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Shall we pray.

Heavenly Father, again we’re grateful that we can have the strength to come to Your house You’ve set aside for us Lord, to worship You not just on the grounds of common salvation, although that is true but on the grounds that which is very, very personal to each one of us from Yourself and then all together with Yourself Lord, growing in grace at this hour until there will be a Bride to be taken away.

By thoughts of grace Lord, toward ourselves and each other we believe that we’re a part of that, nor do we exclude anybody Lord, but we do lay down the same rules that You laid down in Your Word of what the Token is, and what the evidence is that we have received the Token and that which also applies from it to us in these lives that You want to see led by us for Your glory.

So help us Lord, to not only know as the prophet warned us so thoroughly not only to know but to receive and to manifest the grace of God which is given to us at this hour which is Lord, more abundant than it’s ever been before a glory that shall not pass away.

Help us to realize that Lord, and to partake of it and demonstrate it, not as though we of ourselves are anything Lord, but because you are the One doing it and we are yielded vessels in Jesus’ Name we pray. Amen.

You may be seated.


Now as I mentioned  Brother White’s announcement is very, very good. I appreciate it very much and the ladies you thought you’d just as soon make up sandwiches; that would be just fine, too. Save you doing something later on.

The meeting is the important thing and we have the hall now and I certainly agree with that thought that we should be in a position whereby we can hopefully get out of the way and the Lord have His way with us.

Now, this is number 9 of the Token and just a little preamble here to say that though Brother Branham in his message on the Token brings out the true, I say Brother Branham brings out the true but hitherto unknown revelation of the Token, about the Token, and that’s revelation now unreceived because the people, the church didn’t want it.

That revelation being what is doctrinally correct for this hour concerning that Token, Brother Branham does not lay aside those truths that have already been preached and received by the people.


Now what I’m saying here is that  Brother Branham has brought us great revelation in this hour that was totally unconceived by anybody, the truth was lost, many ages ago and that truth is not received and he is not bringing, ah, ultimately a new doctrine as though everything was wrong concerning what people preached concerning the Token.

That’s not so. He did not do that. He knew what the people had received in ages past was right for that age but it wasn’t right for this age that the Token Himself must come and with It a glory and a responsibility that could not have been in the other ages.

And so because he spoke of the Token Himself coming in this age and in this age only which He did, plus the fact that the evidence of the baptism with the Holy Ghost was receiving His own Message which is true. Many people could not come to the conclusion that fruits and virtues and gifts were still a part of what Brother Branham was preaching.

Now that may sound strange but it’s true. I realize that because we’ve taken the same stand as Brother Branham and the people around us criticize us as though we don’t believe in fruit, don’t believe in gifts, don’t believe in communion, don’t believe in a lot of things. That’s wrong. Really it’s an absolute lie.

And so we are sort of going through and have gone through what I’m convinced  Brother Branham went through by the churches because they couldn’t understand that he wasn’t taking away anything, he was correcting and adding to it, coming up to full headship of both the Head and the Word. See?

Now Brother Branham preached the spirit dominated life of fruitage and power and he set the Church in order and corrected his doctrine. Now we see that all the way through in this message here.


Now last Sunday we read how he spoke of applying the Token to the entire household especially speaking to parents and he stressed very strongly that the godly life of love and respect to the husband and wife, and to the children, back and forth, whereby people could discern Christ in them.

And he spoke of Mark 16 and in no way did he deny its validity today. He did deny positively that sensations and tongues, he denied that they were the initial evidence but he emphasized our rights to joy and peace and assurance and love and whatever gifts God had for us.

Now that’s what you must always remember then in this message. It wasn’t as though people had not received the Holy Spirit. We read and showed you why we are not an organization that Luther and those men had a measure for their day but it wasn’t the full measure.

As he said, “You Lutherans potentially had the Holy Ghost.” He didn’t say they weren’t baptized with the Holy Ghost. He said, “You potentially…”

In other words, they did and he didn’t go further back. He didn’t say the other age had it because they didn’t because it was just coming back from the… from death where the Church, the Bride fell in the ground as it were and died and now had to come back. And, of course, the only life that could bring her back was Resurrection life.


Now that life came up, passed on through the stalk, up to the leaves, up to the very tassels, up to the chaff or the husk, and then passed into a grain. And you knew the grain was ready on the fact that we saw a ministry that was identical to the ministry that Jesus had when He was here in the flesh. So if the ministry was identical then He who is Spirit had to be here in the fullness of the Spirit and at the head of the Church.

See, once the manifestation of that took place then, of course, the Word could come into preeminence and the great Word Himself could manifest Himself and show that it was all one. That means then the Bride is completely built up and getting ready for Resurrection and a Rapture.

But the thrust of what I’m saying here at this moment is, do not for any moment deny, denigrate, or put in a lower bracket those truths that are so valid concerning the Holy Spirit Himself which are fruitage, virtues, power and all those things that go with it, a life to be lived and a life that’s scriptural and though Brother Branham did emphasize on many occasions and brings out here, we’ll show it again tonight if we have time, as we come upon the quotes, of course, which we perhaps we’ll read that  Brother Branham mentioned that the power of God would be manifested in short, he said, “If I have the life of Beethoven, the spirit of Beethoven, I will produce what Beethoven produced.”

Well now, you know and I know that for anybody to decide that he or she would produce the very life of Christ would not only be neurotic but spiritually insane because there’s no way. It would have to be the God given right by God Himself to some person, if God was going to do it and God’s done it and it’s the one person.


So many times here  Brother Branham quotes and he puts himself to one side and puts it as though the Bride were doing it, or you and I were doing it, and you always got to go back and remember, he said, “Look it, if my hand does it, the body does it, so therefore, if one man of the Bride did it, the Bride did it,”.

Because though they’re individual there’s still a unity and we’re coming more and more to a unity than ever before, that’s why there must be a unity of that Word in our midst as never before, so that everything must come based upon the printed Word because the life gave us the printed Word through men, and now the life that gave the printed Word is manifesting the printed Word, it is identical, one God, and it’s coming the way God intended it. So you just keep that in mind now.


So we start where  Brother Branham again admonishes all to be sure that they don’t only understand this in the sense that they know what is going on but they are partakers. You know, you know; there’s warnings going on all the time.

All you got to do is subscribe to one little bitty thing that has any economics attached to it and they give your name to everybody and they’ll write you these letters and they send you these big thick envelopes all padded with thirty-six predictions for 1986: “A sure way to make a killing, a sure way to make money, great inflation is coming, Dow is going to hit 2800.”

And it tells you how in spite of inflation by the year 2000 we’re going to owe so many trillions of dollars and there’s nothing can be done except on the grounds of keep inflating our money, and making it you know, free as the air so to speak and they’ve got all these things all ironed out for us. They got it all told out exactly how great it’s going to be and here we just got to enter into it.

Well, you know, they got it all ironed out in their own thinking but it isn’t going to work. Now God’s given us a… more than what these people can give us in the line of an education in economics and the valuable understanding they have so that though they present it and say, now here it all is, you and I to make it work would have to get right into it to make it work.

Now that’s what  Brother Branham is saying here, all the presentation that he has given us, all the vindication, everything that’s been manifested, just like these fellows, these experts.


I still don’t know how to buy silver coins, whether I’m smart to buy silver, if I had enough money to buy silver; it’s going to go to forty dollars an ounce. I don’t think… I think I had an hundred ounces at one time, I forgot to sell it at fifty. I don’t think I’m a very good businessman, I hope I’m a better Christian than a businessman, I don’t know.

