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Shall we just pray.

Heavenly Father, we’re very grateful to be able to stand in Your Presence Lord, through the shed Blood and identified by the Holy Spirit and with the Holy Spirit, and we know Lord, that this not of ourselves, for of ourselves we would not have followed this plan for we could not have devised it, but we know Lord, it is by Your foreknowledge, Your election, Your sovereignty bringing us to this predestinated spot, trusting Lord we shall go all the way to where You have predestinated us, right to that inheritance Father.

And we look to You for that, Lord, we don’t look to ourselves and we just pray that we may cease from ourselves entirely whatsoever may have to do with mankind and just trust you entirely, Lord in the instrumentality whereby You have brought that trust to Yourself which in this last day we know has been by a vindicated prophet.

And we pray Lord, that we will be conscious of that ever and in awe and never at any time we let slip those things that’s been committed to us so graciously by Yourself and honor and revere them Lord, above everything in this life.

Help us in the study of Your Word and may It be right Lord, we don’t want to take the words of the prophet said and suit them to ourselves Lord.

But we want to use them and to teach the people that trusting I’m right, oh God, in what I’m doing so that they get away from their own thinking, and denominational concepts, the way Lord, that I know we have to do it, not believing for one minute Lord, that I’ve conquered that entirely, because I know I haven’t and I have my problems too Lord.

But You’re greater than problems, and You’re greater than anything Lord, so we’re trusting in You, this morning to help us in Jesus’ Name, we pray. Amen.

You may be seated.


Now this is number 4 of the Token and before we take up our studies on page 17, we want to recall that Brother Branham is using the exodus under God and Moses as the great plight of this very hour. Now that’s what you have to recognize.

If you don’t recognize that you could come up with some wrong ideas. And by that I mean, you are not thoroughly understanding what took place back there and applying it to this hour so you know positionally where you stand and what is going on. You’re able to interpret one from another.

Now that’s what Brother Branham did when he talked concerning Jehovah of the Old Testament being Jesus of the New, and he constantly illustrated by going back to the Old Testament because you and I are conversant, I suppose, quite conversant with the New So he’s using this then… as the type under himself and Moses looking to this very hour.

Now according to Peter we are in an epical and strategic period of God’s great drama. And that epical strategic period of the great drama which is going on now has its type in the Exodus back there so they’re going to run right together as far as information is concerned to be of benefit to us.


Now we are coming out of Babylon and into the Millennium by God and a prophet. Now you notice, I keep repeating that because that is the truth. God did not go down and say, “I’m going to lead you out.” God did not just send the prophet and say, “You lead them out.” God said, “We’re going down together and we’re going to lead them out.” You see? All right.

Now in Exodus 12, God required a token that He Himself designated and which had to be manifested before God in order to escape death and go out. Now you know He wanted a token, a manifestation that He Himself designated and in His designation it was required that He would be able to see that. It had to be presented before Him, then they would be able to go out and thereby escape death and enter into the Promised Land.


Now only that personally applied token was recognized by God. Now you had to personally apply it. Somebody couldn’t do it for you. God didn’t say, “Moses, I tell you what you do. You hire some boys to run up and down the street and splash the blood on the door.” No, you had to personally apply it; so only the personally applied token.

Now remember, we’re talking about that day and this day and I trust your minds are realizing I’m saying with Brother Branham, “You must have a personally applied Token to get out of here.”

Now surely you understand that. But I would not try to make you feel bad by saying, “Hey, perhaps, some of you don’t understand it,” but the thing is this the mind is so tricky, especially when it has been fortified by the devil’s lies, the denominational creeds and dogma, the tenants which are so wrong. See? It’s hard to break that crust down. See? Okay.

Only that… only the personally applied token was recognized by God Who Himself was leading them out. To provide an exodus and an entrance God ordained three prerequisites for Israel. That’s right.

Israel had to have, number one, God Himself.

Number two, a God designated and applied token.

Number three, God’s prophet, not just any prophet or Balaam could have come down there and made hay while the sun was shining. Oh yeah, it would have been a great opportunity. See? Not just any prophet, it had to be a God designated prophet, God’s prophet, like we had today.


How Brother Branham said so many times in Deep Calleth to the Deep, [56-04-15] “Do you believe me to be God’s prophet? Do you believe me to be God’s prophet?” Not just a prophet.

A prophet doesn’t cut anymore ice with God than a pastor or teacher or evangelist, apostle because Paul said, “If any man think himself to be a prophet or spiritual, let him acknowledge the things that I write are the commandments of God.”

So a prophet hasn’t got one thing on me, hasn’t got one thing on you; he’s got an office. I tell you where are the power lies is in the revealed Word by a Word prophet, a God prophet. Now he’s just not just God’s prophet; he’s truly a God prophet because God’s in the prophet. Follow? Okay.


Today we have exactly the same except our Token in this age is… except our Token today is this age’s measure of the Holy Spirit through the baptism with the Holy Ghost. Now listen carefully. Our Token is not blood. Our Token is a measure of the Holy Spirit through the baptism.

And remember Jesus received the Spirit without measure. What measure Moses received, I don’t know. For all intents and purposes God… all of God could have been in Moses. It wouldn’t have done Moses any good to say, “Hey, look at me, folks.” It would have been… it was great for God to say He condescended though, then Moses could say, “Oh, what condescension.” That would be true.


Today we have exactly the same, the three prerequisites, except our Token is this age’s measure of the Holy Spirit through the baptism of the Holy Ghost. And whereas, Israel’s token was the physical carrier only of life, our Token is the Life Itself in Its proper measure and we ourselves become the carriers of that Life and we are, therefore, the chemistry of the Life.

In other words, we become the blood of God because the life is in the blood. “The Bride is the blood of God.” I didn’t say that on my own, Brother Branham said that. Well, if it’s true, it’s true. I don’t care how startling it is, sometimes it needs to be startling, goodies, to wake us up and bring us to the place where we realize just what is going on.

Thus we have God in the form of the Holy Spirit in a Pillar of Fire and the measure of the Holy Spirit as our personal Token and God’s prophet; these three are required to bring us out in our journey of the going in. Now many people do not see this. It does not become real to them that the Lord Jesus Christ is already descended with a Shout and is here to raise the dead.

Now I’m going to lower my voice. Am I loud enough for the back? Or do you want this cranked up? Is it okay? I don’t mind if I… it sounds real loud to me, you should have what you want because I’ve got to keep my voice down.


Now, I said here, it does not become real to many people that the Lord Jesus Christ has already descended with the Shout. Now you know what that means positively, He came down and proved who It was that came down, manifested, gave His own Word.

Anybody denies that, you’re just not full of the Holy Ghost, that’s all. Let’s just… that’s not a hard thing to tell you people, that should encourage you. This is not to hurt anybody; this is to set people straight. I trust we’re setting people straight.

And He’s here to raise the dead. They missed the point that the great Token Himself, the great Seal of the spiritual pyramid. Remember, Brother Branham said in the Seals, “The pyramid on our dollar bill does not have a cap on it but it’s got the great seal of the United States on it.”

The Great Seal Himself, the great Sealer who is the great Seal, the stature of a perfect man, eight, not seven virtues, the last one not being a virtue but a Person of the Holy Spirit.

God come down sealing us in, totally in control, a Bride under God, one with God, marriage, union, waiting for Wedding Supper, and He is here to take us into the Millennium. In other words, the Cornerstone which the builders rejected, remember, He’s the chief Cornerstone has become the Headstone.


Now when was He down here in the Seven Church Ages as a physical being? He wasn’t. He showed Himself in the day of Pentecost, showed Himself to Paul, but now at the end time the Cornerstone becomes the Headstone and has been brought forth with crying’s of “Grace, grace, grace”, shouting and crying.

And those who are Spirit filled have the required Token to make it, both in and out; out and in, I should say, coming out and going in.

