripening Word that comes at the time of the end time. And it’s going to get the saints ready.



James 5:8-9

(08) Be also patient; stablish your hearts: for the coming of the Lord draweth nigh.

(09) Grudge not one against another, brethren, lest ye be condemned: behold, the judge standeth at the door.

2 Thessalonians 1 left hand, right hand. What’s the judge needed for? He’s needed to tell you what the law really means and how you apply it.

In other words, the framework the Word within the framework of the Word. And we’ve got it right today. Why? Because the judge Himself came down and gave it to us.


Here’s what you’re looking at. You’re looking at the time when everything material is going to go and even our bodies will not have to go to the grave and be dissolved and brought back.

Our bodies will be changed in the twinkling of an eye at the last trump and this is the last trump, the seventh trump of the Seven Church Ages.

And it’s also the trump which God sounds to take us up into glory. We’re at that end time brother/sister. And do not be deceived.


Now the Scripture here tells you that the man that labors, who’s joined unions… That’s why Brother Branham was not against unions, except at the end time when the antichrist takes over, the pope takes over.

And remember, the pope went to Geneva way back before the sixties, and he appeared at a peace conference with the world council of labors and unions and said, “I’m for you boys; you can count on me.” A bag of hot air, yeah. They can count on him to lead him!

Just like when Henny Penny had an acorn fall on her head. She said, “The sky is falling,” and she got a bunch of geese and turkeys and idiots following her.

And foxy loxy came by, and he said, “Do tell!” He said, “I’ve got just the place to save you from the heavens falling on your head.” And he took them to the den and loped their heads off. He had a good meal.

The Satan Satan is interested in the choices [Inaudible], which are humans. I know we don’t eat souls, but the devil does. All right.


Let me read to you now what I’ve said for a long time. The trouble today in America and the world is we have CEOs and men running industries that didn’t invest one cent.

They got there through politics mostly, because your best men are always on the field selling, and the other men are there improvising or inventing or doing something that’s worthwhile, or these birdbrains wouldn’t be there.

And, if you want to read the truth, you read “Dilbert” and “Dogbert” and the whole bunch by the guy that writes that cartoon, because he was in that circle.


Now it says right here, “Layoffs bring big pay.”

So, if you’re laid off of your job, someone’s got your money, and you better believe it. “A study criticizes the four year trend for CEOs, and many corporate bosses agree.

In Washington, chief executives of big companies are continually being rewarded with fat compensation for laying off more employees, according to a study released Thursday and apparently even some CEOs think this is an outrageous practice.

The Institute for Policy Studies, a liberal research group, said it has found the same trend for four consecutive years. Wall Street rewards CEOs for making layoffs by pushing up stock prices, which are the basis for the biggest component of CEO compensations stock options.”

Now my God, when did you hear a man hired to run a company, took it over, gratis. Hey, boy, take it; hey boy, take it; hey girl, have your share; come on, come on. It’s a big pie here.

Where does this come from? Does this come from the shareholders? You’ve got to be an idiot. This comes from the devil. This is the devil’s smooth game. The illegitimate crooks.


“The survey done with ‘Boston United for a Fair Economy’ found that the pay for CEOs, at thirty corporations with the biggest layoffs, last year rose an average of 67.3 percent.”

Hey, Ralph, how would you like to get a sixty-seven percent increase in your salary?

You’re not going to get it. You know why? Because these boys have got it. What about you Chris [White]? Think maybe you can get a sixty-five percent increase? No, they’ve got you down in the paint department, right.

They’re going to use you. [They’ll] use your brains, and if the time comes that they can make money by throwing you out, they’ll throw you out. Yeah, I hate to say things like that but come on; we’re living in a very realistic situation. I’m reading you Bible fulfillment.

Twentieth-century language of what was written two thousand years ago under inspiration of God Himself.


Now, “Compared with fifty-four percent for CEOs at the top 365.”

So now you got one group, sixty-seven percent, and one group, fifty-four. Hey! “Such excessive pay should garner even less respect when the beneficiary is a leading job slasher, the study said. “More surprisingly, CEOs apparently agree.”