But see what I’m driving at is to show you that as the world is out here it’s got… and they’ve got an awful lot of truth in this world system but… and there’s every one-thousandth person in America is a millionaire. Well, how many… anybody here, what is it? In our church ought to be maybe eighty people? Sixty adults say? All right, sixty, could you qualify percentage wise anybody here for being a millionaire, percentage wise?

You don’t have to be a millionaire, just take a percent. Why, every thousandth? What does sixty do? Sixty goes into a thousand what? Fifteen times, sixteen times, ninety-six. All right, sixteen, we got one-sixteenth, all right, let’s see now. How far can we take it percentage wise, get your calculator, Joe, and put it on your computers, tells us how we make out there. Well, you see, well, see… I know that’s out there but I just can’t get a hold of it. See?


That in the Spirit has done the same thing. Now if you don’t get a hold of this and when America’s going to bankrupt, you and I are going to bankrupt with it. Now if we can’t get a hold of what God’s given to this age, we’re gone.

See, do you understand what he’s saying here? Now this is very important and I maybe didn’t make that too good an illustration but I made it anyway and I want you to know that I know what I’m talking about, and I believe that you know what I’m talking about. See?

When he said, “You must be born again” to Nicodemus; Nicodemus said, “What,” he said, “Lord, nobody can do these things, except what You do… except God with him.”

He said, “You better be born again.” He said, “Nicodemus, don’t just look at it and admit it;” he said, “you better get what it takes.” And William Branham is saying the same thing as John 3: 5-08, John 3:16 and right down the line. So this is what we’re looking at.


Now I want to start then on page 36 and looking at the 7th… paragraph, I missed a few in there, I think, it doesn’t matter though.

[36-7]  It’s a token. No matter how much you believe, how much you are circumcised [that’s your conduct] that is a covenant God gave to Abraham, and so forth; that is the covenant but you’ve got to get under… get beneath the blood. That is the token. For He said, “When I see the Blood, [I see the Token] I’ll pass…” Israelite or any, that is denomination or not denominational; either one, you must come up beneath the Blood: Methodist, Baptist, Presbyterian, Pentecostal, Undenominational, whatever you are it’s for the individual; you’ve got to come beneath the Blood.

Now let’s face it, all those branches that he spoke of there, everybody talks about Jesus Christ, the Son of God, and you cannot talk about him except you understand and preach that he is the Lamb of God that takes away the sin of the world. Now the Roman Catholics have no problem.

I was always taught you know that they believed in Mary, that Mary was their savior, or some saint. That is not true. They are merely implicated in the act to help them get the benefits which really comes through Jesus Christ.

They’re inducers. Really they’d be seducers but they’re inducers, they’re supposed to be inducers. Inducing God to move, so Mary comes and she says, “Well, look, I’m, remember, I’m your mother and certainly you would do it for me, so I’m pleading for that person that you work on their behalf.”

Hogwash! Now you say, now you Catholics, you be [Inaudible] No, it’s Jesus. Now they believe it but they haven’t got it. Now the Protestants are the same. I’m not throwing off on Catholics; Protestants the same, Methodists, the whole bunch, it’s just the same thing. You go to the Mennonites, same thing. Now they were pretty strict people at one time, forget it.

Short hair, slacks, the whole bit, boogey-woogey women that run their husbands, run them plumb into the ground and there’s nothing stinker than a self-righteous, self-sanctified Mennonite Nazarene. I’m talking now right across the board, the Mennonite doctrine, the Armenian.


Then you get the eternal security’s it’s got the same thing on the other side of the fence. They haven’t got it either. They talk about it because it’s… Listen to me.

Brother Branham stated it so perfectly, “The life that was in the blood of the lamb could not come back upon them but the life was shed and the blood was the chemistry indicating.” Now the life does come back.

So they talk about the blood all they want but without the Holy Ghost whose life was given, the life of Christ, there is no Blood. See, that’s what we’re looking at and trying to understand here in this message and there’s an urgency here, to get away from your own thinking and listen to a man that was vindicated.

[36-8]  Now, he said, just don’t talk about It; receive It. Hear me; hear me; in the Name of the Lord, hear me.

Now that’s pretty strong language. See, because the baptism proves you’re under the Blood. The message of His Presence is not enough. That’s one thing that kind of scares me when I’ve preached it all these years now from 1977. That’s eight years now, and I’m not going to cease preaching It because It’s realer today than It was a year ago.

[36-9]  Now got to come beneath the Blood. He was not responsible for any person, from beneath the Blood.


Remember the life was shed and that life couldn’t come back. Now the shedding of the blood cleared the way for the life that couldn’t come back, so the blood stood there as a token. Now the blood has cleared the way for the life that can come back.

So if the blood then has been applied to the heart, the Holy Ghost has to come in. See? Now Brother Branham categorically said, “The reason people don’t receive the Holy Ghost is because they haven’t thoroughly repented.”

Now some people think well, repentance is feeling sorry enough. Well, that’s godly sorrow worketh repentance; repentance is thoroughly change your mind, get your head out of the way.

Can’t they read the Apostle Paul and see that his head was his biggest trouble? The donkey’s biggest trouble, too, because of his big head and the big brains that goes with it.


Now listen!

[36-9]  Got to come beneath the Blood. He was not responsible for any person, from beneath the Blood. God made it clear, that all from under that blood would perish.

[36-10]  May I use His Words? “All outside of Christ will perish.” [Well, then how do you get into Christ? You’ve got to have a life. If you’ve got a life, you’re in Christ. If you don’t have a life, you’re not in Christ.]

[36-11]  How do you get in Christ? 1st Corinthians 12: By One Spirit not by a handshake, … membership … denomination. That is what they’re trying to make it. They may do that, “But by one Spirit, we are all baptized into one body.”

I told you this, I just forget her name now, loveliest, she’s a real nice Presbyterian lady, a missionary in China, a very lovely person, very consecrated, very, very sober and sincere and she knew the Lord as I suppose as much as anybody could know the Lord in that particular arena.

And we were talking one day and she told me she had been in Houston, I believe it was or Dallas or somewhere where the late Dr. Lee was preaching, I’m sure he’s passed on now; he was an old man then.

And I’d read his books and his sermons and I was so very thrilled with what I read I couldn’t help but you know, tell people what I thought. And I told her well, how tremendous the privilege she had of listening.

She said, “You know, Brother Vayle…” her face got kind of funny looking. She said, “I don’t like to tell you this, but,” she said, “I think you’d better know.”

She said, “I was just there a couple Sundays ago, and after he preached one of the greatest sermons I have ever heard on salvation, the preaching of the Blood, the sacrifice of Jesus Christ and the rebirth, he said, ‘Will you come forward now and… shake my hand,’ he said, ‘now you’re saved.’”


You know that’s no different from a Roman Catholic priest who was a red head and there are very few of them, but one many years ago in Canada in Red Deer, Alberta, and I never heard him but my friends did go to hear him, said he preached the most tremendous message on repentance that they’d ever heard in their lives, he preached the Scripture right down the line on repentance and he said now go to your priest and confess.

Well, that’s Catholics. Hogwash! That’s Baptists, Methodists, Presbyterian and Pentecostal, that’s the whole bunch of them. There’s no one that’s not tarred with the stick, because every table is full of vomit. See, you got to understand it, all outside will perish.

[36-11]  …not by a handshake… by one Spirit… baptized… ”

[36-12]  “If an angel from heaven teaches anything else,” Paul said, “let him be cursed.”

[36-13]  That is the Message. Come into Christ. [That is exactly right. Way back over here, he said, “The evening message is to apply the Token.” So to apply the Token is to come into Christ.]