Now it is Token and Token giver time; it’s not just Token time. It’s been Token time for seven ages. We’ll show you that but this is different. This is Token time and Token giver time, the great Token Himself now in this last age.

The Token Itself could not come until evening time for Seven Church Ages; the true Spirit filled Church has waited for Headship to return. Now that’s right. Now is that hour.

Brother Branham categorically said, “I’m not riding the midnight trail saying, ‘He’s coming.’ He’s already done come.” Now which coming was he talking about? The coming to us; getting us ready for the catching away; going to Him when He incarnates Himself.


Now, many people not understand and think that those in the Bride before us were not full of the Holy Spirit. That’s not so. Now Why I Am Not In Organized Religion, Brother Branham said, “Remember I believe that Martin Luther had the Holy Spirit,” absolutely, “maybe not.”

Now that ‘maybe not’ is just I think being nice because the truth of the matter is what he’s really saying is true, “Maybe not,” he said, “in the portion it is today because it wasn’t given out.”

So he said the ‘maybe’ part, you see, he obviated when he said because it wasn’t given out. Now why would he say ‘maybe’ if he didn’t… if he wasn’t reeled out and he turns around and tells you flat it wasn’t the age… the age wasn’t given out.

So you see the measure of the Word and the measure of the Spirit is the same, and you’re coming from a growth in a reformation to a restoration. See?


Now, with that in the Church Ages where I specifically asked Brother Branham. I said, “You weren’t trying to tell anybody that Luther wasn’t baptized with the Holy Ghost, and Wesley.”

He said, “No, by no means.”

Now here is this, this now, now before we close, it says the 13th chapter, I want to bring this thought, all along we have been talking about the seed of wheat being buried. Now watch this.

Then sending up some shoots, then the tassels, then the true ear. This might make some wonder if we said that the Lutherans didn’t have the Holy Spirit just because they basically taught justification.

It might make some wonder about the Methodists, etc. No sir, we are not saying that. We’re talking about the individuals or the… we are not talking about the individuals or the people but the age. Luther had the Spirit of God.

How could he be the Church Age messenger and be the Holy Spirit to the people and have the Word if he didn’t have the Holy Ghost? You tell me that, then I can tell you, you better forget everything you ever read in your Bible.

You know, God’s not a fluky kind of, flakey kind of a person, brother/sister, He’s holy and righteous. This would be very serious for anyone to attribute to God a letdown of His God-ality, His essentiality of His innate complete righteousness; you just can’t make Him anything but what He is. It’s very dangerous.

Luther had the Spirit of God, but his age was not the age of full restoration by another outpouring like in the beginning. It was the same with Wesley, Booth, Knox, Whitfield, Brayner, Jonathan Edwards, Mueller, etc.

Surely they were full of the Holy Ghost, yes, they certainly were but the age in which each lived was not the age of restoration, neither was any age but this last age, the age of complete blackout and apostasy.

See, the thing is going to run its course. The wheat gathers in the garner and the chaff is burned up. See? This is the age of apostasy and this is the age of restoration. It is the age of the finished cycle. The drama is over. With this it is all over. All right.


Now remember, their days, that’s Luther, Wesley and Pentecost, were not exodus times. It wasn’t which had to be under the personal that’s exodus had to be under the personal leadership of God and a God prophet and a mark of identification.

Now the mark of identification has to be specified now let’s watch carefully it didn’t say now, “Hey, I tell you what you do. Somewhere down the road it’s going to be fine to get some blood and actually you’ve been shedding blood and here’s the next step of that blood, what you do you go back and get that blood.

Then what you do you take that blood and a little bit solid… there’s chemicals you can use, you know. There’s different ways you can get that blood liquid again, and then you put that on the doorpost.” He didn’t say that.

He said, “You get a certain lamb, ram, of the sheep or goats and it’s got to be exactly a certain age, exactly a certain type, of exactly a certain time and that’s what you get. You don’t look back. You don’t look forward.” So everything was under a specific time.

So when we’re dealing with the exodus of this hour, you must deal with the specific time. What’s that word? Specificity of time, not specified, it’s… but there’s a certain word in there. It doesn’t matter; anyways it’s got to be a hundred percent specific. You don’t… go one side or the other. It’s got to be right with it. See?


So when we’re talking now then about a Token we are not talking about a Token that has been applied though the Bloodshed back there was just as good as the Blood being shed at this minute. And the Holy Spirit back there is just as good as the Holy Spirit at this minute, but that minute’s not this minute.

See, there’s a difference. You can take the blood and analyze it, “Hey, that’s the same thing.” Well, that’s great but it didn’t flow in the veins of this lamb at this hour. Do you understand what I’m saying?

So therefore, you understand when we talk about this Token, it’s the same Holy Spirit but there is that difference. Do you follow what I’m saying? Otherwise look, you can’t… brother/sister, let’s understand this, a time element can destroy you because if you put a Scripture in a wrong time element, you’re gone.

There’s no way to come back. So hear me what I’m saying this morning, I’m trying to be faithful to what Brother Branham said, to bringing this much to my mind by the help of the Lord, hoping and trusting it’s the help of the Lord to bring this across to you.


Now, now let’s get this very clear. To do so we go back to Pentecost. Acts 2:37-39. Now let’s look at it because, look this is the Bible and Brother Branham cannot go outside the Bible. If he does who needs him? Give him to the Mormon Church, that’s all.

The Mormons went outside the Bible. Then they threw us all a curve by predicting Brother Branham would come on the scene. Don’t tell me they can’t… the false ones can’t be anointed. Ha!

But thank God our prophet wasn’t Joseph Smith who said he dug up about a couple of dozen… I mean a couple of tons of gold plates and had to have somebody interpret them. We had God Himself come down and do His own interpreting.

Praise the Lord. Oh, we’re a billion miles ahead of anything. Let us just keep in touch and abreast with God. Now, he said,

Acts 2:37-40

(37) …Men and brethren, what [are] we [going to] do?

(38) [And] Peter said… , Repent, and be baptized every one of you in the name of Jesus Christ for the remission of sins, and [you’ll] receive the gift of the Holy Ghost.

(39) For the promise is unto you, and to your children, and… all that are afar off, even as many as the Lord our God shall call. [What promise? If you repent you get the Holy Ghost. Now remember, nobody can come except the Lord calleth. All that are called will come.]

(40) And with many other words did he… [encourage them.]


Over here now Acts 1:

Acts 1:8

(08) But [you will] receive power, after that the Holy Ghost… come upon you: and ye shall be witnesses unto me both in Jerusalem, and in all Judea, and in Samaria, and unto the uttermost part of the earth.

Like that tells you where the baptism can take you. Although the First Age they got to the uttermost parts of the earth: Thomas got to India, somebody got to China. Who knows where in that first century? Everything just was tremendous.

But that’s not the point we’re dealing with. What we’re dealing with here is the fact that Brother Branham talked to a man about an apostolic age.

And the man said, “The apostolic age is finished.”

And Brother Branham said, “Pray tell when did that age finish.” And he quoted him this very Scripture I read, “As many as the Lord our God shall call.” He said, “Sir, is God still calling?”

He said, “Yes.”

Then he said, “Who closed the apostolic age?”

The man took… put his hat on his head and walked off; he said, “No harm done.”

Brother Branham said, “It takes the Holy Ghost to show.”

Now what is this promise about? The Holy Spirit to every one that’s called that you’ll be sealed in. Now that’s very good for those ages back there but that won’t do for today, not that it’s not the same Holy Spirit. It’s a different hour.

It’s a different measure. It’s a different Word. God Himself is on the scene. Now a little later on which I’m afraid won’t be this morning we’ll touch where Brother Branham touches [Acts] 2:37-39


Now, I hope you can see exactly the truth I’m trying to say if indeed it is the truth and I trust it is. This is not Mark 16. Now notice, Mark 16 has been through the ages. You know the Pentecostals wanted to so desperately to prove that tongues was the evidence and I was Pentecostal for years.

