Things That Are To Be #04

“I Know Thy Works”; God Courting Favor
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Let us pray.

Heavenly Father, we’re grateful for Your Presence, knowing that the Capstone is here in the form of the Holy Spirit. The Great Word is here in perfection, no other part to be filled in. And we’re grateful for that Lord.

And we realize that there’s a great fear amongst people, adding or taking a Word, but It really should bring tremendous comfort, knowing there’s no need to take away, no need to add. It’s a perfect Word; and receive it right into our hearts and believe it, waiting for clarity and understanding, if it should be afforded to us, and we have to walk in a special light; but Lord, we know we all have enough light and life to walk in, even if we just had one tape or a couple of tapes, or whatever Lord, because this is the measure of grace and truth and power spread forth in the last day. And we thank You for it.

May Your Name be honored Lord. That’s the great thing we desire, to worship You and serve You according to truth, according to a vindicated prophet; to love you Lord, by loving others, and yet love You in a special way above it all; to serve You by serving others, and yet serve You in a special way above it all Lord, with just being one with Your Word and those things that really matter.

Help us today that we might progress further to higher plateaus, greater grace, greater light, and those things Lord, not to just come into because we want to, as though we knew something above another, but it’s life to us, even as David said, and Brother Branham taught, “This is life.”

And there’s no other life outside of It, and nothing shall come back outside this Word that was delivered by the apostle, Paul, now for two thousand years coming to its full climax.

Help us, Lord, to glorify Your Name, and that way we’ll be satisfied and happy. In the Name of Jesus Christ, we pray. Amen.


Now, before we get into the Message, I just want to say this, that many years ago, as I’ve told you many times, I used to pray for the sick, and that was the idea of every single meeting, and there were no lack of wonderful manifestations of the highest order and prolific in the meetings, some absolutely outstanding.

And I thought this morning, as I look back, when I prayed for diabetics with their toes falling off, instant perfect healing, and I’m not lying to you, And I thought, “Well, God hasn’t stopped healing; it’s Lee Vayle stopped praying.” Yet I’m not called to the healing ministry.

Brother Branham categorically said, “Everybody is not called to pray for the sick,” even as he said, “you might prophesy one time and never prophesy again.” However, in Brother Branham’s ministry, which was vindicated, he never ceased to pray for the sick, because he had a gift of healing to take to the world.


Now, just making an odd reference before I get back to what I want to read here and go on: when Brother Branham said, “Lee, you and I are just alike.”

And I said, “Brother Branham, what do you mean?”

“Well,” he said, “Lee, I’ve got a little gift of healing and nobody wants it; you got a little gift of teaching and nobody wants it.”

Now, right away the question comes up and says, “Now, just a minute. I think Brother Branham was sort of being nice to you, but he was nice in a way that, not hypocritical, but just not exactly so, because there wasn’t anybody who didn’t want his gift of healing.” Huh? It’s true but still wrong.

Now think with me for one minute. Brother Branham said something about his gift of healing. It was his, but he said… Now, can anybody sitting here tell me? Don’t be bashful. Can you remember what he said about that gift? Yeah…what else? Huh? [“It was not for him.”] That’s right. What else?

Huh? Yeah…to a degree. You know what he said? “You’ve got to make it work.” And they wouldn’t pay the price, because they were too lazy. His gift was no gift to anybody unless they made it work. It was their faith. We saw that in Lima, Ohio, in ‘57 when there were 50 miracles in 50 minutes, and, to my knowledge, that was the first time in five years the gift operated and the last time.


So, if you turn down anybody’s gift on your conditions, instead of the conditions given, you’re not going to get it. You’ll never make it. My ministry is just the same with teaching. Yet I pray for the sick. I shall continue to do so, and, perhaps, by the grace of God, even more so.


Now, I’m going to read Psalm 118 before we get into this other, because this really doesn’t matter. This is my Bible, these sermons, because they are the Word of God revealed and expanded to the place of utmost and uttermost understanding. So, “though a wayfaring man be a fool, he need not err therein.” But I can skip around as I’m doing this.

Psalm 118:1-11

(01) O Give thanks unto the LORD; for he is good: because his mercy endureth forever.

(02) Let Israel now say, that his mercy endures forever. [Now, that’s in spite of the fact it doesn’t look like it.]

(03) Let the house of Aaron…[That’s the priesthood now, see? They lead the people.] his mercy endures forever. [Pump it into them and make sure they get it and stick with it.]

(04) Let them now that fear the LORD say, that his mercy endureth forever. [Now then, you wouldn’t dare to say something contrary for fear of the LORD. Would you or would we? Well, let this sink in.]

(05) I called upon the LORD in distress: and the LORD answered me, and set me in a large place.

(06) The LORD is on my side. [Now, normally, we have to be on the Lord’s side, but once you get on His side, then He’s on your side. Right? Oh, sure. “Take my yolk upon you.” We’re hitched up together.] The LORD  is on my side; I will not fear: what can man do unto me?

(07) The LORD taketh my part with them that help me: therefore shall I see my desire upon them that hate me. [This man’s having a battle.]

(08) It is better to trust in the LORD than to put confidence in men.

(09) It is better to trust in the LORD than to put confidence in princes. [Now, we’re going up the scale. Now, he goes from princes to the nations. See?]

(10) All nations compassed me about: but in the name of the LORD I will destroy them.

(11) They compassed me about; yea, they compassed me about: but in the name of the LORD I will destroy them.


Boy, this fellow sounds like a bloody battler, doesn’t he? No. He’s just like Jesus. “When you see me do the works, they’re not my works; you hear the voice, they’re not my words. I’m just somebody God is manifesting through.”


Now, if God’s on his side, you’ve got nations. Who do you think is doing the killing? Ha! You think like Bro. Branham said, “Samson took the jawbone of an ass and clobbered those guys with big, brass helmets?”

An old jawbone that was lying there and you know what a bone’s like for many years. You know what osteoporosis is? Well, that’s what it looks like. It’s honeycombed. The first time ‘clunk’ on somebody’s helmet, the bone shatters. No, it didn’t shatter.


If God can slay with the jawbone of an ass, what can He do with our jawbones if we’re Seed? You can jawbone the devil to death. That’s what they have, you know, they have in Congress. They have this… what do they call that when they jawbone each other? Filibuster.

You can filibuster the devil plumb back where he belongs. That’s what Jesus did. He didn’t fuss, didn’t argue. He even admitted the devil was right; and He said, “All these kingdoms I can give You.” He didn’t want them. All right.

Psalm 118:12-17

(12) They compassed me about like bees… [Oh, man, they’re really buzzing… throwing up a storm. Talk about gossip and everything else. And they are quenched as the fire of thorns… You ever see a fire go through thorns? Pheww! And the flames gone! Pheww! You have to light another match. It’s just ‘thoom, thoom!’ Flash fires, flash in the pan. You’ll never get any people who live in the glare to ever defeat the people of God who live in the glow.] for in the name of the LORD I will destroy them. [This guy is tough.]

(13) Thou hast thrust sore at me that I might fall: but the Lord helped me.

(14) The LORD is my strength and song… [Sing yourself a spiritual song making melody to your hearts.] and is become my salvation. [Notice: ‘is become.’ It wasn’t that He always wasn’t. He always was his salvation, but at this point, he and God have got together.]

(15) The voice of rejoicing and salvation is in the tabernacle of the righteous…[All right. How much rejoicing have we got in singing?]. ..the right hand of the LORD doeth valiantly. [Now, remember, He’s on the right hand. You’re looking here that everything that God does through His Son.]

(16) The right hand of the LORD is exalted: the right hand of the LORD doeth valiantly. [Now watch.]

(17) I shall not die, but live, and declare the works of the LORD.

I shall not stay sick, but get better, even instantly, and tell how God did it. Now here’s something in here. This is where God deals with us, as children, to make us know the value of character and the Word in our lives as we bring ourselves under the chastening rod, which is the Word.

Psalm 118:18-20

(18) The LORD hath chastened me [or taught me] sore: but he hath not  given me over to death. [I’m even sick to the point where I’ve got depression and have no energy, but that doesn’t mean a thing.]

(19) Open to me the gates of righteousness: I will go into them, and I will praise the LORD. [That’s like ‘can’t wait for the church door  to open.’]

(20) This gate of the LORD, into which the righteous shall enter.

Now, remember, there’s only one gate where He’s got His Name, and we’re in that gate. You know that because there’s only one place that He is going to have His Name and that’s in His Word. And, remember, His Name, the Name of God revealed is the Word revealed. The Name of God is the Word revealed. You’re right in there.

Remember, the inheritance of us, the Bride, is His Word in the Bride. When you inherit the Word, what have you got? That which creates and maintains, that which instructs, brings us down low, and exalts us within the soul.