[36-14]  Let any person outside… the token… Look any person outside… the token, God was not responsible. And God is not responsible for any person, big or small, popular or unpopular, rich or poor, bond or free, male or female; He is not responsible for anybody that is from under the Token…


Now the message is come into Christ, and he said now, “God’s not responsible if you don’t come under the Token.” So the message and the Token in this hour have to be synonymous. That’s why he said, “Nothing outside of this Message will come to life.” See?

So let us not let any doctrine or any reality we acknowledge take the place of this. Come into Christ according to a last day Message. Now you can do it according to Pentecost back there, that’s gone.

Now I know people say, “But just a minute.” No, just a minute, listen; that Word never changes, the Word for the hour, and the Light keeps coming up and when you turn your back on Light, there is no life in you because the life was the light of men. See?

And men love darkness rather than light, so therefore, when Christ has been revealed, who is the Word, and men reject that which has been revealed there is no hope of salvation because they’re turning down the Blood and the life of the One they claim to believe which is Christ. I hope that didn’t confuse you but that’s a true sentence. See?

[36-14]  He is not responsible.

[37-1]  You say, “Oh, Lord, I did this; I cast out devils. Lord, I did this; I preached the gospel.”

[37-2]  He said, “Depart from Me, you that work iniquity. [Iniquity, unrighteousness. See?]


The deeds of Cain were evil. I know everybody thinks that oh, killing his brother was evil. Well, that was a dirty rotten trick but the evil deed was worshipping God not according to the Word. In self-worship he worshipped God, in his own revelation, turning down what was vindicated.

That was the evil thing. Killing the brother was merely as Brother Branham said, “Sin is unbelief. Smoking, drinking, lying, murder, they’re merely attributes, but the sin is unbelief.” Now that’s exactly true. See? Now, he said,

[37-2]  He only recognizes the Token. Do you hear It? Say, Amen! [They must have said Amen.] Now, so, it is upon you.

And the people said, “Amen,” and he said, “Now you’re stuck with it; I’m not.” Now a lot of people could sit there and they didn’t understand what Brother Branham was saying in the sense that they were willing to go all the way.

Like Brother Branham would stand there and you heard him on tapes many times and talk about Matthew 28:19, “Baptize in the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ, I mean, Father, Son and Holy Ghost,” and explained what it was, and catch their thoughts and said, he said, “Now you’re not agreeing.” How can some Trinitarian sitting in an audience under that man and not agree when they had not a leg to stand on?


Now you can see where perversion goes, brother/sister. It goes right to the stinking immorality of the hybrid mind that’s full of pride. There’s only one reason a man can’t get his mind out of the way because he’s too full of pride.

People say, “Well, no, I don’t think that’s so.” Well, if it isn’t so, why do we try to figure our own ways out, instead of going God’s ways? Well, I know there’s ramifications there, you could catch me on that to one degree and say, “Well, Brother Vayle, we’re afraid.” What are we afraid of? That’s pride again.

You got more faith in yourself than God and you can’t trust yourself either. And so they got it so it all falls back on the devil, so we trust the devil. Nice boy, devil come in, hallelujah. I’m not blaspheming. I’m laying it right down to where a human heart is and where a human mind is. See?

Somebody’s got to say it; I don’t claim I’ve got it. Don’t… you’re not looking at me, I’m one of those guys that tell you, don’t do as I do, do as I say. I’m being honest with you. I never stood up here and lied to you. Don’t intend to.

[37-2]  Now, … it’s upon you.

[37-3]  Sitting down there in the woods the other day, [that’s he’s out hunting, you see, with] the boys… Here’s two days… I didn’t… shoot a squirrel… what’s the matter?  what… was it?

[37-4]  The voice said, “Place it upon them, upon them.” It said, “You have talked to me about it. Now, it’s in your lap. It’s in yours.” Okay.


Now  Brother Branham is going back on a conversation with God because it’s a conversational matter, face to face. He said, “All right now, God said, “You talked to Me about it and you know the truth, now put it on their lap. I put it in yours; you put it in theirs because you’re the go-between.’” All right.

[37-4]  “Place it upon them… ”

[37-5]  Now He won’t recognize anything but that covenant of the Holy Spirit. And you cannot receive that covenant, unless you are saved, sanctified, and… baptized into the Body… [He sticks with his original concept, justification, sanctification, baptism.] You might have an impersonation, [something that’s some substitute] you might feel good… jump up and down, and speak in tongues, and even dance in the Spirit. That doesn’t have one thing to do with It. Hear It, in the Name of the Lord! God doesn’t recognize that. Heathens do that! Witches do that!

Now that’s pretty strong language but I would say that is very much the truth. All right.


Now this is the covenant he says above all covenants, for God made a covenant to us, “You shall receive the Holy Ghost,” and that covenant fulfilled, brings all the other covenants into effect because if you have this then you have the rest. If you don’t have this you don’t have any of the other. See?

But if the super covenant is not fulfilled in us, the other covenants are abrogated especially, “When I see the Blood,” because God is interested in looking not at us but seeing us… hearing our voices through the Blood and seeing Christ our representative.

That’s how that works according to the prophet. That’s abrogated without the baptism with the Holy Ghost. See, the covenant… that’s the covenant of all covenants. It’s a super covenant. Reading on.

[37-6]  You say, “I’m a scholar. I do this, that, the other.” He doesn’t care how much scholar you are. The devil is too, see. [Oh, the devil is a great scholar.] He only recognizes the Token! That is the Message of the hour! That is the Message of this day! That is the Message of this time! In the Name of Jesus Christ, receive It!

You’ll notice in here, he said first of all back in ‘62, “My Message is to declare that He is here.” Then he said, “Here my Message is to come into Christ. My Message is to apply the Token, evening time Message. The Message is… God only recognizes the Token.” And then he said, “This is the Message of the hour, the day, the time or the generation.”

In other words, there was only one thing that was going to hold anybody instead when it all boils down to the nitty-gritty. “I know the doctrine of the Rapture Absolutely, the Shout, the Voice, the Trumpet.

Yes sir, I’ve got that all down pat. I understand all these things over here in the [inaudible] Yes sir, that’s great. I understand where the break between the Seals and all those things that are there, too. I understand all that’s over here.” That’s very good, but are you full of the Holy Ghost?

Now you see that is what counts. Now someone said, “I tell you what, I’ve spoken in tongues, I’ve danced in the spirit. I had a real sensation.” That’s very, very good. Nothing against it but that’s not the evidence. See? That’s not it.

[37-7]  Not a substitute, something the devil can place over on you; like a phony love to make a man love some other woman beside his wife; or a wife, some other beside her husband… something dishonorable… That is not real love. That is the devil. That is his works. It is something he has tried to hatch, instead. By [joining by] drink, and feel good about it. Say, “I got the blues; I’ll… get… a quart of liquor, and forget… it.”

[37-8]  That is the death. God is your joy. God is your strength. Knowing the Message. Knowing the Truth. That is our sufficiency. He is my all sufficiency. In Him, all things I have need of, are in Him. He is my Strength. My help cometh from the Lord.

[37-9]  You Christians, look to Him for your joy; look to Him for your strength; look to Him for your happiness; He is my peace; He is my joy; He is my love; He is my life. This… covenant, that covenant, the Token upon the door.


Now what’s he saying here? He’s saying what we’ve preached all along on love and all these virtues and fruit; you can have any amount you want but unless it comes out of the Holy Ghost which is liquid Word, which is Word life, you’ve got a phony love, it’s hypocritical, it’s love with dissimulation which is hypocritical, it’s a feigned faith, the whole thing is in a garbage tin.

Now I don’t care how you dress it up and how pretty it is because I dare say that you can take… you can take a piece of arsenic and by some little charming way you have of dressing it up you can make it look like a nice caramel candy. It would kill the kid just as dead if he had it in a solution that looked horrible and make him think he was drinking blood or something; he’s just as dead.