So I read all their desperate books. Like Brother Bosworth, he said, “I knew every argument in the Bible and every argument out of the Bible.”

And I laughed because I was in the same category until I ran across a fellow, yi, yi, yi, yi, yi. I laid his book down; I’d never pick it up again. The guy’s from Dathan, a brother from Dathan, nothing against the man. I don’t know if I remember his name even, but I have never seen such…

Well, you’ve heard this is the age of trivia? Well, it’s trivia except for one thing, souls get damned by trivia, and it’s trivia that causes us to lose our sincerity and let the weeds grow up and choke out the life.

So trivia is a very, very horrible thing but believe me, when you read what he wrote in the light of what I have read by consecrated men, going back to the days of the old Quakers and the old Puritans, great people of God, old Presbyterians, Methodists, great, great men, Baptists, all in their day had great wonderful people, like Dr. Morrison out of the Nazarenes, Uncle Buddy Robinson and different ones like that.

His book was the most superficial and peculiar thing I’ve ever read in my life. You talk about twisted which was horribly, horribly perverted.

But anyway, the Pentecostals have traced history back and among the Ana-Baptist and amongst the Irvingite’s and amongst, oh, you name it. Look, my memory’s not good anymore, I can get you the books if you want them bad enough, and you can read for yourself where they traced back that every age somebody was found spoken in tongues, and they say, “It always was the evidence.

It always was the Holy Spirit.” But it wasn’t. “A gift is not the Holy Ghost;” as Brother Branham said, “you have a pair of shoes and you got a couple of tongues in your shoes. Why,” he said, “the tongues aren’t the shoes,… they’re just part… they just come with the shoes. Why,” he said, “if I give you a gift… I don’t give you of myself, I give you a gift.”

And that’s the thing you’ve got to realize the gift of the Holy Ghost is not the Holy Ghost Himself, it’s something from His heart. It’s that little molecule; that little bit in there. See? That microcosmos to speak. Okay.


Now if the apostolic age then isn’t it in the sense of gifts of tongues and all those things, like they say, “Well, there it is and we can prove that tongues were spoken of.”

The Seven Church Ages have had the baptism with the Holy Ghost for every Bride member, because unless you’re sealed in by the Holy Ghost you don’t have the earnest of your redemption of your body.

Now listen, the baptism with the Holy Ghost is not the redemption of your body; it’s the sign or the Token proving that you’re going to have a redemption. Do you follow what I’m saying? So that’s what we’re looking at.

So understand, brother/sister, that when you talk of the Holy Spirit in you according to Romans It will quicken your mortal bodies at the hour of the Resurrection: I want you to know something; it is not automatic. It’s your identification. See?


Look at the time of Israel, Elisha died of the sickness whereas he was sick; they buried him in a cave. Some people were taking flight from some enemies, a man on the road died, so the poor old fellow they couldn’t take him any further.

They knew that it would be too bad if they couldn’t get away from the enemies so they threw him in the cave, not knowing it was Elijah’s cave. And the bones were down there, just as living as all get out, and the body hit those bones and the man came up and walked out of the cave. He joined the fleeing crowd again. Now, you can see in there, brother/sister, what we’re talking about.

You have that in you which identifies you like Elijah’s bones identified Elijah. If they’d of thrown him in another cave he wouldn’t have come out. See? And I’ll tell you just as soon as that man came out of the cave, resurrected; you bet they wanted to find out whose cave that was.

He said, “I hit those dead man’s bones down there, and I just came to.”

They said, “Hey, we better check this out. That’s interesting.”

They had something in their minds; don’t worry, like I would. A good Jew, you know, you don’t fool with him, he knows where there is a buck to be had or some good thing to get his hands on. And so they would check it out; they must have checked it out because the Bible said so.

Else how would they know? So you see what we’re trying to bring to your attention here. All the ages there was a sealing in and Brother Branham said, “It’s a temporary thing; it runs out,” which we saw that it positively does.


Now we go a little further. That is why Brother Branham could say, “You Lutherans potentially had the Holy Ghost. You Lutherans potentially.” And when he said that to Pentecostals, why, that, listen, I want to tell you right then, that was when the rotten tomatoes began coming, only that’s quite a nice expression.

They called him a devil and everything else. Then they wouldn’t take it. See? Only the potential. He wasn’t saying, “Hey, you Lutherans weren’t full of the Holy Spirit with the measure what you had in your day. That sealing in is going to get you out of the grave” because if that’s what… if that is the token, the earnest of Redemption. See? They had it.

Now we’ve got to have the same thing but brother/sister, our earnest of Redemption doesn’t put us in the grave to put us out, it keeps us out. There’s another measure there. Don’t you understand what I’m saying? Look, in God is everything.

In God as He was just God was the ability to begin to manifest Himself. At the same time was the ability to begin to create, at the same time was the ability and He had to be Savior but everything had to be in its due course. So we’ve got a God over Seven Church Ages put everything in His due course, and now we’re to the last course for it’s all over. See?

The Holy Spirit’s been doing it all the time, but Alpha is Omega, Cornerstone is Capstone today. We’re right back to the original. See?


Now he said, “You Lutherans potentially had it.” Now watch! He said, “The church fell in the ground and died.” What did it take with it? It took the earnest. Well, it must have. Your body’s a temple. That life touched it. All those cells got to come back.

Now he said, “Under Luther you can see a little bit of a stalk. Why,” he said, “and that looked more like the original than in the Dark Ages.” Two little sprouts and looked like original? What’s he talking about? Well, the corn of wheat that fell in the ground.

Now he said, “Under Wesley it came up and into a nice big stalk and went into… tassels up there. Oh,” he said, “my, that begin to look a whole lot more like it.” Then he said, “Along came the formed in the ear,” and he said,… that, “Why, anyone would say that’s got to be it.” See? In other words, you’re back to where you recognize what you want and what you planted for. See? Okay.

But he said, “We had found that there was fungus on the ear.” And there was, too. And that’s very true. Then he said, “It wasn’t it and… in that shuck that looked like it was the real thing and there was nothing there a life was coming from the shuck.”

And he said, “You could take what he said? What a high-powered scope, and he said, thirty or something, I don’t know what he called it, thirty power or something but it could be a hundred thirty for all I know because I don’t know telescopes except I pick one up and look at it, I don’t even bother. Power is power.

You tell it, I don’t. Anyway he said you could look at a certain power and maybe way down in there you see that little life forming to what it was.


Now when that ear of corn had on it exactly what went down in there you’ve come back. When did the Holy Spirit manifest Himself in those Seven Church Ages and especially Luther, Wesley and Pentecost, five, six and the seventh as He did in the tail end of the seventh when He showed exactly what went down in the ground came back now to the Gentiles?

Now that’s what he’s talking about. You’ve got to put this all together in your thinking, and your thinking, brother/sister, is not going to come from the theology of this world. It’s going to come from God, true theology from a prophet.

And I’m trying to sort it out for you to help you to see what he was saying because it’s got to come together. You can’t just take one part of it and leave the rest of it be. There’s no way for it. See?

So here we are at the end time. We’re back. Now the exact ministry proves exactly Who is there. Right. The next thing, why is He there? That will be a covenant. All of this has to be in this book, Christ revealed in His own Word; Logos Himself in our midst. How will He deal with us? Only one way He ever did by a prophet. See?


So God, God prophet, now what? There’s the Token. What Token? This Token, not that token under justification. Now are you following? Now please try to follow. We’ll go a little deeper, a little more in this as time goes on. I’m not going to get there this morning, look, there’s no way.

Even if I just recap three or four Sundays of meetings here and then just let you read the book yourself, that’s going to be more good than just trying to read the whole thing through. See, look.