Yeah, so does Kennedy agree, but he never gives a nickel. “Oh, be ye warmed and fed, but don’t touch my pocket book. Oh have a crust of bread; I’ve got to dine on veal scaloppini today with forty-dollar pasta per noodle.”


“The Business Week Harvard poll shows the top executives at the nations largest corporations believe the current executive pay system is out of control. Nearly half of the four hundred senior executives surveyed said they think the CEO pay at big companies has surpassed acceptable limits.

Fifty-six percent said top managers should take salary cuts if their companies post poor results. Eighty-eight percent though said those managers should lose all or most of their bonuses.” Why? They’re losing the company, and the stockholder’s money.


“Among what the Institute for the policy studies dubbed the layoff leaders and their total direct compensation including salary, bonus, and long term compensation in 1996.” That’s just last year. “Lockheed Martin CEO Norman Augustine, $23 Million, 3100 layoffs to get it.”

Hey, I’d lay off 3100, too, to get $23 million. Wouldn’t you, if [you] were a greedy dog, and didn’t give a rip. You know what? I’ve got news: whatever man sows, he reaps. If he laid off 3100 to get this $31 million, he’ll answer to God millions of times in the Lake of Fire for having done it.

Brother/sister, don’t ever get an idea, because you’re Christian, you’re born again, and you sin and you sow wrong, “Oh, forgive me Jesus, hallelujah, I won’t have to reap.”

You are a liar; you are sick; you have condemned yourself. You will reap what you sow, period! And, when I sow one grain of wheat, as far as I know, there was one grain of wheat on our back porch fell on the ground.

Now I hope I’m not telling a lie, but I’m trying to illustrate a truth, if it is the truth, there came up several shoots of stalks of wheat and on each head was about twenty wheat, and I think there’s about ten.

So, if I reaped, actually, two hundred from one, that’s even double the Bible, because it’s thirty, sixty, a hundred. And at the last day it could be true. Why? Because they’ve made wheat different from what it was back in the day of Jesus, when you planted one wheat and got maybe five or six little kernels back.

Right? Well you know that’s the truth because we’ve hybridized things. All right.


“Allied Signal Incorporation CEO Lawrence Bossity, $11.8 million, 3250 layoffs.” He didn’t quite so good per capita. “Asked for comment, the company issued a statement saying, ‘By any measure Larry Bossity is one of the nations most talented and valuable CEOs.’” Sure, who made that comment? The devil.

Didn’t he say to Eve, “Oh, you won’t die. You’re going to get a better position. You’re like unto God Himself now. You’d be right up there talking to God and advising God.”

And didn’t the pope a few years ago, Pope Pius XII say, “Mary’s ascended. Mary’s ascended. Mary’s ascended?” Why, he told God, “Mary’s ascended.”

God told me different. She’s not ascended. She’s up where she belongs. She’s going to get her body, and she’ll be one of the last ones up. And then, she’d be in the first gang going up above. So, we know more than the pope. Three thousand two hundred fifty layoffs.


“Now he had to make some hard decisions, which resulted in the elimination of some jobs, but greater job security for the vast majority of employees.”

Of course they’ll use any… the devil did. Why, he said, “Eve, you won’t die. You’re going to be in better shape than ever. Why, you’re going to survive. You’re going to be right there with God. You won’t die, come on, I’m guaranteeing you a job girl. But I got to get rid of this guy Adam,” Huh? Got to put God down.


“ALCO CEO Paul O’Neil, $7.7 million, and he laid off 3,975 employees. This study said 459,000 U.S. workers were laid off in the last three months,” [Never mind the first nine.] “of 1996; a two percent increase from the same period years earlier.”


“Here’s what Mt. View, California said, ‘Netscape Communication Corporation Chief Executive Officer whose company lost two-thirds of it’s value over the past sixteen months will accept only one dollar in salary this year.’