So you see here  Brother Branham never did take away these principles, the joy, the love, the deeper sentiments, all of those things, never took it away, but it has to be rooted in here. See? If it’s not rooted in there, it’s… what value is it? See? Now there’s no binding of God’s oath to us unless we ask for and receive the very life we see manifested by the Pillar of Fire.

Now that covenant is an oath. Now there’s no use asking for him to work apart from what He is today and what He’s doing today. That’s why he said, “When you pray and” he said, “hold the Token over your unwavering faith.” See?

There’s… and his message is very good for those full of the Holy Ghost because he reveals to them the depth and the power that lies in the Holy Ghost where a man’s true strength is.

[38-1]  Not responsible for one person, [he says,] one person, no matter who you are. He is not responsible… from under It. And remember, all the family was brought together.


Now there you are. Now let’s look at that one and I hope, of course, we caught this. The vindicated God in the vindicated prophet which is the vindicated Token, fit together, bring it into view. See, God’s the vindicated Token through a vindicated prophet. Right.

Christ appearing in this hour, puts God out of debt to every creature for His every Word has been manifested and this means It is to be received now as our Token or to perish. And that’s exactly true.

[38-2]  Remember now, that might be true, too. He said,

[38-1]  …Oh! Remember, you say… “my daddy was a preacher. My brother, my pastor, my this or that…”

[38-2]  That might be true too… what about you? Remember, only safe when the Token was displayed.

Now he’s not telling you here that you… that you’ve got something and well it really doesn’t matter unless you manifest it. Well, he’s talking about the fact that you’ve got to literally have the Token in your possession; that is your display although works will come out of it, fruitage and virtues and power, all will come out of it, if we ever learn to get out of the way.


Let me just give you an idea what it says over here in the Book of Ephesians. I think I can swing to it quickly in the 20th verse of chapter 3.

Ephesians 3:20

(20) Now unto him that is able to do exceeding abundantly above all… we ask or think, according to the power that [works] in us,

Well, It actually says, “Unto him who in the exercise of his power, that is at work within us is able to do infinitely beyond our highest prayers or thoughts to his glory.”

Now what he’s saying in here is by the… by God exercising His own power within us. See? Man learning to get out of the way.

[38-2]  Now that might be true, too… what about you? Remember, only safe when the token was displayed [if you actually had it]. If a man was under here, [that is the Token, the blood] and his son… across the street, he was in danger. He would perish. His daddy would be safe. Or if the son was over here, and his daddy was over there, his daddy would perish… [See?] “When I see the token, I’ll pass over you.”

Now watch what he’s saying. “When I see the token, I’ll pass over you.” So there isn’t any assurety, assurance, and surety outside of the Token, no matter what anybody does. No matter what anybody has received. No matter what can be accomplished. See? You’ve either got that or you don’t have It.

Now if you’ve got It, there’s where you are safe. So therefore, the superimposition of the Token has nothing to do with the individual who has it per se. Nothing at all! It is a free gift on the grounds of grace and faith, and that is by election and predestination.


So what I’m trying to get across to you is this, it doesn’t matter about you. Now sure you should have fruit. I should have a lot of fruit. Sure, a greater manifestation of power, great consecration to miracles and things that God can work amongst us. I’m not against that at all. I’m for it.

Not as much for it as I should be. But I’m going to tell you one thing; that hasn’t got a thing to do with it. It’s got to the place now where the devil’s crowd can produce all of that. They’ve got an anointing. See?

But he said, “When I see the Token, you are all right.” You say, “Where does it leave me?” It leaves you under grace, not that you should not be producing these things but the production of those things has nothing to do with it. Get that Holy Ghost!

Then think of the other things. See, people always want to get the cart before the horse. Oh, talk, talk, talk, work, work, work, produce, produce, produce, magic, magic, magic. Ha, now I believe. Devils can do it. Now where are you sitting at? Now what have you got?

You’ve put your faith in something that came out of something. That’s not it. You put your faith in It because what comes out of the something that you’re producing, you’re producing It, It’s producing It through you. Now the thing is this, do you want the goose that laid the golden egg or do you want the egg?

Now that’s getting pretty crass when I got to put it that way, but that’s the truth. Now you know Pentecost sold their heritage for a gift of tongues. They sold their shoes for the tongues that came with the shoes and they got blistered feet. That’s why they simply got tongues.

They got nothing to walk in and nothing to do with. And you might they have but you think all you want, be my guest, you go whichever way you want but I’m trying to show you something.


He said, “When I see the Token, I will pass over you.” When I see what the Blood purchased and you’ve laid claim by believing Acts 2:37-39, and you have gotten into the water way in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ and you receive the Holy Ghost; that’s what I’m looking for.

Come in, friend, because even when you’re born again He still does not see you but He hears your voices through the Blood and looks on Jesus for the representation.

You say, “Well, I think I’m nice enough now Lord, full of your lovely Holy Ghost and these lovely gifts and all. You can look at me.” I don’t think you made it, honey. If you’ve got that spirit, let me tell you something, if you got that spirit you don’t belong in this church. You better find yourself another church.

I’m going to be honest with you; you ain’t going to be happy here. You will not be happy here, there’s no way for you to be happy here. I’ll come out swinging.

You say, “That’s Brother Vayle because you don’t produce something.” Never said I did and you don’t either. You try and tell me one thing you’ve done even with what God gave you. Oh, there’s a striving, brother/sister, but he… but Brother Branham bringing this across with a desperation in his message.

Look it, are you missing the point of Who is here and why He is here? It’s to get you out of here and it couldn’t be done any other way in this strategic epical season. He said, “When I see a part of My life in you,” and remember, “just the same as My own entire life.” Brother Branham brought it out.

I read it to you, a couple… two or three times ago. “That’s what I’m looking for.” See? Now we do look for the other two? See? All right.

[38-3]  You say, “My son’s a preacher.” You mothers say, “I got the best boy or the best girl. I tell you, they’re the sweetest thing. They’ve been filled with the Holy Spirit… such love… They’re obedient; I never saw such…” what about you, Mama?

[38-4]  You say, “My mother is the sweetest thing. I know if she dies, she is going to Heaven, because, she has really got the Token, Brother Branham but what about you, sis? The whole family must be brought under it.

[38-5]  Are you tired? I’ll just close just in a minute… [He said. He didn’t quite make the minute.] I could cut it off and start tonight, again… I’ll try to hurry. [When the anointing is on it’s better to do it now.]

[38-6]  Only when the Token is displayed…  


Now there again don’t be confused as though you’ve got to say, “Well, hey, there’s gifts, I better have a gift.” Now what about the fruit I should have? Now look, that’s all good. Now listen, it’s all good but that’s not it because devils can do the same thing, but the devil can’t handle the Word, so there’s one evidence.

Do you see Him in him? Do you know the difference? Do you know Who He is and who he is? Do you know His name? Do you understand His position? Has it been revealed to you? Then you’re no stranger to God but has been, because you won’t get it any other way.

Your full obedience to the Word of God is Acts 2:37-39. It’s in John 8, lifting up his voice and crying,” Come unto Me and drink” the promise, your covenant. That’s your full obedience. Then tell me how many people have fully obeyed Acts 2:37-39? “Repent and be baptized in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ.”

Ha, one out of what how many million? And those who have been who understand, that really believe? Well you say, “When I got baptized I couldn’t understand anything but I knew that was right.” That’s perfect. Have you come on since then? God never lets you to stagnate.


Every age brings on new revelation with new responsibility with greater glory, both for God and the people involved in it. See, there’s just… brother, this thing is not going to close off. When Ezekiel saw the water flow from the eastern gate of the temple it made a river that he could just flow across on. See, we’re on that now. We’re on our voyage.