It’s a lot like Brother Branham talked about the character of God, His offices. Now he said, “Look at me… I’m a son. I’m a husband. I’m a father. I’m a grandfather.” Now he says, “It takes a process of time but it’s the same person all the time.” In other words, what is this same God doing? And what and how is He doing it in relationship to you and me?

At the end time what He needs to have done it requires the prophet. It requires Himself, then He requires of us. See? Not what was under Luther and Wesley and Pentecost. See? Not that.

That life won’t do. Do you understand what I’m saying? That life come up in the stalk, cut if off, boom. Where’s your corn? Gone, nowhere. Then it will go further up to the tassel, cut off. Where has it gone? Nowhere, finished. Now bring it right to this hour. Though the life is the same, it is not the same. Do you follow what I’m saying?


Look, I’m a great-grandfather. That’s not the same as being grandfather, you better believe it. Forget it. I was in my forties before I was a grandfather, shew. And a grandfather wasn’t half bad, I had about as much vitality as when I was being father but I didn’t have the vitality as a father I had when being a son either.

That’s when you could tear around. I never did learn how to keep up my energy, so that’s my fault not yours. But it’s the same old life but I tell you neither did… neither… if I would have learned anything which I don’t know that I really have when I look to see what could have been learned, speaking spiritually, and living up to it spiritually.

My goodness, me, I should be millions of miles ahead than when I was sixteen or eighteen when I first got converted.

Now my knowledge is certainly abundant to what it was twenty years ago, but it’s the same knowledge, the same person. Always there’s… always you see there’s that same thing but the manifestation, so therefore, you’ve got to watch as it goes hand in glove.

So in this hour there is manifestation and that’s the Spirit you’re looking to get your spirit from that’s going to seal you in. You don’t get it back there in Pentecost. Go on and go back, people still want Pentecost.

I could tell you some things right now but you know it only makes me feel bad. It kind of gets me bitter about it, so it would get you bitter so why bother talking? It isn’t worth it, it isn’t worth it; no way shape and form. All right.


Now look! Where are we at? We’re going to go back to Ephesians again. I love Ephesians. I never knew I’d love this book like I love it, especially chapter 1. It has everything in it. It says in verse 13 and 14, concerning.

Ephesians 1:12-14

(12) That we should be to the praise of his glory, who first [hoped] in Christ. [Not trusted, but hoped in Christ there; that’s the evidence. The word ‘hope’ means ‘where an earnestness about it, an assurance in there’.]

(13) In whom ye also [hoped], after… [you] heard the word of truth, the gospel of your salvation: in whom also after… [you] believed, ye were sealed with that holy Spirit of promise,

(14) Which is the earnest of our inheritance until the redemption…

Now, it’s not the redemption, it’s the guarantee of the redemption. So when God… every one of those little cells of yours and mine had been touched by the Holy Ghost and God’s going to bring it back in a glorified form.

There’s no way you’re going to miss it. See, the Token, the earnest] of the purchased possession, unto the praise of his glory. Now watch!

Ephesians 1:16-20

(16) Cease not to give thanks for you, making mention of you in my prayers;

(17) That the God of our Lord Jesus Christ, the Father of glory, may give unto you the spirit of wisdom and revelation in the knowledge of him:

(18) The eyes of your understanding being enlightened; that ye may know what is the hope of his calling, and what the riches of the glory of his inheritance in the saints,

(19) And what is the exceeding greatness of his power to us-ward who believe, according to the working of his mighty power,

(20) Which he wrought in Christ…


Now listen! Up above is personal, one by one. I want to ask you a question. Do people come out of the grave one by one or do they all come out? They come out age by age. Now Brother Branham, no doubt, will be the first one up.

But you show me who would come behind Daddy Bosworth and Brother Daugh and so and so and so and so, you can’t find that, and it also said the same thing about Jesus, many of the bodies of the dead that slept came out of the grave. It didn’t say one by one. It said Jesus and then they came out.

So down here it’s collective, the Spirit is now moving collectively and It’s the same Spirit that gave of Himself way back here for Seven Church Ages and the Resurrection can only come in the Seventh Church Age.

So the great Resurrector is here because Brother Branham said, he said, “Jesus Christ, God, Holy Spirit, comes down, sets Himself at the head of the Church in order to raise the dead.” Well, did He come down? He certainly did. Is He at the head of the Church? He certainly is. What’s He going to do?

Certainly raise the dead. That’s collective. That’s the great Seal on the pyramid. One. And remember, the pyramid on the… it’s a pyramid that’s on a pyramid. Why? It has to be because the pyramid is his body. Everything in her is in Him. She’s Word; He’s Word. It couldn’t be anything else but pyramid. See? The whole thing is beautiful. Now,

Ephesians 1:20

(20) Which he wrought in Christ, when he raised him from the dead, and set him at his own right hand [That’s Rapture. Took him up.]


So what is this for? That’s for this hour and you must identify with that Holy Spirit and know that you have part of that Holy Spirit. Now some people have an idea, well maybe, maybe, since Brother Branham came, nobody had the Holy Ghost. Ha, ha, you missed the boat on that.

Some people say, “Well, Brother Branham didn’t get the Holy Ghost until… ” Oh, what was that last thing that went around here for awhile?

Preached it from The Rising of the Sun or something and nobody… “Brother Branham himself didn’t have the Holy Ghost until that hour.” Hogwash! Why he could be like John the Baptist for all I know.

I don’t believe he was though because the boy… Brother Branham admitted about the age of twenty-two he got born again. He said, “The rebirth is by the baptism with the Holy Ghost.” He said, “It’s one and the same.” We won’t try to stretch his words out of position because it’s not true. Okay.


Now I’m going to read a chapter and a verse, paragraph 2, in page 19, and then we go back to where we left off.

[19-2]  What is sin? [I’m going to cover this again later so don’t worry.] unbelief. You’ve disbelieved the Message. You’ve disbelieved the Word.

Now you’ve disbelieved this Book and disbelieved Logos because anything Logos it is already here. Anything Logos has been is here, anything Logos will be is here; God in printed form, Logos, God in manifested form which is this in manifested form and in its right hour. That’s how you know events will make things clear to you, set you in your time. All things dovetail, brother/sister, give it a chance.

[19-2]  You’ve disbelieved the Word. You’ve disbelieved the witness of the Token, Itself. [Disbelieved the Token Itself and It’s own witness? Ready to turn over?] When It has identified Itself in the midst of us. [That’s Ephesians 1:17, that’s not Ephesians 1:13, 14, you better have meaning. You have to have baptism upon baptism,] And… you that disbelieved that? No matter how much you disbelieve It, It has got to be applied.

Now that’s a terrible stern warning. It’s just like somebody say, “Well, I’m not going to take those shots.” You aren’t. Okay, grab him. We’ll see how many shots you can handle. Shhu. A big four-inch needle, about, what, thirty cc’s. It would raise quite a bump. Ten cc’s is bad enough. See, all right.


Let’s go back to page 17. We’ll start reading.

[17-5]  Israel was commanded to stay under that blood until marching orders came.

Israel had a token until marching orders came. That goes two ways. Now remember, he’s talking of that age and this age. Everything back there is for this age. Do you understand? Okay.

They were to stay under the Token which is the Holy Spirit, that’s the one Token for Seven Church Ages, and that took care of them until this hour and then get under this Token.

And don’t say, “Well, hallelujah, we spoke in tongues. We got gifts. Don’t tell me I’m going to die; I’ve been a good Christian all my life.” Well, we’ll hit that see, see now.

In other words, don’t ever give up on telling people about the baptism with the Holy Ghost until you yourself are changed, because you don’t know. Don’t ever give up on trying to win souls. You’re under the Token until your marching orders.