That’s why John could say, “I would wish above all else you may prosper and be in health even as your soul prospers.” And there never was a people with prosperous souls like we are, in a rich age, like we are.

So, all right. Now, notice:

Psalm 118:21-23

(21) I will praise thee: for thou hast heard me, and art become my salvation. [Watch:]

(22) The stone which the builders refused is become the head… of the  corner. [Capstone is here. Headstone is here. Psalm 118 is ours.]

(23) This is the LORD’s doing; it’s marvelous in our eyes.


Now, up here, you’re praising for what God has done in the physical. All these things are great, but the marvel is that the Capstone came down in the form of the Holy Spirit with a Capstone Message and revealed It to us. And this is the marvelous ‘things,’ and people simply cannot understand, why our joy and rejoicing and our marveling lies in this.

“Oh, hey, I got Jesus, yeah.”

“He’s here. So what?”


You know one thing that really scares the daylights out of people? It’s to get caught by a cop and brought into court. Yeah. Left and right hand. And He said, “You didn’t even do it.” Completely righteous, not imputed.

The Bride is washed, not just in the Blood of the Lamb, but by the washing of the Water-Word, and her garment hath neither spot nor wrinkle, and she’s all glorious within and without. Say, “Well, I wish I were.” You are. You’ve got to believe what He said. You’ve got to believe it!

Psalm 118:23-26

(23) This is the LORD’s doing; it is marvelous in our eyes.

(24) This is the day which the LORD hath made; we will rejoice and be glad in it. [And Brother Branham doesn’t quote that, but you’re going to find it if we get time to read it this morning. Who knows?]

(25) Save now, I beseech thee, O LORD: O LORD, I beseech thee, send now prosperity. [Blessing… All that comes with it. Put your armour off, take it easy; Abraham, the battle’s over, sit down and have communion; closing hours; Melchisedec revealed.]

(26) Blessed be he that cometh in the name of the LORD… [Now, the Bible  also tells us that he’s blessed who comes in the Name of the Lord, the one which God has sent. Do you think Brother Branham was sent by God? That’s for us.] blessed be he that comes in the name of the LORD: we have blessed you out of the house of the LORD.

In other words, when this prophet comes with the Name of the Lord, THUS SAITH THE LORD, you know that this is the one with the blessing. Not the one with the left hand of cursing, but the one with the blessing.

Right! Coming. And the first thing He does, He judges His Own house, and He puts it in order by giving them the Word. And then He said, “Well, I’ve avenged you. You’re exonerated.”

Psalm 118:27

(27) God is the LORD, which hath showed us light: bind the sacrifice with cords, even unto the horns of the altar.

In other words, the very covenant is bound, guarded by cherubims, kept watch by God, Himself, the Pillar of Fire. In other words, it’s bound. It’s completed. The Seals that were taken off are now put back upon the Bride, and no one will come into her. Now, I’m just using that in a figurative way, you understand.

There’s no Scripture for what I’m saying. But when you’re sealed with the Holy Ghost at the end time, and God Himself has sealed you in, like Brother Branham spoke of the box car, the seal is upon you, and it cannot be broken, until you’ve arrived at the destination. So the Seal is there, but just watch how you take It.

Psalm 118:28-29

(28) Thou art my God, I will praise thee: thou art my God, and I will exalt thee. [Not just praise, but make Him big.]

(29) O give thanks unto the LORD; for he is good: for his mercy endures forever.

I thought that was very, very appropriate. And it is, and you can understand once you see this Message, that’s all you’ll see in this Word. All right.


We’re into number 4 this morning for a while on “Things That Are To Be.” In this message, as in every message, we see Brother Branham, who in every other message, either directly or in a round-about way, even in a hinting manner, points us to a special message from God in this hour with he himself, William Branham, vindicated to bring it, as the messenger of the hour, as in Revelation 10:7 and Malachi 4:5-6. Right?


In this particular Message he points out that this is very reasonable in the light that as Noah’s message could not work in Moses’ time, and Moses’ message could not work in Jesus’ time, and the Catholic message could not work in Luther’s time, nor Luther’s message for Wesley, nor Wesley for the Pentecostals.

And now, believe it or not, the Pentecostal doctrine will not work in this hour, especially when you see two groups of Pentecostals, each claiming to be correctly baptized in water and full of the Holy Ghost by speaking in tongues, identifying, therefore, the baptism.

Yet one group is ‘Jesus-Only,’ and the other ‘Trinitarian,’ and both believing in the latter rain and yet fighting each other. Their message is dead like Wesley’s and Luther’s, but will they believe the Message for this hour and move on with It? It is up to them.


Now, remember, as Moses was a historian by divine revelation, and Paul did not need to be, because he had all the Old Testament. He didn’t need to be, William Branham has become the historian. And people don’t want to believe it. They will contradict him that he made a mistake.

Everybody wants Polycarp, and he said God said to him that Polycarp was more prone to organization than was Irenaeus, though if you put one against the other, you, with your human eye, will go for Polycarp every single time, and so would have Brother Branham.

Historian. That’s why he could look back on what was in the Seven Church Ages, pick out the messengers and tell you infallibly exactly who they were and how every single time the Word of God moved on.


Now, on page 4, Brother Branham makes his oft-repeated and incredible statement that, “As Jesus bore record of the Word of that hour, in that epochal season, making the Word live for that day, even so in this hour is God bearing record of His Word by vindication and making the Word of this special season live, as He has always done, and this winds down the Seven Church Ages.


Now, from last night I just repeat on page 4, paragraph 14:

Now, we know that this is the day of salvation…

And that’s exactly true. It’s the day of salvation until every single person is baptized with the Holy Ghost–that’s every Elect, every true Son-child of God–and child-trained, even as Irenaeus said, “When the last Elected member comes in, He will come.” And Bro. Branham, being a prophet, amended it, and he said ‘child-trained.’ In other words, the adoption of this hour goes plumb into the Resurrection, not missing a heart beat or one moment, and then onto the Millennium.

Now… this… now, we know that this day… [this epochal season–day] …is the day of salvation, where God is calling men from the world, from a life of sin That’s unbelief. Yeah… unto a life of service.


Now, Brother Branham said, “You cannot worship God or serve Him outside of a prophet.” Where does it leave the people sitting there? Where does it leave us sitting here? Are we fully convinced? I want to not hurt anybody, yet I want to drop a bombshell!


Now, you know I love Brother Jack Bell, and I love his people there. There was especially a very young couple I got to know, as I recall their name was ‘Martin.’ Now, no, nothing derogatory about them. It just happened to be their name. She was the prettiest, sweetest, little thing, and I think she was about thirty, looked about sixteen. I could not believe that she was as young as she was.

She gave the incredible story how that she had these perpetual headaches, perennial headaches, and how she was feeling so bad and knew she could get no relief, until she got to a certain church where they’d prayed for her. Now, I think I’m giving you the story fairly correct, but the end results are one hundred per cent. They passed the church. She said, “This is it.”

They went in there. She got healed. They stayed with the church for years. He became the head deacon, or at least, one of the deacons in the church. They were there for years. I loved them dearly. The people loved them dearly. Suddenly, one day… gone with the wind! The next thing they were divorced and living in sin.


People in Grace Gospel Church this morning, listen to me. Don’t sell your soul. Don’t be a hypocrite. Don’t be a fool! Parents, don’t listen to your children. Husbands, don’t listen to your wives. Wives, don’t listen to your husbands. My wife knows, before God, I raise my hand on this Bible open before me, I said, “If I start missing It, you go your way.

Don’t you listen.” In my home, my wife cannot turn my head. You may think because she talks quite a bit at times. She doesn’t turn my head. You’ve been in my home, some of you, when she has talked out of turn, and I said, “Alisen, shut up. Keep quiet. You’ve nothing in this matter.”

I’m not mean and hard. I want you to notice something. You will meet me, and I will meet you down that road. How many years? I don’t know. He said, “A hundred, fifty, twenty-five, ten, maybe yet tomorrow.”

It wasn’t ‘tomorrow.’ It wasn’t in ‘ten.’ It wasn’t in ‘twenty-five.’ It could go to forty. It could go to fifty. But this Message, alone, has life. Don’t fool with It, because It will not fool with you. God, being my judge, It will destroy you.


Serving God… not without a prophet. You cannot do it. Brother Branham also preached “Doing God a Service Apart From It Being His Will.” Do you think in the days of Noah they were one hundred percent heathen except for those eight people?

You say, “Well, yes, in a way.” That’s true ‘in a way.’

Could there have been foolish virgin? Absolutely. I don’t know. They would have been drowned if there were.