[38-6]  Only when the Token is displayed. Then, the whole family must be under the Token, Blood. Papa, Mama, I know how you feel. I’ve got children too. I got to see them saved.

[38-7]  I’m talking to myself today. I got brothers; I got a sister; I’ve got loved ones. I want to see them saved, too, but remember, without the display of the Token, they’ll perish. There is no resurrection for them.

I’ll destroy root and branch in this hour. Remember, listen, awhile ago, oh, a message or two ago, I was talking when Brother Branham mentioned the Judge, over there in Revelation. What is it 1:12? I never can remember, so I’ll just look it up for a time in a second.

Oh, no, it’s… oh yeah, it’s 1:12, when he turned to see the Voice, and then, of course, it’s over there in verse 14 the Judge and the Ring of Angels.

Now remember, before that ring of angels came Brother Branham preached The Patmos Vision and he said, “I called my friend Jack Moore, a notable Pentecostal theologian and I said, ‘Jack, why is it that way?’”

“Well,” he said, “that’s because of His stature and His glory and majesty and His glorified figure.”

And Brother Branham said that did not cut with him. That was not it. And then God revealed It with the Judge. Then notice, Brother Branham took that right over to Daniel, the great White Throne, the Ancient of days, it is the same One. See? No, now here we see here when he said here,

[38-7]  There is no resurrection for them.


So he took them right over to Daniel, one thousand years later. It’s the same One. You understand from the point on He declared Himself Judge, He does not cease to be Judge because it’s unfolded. It’s like He’s still Son in this hour because that was the unfolding.

So when God gave what did He do? “God from Himself given in Himself the person of the Son in the form of the Holy Ghost,” Brother Branham said that. See, it opens up channels of understanding.

Now you tell me you and I have an idea, a modicum of understanding in these things without having genuinely received the Holy Ghost? Well, you say Paul said you could have all knowledge. We didn’t get our knowledge that way. We’ve got it by a revelation the prophet gave and we took it. It wasn’t something we studied out, something we went to school for like second generations and so on. See, that’s not so.

You’ll be glad you came to this service, don’t worry. You’ll be glad. I don’t speak out of turn when I talk. You’ll find out someday I don’t speak out of turn but you’ll find out when I’ll look you all in the eye and you’ll find out one day. Things are said once in a while and I will not go back on them. I’m no prophet but you’ll find out.


Now he said,

[38-7]  There is no resurrection… [leave neither root nor branch.] That is right.

Let’s go back to Ephesians and see the same thing. Brother/sister, let me tell you something, you crisscross this Word back and forth, you’ll never change the Word of God. No; revelation’s revelation. Look what he says in Ephesians 1:13, 14.

There is… your guarantee of redemption. Then down over here in verse 17 and 18 brings you to 19 which is the Resurrection. Then turning down This and This, how will there be a Resurrection? He said he burns the chaff. The chaff turns to tares. See?

[38-7]  That is right. They’re gone. Only when the Token is displayed.

Then how can a person doubt his resurrection? When I see the Token, I will resurrect you. When I see the Token, I will immortalize you. In the meantime there are works, there is fruitage, there are virtues, there’s gifts.


Now you remember how I showed you that in Ephesians 4, starting from the top? He said, “I’m going away; I’ll send my Spirit back.” He came back as the Holy Ghost. That was the Vicar of the man Jesus in the body form, God in human flesh. Then He said, “I’m going to raise up ministries.”

So He took the Apostle Paul and from him came a five-fold, and from that come people, right on down the line. See? Right on down. Till it was personal work, personal manifestation, witnessing. That’s always the way it should be. Everyone has got to have a Token.

And it doesn’t say, “Hey, I can see that you have a great office, and I can see that you can work like a prophet, in fact I see you are a prophet, in fact your name is Balaam but you missed it because you don’t have the Token.” Now see, Moses, Moses didn’t prophesy one bit better than you did Balaam. No, he didn’t either, now don’t tell me.

Don’t tell me Balaam prophesied one bit better than Balaam. He didn’t. He prophesied more. He didn’t prophesy one bit better. Balaam’s prophecy is still coming to pass. Oh yeah, but Moses got the Token. And God took off of Moses enough Token for seventy men and had more left on Moses. You bring that today. God put everything in Jesus Christ, then took a teeny bit off him for each one of us. That’s where we are right now.

[38-8]  Look, Joshua… Wish we had time to read it. Mark it down. [He’s going to go into Rahab, the harlot now, so maybe we can read this real fast.]

[38-9]  …harlot, Gentile… watch… All her family… She was a believer all her family had to get under that scarlet streak, that token. That they had to go under it, or they perished.

[39-1]  They had heard of the wrath of God; they had heard of the displaying signs and miracles of God, among His people, and they had to receive it she had to receive it. God’s destroying angel was coming. They knew it. Joshua was that angel. They were in line. So is every nation in the world in line of God’s judgment.


Now notice, I want to warn you again he is talking of himself even though he is illustrating from the Old Testament which is examples to us. All right.

[39-2]  This little old harlot, she had heard. “Faith cometh by hearing.” See? She said, “All the country’s disturbed about you.” That is right. [He’s talking about himself. All denominations, everybody.]

[39-3]  Now, the spies… were sent in there to make arrangements, and so forth, and she honored those men, and she wanted to be saved. And she said, “I know that your God is God, and I have heard… great things that He has done. I know what He did to Og, and I know what He did to the different nations. I see that those who accept Him are saved, and those that do… not accept Him are destroyed, and I want to live,”

Now when Brother Branham’s ministry was full blown and it never lasted too long, except the discernment, the sign of Messiah, the sign of the Resurrection right amongst the people, the people turned It down, turned It down, turned It down, but there were those like the harlot.

Now a harlot is a woman used by every man and you will find in each one of us we did not have the denominational spirit, we couldn’t take it, we wanted to get out. We were rovers. We couldn’t hack it.

Now if this doesn’t satisfy you and we can’t hack this we’ll look for something else. Then when you do, I’ll say, “Well, that’s fine. I hope you find something but you aren’t going to.”

Oh, you’ll find something but it won’t be the real thing, because God cannot vindicate Himself on a vindication. Now you and I may take Epson salts to make the castor oil work but not God. God doesn’t have two lotions, he shed the Blood, there is the Life and it was One. See? The speaking Blood is the Holy Ghost talking back to us. Brother Branham’s ministry turned down.

[39-4]  Oh, my. There you are. “I want to live, for…” [“I don’t want to perish,” she said.]

[39-5]  Notice, Jericho had heard what God was doing, but they didn’t want to take the warning. And there isn’t… [Now watch, watch what I said was true, he’s going right back on himself] And there isn’t a denomination in this country around, but what has heard what God is doing. They don’t want to take the warning. His great power and signs have been displayed.


Now brother/sister, today you believe that’s true? Sure it is. Now let’s get the picture. Now I’m not speaking to evil of any man but Dr. David du Plessis, Mr. Pentecost sold out Pentecost to the ecumenical systems of the world. He’s the man that got to the bishops, the archbishops, the cardinals, the emissaries, legates and he got to the pope. He got to the World Council of Church head, Dr. Mackay and all the rest of them.

Friend of… bosom pal, buddy buddy with the whole bunch, and there’s no way, therefore, that they do not know through that man about This, though he would denigrate It and deny It because he himself is a product in this sense that his ministry only blossomed and boomed after Brother Branham’s because there’s always twins.

Sometimes I think there’s triples, quadruplets and octuplets; they come by the thousands later on but they start with twins. They start with twins, see.


Now listen!