Now we understand we’ve already marched out of Babylon. We’re marching out if we already haven’t we’re in the process but I don’t believe it’s talking about that. I believe it’s talking right to the very minute until the dead come out of the grave; we don’t know.

[17-5]  Don’t go… from under it.


See? Just like I read in Ephesians, Acts 2:37, how that you’re… the Token is applied to everyone that God calls, That baptized you into Christ, and when the last hour comes you’ll meet the great Token Himself and He’ll take you through, and when you recognize and be one with that Word you know that you’re not missing the one thing. Okay,

[17-5]  …that token, they were sealed in there. [That’s true.] Don’t leave that!

In other words, that’s the great thing for you. It’s not the great thing that God did, that’s just part of it; it’s a great thing for you because here’s where you make it or you break it.

[17-5]  They stayed right there, until the midnight [hour] struck… the trumpet blew.

You need that baptism, sure, even to the place where the trumpet blows to summon us to the Wedding Supper because you see there wouldn’t be any summoning to the Wedding Supper unless you were full of the Holy Ghost which was your guarantee of immortality in this hour because the measure of the Holy Spirit could not give immortality.

You weren’t sealed into that; you were sealed in down the road. The great mystery now is something is happening in here. It couldn’t happen back there. Same Holy Spirit; it wasn’t the hour.

[17-5]  …the old ram’s horns begin to blow, each one marched out with his provision, going to the promised land. [What is your provision? What does God provide you with? Not the blood this time but the Holy Spirit.]

[17-6]  So, does the man or woman who is filled with the Holy Ghost. He is sealed away and secure from all harm and danger. His whole life displays what he is. Wherever he walks, whatever his business he does, whoever he talks with,… with whom he comes in contact… women,… associates, when he comes in contact with everything that Token is [lying] there. Amen.


Now Brother Branham is… as a pastor knows his congregation. He knows what they’re doing, what they’re not doing. And I was very close to Brother Branham and sometimes he talked to me about some things, he would say, “Well, just to think they think I don’t know.” Yeah, you better know that he knew.

This is a pastoral message in this sense and they’re saying, “Well, we believe Brother Branham; we’ve got the prophet.” And living the way they live? Not all, some. How many had applied the Token under those conditions? Well, you know what I’m talking about.

This calls for a life. In other words, the same Life that was shed and you know what kind of Life that was that Jesus lived is seeking bodies to live the same kind of Life in all over again. And you can’t stop short of believing that and I can’t and calling for it in my life and yours no matter what comes.

[17-7]  Then when he comes to death, “I will fear no evil; for Thou art with me,” sure, the… Token lies there. When it comes to the resurrection, He’ll be there…

You bet, he’ll be right on top of the ground waiting for you. Deep calling to the deep, like was it Job said, “When He calls I’ll answer, all the days I’ll wait for my time to desire the work of His hands.”

Tell me one thing that God formed outside of man and woman in… for the Garden by His hand. He just spoke the rest, chug, chug, you know, nothing to it. The work of God’s hand is mankind, those bodies.

[17-8]  Jesus said… “When I see the Blood [the Token], I’ll pass over you.”…

[17-9]  Remember, if that Token was not displayed, [that’s personally utilized] even the covenant was annulled. That’s right.


Now let’s go a little further. Jesus Himself said, “You’ve annulled my covenant. You’ve destroyed my Word, my commandments by your traditions.” He came right there to set them straight, to get them right back.

They went right back to the Word, understood by traditions, threw away the manifestation and God’s own corrected Word which was God’s understanding of what God said, not theirs. What happened? He said, “You’ve voided it.” It just didn’t mean, hey, you drew a line through that, no, it means you cut your throat.

Now let’s bring that down to this hour. What if people don’t understand and don’t want to understand about God and the prophet, His prophet and The token of the hour? What if they turn that aside? Do you think they’re going to make it?

No way, brother/sister, I know you all want to be nice. I want to be nice, too. I want to be especially nice because you know; maybe you’ll make it on your niceness. I blew it right there. You say, “Well, maybe, you… you’re going to by what you say you’re going to put some fellow out and you won’t go in yourself.”

Well, I know one thing only the Elect are going to go in and that’s based on foreknowledge, so maybe I won’t make it, but I’m going to tell you something only the Elect know the Word of God, because all but the Very Elect are deceived. You can do what you want.

I don’t care where you take your Scripture, brother/sister; you got to come to some place where you get to the definitive. You got to come sometime to a place where you know as Brother Branham said, “You’ve got an ultimate,” because this is ultimatum time, else see, there’s an urgency here.

Look, with that man’s ministry and God’s demands on that man’s ministry and on that man he had better have been serious, that’s why you saw the man that you saw and I knew the man that I knew. See?



[17-9]  The covenant was annulled.

I don’t care what covenant the person said he got. You turn that down, the Token, which is He Himself, the great Token Giver, the great Seal; see, automatically you will turn down what is related to it. In other words, you women that don’t like a man you don’t want him to father your child if he did it would be rape.

God doesn’t rape anybody. Now put that down spiritually just the way I’m trying to put it this morning. If you can’t stand God Himself you can’t stand the baptism of the Holy Ghost; I don’t care what you say.

I don’t care how nice you are, you’re lying right in my teeth and your teeth, forget it, honey, you’ve been exposed this morning right in this message and stand in Judgment Day. I’m exposed with it. Don’t kid ourselves.

I can speak like Brother Branham, “How many people really know that you’re born again?” That’s the trouble. That’s why the world and all these things, call, call, call. I’m not saying you won’t have trouble afterward, oh don’t worry, you’ll have trouble.

That’s when your trouble really begins. It’s a different kind. “Unless you’re full of the Holy Ghost,” like Brother Branham said, “it’s not enough to say, ‘Well, sure, I believe that.’” Do you believe it? How much do you believe it?

Like the old Pentecostal song, well, it wasn’t a Pentecostal; you can’t give them credit for everything. It’s good. Believing is receiving. Well, it is really, although Pentecostals did preach that, wonderful.

He said, “Ask and it shall be given to you,” therefore, asking is receiving, “Seek and you shall find,” therefore, seeking is finding, “Knock and the door will be open unto you,” he said, so therefore, knocking is opening a door. Then how many asked? How many saw it? How many knocked? See, it’s got to be that simple and it is, too, that’s how you receive the Holy Ghost believe it or not. He said,

[17-9]  That is right. The covenant was annulled. [See?] There was no covenant as long as that Token wasn’t there.


That’s absolutely true. True. No way. God’s got to bring His Word to pass, in this hour it takes God Himself, and you better have what God demands you to have or there’s no Word for you. How could there be? It’s just that simple. You know, you go down to the store and there’s a big sign on the door says, “No credit, all cash.”

“Well, I don’t have any cash.”

“Well, sorry about that.”

“Well, I need bread.”

“Well, I’m sorry about that, too. Hey, look, feller, I can sympathize with you, but I cannot give bread away free to you or anybody else and stay in business. Now make up your mind. Now there are places where you can go and get the money. Go and get the money. I’ll give you the bread.”

Now anybody can understand that and in fact we’re a little bit sympathetic with the guy that’s selling the bread because if we were in his boots we’d got to have it too or how do you order your next batch of bread if you haven’t got the money?

Years ago I was so naïve as a kid, I thought I’d love to be a storekeeper or something, you get all the candy and everything else. I didn’t know where he got it; I didn’t even think that far back. Then I got older I could see the wagon loads of grain going down the road, and I thought, “Now where does the money come from? What’s behind all that?”

It was grade four, about nine, ten years old, I guess ten years old, started school late. Ten years of age I was thinking, “What’s behind it all?” I haven’t found out to this day except it’s crooked. The devil’s behind it all. Yeah.

[17-9]  The Token stood for the covenant. [Right. Right. God said, “I stand behind My Word to preform It. I watch over my Word. I’ve got a zeal for My Word.] God made a covenant with them. Yes, sir. But the Token had to be there it wasn’t in effect, [the covenant wasn’t in effect] unless the Token was there.