But I’m trying to show you this: there’s only one way that you can know that you’re doing God a service, and that’s by His Word. There isn’t any other way.

And the tragic thing is, as I find a Pentecostal spirit, because I was in Pentecost, I find it even now, and it can tear me apart, that I can be fishing for some unknown will of God that I hope is there, when I don’t even look at this will of God that’s right here in this Book and has been thoroughly explained to me.


Now these people here were talking about doing the will of God, the women, with their fuzzy hair, their ear bobs, their slacks and everything else, because they could talk in tongues and wiggle across the platform. Yes! I’ve seen the high-heeled floozies going back and forth. Sex bait.

I love women, but I don’t love the things women do, anymore then you women, who love men, love the things that men do. Women are beginning to avenge themselves against the men, not only ‘avenge,’ that’s the wrong word, ‘revenge’ themselves.

You know one day the Bride’s going to be out of here, and she’ll be revenged down here. You keep in mind what you read in the newspapers, what you know to be true, and you know we would read between the lines because I sort of want to promise myself to be very careful what I say.


A life of service. Anybody that tried to bypass the Word of God was severely judged, and there will be judgment in this world according to the Word of God by One, Christ Jesus, Who rose from the dead, and we have the proof that He is risen, because the Same God that did the works in Him before He died is here right now in the form of the Holy Ghost, the Pillar of Fire, and has done the works through a prophet, called Elijah, the prophet, according to Malachi 4:5-6.


Now, Brother Branham also says here, not only “Doing God a Service,” I forget the other sermon. But I want to take you back here to the Book of Revelation, and we’re going to read very carefully, that you may know more and more and more what we’re talking about. In the 2nd chapter, as in the next chapter, It starts out:

Revelation 2:1-2,9,13,19

(01) Unto the [messenger] of the church [which is in] Ephesus. [The One that’s in the midst, the Judge, says:]

(02) I know thy works, and thy labour… [9th verse, the same One:]

(09) I know thy works, and [thy] tribulation… [13th verse, the One with  the sword:]

(13) I know thy works… [19th verse, the Eyes like flames, Feet of fire:]

(19) I know thy works…

The 3rd chapter, the One that has the seven Spirits:

Revelation 3:8

(08) I know thy works…

Over there in the 14th and the 15th, the Amen:

Revelation 3:15

(15) I know thy works…


Now, the church has always been industrious, but their industry has always been to build themselves up instead of the worship of God and put Him forward. Perhaps the greatest compliment I ever received in my life was from Brother Branham when he said, “Lee,” he said, “you always put me forward, no other person, [He named this type of people there.] ever did it.” You can’t find one sermon where I talk about myself being somebody. It’s always pointed to Him and His prophet.


He said, “I know your works.” We are a work-house people. We want works. We always want to add to things. But there are people who do the works of God, because it is according to Scripture. And you notice that those works are connected with things like patience. But in the last day, It says, “I know your works, you’re neither hot or cold.”

An arrogant, filthy spirit is upon the last day church. And Brother Branham says, “I’m come here to redeem you from your dead works, your arrogant spirit, and the works which are going to come against you on the Day of Judgment, because you’re doing God a service apart from His will.” What does It say here?

Revelation 3:15

(15) I know thy works, and you’re neither [hot nor cold.]


You’re vomit material. What do you usually drink to make you vomit? Tepid water.  If that doesn’t work, put in a bit of soda. That’ll bring your boots up. Not hot, not cold. Tepid. Lukewarm. He said, “You nauseate Me.” And I can understand that. He said, “I know your works. Behold, I set before you an open door.”

Now, that sounds good. God opened the door. They walked through; but you know what? They walked too far. They got tired of carrying the Word, so they carried their creeds and dogmas which were much lighter.


He says, “I know thy works.” You have a name that you live, but you’re dead. Lutherans, Methodists, Baptists, Presbyterians, Pentecostals. The very name that you bear is not a living name, because it is not the Name of God revealed through the Word.


These things we see, and Brother Branham is telling us in this last hour, though… Now, listen. Let’s get this flat: the owner… the husbandman of a great field said, “I’ve got a crop that needs taken care of.” He went to the city in the first hour, and he said, “Come on, I’ll give you a penny a day.” And he put them out there, and they weren’t doing it fast enough.

He went into the city, and he said, “Come on, come on. Give you a penny a day; come on out.” He went on till the very last hour, and he said to the last labourers, “I’m going to give you a penny. Come on out.”

Well, the ones that worked the first of the day say, “Hey, this is incredible. We worked here for all the twelve hours. You’re giving us a penny. They worked one hour; you’re giving them a penny.

He said, “Shut up and sit down. It’s my money. You offered. You came. You did it. What are you griping about? You entered a contract.”


Now, that’s a little point right here to know this one thing; and, to me it shows, listen here, when the church enters a contract, you’re going to have to stick to it. God is going to demand that which He had put forward and in His contract and said, “This is what you’re going to get.” In other words we’re looking at a God Who positively judges according to His Own Words and His Own standard.

As Paul said [Romans 9:20-21] “Can the vessel say to the thing that formed it” [the one that formed him,]”‘Why hast thou made me thus? Hath not God in His Own power the ability to make out of one lump of clay vessels to honor and vessels to dishonor?”

Did He not say in His Own Words [Romans 9:17] ‘Pharaoh, I’ve raised you up from a common lump of clay, common humanity, that I might show My wrath and My power, and yet show My greatness or My goodness in mercy through Moses?’” God does what He wants.


Notice right here Brother Branham is trying to set the record straight. The people in Laodicea don’t have any works! No. Not to present to God. Lukewarm, sleazy, dead, dry chaff, no life, pretending, having anointing, passing it off as the baptism, and can’t even recognize the prophet.

He said, “I know your works.” He doesn’t even say one good thing. Not one acceptable work. You know why? Because they’re off the Word, trying to do God a service apart from His will. Oh, the other sermon… “Does God Ever Change His Mind About His Word?” Never.


So here’s what he’s telling these people: why do I know he’s telling them? Because that’s what he’s always told them. He comes out blunt, flat-footed or he hints, or he nudges around. Huh?

Ever seen a mother cow try to get her calf up by pushing with her nose? Brother Branham tried that all the time. He couldn’t get the church to stand on its feet no matter what he did.

And yet Mr. Hicks… He’s dead now. He had this great vision of the church all bound down with little, tiny… little threads upon the eyes and all… little dwarf guys around, and the church going to rise with a mighty thrust, the great church take over the world. He had a vision of the Roman Catholic church empire and destruction.

When was the church of God ever an immobilized giant? It was a woman! Either virgin and virtuous, or she turned into a slut. And the Pentecostals, “Great, great, great; great, great, great.” Where you get works out of that? Come on, tell me. Where do you get works that don’t line up with the Bible? I wish we had time to get where I want to go. We’re not. But I’ll cover it. Don’t worry.


Now, listen:

[14]  …And in the day that God has poured out His Spirit from on high…

Now, “in the day.” Now, the qualification is, “What day?” The day that God has poured out His Spirit from on high. That day.

[14]  …great signs and wonders are to accompany the ministry of this day.

The ministry of this day. What is Brother Branham’s ministry? To declare that He is here. You mean he declared that He is here, and He doesn’t do the same works that He did 2,000 years ago?

That the Same God that was in him is now dead? That This One is, after all, not risen to see the Word fully performed? John 14:12. “Well,” they say, “that’s for anybody. Hallelujah.” That’s the church. See? Look! Thank God we know better.


The ministry for this day. What is this day? ‘That day’ when the Word is fulfilled that announces the mighty signs and wonders. “This day is that Scripture fulfilled.” See?

Now, notice, Brother Branham does not actually quote Scripture concerning this great day in which he is involved with his ministry. But you can go back to the Book of Acts 2, which we’ll do, and in there we’ll begin to see the truth, and Paul… On the day of Pentecost, Peter said:

Acts 2:15-18

(15) These are not drunken, as [you] suppose… [You could be drunk with the Spirit.] seeing it’s but the [nine o’clock in the morning.]

(16) But this is that which was spoken by the prophet Joel;

(17) And come to pass in the last days, saith God, I will pour my Spirit  upon all flesh: and your sons and your daughters shall prophesy, your young men see visions, your old men dream dreams:

(18) And on my servants… [huh?] my handmaidens I will pour out in those days of my Spirit; and they shall prophesy.

You’re going to see two groups of people doing the same thing, and the differences are razor blade; the two spirits are so close. because the anointing is a hundred percent genuine upon both, but one has the wrong Word. Notice what God says at that time what He will do:

Acts 2:19-21

(19) I will show wonders in the heavens above, signs in the earth beneath; blood, and fire, and smoke and vapour… fire and vapour of smoke:

(20) The sun turned into burning… the darkness, the moon to blood. [And so on. Before that great and notable day of the Lord comes, He comes right back here and destroys it all after the great tribulation.]