[39-4]  They didn’t want to take… warning. His great power and signs have been displayed. What He did He crossed right through the Dead [it should have been the Red] Sea, as if they were on dry land. He’s… created things, and made frogs, and lice, and fleas to come into the air and He created them by His Word, through His prophet. That was no secret. They knew it.

Now let’s understand this one thing, Brother Branham said this concerning himself though no man saw this outside of William Branham. Then why did he say it?

To see if you and I believe, number one, and number two, he knew it happened and here is where his voice of authority and assurance and power lay because he knew it. But as I told you before, and I don’t care how many things you create and I would marvel at that too, but it is no more marvelous than to see that cord lie at his feet and he didn’t move one inch. How did the cord become untangled from his feet? You say, “I think, life’s miracles.”

Well, that’s a miracle right there. Who needs another one? If you’ve seen one miracle, you’ve seen them all. All you need to see. Anybody that needs to see more he’s asking for trouble. See?


Now no Token received unless the prophet’s received and the prophet said, “God created through my Word,” because he said created them by His Word through His prophet. He’s talking about himself.

You say, “Well, I can’t believe that.” Then you got no Token. You say, I think that’s narrowing it down, brother; I don’t think you can say that. Well, I think I should say it.

I said it and I’m going to say it again. It goes together. I don’t see any problem. You read these books, the prophet did it. Oh, great prophet, you’re bigger than God I can see Amos old boy, and Isaiah, they’re dead.

No, they’re alive likely in the first Resurrection, in the first half of the first Resurrection. Huh? Something wrong with people’s thinking. Thank God it’s not our thinking because we’re trying to be… we’re believing to be renewed in the mind by the Holy Ghost.

[39-6]  And Rahab said, “I’ve heard that. I don’t want to perish with those unbelievers.”

[39-7]  No, sir. Know judgment… you must know that judgment had to follow, because they was right in line. [He’s telling us now.] She knew it. [Listen! Who doesn’t know we’re right in line, even the politicians know it. I think they know it more than the theologians know it.] So, they made a way for her to escape it. They must have believed that their own big denomination of Jericho was not able to resist the wrath of God. Their own big denomination.

[39-8]  That is what many of them… think today. “Oh, surely, God won’t do that.” That is what Satan said to Eve. “Oh, surely, God won’t.” He will, because He said He would, and that is His Word. Yes, sir. [And a prophet ought to know. If anybody knows, the prophet knows.]

[39-9]  “Except a man be born and these signs… follow them that are born. This will all men know that you are my disciples,” and so forth…


Now he doesn’t abrogate these things that come with the rebirth; he believes them. We believe in them but they are not in the major sense of the truth. Now if one has the Token, no Scripture is turned aside, yet all are in their proper places as to their values and importance.

And healing is important and as a sign of the Resurrection amongst us in the ministry of  Brother Branham that was all important is vindication to bring us to the Word but if it was vindicated to bring us to the Word, or manifested to bring us to the Word then what is the important thing? Not the sign that points to the bus, but the bus! So it’s the Word, the Word of truth. Why? It’s the gospel of our salvation.

No word of truth, no gospel for salvation. And what is salvation? It’s closer now than when we believed. Which is what? Healing in the wings. Which is what? Glorification, getting out of here.

[40-1]  All right, wanted to do it. Oh, what happened? Now, they were shut up. “No revival is going to happen here.” [So they were closed down in other words.] “Our denomination won’t sponsor such.”


Now if they’d of found old Rahab had had that that red streak out there, that red cord out there, and for what purpose? They’d of ripped it out of the window and chopped her head off, that bunch in there, but you know, God blinds them. He’s got a beautiful way of doing things; just simple.

[40-1]  We’ll not have that kind of nonsense among us.” “I forbid any of you to go to that meeting.” Jericho, right in the line of the damned. [To turn down a prophet is to turn down God is to bring on condemnation. To turn down mercy but you don’t turn down wrath if it gets you.]

[40-2]  But there must have been some tape boys sitting in somewhere, for the predestinated seed. They slipped over to her house and played some tapes. She made her own house a church to receive the Message. [They still got them, you know.] The Message got to the predestinated seed, anyhow. We don’t know how it got there…

[Brother Branham has been dead twenty years we’ll still taking the Message.] …so that the just will not perish with the unjust. God is seeing to that today. [What’s he talking about? Not that. Genesis 18. This comes out of Genesis 18 and we are in Genesis 18, so the Son of man revealed, the Son of man manifested, the days of the Son of man, Elohim in human flesh… anyone knows…]

The Message got to the predestinated seed, anyhow. We don’t know how It got there, but it got there, so that the just will not perish with the unjust. God is seeing to that today. Someway It will slip in. They don’t know how, though they won’t sponsor It, but there is some Seed out there that is predestinated.


That’s why  Brother Branham went to the Full Gospel Businessmen and they all came in different shapes and forms, and some he got.

[40-3]  Anyone knows anything about the Bible, knew that that harlot was predestinated. Sure was… The Bible said, “She perished not with them that believed not.” [That’s predestinated.]

[40-4]  That is right… she believed the Message of the hour… God gave her a sign by His messengers. Said, “Take a scarlet red streak and tie it on your window there, down the wall…”  “Remember, if you don’t tie that streak there and leave it there, what we’ve escaped by, we’re not responsible for our oath.” And said, “If you’re out from under it, we’re not responsible.” Oh, my!

In other words, it’s just the same as what happened here it is and they said, “No,” then they’re not under it. Then there’s no Headship and there’s got to be Headship to raise the dead, then they won’t be in the Resurrection. I’m just making a loud noise, to emphasize, I’ve got nothing against the people.

I’m sorry for them if you start to think about it, but this is not… Listen, this is not my word. Am I going to change this? Preach something else? Say, well, I think Brother Branham was just a little bit too crass and crude. Oh brother. I should be even saying words like that… wash my mouth with soap. The old-fashioned lye bar.

Brother Branham was the sweetest and humblest man that I ever saw in my life. He’s screaming out at people to just get them, as he said, you see somebody out there, you say, “Hey little boy, come in off the street truck’s coming.”

You scream, “Little boy”! You scream out to get him off the streets. You’d scream louder than that truck though it makes noise, full of gravel, humping down potholes or a bunch of honking geese going over. You scream out to overcome any noise and get the Word out there, see. All right, anybody knows that about the Bible.


The Bible says she’s predestinated and did not die.

[40-5]  “Rahab, every predestinated seed in there, you get out there, and go to hunting them.

Now notice that, this is the evangelism of this hour. End time evangelism. We have been warned by a vindicated prophet of God. Okay, Seventh Day Adventists, British Israel, Armstrong’s, there is no such thing as you worshipping on a Saturday and that’s the Holy Ghost because it’s not. If it is produce what this man produced. Now go ahead. Armstrong’s dead.

He died the other day. Eighty thousand followers. How many sealed in? Because he worshipped on Saturday? Hogwash! The man perverted every Scripture in the Bible that he could get his hands on and you couldn’t change him. Because why? He was so puffed up in his own smugness that the vindication of God meant nothing. And Pentecost just as smug had their Balaam.

We’re the screwballs. Phew! Well, at least when a screw gets in a thing it holds nice and tight and the ball can roll, roll right in them pearly gates. They’re not going to take us away either.

[40-5]  “Rahab, every predestinated seed in here, you get out there, and go… hunting them. [End time evangelism, preach the prophet, preach God, give them the truth.] Get your daddy, your mother, for we’ve just come under that atonement, down in Egypt, and everything that we didn’t have under that token, perished. Rahab, I’m going to give you a sign. It is a token.” And I say in the Name of the Lord, it is the same. [Now Brother Branham says that to you and me.]