That’s right. Now that’s valid. That’s simple and it’s not hard because the Bible said, Jesus said, “If you being evil know how to give good gifts how much more shall the heavenly Father give the Holy Ghost to them that ask Him?”

Now that brings it down to the simplistic, there’s a one to one, here I am, give me; here you are, get it. There might not…

Now here we’re getting back to the picture again of the illustration, and that is for this hour. I don’t care if it was for four thousand years ago. Forget it. It’s right today. Back and forth it goes.

[18-1]  There might be many Jews could say, “Come here; I don’t have… any blood on my door, but I want to show you something. I’m a circumcised Jew. I’m circumcised.”

[18-2]  That doesn’t mean that. [Brother Branham snaps his fingers–Ed.] “When I see the Blood, when I see the Token.”

Not the blood when you were circumcised. No, no; that of the lamb. Not went back under Wesley, Finney, and all those fellows, no. Look it let me tell you something. If that miserable serpent hadn’t gotten involved with Eve we’d all trace every one of us back to Adam, pure, simple, boom.


Now, you can take a blood and take it all the way back to the original lamb. The original lamb bloodshed for Adam and Eve and then Abel wouldn’t do one bit of good here.

Trace it back, same lineage, same everything. Now it would be the same blood as far as life’s concerned. That’s not possible I don’t think anymore, everything is so changed, but it had to be shed at that time. See? Something required.

[18-3]  Now you may say, [Watch it he’s bringing it for today.] “I’m Baptist, Presbyterian, Methodist,” [whatever you want to be] but when I see the Token.

[18-4]  You might say, “I’m a believer. My mother was a member of this church; my daddy… a member of this church; I’ve been a member… since I was a child.”

[18-5]  That doesn’t mean that. (Brother Branham snaps his fingers–Ed.) I don’t lie, steal. I don’t do this,… don’t mean that. [Doesn’t mean that.](Brother Branham snaps his fingers.)

[18-6]  “I belong to Branham Tabernacle; I do this, that, the other. I believe all the Word.”

[18-7]  Those Jews could have said the same thing…

And they were all in one place and ethnicly they were pretty much all of one blood because they hadn’t proliferated around the country picking up all these strange women. I know women get a lot of blame for everything.

If they weren’t so desirable to men they wouldn’t have to be all that trouble but the men create their own trouble. They always want the beautiful little girl and she doesn’t turn out so great after all, you know.


Now, see, all of one group, all in one place.

[18-7]  …“I believe Jehovah.”

That’s better than our day does. You say, “You believe Jehovah?” Sure, I do. Tell me who He is. “Well?” You tell a person, “Hey, when you think of Jesus, I’ll tell you what you think of.

You think right away of the man Christ Jesus, the high priest up there right now.” Wrong. Brother Branham talked of the Pillar of Fire and called it the Body. “Well, I can’t see that.” Right, you can’t see that. You won’t see it either. You’re not going to see it.…

They could say we believe Jehovah. Listen, they scrapped with Jesus about that. They had a whole other… I’m going to tell you when God turned them over the way He did they had a whole lot more going for them in my estimation than we have today when you consider what we’ve got against what they had. Yes siree.

That’s why He could put them under the Fifth Seal, every last one, they’ll come up. You bet they were blinded. Oh, today, brother/sister, we have a… honky-tonk situation when it comes to true grace and gospel of Jesus Christ, it’s a prostitute affair. They weren’t that bad, no siree, I don’t believe that but they crucified Him; they had to. See. So their revelation was more than we’ve got today.

[18-8]  Now you would have listened to the Message of the hour, if you did. [If they really believed in Jehovah they would have listened to the message. If we really believed we’d listen.] Certainly.… They had had a lot of messages, but this was the Message of the hour…


Now there’s something that people don’t want to believe and I’m constantly harping on it because it takes a lot of dealing with it until you become relaxed and at ease with understanding a Message of the hour. What is the Message of the hour?

It’s the promise of the hour which promise is vindicated; God fulfilling His Word. Not back there, not Reformation, not under five and six and mostly seven; this is at the end time when the lights go out and curfew is called, “Come into Goshen where it’s light.” See?

[18-8]  They had had a lot of messages, but this was the Message of the hour, see. I believe the Message of the hour. The blood was applied at the evening time.

What is our message? Malachi 4:5-6. Let’s go back and take a look at Malachi. Don’t be ashamed to go back. They say, “Brother Vayle, we take that all the time.” So what? You give me how many Scriptures there’s about John the Baptist.

Everybody preach like John the Baptist. John the Baptist, John the Baptist. I go with them. Praise God for John the Baptist. Give me some Scripture outside of three or four. They run them ragged; they run them plumb around the world.

We’ve got a lot of Scripture and don’t think you’re going to run it ragged, kid, not around here. I’m not defending myself so I can blast you with this again or anybody else. I’m just telling you the truth. Don’t give me that stuff, you know, it’s not as though you people here were doing it.

I got a reason for saying this because people used to bug me because I was always talking about Malachi 4 until I finally realized, hey, it would have to come from every single one of the Bride. If there’s fifteen thousand Bride, I hear… see fifteen thousand Bride, I should hear fifteen thousand times minimum. I think I’ve heard it by now. All right.

Malachi 4:1

(01) For, behold, the day cometh, that shall burn as an oven… all the proud, yea,… that do wickedly,…


Who are the proud ones? We’re rich, increased in goods and don’t lack a thing. And spiritually they’re horrible. They do wickedly. What’s wickedly? They offer unto God outside the framework of the Word. They’re off the Word.

Do you want to know why the Roman Catholic Church and all these churches are getting so nice, nice, nice, nice, nice? They’ve got to be nicey-nicey, nice; you get more flies with syrup than you do with vinegar. Sure.

And who’s inside waiting? Mister Spider: “Will you walk into my parlor, said the spider to the fly.” Remember that little bit of poetry? If you don’t remember it, you’re just like me I forget it, too.

Malachi 4:1-6

(01) …the day that cometh [will] burn them up, saith the LORD of hosts,… [won’t] leave… root nor branch. [In other words, this is the great showdown for the lake of fire.]

(02) But unto you that fear my name shall the Sun of righteousness arise with healing in his wings; [He’s going to come upon you]… [you will] go forth,… as calves of the stall.

(03) …[you] shall tread down the wicked;… ashes under the soles of your feet in the day that I shall do this, saith the LORD of hosts. [Now this is a process of time. Here’s your Shout which leads to the Voice that leads to the Trumpet, leads to the ashes.]…

(05) Behold, I… send you Elijah the prophet before the coming of the great and dreadful day of the LORD: [There won’t be any ashes unless Elijah comes. What’s he going to do?]

(06) …turn the heart of the… children [back] to their fathers, [that’s going to stop you from being smitten]…


What’s the promise of the hour? That’s it! Elijah has got to be made manifest. Sure. God’s got to be made manifest. It’s an exodus. Where’s your exodus? Go back to Moses. That’s why Brother Branham did it. Okay.

[18-9]  They might have said, “I’m a Jew.”

[18-10]  People say now, “I’m a Christian. I can show you my long membership. I want… to tell you… I want you to tell me wherever I… stole anything, or wherever I was… in the law court. Show me where I’ve committed adultery, I’ve never done all of these things [or something like that]. Show me one place.”

[18-11]  That doesn’t mean a thing, no, no. No matter how much trouble he went to, the covenant is without effect. It is non-effective.

Now we got both sides of the coin. I don’t care how rotten you are, I don’t care how good you are; the point is are you born again? Like the old fellow talked, remember I told you years and years ago down in Spencerville, that’s west of Lima there, Route 117, Highway 66 rather. He came to church one night, a Baptist church, he’s an old timer and I said, “Hey, when were you born again?”