(21) And it shall come to pass, that whosoever shall call on the name of the Lord shall be saved.


And Brother Branham says right here, he said, “Calling men from a life of sin unto a life of service unto a life of salvation.” So salvation and service is the same thing. A life of salvation is a life of service: doing what God wants by His Word.

And Brother Branham says, “That great ministry, when God begins to do these things, precedes the great tribulation.” And we know, therefore, if there is a great ministry, we have to be in that day just before the Resurrection, Rapture and all of those things.



[15]  …the day of his ministry. This is when the former and latter rain are falling together.

How do you know? Because the day of his ministry has brought forth these mighty signs and wonders, the former and latter rain falling together.


Let’s go to some Scripture. Zechariah the 10th chapter and in verse 1.

Zechariah 10:1

(01) Ask ye of the LORD rain [That’s ordinary rain.] in the time of the latter rain [That’s the harvest rain.] so the LORD shall make bright clouds, and give them showers of rain, to every one grass…

Now, you’ve got a picture here that’s physical and spiritual. See? Ask of the Lord rain in the time of the harvest rain. The Lord will send bright clouds, showers of rain, to give everyone grass in the field. “He maketh me to lie down in green pastures, leads me beside the still waters. The Lord is my shepherd.”

[Psalm 23:1-2] And Brother Branham said, “There’s no great one amongst  us, but He, Himself, Who is God, the Holy Spirit, leading us in a Pillar of Fire to the Millennium.”  No great bishop; no great pope. Why do so many men rise up then and try to take this Message  and make themselves great? I’d like to know. Why are they doing it? They won’t even come to the Word.


Joel. I just asked the question. I’m not going to get answered, of course. The 2nd chapter and verse 23:

Joel 2:23

(23) Be glad then, ye children of Zion, [That’s the Bride.] and rejoice in the LORD your God: [New Jerusalem, See?] for he hath given you the former rain [the teaching rain,] moderately, and will… come down for you the [former rain, That’s the teaching rain again.] and the latter rain in the first.

And they got the word ‘month’ there, and that word should not be there. That’s a ‘guess.’ He’s talking about how it came at the beginning, at the first.

In other words, the teaching rain is given again, as Brother Branham brought out under the law of Moses that Deuteronomy was the law given the second time, the Word given the second time; and as Bunyan brought out, it was entirely grace, where the first was condemnation.

In other words, at the end time, the teaching rain does not have any condemnation for the Bride. [Congregation responds with ‘Amens’ and ‘Hallelujahs.] Thank you.


1 Thessalonians. Beg your pardon. 2 Thessalonians 1:

2 Thessalonians 1:7-9

(07) And you that are troubled rest with us, the Lord Jesus shall be revealed from heaven with his mighty angels,

(08) In flaming fire taking vengeance on those that know not God, that obey not the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ: [Which is the Pauline gospel.]

(09) Who shall be punished for everlasting destruction from the presence  of the Lord, and from the glory of his power…

Starting right now. They turned him down. Now He’s turning them down. Malachi 4 runs right through. It’s started. You can’t stop it. Things that are to be are now. White Throne. Rapture. Everything. Glorification. Now:

2 Thessalonians 1:10

(10) When he shall come to be glorified in his saints, and be admired in all that believe because our testimony among you was believed…

So, it tells you right there, and you go over again to the…’ his testimony.’ What was Paul’s testimony? What was his Word? It was changed in the first century. “Another Jesus, another spirit, another Word.” By the time it gets here, all God can do is vomit. And they’re telling you,

“Hey, listen, I want to tell you: we speak in tongues. That’s in the Word.”

“Oh, we give to missionaries. That’s in the Word.”

“We win souls for God. That’s in the Word.”

“We’ve done all these things…”

Have you? The Bible says, “Forget it.”

“Well, Brother Vayle, that doesn’t make sense.”

Who said it made sense? It’s a paradox. It’s always a paradox.


All right. Joel, as in the first, and notice It says, [2:]

Joel 2:24

(24) And the floor shall be full of wheat and the fats shall overflow with wine and oil.

And it said ‘Don’t you touch the Wine and Oil now way, we are in that hour, Joel the 6th chapter, there’s no such thing what is it? Maybe it’s Amos 6, I don’t know, we miss it it’s alright.

Now, Let me see, maybe it’s three and six? nope! I missed that one, but it’s in there I’ll find it later on, [I] made a wrong note.

Now, He says here:

[14]  …This is when the former and latter rain are falling together… great signs and wonders are going to be here.


And, remember, it’s got to be to the point of conviction. It cannot be as you go back in history and say, “Well, during this age, that was there; and this age, that was there.” You got to go back to the first age and come full turn to Ephesus, where Paul had vindication, and William Branham has vindication. There’s only one way, that’s Deuteronomy 18. Now, He says:

[14]  …And we know that there’s supposed to be [he repeats,] great signs and wonders, which in many denominations this is turned down.


Now, come on. Learn to put it together, and don’t let your mind go any direction, but what it’s supposed to be sealed in by the cement of Almighty God and nailed down with the nails of God.

What is this man talking about? He’s talking about his own ministry! Right? [“Right.”] Thank you.

What does it mean then? He said, “The churches don’t want it. They turn down at the time of the former and latter rain.” And the latter rain, as Brother Branham said, “You have seen the Word of God manifested in power, but you have not yet seen It manifested in revelation.”

And that took place under the Seven Seals to perfection, proving every single time the prophet was in step with God and from God with THUS SAITH THE LORD, the mighty manifestation of Genesis 18, where Abraham was before the tent and God with him and Sarah in the tent and laughing up her sleeve and lying.

Boy, she got shook. One day the Bride’s going to get shook down, too. The Bible says, “Everything will get shaken down.” It’s going to get shaken down. There’s only one thing that can’t get shaken down: the Word of the Lord endures forever. Yeah.


[14]  The great denominations turned it down.

What did they turn down? They turned John 14:12 down.

John 14:12

(12) Verily, I say unto you, He that believeth on me, the works that I do shall he do: and greater works than these shall he do: because I go unto my Father.

They said, “Ha! Ha! There you are… extensive great works. Wonderful! Extensive… the whole church is doing it.” Hogwash! One man’s doing it. You say, “Well, I just don’t believe that.” Then don’t believe it. Who says? Who says you got to believe it?

The prophet declared it. So, now these whipper-snapper Pentecostals come behind, and they talk about all their signs and wonders and, “Follow me. Follow me.” You ought to go up to Edmonton and find that one. You almost laugh your sides sore. Edmonton is a great place to have fun.

Poor old Terry. I feel sorry for him. Pray for him every day. That’s a great place. That’s where you-know-who came from.

[14]  But I’m very thankful for these open doors that I’ve had to go into and the inspiration, it’s given to young men like your pastor here, that’s caused them… [In other words, it’s directed them to follow where God wants them, because of vindication, which cannot be turned down. How many were there? Don’t ask me.] As I’m beginning to get old, and know that my days are numbered, and know now that these young men can take this message and sweep it on to the coming of the Lord, if He doesn’t come in my generation.


Sweep it on. What does it mean to ‘sweep’ something? Push it. And you know what? When you’re pushing something, if you’re a clean sweeper, you won’t leave a little bit behind, put it under the rug, and you won’t say, “I wonder if I can get some more dirt on this pile.” Oh, you’re just too happy to make a clean sweep, right?

Don’t add a word, and don’t take a Word. They’re going to make a clean sweep. They’re going to sweep it right on. Like sweeping up the grain, sweeping up the chaff, cleaning the garner. Oh, they’re going to make a clean sweep, all right, if they stay with the Word.


[14]  …If He doesn’t come in my generation… Which I’m hoping to see Him… I daily look for Him, and watch, keeping myself prepared for that hour.

Like the Bible said, “Watch and pray. You don’t know what hour the Son of man comes.” Now, he says, “If he doesn’t come in my generation.” You know something? I’m in Brother Branham’s generation. I’m only five years younger. So who knows? As Paul said, “What’s to stick around?”