If you’ll put that… I’m acquainted with that… messenger. I’m acquainted with the angel of wrath, Joshua, God’s destroying messenger. [Now you remember, Joshua is Jesus Savior.] I’m acquainted with Jesus, I talk face to face, yup, and he knows that there has to be a token sign. And you hang that there, and I’ll assure you when I take oath.” [ Brother Branham spoke face to face with the Pillar of Fire and he takes oath now.]

[40-6]  God took oath too, that what was out from under it would perish, and all that was under it would live.


Now see there’s a double oath there. “I’m going to make sure,” said He, “you live; I’m going to make sure they die.” You say, “That doesn’t sound like God.” You better change the Bible. You better do something about it. See?

Nothing outside of this vindicated… rather, nothing outside of the indicated, vindicated Token has life. See? And this also, which is vindicated is the life of God and Him being like this is God so God’s His own Token. God’s His own surety, Judge, jury and everything else.

[40-7]  Now, the same oath is today, the same thing, I will not let you perish with them who don’t believe the Message… [Now he didn’t say anything about Token now, he said Message. What’s the Token all about? To bring us the Message.] she had heard the works that had been done, and she believed it.

[41-1]  But… her father, couple of brothers or something was the only ones that believed in the whole city. See how few it is? Just one here, one there. A little family will come out from a state. Is that right? Exactly now, we’re talking facts. [Now I’m talking facts. Maybe one family in a state.]

[41-2]  If you’re going to see what the ante-type is, you have to see what the type was first. You have to see what the shadow is, then you know what the real thing is going to look like.

[41-3]  His power was displayed: judgment was in line. They must believe in order to be saved. Yes, sir. And these fellows went in there, these messengers, and caught that predestinated seed that believed.

[41-4]  She used her house for a church to receive these messengers. They wouldn’t let them in their churches. No sir. They won’t let you either. They kick you out, if you say anything about it.

[41-5]  They got all in her city, that would believe, under the token. That is exactly what we better do today. If you want some loved one saved, you had better get them in, right now. [In other words, you’ve got a duty to tell them and that’s as far as you can go brother/sister, you can’t give it to them.]

[41-6]  When God’s wrath destroyed that big city, the token sign held her house safely. [It sure did. Geography, I mean, archeology proves that. How did he do it? the Token…] The sign was on her token, or the token was on her house. [That’s what he meant to say. The sign that they saw, the token, was on her house [Inaudible] When the rest of the city shook to the ground… What did it? What held it? What held it? he said.

[41-7]  Joshua, the messenger of God God Himself, recognized His messenger’s Message. [Now what’s that? God Himself recognized His messenger’s Message. Well sure, he had to because God gave it to him and He wouldn’t recognize anything else.] Amen. He proved it; it proved it. They recognized the Message. He recognized His messenger’s Message, and when all the rest of the city shook down, there stood Rahab’s scarlet token over the door… the rest… gone.


What about today? God recognizes the prophet’s message which is of the Token and the whole thing is the Token in display. Now he displayed it, a manifestation. He said, “Look, everything you see is the Token. Do you want a part of it?” See?

That’s the whole thing. You say, “Well, I can have a part of that. That would make me to know everything’s got to be all right with me.” That’s exactly the truth. Here’s where you get the assurance. Not from the fruit and those things that you produce or are produced in you by this, although that’s great but that can be duplicated but the other can’t.

[41-8]  Then, right straight up, went the destroying angels, [He pluralized it, the people, the soldiers.] and destroyed everything… was in the city. Not even a piece of goods was left. One took… a piece of goods, and had to perish with it, out of that denomination. Took the whole thing and destroyed it. Cursed be the man that ever tries to build it. His firstborn will die when he starts…

In other words, he gets cut off, there’s no lineage. That’s what he’s trying to tell you. The firstborn means if it’s gone then it’s all gone. There’s no inheritance, there’s no lineage. Under the Token, if there’s no Token there, the lineage is gone.

You’re cut off. It’s finished. No inheritance, no nothing. Name out of the Lamb’s… name out of the Book of Life, not Lamb’s Book, that couldn’t happen, the Book of Life. See?

[41-8]  Took the whole thing and destroyed it. Cursed be the man that… tries… [Okay.]  That big thing that rejected the Message of grace and mercy they thought they were safe and secure.


And they said, “Who needs William Branham? Well, he can’t be right he talks about one God. Everybody knows there’s three. And this junk about baptism in Jesus Christ, what is that anyway? Why that simply means that they’re… why it just means you do everything in the name of Jesus Christ.

I take my bowl of soup, I put my clothes on in the morning, I say my prayers, so I baptism in Father, Son and Holy Ghost in the Name of Jesus Christ. Anybody does that.” You’re wrong. That is the name the Lord Jesus Christ. It tells who and what it is, positionally, and above all for the hour if you only knew it.

[41-9]  Many people think today, “Because I belong to the church, I’m safely secured.” Don’t… believe such nonsense. The Blood shall be a token… [Of course, it’s here today.]

[42-1]  The Spirit now is a Token unto you the Life that was in the Blood… just think of that… the same token that they used in Egypt, the same life token, that was in… Egypt… God used the same symbol up there.

What symbol up there? Where? In Jericho. What was it? Red, signifying blood, signifying life. You’ll be okay, bring the family in. Now let’s face it, if it was that simple under the blood of a lamb, it should be that… it should be much simpler today.

See? Because remember they were elect according to flesh, we according to spirit and therefore, it makes no difference, election is election and they will come in. You just claim, keep on, keep on believing.


Now there’s where you use love that comes out of the Token, just like they asked Erma Bombeck which I read once in awhile because I kind of appreciate her dry sense of humor. They said, “Mrs. Bombeck, [Irma Bombeck is a mother.] What do you… how do you feel about… what do you say is the greatest thing in raising children?”

She said, “Here’s what I found the greatest thing is this that you must give them love at the time they least deserve it.”

Well, the old girl had something on the ball. She does, you can tell she’s a pretty fascinating woman when it comes to understanding many things in this life but does she understand this? The answer is no.

See, not many mighty, not many smart, not many journalists. The old cliché was “they could not see Him from the press.” It sure stands in good. All your Dan Rather’s may be smart men, and the late Edward G. Murrow and the rest of them, but I don’t have much use for what he practiced, too liberal in my books.

Look at all those people, they all obscured God and unfortunately we do too. That’s why God must have a Token, something of Himself on us or it would never work. And when you look out and you understand what I’m saying.

“Well, it’s sure a good thing God has got something outside of us. It certainly is good.” But then you don’t do despite to that, and say, “If that’s the case then I’ll do what I want to do.” See, everything falls into balance.

[42-2]  Joshua, a perfect type of Jesus, was true to the token sign, that His messengers had preached.


See? Said, “The stripe put there the red cord there, and my general, Joshua, will say that’s fine.” That’s true. What the messenger said Joshua backed up.

Now if we say the same thing William Branham said knowing it’s THUS SAITH THE LORD God will back us up. See? And not a lot of ramifications, just simple as a-b-c.

[42-2]  Joshua, when he said that, said, “Don’t touch that house or anything in it. It is reserved for the Lord.” Amen!

[42-3]  A Gentile, a harlot, a street walker, but she heard and believed it, and she applied the token.

[42-4]  Now no matter how stooped you are in sin, and what you’ve done; [This is an evangelical call, so nobody has the Holy Ghost] that doesn’t have one thing to do with it. You apply the Token. [In other words, you receive Christ into your heart.] It is for you. If you feel in your heart there is something tugging, it is for you; if you will apply the Token.


I remember years ago I preached on the fact that that the sovereign grace of God determined whether that person would be saved again. And a man said, “Well, if this is all sovereign how will I know?”