He said, “I went to the altar so and so.”

I said, “I didn’t ask you when you went to the altar. When are you born again?”

He turned fourteen different colors, scared. He’d never was born again. He just joined a church. He went to the altar. A man got offended because we don’t have an altar. Well, then get his own altar.

I’m not being rough on anybody but if you think you can put faith in one step that you took instead of God and get something because you had an altar experience instead of the baptism of the Holy Ghost, you are all wet, my brother, my sister.

All I can say is I’m sorry for you but you better smarten up because you’ve missed it. I’ve missed it. Anybody’s missed it on those grounds. See?


So it doesn’t have a thing to do with you and your choice of what manner of living you have lived. It’s “when I see the blood I will pass over you.” Now that went for anybody from the age of accountability on, personal confrontation.

[18-11]  That doesn’t mean a thing, no, no. … how much trouble he went to, the covenant is without effect. It is non-effective.

[18-12]  You say, “Well, I’m a Bible student.”

[19-1]  I don’t care what you are. Without that covenant, the wrath of God is upon you.

Now watch what he said, he doesn’t say Token, he says, “Without that covenant.” Now if God didn’t have a Word for it, you don’t have a thing.

You got nothing to look forward to, and if God didn’t give you the Token, you can’t look for that Word that God has. You say, “Well, I got this Bible.” That’s what he said, “I’m a Bible student. I’ve got a word. I’ve got a covenant.” Oh no, I’m sorry. You don’t have the Token so you don’t have a Word.

See that’s what I’m trying to tell you when Jesus withstood those Pharisees. Why they said, “We believe in Moses. We got God. We got Abraham. We got this.”

He said, “You have made everything void by your traditions.” He said, “You’ve taken everything away from yourselves.” Like he said to those, he said…  Jesus said, “[If] we are blind, your sin would not have remained, but now you say you see, your sin remaineth.” You got to understand these things, brother/sister.

[19-1]  Without that covenant, the wrath of God is upon you.


All right, Malachi 4, the wrath of God is upon the people without what covenant? Without Elijah, without the Son rising, the Son arising with healing. Who was here today? The Lord Jesus Christ in the form of the Holy Spirit with His prophet. People can do what they want about it. I’m convinced of it.

I don’t know where… Look, if we didn’t even get out of here with that I’m sorry we’re still a million miles ahead of anybody else. Now do you know what I mean? Let’s face it. Where has anybody got one shred of evidence about anything? Oh, my, my. Of course, they just think we’re crazy. Brother Branham brings that out, too. What is sin?

[19-1]  I don’t care what you are. Without that covenant, the wrath of God is upon you. Right! It has caught up with you. Yeah, your sins will find you out.

[19-2]  What is sin? unbelief. You’ve disbelieved the Message. You’ve disbelieved the Word. You’ve disbelieved the witness of the Token Itself. You’ve disbelieved the witness of the Token Itself. When It has identified Itself in the midst of us. [Who’s doing all the work? Brother Branham was, yeah, sure, manifestly, the person, the vessel, but God was in him. That’s where the Son of man ministry came in.]… how much… No matter how much you disbelieve It, It has got to be applied.


See? Now remember, without that Token there remains no covenant participation, no union, no membership in Christ, no Bride, no getting out of here. Now you see what I’m saying? What he’s saying is this, they’re preaching it everywhere. Hallelujah, look at the signs of the times.

Anybody can see this is the end. Everybody knows what’s going on. “This is it. People come into Christ. This is it.” And there’s no Christ to come into because they’re coming into membership, into tongues, into manifestation.

They’re not coming into the Token Itself, the great Token Giver, the great Seal. See? Understand what I’m saying, brother/sister?


Now listen!

[19-2]  You’ve disbelieved the Message. You’ve disbelieved the Word.

That’s Logos and this printed page itself. You’ve disbelieved what this vindicated man brought you concerning the two, and here it is, you disbelieved the witness of the Token; He’s right here proving everything. Why don’t you receive Him?

And remember, Brother Branham said, “There is no physical evidence or sensation.” Now that fooled them all. Sheer unadulterated revelation.

Brother/sister, when Brother Branham brought out the Seals, the Thunders and what he did, there’s no way the devil can do one thing about it because the Elect only have the truth, the answers; they will never be deceived.

Ninety percent of us could be here this morning I… more than one of you deceived, but I’m going to tell you if there’s one Elect sitting here this morning, and I trust we all are, I don’t say nobody isn’t, that person will never be fooled by the devil. No way, shape and form.

It’s too late, brother/sister, he can’t do it. He can’t do it. They got a hold of it and they’re sealed in. What are you going to do? That’s why Brother Branham is screaming, “He’s been identified, the devil’s been identified.”

[19-2]  No matter how much you disbelieve It, It’s got to be applied.


Oh, brother, that’s a stinger right there. Now they say, “Well, where’s your Branham prophet? He got smeared across the road. Ha, ha. That judger he got judged. We’re glad he’s gone. Now where’s everything?”

Well, let’s wait awhile. Let’s just wait awhile. Let me see if I can find you something here. Then I’ll let you go pretty quick because I’m tired. You’re tired. We’re all tired.

2 Peter 3:4-7

(04) [Now] saying, Where is the promise of his coming? for since the fathers fell asleep, all things continue as they were from the beginning of creation.

(05) For this they willing [ignore, they’re ignorant] of, that by the Word of God the heavens… of old,… the earth standing out of the water and in the water:

(06) Whereby the world… that then was, being overflowed with water perished:

(07) But the heavens and the earth, which are now, by the same word are kept in store, reserved unto fire against the day of judgment and perdition of ungodly men.

Now what’s he telling you here? He’s telling you the things that are going on very slowly because God has reserved all of this for judgment but already His Word has liberated us unto freedom. Now that we’re taken care of, we can sit here until doom’s day almost as it were. Oh, that gets people rattled.

That gets it as though they say, “Well, that prophet William Branham, oh, plab. I always knew he had a bad spirit, he’s a devil.” See where it’s going to take them? They’re held in judgment; everything is going to be judged. We’ve already had our judgment. We’re getting out of here.

You say, “Well I wish it were quicker.” I’m right with you. That’s God’s business, not mine.

That’s His business. I can’t tell Him what to do; you can’t tell Him what to do. Can the thing formed say to Him that formed him, why are you doing this? That’s His business, not ours. We just better mind our business according to the Word, may God give us grace.

[19-2]  …It has got to be applied, brother/sister.


Look it, the whole thing goes together. Logos, manifested Logos, vindicated Logos, vindicated prophet, and the Word that came to us. You have got to stand with It. That lets you know you’re identified. But only God knows how many really are in there. I don’t know.

[19-3]  You might say, “I believe it; I believe it. I believe It is the Truth. I accept It as the Truth.”

[19-4]  …that is all good, but yet…

You’ve got to take it yourself. You got to believe. Now if you’ve done all of that, you look it, brother/sister, I realize it that many times you take one medicine to make the other medicine work. This you don’t. You don’t take the Holy Ghost to make the Holy Ghost to make the Holy Ghost to make the Holy Ghost work.

You have a series; you don’t have that at all. You have the Holy Ghost in you which proves the Blood has stood for you and done the sanctifying work. It’s perfected by the Blood so the Holy Spirit can come in and you’re sealed away. So that’s where it is. It doesn’t go in another direction. That’s it.

[19-4]  Then it’s all to the good, but yet, It has got to be applied.

[19-5]  See that…one Jew standing there stirring the blood, as the lamb was bleeding, saying, “This is Jehovah.” [Now here’s the Pillar of Fire, bless God, right today.]

[19-6]  And there stood a priest saying, “Yes, sir, I believe that is true.”

[19-7]  But on his own house, it hasn’t been applied. He doesn’t want to identify himself out there with that group. No, sir. These fanatics with the blood on the door.