In the 13th… 15th paragraph:

[15]  Now, let us speak to the Author before we read His Book, as we bow our heads. Heavenly Father, we are grateful to Thee to be alive tonight, [Live, die, sink or swim.] to return back to this great city. [Talking about L.A. because that wasn’t the big city.] Sitting there in the panoramic here of the mountains, looking up and watch… [I love Brother Branham’s poetic sense of beauty.] Seeing the snow and the orange blossoms blooming at the same time, what a magnificent world You’ve given us to live in. And how that we see that man has disturbed… [That’s the creation.] And acted in this world… [That’s this physical.] To make us ashamed of ourself… it makes us ashamed of ourselves, Father. We are here tonight to try to put forth our efforts to try to cause men to see this great thing that God has done…

What thing God has done? This day. Bringing a prophet on the scene. A man like Moses, a man like Paul; to see the very God of heaven has come down and stand upon this earth, as ever He did, and declare Himself to mankind. Stand right there and prove it. Can you think of anything greater? Huh?


I want to tell you something. Let me be honest with you. I was a Pentecostal for years. I did not particularly enjoy the things I went through, but I thought, “Well, if this gets you somewhere, hallelujah!” I was of the old opinion.

I thought like Pentecostals, “If somehow there was a shouting spirit tonight, and we felt the glory of God, all we had to do next day was come and shout the same old shout, and wiggle the same old wiggle, jump the same old jump,” and, oh…

Rose you’re laughing. You were trapped in that stuff, too. Congratulations, you got out. Yes, I’ve come to this conclusion. I do not know that I could put my hand on one phenomena or experience that I can really give credit to God.

It could have all been the devil. Now, that’ll jar you. “But, Brother Vayle…” Just ‘brother/sister’ yourself. I’m honest. How much of God was in your spiritual leapfrog there, Lloyd? Oh, it was fun, now, wasn’t it? Oh, yes. Great for getting rid of inhibitions.


Hey, we can have a poke and a hoe-down and get rid of inhibitions. You can go further: dance with somebody else’s wife and join the key club. I’m being nasty now, aren’t I? No, I’m not. No, I’m not. Don’t talk to me. I know all about Pentecost and the dark prayer rooms and everything else.

And my wife will tell you about when one went insane, because she was living as a wife to the man she married and another man at the same time. And they said, “It’s okay,” and it got to her. She went radically, violently insane.

Come on, Alisen. Where are you? I’ll let her up and testify. And she sit in the tub when they tried to calm her down, her big, black hair going back. She started speaking in tongues, “Whoof, whoof.” And pretty soon the water would splash, everything, and she’d take off like a rocket.


You can’t… even Menninger said… Dr. Menninger, one of the finest psychologists in the world said, “You cannot have sin playing along your nerve lines and be well.”

How could you get rest when you’re in sin? Huh? How could you enjoy the Word of God and be a Christian if you dig a ditch for someone else to fall in, or put temptation in somebody’s way?


I’m taking the lid off this morning in a nice way. I’m going to tell you the truth. Are you stumbling somebody? Do you know what you’re doing? I’m going to tell you: you’re going to die for it. You will die for it.

As there’s a God in heaven, you will pay a price. That’s right. I know people. I know what goes on. I’ve been in churches for many years. I’m not seventy-nine and a half years old for nothing. At least I hope not. All right.

[15]  …what a magnificent world… it’s been disturbed, we’re ashamed, Father. [That this is in our day.] We are here tonight to try to put forth our efforts to try to cause men to see this great thing that God has done and know that there’s something greater just beyond.


Listen, this great thing… Right there’s the picture, and everything it entails. That is merely God courting favor to get you into His chambers! You talk about a rich man going to the prettiest girl in town, and saying, “Listen, honey, you may like that guy over there, but I’m the guy that can really take care of you.”


That’s the way it was with Eleazer. He said, “I’m here for my master’s son, and I want a girl like you to marry him. And I want to tell you, he’s got wealth like you can’t believe. And you talk about a man that’s really got it. He’s got it.

He’s a marvelous, marvelous, boy. He’s just not only a wonderful, rich kid, but he’s a wonderful, wonderful young man; the apple of his mother’s eye and his father’s. And I want to tell you: you won’t go wrong.”

And he began shelling out the jewels. And you know what? She wasn’t any dumb bunny. No. She thought, “Now, just a minute; if this guy is everything he says, and this is the proof that he’s got the finances and all these things here, he’s got an evidence oh, my, what will it be to be his bride?” And there you are. There you are.

That’s like the engagement ring. I’ve come down to put a ring on your finger, and I’m proving I’ve got the ring: THUS SAITH THE LORD. And the ring is a signet, a seal. Cheew! God sealed us in with His Own Ring, the Spirit of the Living God.


Now, he says here:

[15]  …We are here tonight to try to put forth our efforts to cause men to see this great thing that God has done and know there’s something greater just beyond. [He just preached that in Yuma the conditions of the Rapture. He tells you right here. I’m not guessing. He tells you that when we get along to it.]

 [15]  …May we look to that tonight, Father, as we turn into Your Word and read It. We can read it, Father, but let the Holy Spirit reveal It to us through the revelation. [What revelation? His… that God gave him, like Paul.] For we ask it in Jesus’ Name. Amen.


Now, you’ll notice that Brother Branham here is using the thought of Paul. As Paul was subject to God to bring a revelation, so was William Branham. No difference. Remember, William Branham told me… It’s right on a tape…” See Lee, we haven’t had the Pillar of Fire that was on Moses for two thousand years since the time of Paul until now.”

He put himself with Moses and with Paul, and now, making the three. And you can say and do what you want. He will meet you at the White Throne. I will meet you at the White Throne. And we will find out.


“Well, maybe there’s no White Throne.” That a fact? How can you prove it? This proves there is. Don’t give way to folly, brother/sister. It’s too late in the day. Bring yourselves together, your families and everything else, and serve God.

I would to God I’d have had this chance when I was your age, with my family, that you’ve got, listening to me bringing you the pure, unadulterated Word of God of a prophet, and weaving It back and forth, and showing you every single point is consistent with everything he ever said. He never changes his thoughts.


[17]  Now, let’s turn to John 4, chapter 14, a very familiar Scripture that we want to read tonight, to draw from this a context, the Lord willing. Nearly all…

Now, listen. Oh, you talk about a blunder-buss. You talk about a cannon that went off. And they didn’t even know that it went off. And the women with their short hair and their floozy up, “Hee, hee, hee,” representing the church of the devil.

Remember the vision Brother Branham had of the seven church age church, the church of the world? She had a hula skirt on made of dirty paper.

She couldn’t even afford to have a decent hula skirt, showing her vulgar parts, and pridefully jigging and dancing, exposing herself.

“Rich, increased in goods and don’t lack a thing. Hallelujah.”

“We speak in tongues.”

“We have these devils cast out.”

“We have this and we have that.”


So did Judas. Judas’ name was taken off the Book of Life. You know why he had his name in the Book of Life? Because Israel was made up of 12 distinct tribes, where one tribe was cut in two, to make two, and Aaron separated.

But there was twelve. Every one had a genealogy; but all Israel is not Israel; but the names are in there. The name was taken out. Is your name on a church book instead of the book of heaven? I won’t argue the point. I’ll leave my point rest.


Now, he says,

[17]  …Nearly all know this. It seems many times to be used in funeral services.

California, I’m preaching your funeral service. What’s light to one is death to the other. There’s an old saying that said, “One man’s meat is another man’s poison.” Left hand, right hand; left hand, right hand; right hand, left hand.

Come to me, depart from me; come to me, depart from me. But you got to come by Him. Huh? Oh, yeah. Oh, yeah. Yeah. They’re all going to walk by the prophet, William Branham, too. Hallelujah! I like that. That brings it down to my size.


[17]  …If there ever was a time I’d like to preach a funeral service, it’d be to this world.

He preached it. “I Indict This Generation.” In 1956, “I no longer pray for America. She’s done finished.” Nineteen fifty six: “There’s a pope going to come out of America.” You better believe it’s the anti-Christ. You don’t have to believe it. I believe it, from chapter 13. I’m not saying Lee Vayle is right.

That’s just my understanding. I really believe a pope is going to come out of America. Will it be Bishop Wahl? [The name was misunderstood and discovered to be ‘Law.’ Cardinal Bernard Law of Boston] Did anybody find out if his name is W-h-a-l? Or W-a-l-l?  W-h-a-l is German, isn’t it? That’d sound pretty good W-h-a-l, because the face of the man was in Germany under Luther. Huh? Yeah… yeah.


[17]  …If ever there was a time I’d like to preach a funeral sermon… [He did it.]

Let… [Now, then, why does he say it?] Let it die and be born again.

Now, you tell me, what is going to die and be born again? He just talked about it up here: “Oh, Lord, this beautiful earth of ours.” Church is purged. Israel’s purged. Earth is purged. Not the heavens at this time.

That’s later on when they flee away… Can’t hide. No place to go. Can’t be populated. Dissolve it into steam and bring it back again. Now: “Let it die and be born again.” Now watch: not the subtlety. Oh, but how clever! John 14: 1-7. See?