She said, ‘I did the company bad. I can’t take any money.’ James Barksdale believes his compensation should be linked to the long-term interest of the company’s shareholders. Netscape said in a proxy statement filed with the Security and Exchange Commission.

Barksdale won’t be a pauper. He received a handsome stock option plan when he joined Netscape. The leading maker of software for browsing the internet’s worldwide web.”

That should… I guess. Vince, you know all about that.


“Nonetheless, Barksdale’s decision is exceedingly unusual.” Oh, it has to be unusual. Why, he sounds like a Christian.

“Said executive compensation expert Gripes Crystal, it sounds like a genuine sacrifice.” Only a dirty hog would want different.

“Netscape has been battling software titan Microsoft Corporation. The companies have competing web browsers and software that helps large corporations run computer networks. Last year, Barksdale accepted no increase on his base pay of $100,000, and he refused a bonus and received no options. Barksdale controls 5.3 million shares, about six percent, of Netscape’s stock.”

Now there’s the true story of what’s going on. Here’s James 5 absolutely fulfilled. I’ve been preaching for years and telling you: it’s these guys that have risen up and taken the stockholders money…


Now, let’s go to the press. You’ve got two presses here, and they’ll tell you two different things. One says, “Oh, stock market’s great. Millionaires and soon, billionaires, from the stock market.” Hogwash!

The other release says, “Nobody’s making any money in the stock market.” And that’s one hundred percent true.

Everybody’s buying shares that are overrated and they’re saying, “Oh, ho, ho, now let’s see, this share went from ten dollars to thirty-five, oh, great. Now, it’s going to go from thirty-five to ninety-five, and I’ll sell it at ninety-five.”

So they buy it at thirty-five, because this guy sold out at thirty-five having bought it for nickels and dimes. Now this guy here, he’s going to make a killing. He’s not going to make a killing. It’s going to crash. It’s all gone. It’s over.


And Satan in the church will turn all the financial conditions around. The Babylon that now exists financially is going to go down in a crash and will be resurrected by gold to take the head of the world.

It will come out of the United States without a doubt, as Brother Branham said, “There’s a pope coming out of here and America builds the image.” And it’s all but over but the shouting. Satan has achieved his goal, and God has achieved His goal.

And He came and appeared to two hands, right hand and left hand. On the right hand was the blessing of a Bride coming in to maturity and getting ready to go, and [on the left hand to] the world for cannon fodder.


So, there’s where it started: Genesis 2. Adam forfeited his stewardship, and remember, a steward does not invest his own money, but he’s responsible for the goods of another, and he will be judged on that day as faithful or unfaithful and he will pay the price for all, bar none, but stand before the judgment seat of Jesus Christ and give account of the deeds done in the flesh and, believe me, there’ll be one standard measurement: the revealed Word of Almighty God.


Now [the] times more than gone, but I take you to one more place, and we go to the Book of Malachi, and in there It says, “Will a man rob God?” He said, “In tithes and offerings have you robbed me.”


These people here are very faithful with tithes and offering, but the church at large is not. And, if you get condemned on one point of the law, you’ll get condemned on all.

Because the cardinal sin of this hour is the intrinsicality and the essentiality, the being, everything that produces it, emanates, everything that is guided in the life, comes from the love of money.

And that love of money, gold, silver, precious stones, pearls, assets, all of those things; people are dying.


But the Kingdom of God is not meat and drink, but joy and peace and love in the Holy Ghost. We’ve not been given a spirit of fear but of courage and love and a sound mind.

We’ve been given empathy within our souls for our brothers and sisters, not like the rich man that woke up in hell. And he began to sorrow for his brother and regret his own life.

We haven’t been given that. We’re given the chance here in this last hour to put our houses in order financially, and Brother Branham preached on it like I’m preaching on it. Don’t think he didn’t.

I can get you the tapes. He decried what people were doing all in the name of William Branham and the Gospel, going into debt, running up their credit cards, borrowing, everything else, docking out on debts and running to meeting and say, “Oh, if I was in a meeting, I’ll be sure to make the Rapture.” Hogwash.