What’s he saying? This Branham Tabernacle with this so-called prophet, this man that gets up there and tells people things that nobody should tell people things like that because it sounds like he’s boasting and blowing.

Every man’s got a witness for himself, brother/sister, don’t kid yourself. You’ve got to stand with the truth of the witness. Don’t fool yourself on that count there. All right.

[19-7]  …with that group. No, sir. Those fanatics with the blood on the door. He doesn’t want that identification; no matter how much of a priest he was, how much he knew the Word, how well he had been raised, what works he had done, how much he given to the poor, how much he had sacrificed.

Now I’m going to tell you something, Brother Branham just wasn’t spouting off here to talk. Again, I knew the man personally very well. I knew the congregation to a degree. Why do you think he talked this way? Because it was there. That was there, as well as, out in the world. You say, “Brother Vayle, what are you talking about?”

I’m talking about this, all the names that Brother Branham mentioned during his many sermons and men that I’ve met, where are they today? And where did they go right afterward? Where were they? Do you realize the number of people that have come in since Brother Branham left the scene?

And how did they come in? They came in by faithful preachers, the spreading of the Word. How many are real believers? I don’t know. That’s between them and God. I can’t say a thing about that.


But Brother Branham was not just talking here. He was pouring his heart out as he said in Desperation, [63-0901E]

He said, “Branham Tabernacle, let me tell you something,” he said, “I’m preaching this sermon as though nobody has received the Holy Ghost. The same when I preach salvation as though nobody had received the Holy Ghost.” He said, “Certainly, many of you have if not the majority but there’s some here who haven’t so I must preach this way for the urgency of getting it across to examine our hearts.”

You say, “Well, I… well, Lord, I examined my heart.” Look at the Word and see how fully you concur. The Holy Spirit says “Amen” to every Word. What more do you want?

What more can you ask for? Don’t ask me, brother/sister, the prophet said. How can you have the Token and then disagree with the Token? Then how could you have the Token and not agree with the Token? And then if you agree with the Token which means I believe I can receive it which you do receive and the mysteries unfold, what do you want for your nickel?

Do you want Christ to die again or something? It’s a Message that when you concur and you come in a union with that Word, the mystical union takes place, the Marriage is on. You’re just waiting for the Wedding Supper.

What evidence do you want? He said, “All right, you’re worried about your personal life.” He said, “Look it, what were you before? What are you now?”

Now if you’re all a tizzy to do certain things, then I’m not saying there isn’t compulsions and things that we… that we want to lend ourselves to, and I’m not speaking only in the terms of the sensual expression of sex, I’m talking of many things. There’s greed and there’s this and the other thing. You say, “No, that’s not it.” Hold it. You’ve got a condemnation.

A lot of people get condemned about anything, but I’m talking now if it’s the real Holy Spirit condemnation. Holy Spirit is trying to help you. What were you back there? What are you now? See? You can’t go beyond that, brother/sister.

Because you can raise the dead and be full of the devil and be a Judas. So if you’re looking for something to set the world on fire or some big indication or vindication, but let me put it this way, you better check yourself out again and start from square one because that’s not going to work.

You’re coming right down to this. It’s already been done. Will you take what he said, the simple step? I receive what he said I’m to have and it’s over. Now brother/sister, that’s it. See?


Now I gave to the poor and so on.

[19-8]  Paul said, “If I give my body to be burned as a sacrifice,… all my goods to feed the poor,… faith to move mountains and so forth, and speak in tongues like men and angels; and all these other things,”… “I’m nothing until the Token’s been applied.”

[You say, “Brother Branham, that’s not true.” You say, “Brother Branham you should not preach that way.” Oh yes, he should because you see God is love. That’s number eight. See? And remember that chapter is where Perfect comes and part is done away. See? So He’s here.]

[19-9]  Until this Token that’s what I’m speaking on tonight, the love.…

God is love. Love is here. You say, so therefore, therefore, I’ll manifest love. You should manifest love, but you’re never going to manifest God’s love. God is the One who loves you and came down so you would get it.

What are you talking about? You’re not taking God’s place now, either by virtue or any other sense of your imagination or anything else. You’re just going to fit in the groove where He put you. That’s where the assurance and all these other things come in to make for a body.

My, when your feet are happy with your hands and your hands are happy with your eyes; which simply means that you feel good. The other day after eating a little too much meat, you talk about the arthritis in my big… my little toe on the left foot.

It just about put me through the ceiling about four times in a row that night. And my hand wasn’t happy with my little toe until it got in harmony with the rest of it. So that’s what we’re talking about.

Be in harmony with Him, the Head. Don’t try to be the Head. Don’t try to work… work from His position. Work under His position, what He said, how He loves you. Believe, believe, believe, believe. Do the simple thing. My yoke is easy and my burden is light.

[19-9]  Now until this Token that’s what I’m speaking on tonight, the love. Now, until this has been applied, I am nothing.

[19-10]  I don’t care. You might have cast out devils; you might have healed the sick by your prayer of faith. You might have done all these things, but if that Token is not there, you’re under the wrath of God. [Anointed ones at the end time will be there as chaff, brother/sister.]

[19-11]  You might be a believer. You might stand in the pulpit and preach the gospel. [Sure.] “Many will come… in that day, and say [Lord, Lord, have not I prophesied in Thy Name? preached in Your Name.… cast out devils… ]?” [That is both Methodist, Baptist and Pentecostals] [Prophesying to many people is preaching.] Yet Jesus will say, “Depart from Me, [I never knew you.] …Depart… you that work iniquity; I never even knew you.”

[19-12]  But when I see the Token, I’ll pass over you It is God’s requirement of the hour. The evening time Message is to apply the Token.

Now Brother Branham said, and I say this to you. “My message is to declare that He is here,” and he said, “The Message is apply the Token. He is here; do what He said. He’s proved He’s here; do what He said. He is here; do what He says and listen to what He says about it and you’ll be assured.” So that’s the picture.

The Lord bless you. That’s enough for today. We… oh my, we covered three whole pages just about but that’s all right. As I say we can… when we get some of this material finished by the grace of God we’ll have no problem to finish the sermon. Now let’s rise at this time, shall we to be dismissed?

Gracious heavenly Father, again we thank You for Your goodness and mercy to us and giving us strength and above all giving us love to be with Your people, loving You Lord, and wanting to serve You better and by Your grace we shall be better servants of Thine, oh God.

Oh heavenly Father, take us out of ourselves and into Yourself as never before. We believe, Lord God, trying to come into You the way we have we’ve brought too much garbage with us. Burn it all out, Lord God in heaven, burn out all the dross.

We don’t want to be just those who talk the Word, we want to be those who live the Word because that’s where the satisfaction is, oh God, to be not just hearers but be doers, be believers, right down the line.

Cleanse us, we pray, and purge us, oh God, hear us this morning, Father God in heaven. You’re obligated to hear us Lord, if we ask according to Your Word, your own Word says so and then if You hear us we know we have the petition.

So Father, we know we have Your petition. It’s already been granted. Lord God of mercy, don’t let us duck it somehow. May the petition coming through unscathed but a hundred percent answered, cleansed by the Blood of Jesus Christ, purified completely by the Holy Ghost, living a real dock solid… unto Thee, oh God, to the praise of the glory of Thy grace.

Heal the sick amongst us, oh heavenly Father, help us, oh God, as You’ve never helped us before because we know the hour is closing out and it’s getting desperately serious. Help us, Lord, to be desperately serious. This is that hour.

Everything, Lord, You know in our hearts Father, we’re just screaming out to You because that’s all there’s left is the Eagle scream back to You, oh God, You screamed, we screaming back. Take us up on Eagle wings, and unto Thee we’ll give the praise and the glory in Jesus’ Name, we pray, Amen.

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