Now, let the earth be born again. And William Branham has a part in it by the Message that he brings, because the 2 Peter as well as 1 Peter refers distinctly to the Second Coming of the Lord, and all that goes with It, as does the two Books of Thessalonians, and so on.

In 2 Peter 3:10.

2 Peter 3:10-11

(10) …the day of the Lord will come as a thief in the night; in which the heavens shall pass away with a great noise, the elements shall melt  with fervent heat, the earth also and the works that are therein shall  be burned up.

(11) Seeing then that all these things shall be dissolved, [See?] what  manner of persons ought we to be in all holy behavior and godliness.

Well, how in the world do I know, unless someone can prove to me what I’m supposed to be? And Brother Branham came back and said, “Now the Seals are open; everything is there to put you in a Rapture.”

“Well, so-and-so said so-and-so.”

I don’t care what anybody else said. Brother Branham said, “It’s all in the tapes,” to put us in a Rapture. Did he or did he not? Then what do you care about anything else? Just live good, Christian lives. You know what that means?

Peace in the valley; peace on the mountain top; peace on the plain. No matter where you are. Be of good cheer. Be of good comfort. “All’s well with my soul.”


2 Peter 3:12

2 Peter 3:12-13

(12) Looking for and hasting unto the coming of the day of God, wherein  the heavens being on fire shall be dissolved, and the elements shall  melt with fervent heat?

(13) Nevertheless we, according to his promise, look for new heavens and a new earth, wherein dwelleth righteousness.

Born again. We come out of the dust; we’re born again. There’s two kinds of ‘born again.’ Like Jesus was ‘begotten’ more than one time: begotten of the Father. He came forth as that Light, and all he was was a part of God. No problem. Everybody stumbles over that. What’s to stumble?

They go around saying, “I’m a part of God. I’m a part of God.” Aw, come on! That’s the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever heard. You claim that, and then you can’t see that the prophet said… “Well, there’s two gods then, because there’s two persons.” Let’s have a little test for a minute. Oh, I won’t. I won’t. I won’t do that. See? All right.


[17]  …Let it die and be born again.

Remember, Brother Branham said, “Nothing outside this Message will come to life.” And remember, this Message, as it was with Moses, brought a death plague. Brother Branham said, “The death plague of this hour is the second death,” and he took it from Malachi chapter 4, right.

He said, “We are White Throne, because,” he said, “See, this fire leaves neither root nor branch.” How, then, can you say there’s an eternal hell? The very people screaming ‘eternal hell’ to try to scare somebody into heaven are liars, because there isn’t any eternal hell. And those that believe it have a problem.


All right. Here is what he reads [John 14:1]:

[17]  Let not your hearts be troubled: you believed in God, [Notice, he put that past tense. You said you did, you believed in God.] believe also in me.

 If you can believe in God, sure, you can believe in me. Tell me what God did do that I’m not doing. See? You talk about creation. Nobody denies it. There it is. Now, what kind of a God did the creating? Well, a God of variety. Oh, that’s very true. But He’s also quite a person to work with, because today the skies are beautiful, the lake is calm.

The next day Galilee is torn up with a storm, and 20 people died. What kind of a God is that? Take away the bread earner. Take away the husband. Take away the father, leaving them helpless. Well, tell me: what kind of a God is He? He just said, “You know God by nature.” I can see you don’t.


“Believe in me.” Where am I failing to do what you expect God to do?

[17]  In my Father’s house are many mansions; if it were not so, I would have told you. I go to prepare a place for you.And if I go and prepare a place,  I will come again, and receive you unto myself; that where I am, there you may be also… where I go you know, and the way you know. Thomas said, Lord, how could we… how do we know where you go; how could we know the way? Jesus said, I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man comes to the Father, but by me. If you had known me, you should have known my Father also: henceforth you know, and have seen Him.

Oh, boy. And Brother Branham said… What did he say? “You’re looking at me aren’t you?” That kind of frosts people, doesn’t it? That separates the men from the boys, the believers from the unbelievers, huh?

“Oh, [you’re] making him God. Making him God.” Hhuh, hhuh, hhuh!

“Oh, you self-righteous, indignant, puffed-up toad, you.” You don’t know where you’re coming from, and where you’re going. You just think you do.


[He] said:

[17]  May the Lord add His blessings to His Word, and we want to refer to It again as time goes on, while we speak a little lesson to the church.

[18]  Last evening, I was in Yuma, Arizona, see, where my home is now… [That’s Arizona, not Yuma. He’s in Tucson.] When I was here before, I lived in Jeffersonville, Indiana. And now, I’ve been in Arizona by a vision sending me there a few years ago. [And, remember, that’s infallible.] And we reside there now. I don’t have any church there. Brother Green, our brother here with us, has established a tabernacle one of the Assemblies of God church Downtown Assemblies… They merged, and I think they went with Brother Brock and with Brother Gilmore and left the church open; and Brother Perry Green from Texas moved in and took the place, which is an associate with us. We’re glad to know that. Brother Green has reopened this church that was closed.

[19]  And last night speaking in Yuma for the Christian Businessmen, I spoke on the subject of “The Rapture.” Now, that might’ve been a strange subject to speak at a banquet, but most everyone there was a Christian. And that’s the way it is on these campaigns like this or in some church… Every hand would go up. You’re a Christian. [Now the question is, “What brand?” Trinity? Oneness? Twoness? They don’t know what we’re talking about. See, ‘Christians’ just means ‘Messiah,’ you believe in Messiah. In other words, you believe in a deliverance.]

And so we’re Christians, I think we ought to be kind of notified ahead. [Now, he’s telling us,] If we’re Christians, we ought to be notified ahead; and don’t just guess at it. We’re notified what our destination will be.

Now, he’s saying here], “If you’re a Christian, tell me, why are you a Christian? What do you hope to get out of it?” Now, you just can’t put into something all the time. You would spend all your resources, get nothing back. You can die from starvation, a multi-millionaire, if you can’t get your money out.


Now, you’re a Christian, you’re putting in something. There’s an input. God is putting an input in you. What does God get out of us? What do we get out of Him? Right?

It’s a business deal. It’s a covenant. It’s an oath. You do this, I’ll do that. I’ll do this, you do that. Right? He said, “What’s coming? What do you expect to get? Shouldn’t you know?”


[19]  …We just don’t have to guess at it; we’re notified what our destination will be.

In other words, Brother Branham is telling you about his ministry. He’s here to confirm the Bride. He’s here to tell the Christian. He is here to say, “Listen, I’m telling you, ‘Bank on it, rest on it, if God told me to go and raise Abraham Lincoln, in spite of the fact that there’s nothing mentioned in Scripture concerning a resurrection, I will go down and raise him!’”

“Oh, my, my! Well, that’s because he’s bluffing, you see, and no one would ask him.”


How about the Church of Christ man that bluffed him in Detroit? He’d written all these diseases on a piece of paper. And he said, “Didn’t you read the paper?”

And Brother Branham said, “Nothing wrong with you.”

“Well,” he said, “did you read the paper?”

He said, “Sir, I don’t have to.” He said, “You could have been here with all the diseases you say, and you just believe God, and He’ll heal you.”

And he said… Brother Branham said… I forget what he said.

And the guy said, “Oh, that’s how he does it.”

“What did you say? All the diseases on that paper are now on you.”

And they were. And he screamed, “Take ’em off me!” He repented too late.

Brother Branham said, “I didn’t put them on you.”


Could a man put something on… You’re talking about stupid hex voodoo tripe! He can do anything the devil can do. Don’t you worry about… Just stay under the ‘Token.’ Brother Branham said, “Hold the Token over this vindicated Word.” See?

Now, Brother Branham knows that he can tell you. You don’t need to ask God yourself. You don’t need to fast and pray. You don’t need to go to anybody. You’re sitting right where you can get your answer. He said, “We have the answer to the devil. No problem.” See?


You see, when you read this according to the laws that I know are here, because they are here, Alpha and Omega, vindication, himself, his ministry, what’s it about, you can know what he’s saying here, not just read this thing casually and say, “Nice, nice, nice. Nice, nice, nice. Good, good, good. Good, good… What? Oh, oh-h-h… Hold it.” No. No, no problem. He’s not going to change His style.

You know, they claimed the Book of Hebrews was not written by Paul, because the style was changed. It was written by Paul, and the style had to be changed, because it’s to the Hebrews.

William Branham didn’t have to change his style, he spoke to the last church age, which was one of glory and hope from the One Who appeared to destruction later on, because even the tares are bound.

That is right, they go right into union at this Message, and the garner being cleaned and the Bride brought together to chaff scattered. Hallelujah! The Bride goes up. “I want to be in that number.”