You go to that meeting on somebody else’s credit. They went there on somebody else’s money.

They dodge responsibility. They didn’t get anything out of those meetings. How could they do it? How can you when you’re off the spirit of God, Who is in this Word here?


I don’t want to belabor any more points, we’re going to call this off, because next time I preach, if I get around to it, I’m going to take the moral issues on when God gave Adam and Eve the rights to propagate the earth, and the conditions and means thereof, and they blew it.

And that is the primary one of all. But the point is: there is nothing that is not primary in the Book of Genesis, because you see it all in Revelation.


And this system is going to fall in hours. It’s going to crash, but Rome will revive it. Somebody said that Brother Branham said, in the Book of Revelation, there are two Babylon’s. I didn’t hear him say it.

I don’t know where he could have said it, it’s not on a tape to my knowledge, but it looks very, very true that there is a Babylon right now that’s going to crash. And the merchants and all are going to wail and say, “Oh, this great system is gone.

This was the right one. This was the good one.” Even Greenspan, who studied Ann Rand said, “I was brought to the conclusion that laissez-faire capitalism, democracy, is not only right; it is moral.” Yeah, “moral.”

And Rome will infuse it. It’ll rise again, and antichrist will run it all. But thank God that evil spirit will soon have nothing to do with us, because God will take us out of here. We won’t be run out. We’ll be lifted out through the power of God.


All right, you have lunch with us shortly, Let’s rise and be dismissed.

So appreciative that you came and your patience, so I can put these things on a tape, poor as they may sound at times and as bad as they sound, because sometimes I lose continuity by not using notes, just using what I can.

But I trust you have seen the alpha and omega principle and the truth of sowing and reaping, and that responsibility is a tremendous part of this life. So let’s become more responsible, even if we have just a few minutes left.

Could we be like Samson? “Just one more time, Lord. Just give me strength one more time.” That’s all it require.

And Samson was thoroughly vindicated and put down amongst the heroes of faith along with Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob; and there he stands by the grace of God. We have the opportunity today, as we get ready to go.

Let’s pray.

Heavenly Father, we want to thank You again for Your love and Your mercy extended to us, the strength You’ve given us to stand here with the Word of God, trusting and believing that what we’ve said is certainly the Word of God, is certainly the truth Lord, certainly right there as we see it, before us laid out in Scripture, and it begins to bring home to us that which is positively given to us through the prophet, Lord.

We’re so grateful for everything he told us, and we find that it has it’s roots right here in the scripture from Genesis to Revelation.

We see the trail of the serpent, it is true, but also, Lord, we see Your glory, the glory which is hidden from man, the soft light in the dark tunnel, that men refuse, because they’re looking for a great glare, they’re looking for something ostentatious, something that is suitable for the kings of the earth that have been deluded by Satan.

But not suitable for the children of God who have been brought to the truth and walk softly therein, not presuming and neither doubting, but knowing the way is clear. Walk ye therein, and a voice behind us saying, that’s right, keep going, keep walking.

How glad we are, Lord, there is a voice before us, there’s a voice behind us, there’s a voice in us, and they all line with Your Word and we’re progressing, marching, marching upward, waiting for the day for the great incarnation of You Yourself, Lord, the great Holy Spirit, and we there blessed because of You and a part of You.

Grant Your children healing this morning, Lord those that need healing. Strength to those who seem weak and tired Lord. Those that are anxious, may they have rest.

May Your people today come to the blessedness of the Holy Spirit, the peace of God hovering every heart and soul and calming every mind so that there’s none among us who is dissatisfied, who, in any way, is not calm and quiet but the quietness, the grace of our God, possessing each one of us, our moderation known of all men, our lives open before You and before all, so that we truly are the mature and blameless Sons of God in this age, prepared and ready to go, because You have done it.

Now unto the king immortal, invisible, the only wise God, be all power, and honor, and glory through Jesus Christ our savior; world without end. Amen.

“Take the Name of Jesus With You.”

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