[19]  Then I want to speak on that tonight. The subject is going to be: “Things That Are To Be.” [See? From ‘what is.’] And now, speaking last night on “The Rapture,” so tonight, [He’s putting the two together.] I want to speak on this subject, that I might tie together with last night’s message. Now, there’s going to be a rapture; we know that. That’s in the future to be.

Things that are to be. You’re looking at it now, or forget it. Those that looked at the Lamb of God and turned Him down, forget it. The Nicodemus who said, “We know this man has to be of God, because He can’t do the works unless God be with him.” He got it.

Joseph of Arimathaea, Zacchaeus came down. The scribes and the Pharisees, “Well, we know where Moses came from. Who is this bird anyway?”

The other guy says, “Search the Scriptures.”

He said, “No prophet ever came out of Galilee.”

And yet awhile back the infants were killed, because Christ was born in Bethlehem. Why don’t they trace it down? They ignored history! Today Brother Branham was God’s historian, and they ignored the history that Brother Branham brings out.

You tell me that they’ll not pay the price for it? Huh? Oh, come on, brother. Don’t you love the Lord? Aren’t these messages fantastic? You just read them and they just spring out like shooting stars of the Seven Seals, the Roman candle.


[21]  Now Jesus is speaking here about how that He’s gone ahead to prepare a place for us. “Let not your hearts be troubled.” [Same thing for us today. See.] Now He was talking to the Jews. He said, “You … now you believed in God.

“Then if you believed in God, there is no reason not to believe in me.” William Branham could say, “You believe in Paul, don’t you? Show me where Paul was vindicated above me.” Paul was vindicated. He claimed it.

I showed you the Scripture for it. You know where the Scripture is. Romans 15 is one other place. I can get my concordance. My mind’s not that good. I don’t have to worry about my mind. I got a concordance. My wife worries about hers. She doesn’t have a concordance! No problem. I got a concordance. I can look it up.

[21]  …believe in me. As you have believed in God, believe in me, because I am the Son of God.

As you have believed in Paul, who was a vindicated prophet, believe in me now, because I’m a vindicated prophet. Oh, brother, that fell flat. Now:

[21]  …In other words, “I and my Father are one.”

In other words, the same Pillar of Fire that brought the Word to Paul is here revealing It.


You say, “Brother Vayle, you’re sure distorting this.” No, I’m not. I’m running parallels here. You already believe this; now it’s being rammed down their throat. “I’m here with a vindicated ministry that you people talk about the great signs and wonders at the time of the latter rain. It’s here right now.

God is doing it. He is using me. What do you think? You’re looking at me, aren’t you? What does it mean, ‘He who has seen me has seen the Father?’ You’ve seen Paul. You’re looking at me. You’ve seen God. You’re looking at me.”


Oh, I’ve got it. Or have I? Yes… oh… remember how I used to love to read this. I’m going to love to read it again.


[269]  Now, I want you to know this is sure [put this down this is it] and you that listen to this tape. [They’re not sitting in the congregation.] You might have thought today that I was trying to say that about myself, being I was packing this Message. I have no more to do with it than nothing, no more than just [my voice] a voice. And my voice, even against my better judgment… I wanted to be a trapper. [But I got short circuited.]

But now, it’s the will of my Father that I declare to do… declare, and am determined to do. I wasn’t the One that appeared down on the river; I was only standing there when He appeared. [And don’t tell me the Appearance hasn’t taken place already.] I’m not the one that performs these things and foretells these things that happen as perfectly as they are. I’m only one that’s near when He does it. I was only a voice that He used to say it. It wasn’t what I knew.

Oh, brother, they’re not going to believe that! Say, “William Branham got carried away like Dowie. He got too big for his britches.”

“Now, he’s the prophet, Elijah. Ha, ha, ha, ha! I know… prophet, Elijah. If it was, bless God, he’d come to me and I’d know him.”

Well, like old Father, Bishop Johnson… Pentecostal lady wrote, and she said, “Bishop Johnson, should I pay my tithes to my church or should I send them to you?”

“Send them to me, bless God. They wouldn’t know what to do with them.”


They thought William Branham was a Bishop Johnson. Huh? Nothing wrong with Bishop Johnson. I’m not fussing at him. I’m just saying that’s why he said it. He’s the same guy they sent money to. He’s a great preacher. One day he said, “Bless God, don’t send no more money.

Don’t got time to count it. I’ll tell you when to send it.” Hey, I can appreciate a guy like that. He’s got brass. Somewhere we believe he got gold, because he understood the Godhead, at least to a degree.


[269]  It wasn’t what I knew. It was what I surrendered myself to.

That he spoke to. Oh, brother! They’ll love that, won’t they? “Well, bless God, God spoke to me one time, too.” How do you know? How can you prove it?

I knew a man in Canada, I didn’t know him, I knew his daughter. Her dad was a Danish sea captain. He lived in Western Canada. He was in a coma. He never knew one sentence in Danish, but he spoke Danish perfectly. Ha! That’s God? Don’t bet on it. Who could tell?


I told you about Dr. Cliff, a linguist, knew five or seven languages, was down in Montreal, I think maybe Dr. Smith’s church, I’m not sure. He heard five people speaking in tongues. Three praising God gloriously, and two cursing God horribly.

Huh? What about it? What about it? You know what I say? Phenomenon be gone. It’ll be long time gone. I’ve seen all the phenomena I want I want to see. I’m going to bank my hope on the Word of the Lord Jesus Christ which endures, as long as God endures. “Heaven and earth shall pass away,” but not the creative Word-God, Jehovah Elohim.


[269]  It’s just what I surrendered myself to that He spoke through. It isn’t me. It wasn’t the seventh messenger, [Angel, he says.] Oh, no; it was a manifestation of the Son of man. It wasn’t the angel, his Message; [It wasn’t William Branham his Message. Read it that way.] It was the mystery that God unfolded. It’s not a man; [William Branham.] It’s God. William Branham was not the Son of man. [William Branham] was a messenger from the Son of man. The Son of man is Christ. He’s the One that you’re feeding on. You’re not feeding on a man. [William Branham] his words will fail, but you’re feeding on the unfailing Body-Word of the Son of man.

You say, “Oh, boy, can that guy use words! Oh, boy, and those poor people that believe him. Man!”


Eight people made the ark, which is symbolic that eight people were full of the Holy Ghost. Billions now living will die. Don’t ever think millions now living will never die. That is a lie. Where the Psalmist can say, “I shall live and not die,” these people who say, “I shall live and not die” are liars.

The Word’s going to come back to haunt them when they suddenly scream, “I’m going to die. I’m not going to live!” Will that be the day they curse God? Well, what other day would be better? They’ll be in the tribulation, where men gnaw their tongues in pain and curse the God of heaven. I mean in what better day. I’m talking in the sense, what day would be more appropriate? What day would it be except that day?


“I and my Father are one. My Father is dwelling in me. And when you see me doing, it’s not me, it’s my Father that dwells in me; he doeth the works.”

Hey, Brother Branham said the same thing! “Now he’s making himself the Son of God. Oh, my. He’s making himself equal. Oh, my!”


How can you make yourself a Son of God, baptized with the Holy Ghost, with what little tiddly-wink junk you got? Where’s your manifestation? I’d like to know these guys that try to fool with us, try to get us off the Word. Show me something. Come on! Poor old Lorrie, Paul Asear Lourie. From India.

He’s dead now, but he came back believing on Moon Day, God descended and took him over. Yeah. And wherever he went… a little cloud could appear, or he’d command fire to pop and dance around your feet.

Don’t tell me he didn’t, because the Gerards were right in it. So people went to Canada. I think one of them was a Canadian. As he got to the Canadian border, the little cloud disappeared, so they came back. He never had THUS SAITH THE LORD, though. He didn’t have what William Branham had. He came riding on his coattails, an imposter.

Yeah. People fell for it, right from this area, dead now. Poor old man, lovely wonderful brother. I feel sorry for him, but he was just wide open for these things that manifest folly.


Now, but he said: “It’s not I doing it, no, it’s my Father dwelling in me; he doeth the works.” God was in Christ reconciling the world to Himself.

And if Brother Branham could say, “You’re looking at me, aren’t you?” then what was God doing in William Branham? Huh? What was He doing? Fulfilling the complete work of reconciliation.

Fulfilling every single work that came from the Scripture for the end time Bride. And he stood right there, and he said, “This ministry is going to do it.”


Now, further: [Things That Are To Be]

[22]  It was easy for those Jews who had been taught through generations to believe there was a great supernatural God. [They still do, I think, most of them… some of them.] But to think that God… to think that that God, [Number one,] had come down, was manifesting Himself through the person of His Son…

Number two. There were two of them. One is inside the other. I want to ask you a question. “When God was in Jesus, who was doing the eating and drinking? Who got hungry? Who got thirsty?

God?” Ha! When you give Him food, a sacrifice, flame come up Soo-o-o-m! He said, “If I was hungry, I wouldn’t come to you for something to eat!” Did He tell Israel that? “If I was thirsty, I wouldn’t come for a drink. My hands have made it all.”

Ask you a question: “Did God get thirsty? Did He get hungry? Did He get tired? Did He go to sleep?” My Bible says the God of Israel never slumbers or sleep. Who can keep with Israel in His care? Huh? Not so mysterious.

People just don’t want to believe. They want to be ‘Jesus-Only.’ They don’t want to hear Brother Branham: “I am not ‘Oneness.’ I am not ‘Trinity.’ I stand in-between.” Well, they’re not going to believe that. All right.


[22]  But to think that God had come down, was manifesting Himself through the person of His Son, Jesus Christ, One God tabernacled in human flesh, rather, God tabernacled in the body of flesh [See, number one: God in body of flesh, that was a little too much for them. [And William Branham saying, “You’re looking at me, aren’t you?” is much too much, too much, too much, too much, too much to anybody but us, who believe in the paradox. Yeah.]

But He said, “Now, as you have believed in God, believe also in me. [“As you have believed in Paul, and his vindication, and Moses, believe in me.” Now, he’s telling you:] In my father’s house are many mansions, [He’s repeating Jesus, of whom Paul said, “The pure Words of our Lord, Jesus Christ,” which are healthy sematic] And I go to prepare a place for you.” Jesus’ life was fixing to end here on earth. He had showed the people and proved to them, that He was Jehovah manifested in flesh by the great signs and wonders and the reference of the Bible that He referred to, to Himself. And He proved that He was God manifested. Now, He said, “When you see my life ending, it’s ending for a purpose. And I’m going away to prepare a place for you, that where I am, there you may be also.” Jesus, therefore, is telling His disciples that his life is not ended in death.

That’s why Paul said, “If we have hope in this life only, then we are of all men most miserable.” So what’s Brother Branham telling us here? He is here to tell you that you are at the end of time, that he is proving, that God is proving through him, the very truth that Jesus said is already there in the Word. See?

And is to be in this hour, in this end time. And he’s getting the people ready.


What is this man, William Branham, doing? Oh, I’m glad you asked. And I’m going to show you exactly what I’ve always told you all these years. It’s in the Book of Luke, the 1st chapter, about John the Baptist.

Luke 1:15-17

(15) He shall be great in the sight of the Lord, and shall drink neither wine  nor strong drink; [William Branham] be filled with the Holy Ghost, even from his mother’s womb. [That wasn’t true with William Branham.]

(16) And many of the children of Israel shall he turn to the Lord their God.

(17) And he’ll go before the Lord God of Israel in the spirit and power of Elijah, to turn the hearts of the fathers to the children, [That was done, but now, it’s turn the hearts of the children back to the fathers, even the unknowing, those that don’t know what to do and how to think. They have an understanding.] to the wisdom of the just, [Which is the omniscience and the work of God.] to make ready the prepared people.


What is he here for? The same thing as John the Baptist was. To get a Bride ready to get out of here. See? The judgment is on. How much time? Five minutes is more than enough. We can quit right here.


So, I trust you’re learning with me how to sit down or to take a tape and to follow it, because remember what I read here, though William Branham is the figure that you’re beholding, he has nothing to do with it, just a voice. True, just a voice.


Let’s rise and be dismissed. You’re welcome for dinner. Lots of beef and goodies out there. I trust there’s trimmings with it. And I trust you enjoy it; trust you’ve been blessed in this weekend, and if you haven’t been blessed, you pray to God to give you some place where you can get blessed, since you won’t get blessed here, because this is how I preach all the time. I never alter.


Brother Branham didn’t alter his way. I’m not going to alter my way. I’m going to look and see why he said everything. Everything, brother/sister, has to do with the Presence.

God is here with His prophet. God was here with His prophet. He took His prophet. Doom is upon this age, but God is here and the Pillar of Fire to lead us into the Millennium, and before He does that, He is here to raise the dead, and He will raise the dead, change us by His glorified, wonderful Word working in and through us.


I’m not looking for great miracles and great ministries, I’m looking only to be led by God and His Word, and know that same Word one day is going to be dynamized and get me out of here. Remember, God doesn’t pile a cat cell upon a dog cell.

He’s not going to pile anything but Word upon us if we’re Word. Let’s face it, a cow can eat grass, but you and I can’t, and yet the same nourishment in the grass would help us, if we could get the nourishment. So what do you do? Let the cow eat it, and we eat the cow.


Well, let me tell you flat, Brother Branham brought the Word to us, and we eat the Word that Brother Branham gave us, because we couldn’t get it ourselves. Hallelujah! Now it’s going to turn into flesh, strength legitimate. Ho! Hallelujah!

For one time, no more illegitimacy. O God. Adam died of old age. He didn’t die of sickness and disease. Let’s face it, unless something had to take him out of here. It wouldn’t matter at that age, if you felt good until the last minute. Who cares?

Let’s bow our heads.

Heavenly Father, we thank You again for Your grace and goodness to us, the time of fellowship Lord, we have around this Word. We can just point to the Word and get away from ourselves, and see ourselves as beneficiaries, which is exactly what Brother Branham is bringing out here.

He’s burying something. He’s making alive something. He’s reading the will. He’s fulfilling the will here. Not that he, himself, is doing it, but Lord, You in him, and by him and through him, and we rejoicing that THUS SAITH THE LORD which always was is coming to fulfillment, absolute, marvelous fulfillment, the gross, the whole amount of it, not one jot or one tittle missing. Father, that’s the Word.

Help me and help this people here to come to that place of that realization. Lord we’re not praying to be like the prophet. We just don’t even claim to have that kind of realization.

If You gave it Lord, we’d be out of here, I’m sure. But Father, we just want the realization that You want us to have in the depth of our soul, living by it, everything, all else is dead.

We are now into the Resurrection which You promised. Life coming forth from death. The dust turning to immortality, even as a seed comes out of the ground bringing forth the blossom. And that seed Lord, buried within our dust must come forth and bring forth a body commensurate.

Help us to ever remember that, the things that you taught the prophet, emphasized and proved by the Word of the Living God. There is a Resurrection, and we are part of it, because He was putting all things under the feet of my Blessed Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, who is now upon the throne of God, having left the mercy seat, making him shine forth his glory and power, just waiting for the day when You, Jehovah Elohim, are reincarnated in him, that great and wonderful day.

Lord, we don’t even need to that day wait for it, for the songs of Zion fill our hearts and our minds and our voices Lord; they’re here right now, if we only want to be one with it.

God, whatever holds us back, I pray in the Name of Jesus Christ You mercilessly burn it with the fire of the Holy Ghost until in its annihilation, there’s not even ashes; there’s not even a memory. God, you know I don’t want to go back to Egypt, Babylon, with the leeks and the garlics and all those things. I want manna. And the more I live on this earth, the less I want to even eat of earthly food. I just lost the appetite down the road.

Help us Lord, to lose every appetite for everything by clinging close to Your Word and clinging close to each other. And I hope the people heard me say it and understand I’m praying ‘clinging close to each other,’ because outside of there is confusion and death and schisms and all those things that destroy a people, and they won’t even be knowing that it’s going on and knowing who and what’s doing it, because they’re too busy moving apart.

Keep us Lord, together by Your Word, by Your Spirit in the Word, bringing us humility in minds and hearts and everything Lord, where we see Jesus. We see Him who Brother Branham saw as he cleared his throat, and he said, “Oh, that look, it could create worlds. It could destroy worlds. And yet so full of love and compassion and tenderness… melt worlds.” And we’re in the Presence of Him from whom the heavens and the earth flee.

No place for them nothing in God’s grant scale, no place to hide you got to be really reborn, Lord. Help us Lord to quite or playing around, we are to get right to the place where the rebirth is coming forth, and we know it. This is it; on Christ the solid rock where they stand, all other ground is sinking sand. Building the temple of the Holy Ghost there lives upon. Knowing whatever storms come, it isn’t gonna hurt anything let them come because your builded upon the rock of revelation of Christ.

Thank you for healing the sick amongst us this day, Lord, I believe and I can’t help believe Lord, that Your are in It that you have healed the people Lord, wasn’t anything I did just the voice hopefully. Great things have happened Lord, within the body but above all within the mind, the soul, the spirit. And unto Thee we gave Thee eternal, glory in the name of Jesus Christ, world without end even eternal. Amen and amen.

Take the name of Jesus with you.

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