I said, “The very fact that you came to me to ask proves that you’re one of them.” And he was, there’s no two ways about it.

Just like the man come says to Brother Branham and say, “I believe I’ve committed the unforgivable sin.”

He said, “If you had you wouldn’t even come and talk to me, so therefore, I know that you haven’t.” It doesn’t take to determine on that one. See? The devil tries everything but he can’t handle that Word. Oh, he handles it and mishandles it, you know, gongs it over.

[42-5]  Now… the word, Joshua, means Jehovah Saviour. So did Jesus, means a Saviour. And Joshua, when he knew his messengers come back and said, “I have obeyed your orders.” [Now here’s the ones, the messengers reporting to general Joshua, general Jesus. Remember, he’s the captain, host of Israel. See? He’s the great one.] “I’ve obeyed your orders.”

[42-6]  …we found this woman… [we played the tapes, you know.] “We found that woman that believed, and we told her that all that would come under the red sign back there, the token, it would mean… Now, we’ve preached that. [She’d be saved.] Will you honor that, Joshua?” [See?]

[42-7]  He said, “I sent you to do it.” Amen. And then when that jarring came, the house never shook down.


What did that mean? It meant that the word that Joshua honored based upon the vindicated prophet Moses which, of course, was the Token in pure vindication, absolutely, stood in good stead.

It said, “Nothing will happen now. You’re safe.” See? Therefore, a ministry or anybody outside of ministry should give this word of truth; anybody coming in can come right into Christ.

[42-8]  And then… Joshua stood there and gave the signal to destroy the whole thing went right straight up, [that is over the walls, see, all stood up] and Rahab and all her people sat right and all their possession. [Notice, their possessions. They didn’t lose anything. We got things stored up, too.] Amen! Amen! All their possessions were in the house, safely. [We don’t lose anything. God’s not one to forget our labor of love. Everything is toted up for us.] They just stood there… didn’t have to look out the window. They could read the Scripture, while the battle was going on.

[42-9]  She came right back and was courted by the general in the army… raised up, and came… to Bethlehem… her portion was allotted up in there to them… she brought forth a… famous son, and that famous son brought forth another famous son, and that son brought forth another famous son, until the great famous Son came.

That’s Jesus Christ. Rahab was a part of that lineage, a Gentile. And you know Israelite men must not marry Gentiles. So God was practicing election all the way through. Right back there, Amen, and foreknowledge. Son came back…

Right back down and on through Obed, … through Jesse, and… right to David. That’s right. Harlot Rahab, because she believed the messenger, she applied the token… her house was saved, or she would have perished down there where she was at.

[43-1]  Listen close, now. Oh, say, do you recognize it? All under it was saved in Egypt. All under it was saved in Jericho. All under It today will be saved, today. The blood-bound, the blood lamb, is a type of Jesus Christ.

Remember this age, brother/sister, wretched, miserable, naked, blind, don’t know it, boasting, glorying in themselves. Malachi 4, leaving neither root nor branch. He’s going to save us.

[43-2]  …Hebrews 13:10-20… I haven’t got time to read it. Put it down, I was going to read it. It is called the “Everlasting Covenant.” The Blood of Jesus Christ is called the “Everlasting Covenant.” Yes, sir. Everlasting Covenant.”

[43-3]  Why wasn’t it called the Eternal Covenant? Because… it wouldn’t be Eternal. When we’re redeemed, it’s all over, then. It is an everlasting which means, certain amount of time…  There will never be another one. When time runs out, we won’t need any covenant; but until time runs out, we do need the covenant.

The blood has been efficacious for us. It’s still efficacious. It’s going on.

[43-4]  … “Everlasting Covenant.” God’s Blood-bound promise makes us free from sin. Amen! There is no sin in them. Sin, self, flesh… worship Him, and show forth His promised power. God’s Blood-bound, [that’s we’re bound by the Blood] Token-bound [bound by the Holy Ghost] covenanted people, have the Spirit of Jesus Christ in here till, “He that believeth on Me, the works shall… I do, shall he do also.”


Now is that for a Bride individual? No, for William Branham. That same Spirit coming up, and remember, He does in the Church and there’s messengers in whom He does as well as those in the Church in whom He does.

But what He does in the Church through those messengers is always uniquely different and no one but no one could have it the last days as the prophet. And that’s in the singular, “He that believeth.” He said you believe the Token can do this? Sure, the Token did it right through William Branham. Sure.

[43-5]  Displaying the Token… see. [manifesting, prophetic ministry] New Testament testament means covenant. Isn’t that right… Testament means covenant. The New Testament means… New Covenant: The old Testament… under the lamb, and the life that could not come back on the believer. The New Testament was the Lamb of God, and His Life came back on us.

[43-6]  Blood is Life, see. Blood is Life in the New Testament, see. Life is from the Blood of the Lamb, which means the New Testament, new covenant, that God… “After those days, will I write my law upon the fleshly tables of their heart.” Not upon the stony tables of lamb’s blood, which… is to say, “Yeah, I got the blood over [there]… what does it say now?”… upon the tables of your heart…  “The Spirit covenant, will I make with the people.”

[43-7]  And it displays His power. John, 14:12… “He that believes on me, the works that I do shall he do also;” [What’s he doing? Talking about today.] The New Testament new covenant new life.


He’s telling you, this is that life you’ve always heard of that was shed to you, now it’s proved itself, “Do you want a part of it?” If you want a part of it it’s yours. Two things, what? Repent and be baptized and change your mind, say, “Hey, that’s real, that’s God.

That stuff I had before wasn’t it, that’s why I was hungry, this is it.” Then you’re baptized in the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ, nothing is going to stop you, unless you’re a make-believer, trying to come along for the ride. I don’t say anybody would do that.

[43-7]  Shows Jesus had met every requirement for us, that God required, to make… take us back… make us back truly, sons and daughters of God, under the Blood where there is no more condemnation.

He tells you this is the sign that you’re back, restoration, there’s no condemnation. The Blood scatters sin. There’s no sin evidence. What does he see? Only the spirit, the Token.

[44-1]  Romans 8:1, “There is therefore now no condemnation to them that are in Christ Jesus” not those who are believing it “those that are in Christ Jesus, that walk not after the flesh, but after the Spirit.”

You’re finished walking after the flesh, why? Because you’re walking after that. Well, the flesh of the man won’t do those things, no way shape and form. See?


Now he said,

[44-2]  …My Word is Spirit? Right? Oh, couldn’t I take a text from that, and stay about a couple more hours, but we’ll hurry over it…

[44-3]  No more condemnation; free from sin; free from the cares of the world. No condemnation… Why? To them that have been by one Spirit baptized into one Body. There the Blood of the Lamb has been applied. [That’s the Lamb, God.] The God of Heaven has accepted you… His life is in you, and you’re sons and daughters of God.

[44-4]  Your character is God’s character. [Now watch! Now he goes back to what people don’t… they think we mess up on. See?  Brother Branham knowing what people’s hearts are going to be like and what their hearts are like. He pulls it right down.] Your character is God’s character… [What are you talking about here?] A little pushover? No, sir. God is a God of judgment. God is a God of correction. It must be on the line. Nothing else will do. That is the kind of character you are, because you are the character of your Father. Watch!

He’s telling you right there that if that life is in you, you will have a character. As that lines with the Word, the Life in us will cause us to line with the Word which is compatible though that would not be compatible. That’s a special ministry. That’s the Life itself. God vindicating Himself, but in you and me there is a life and that’s compatible. It produces a fruit.

[44-5]  The life what was it the life is taken from the blood. The life… is taken. The life is taken for the blood. [Not only from the blood, life is taken for the blood now.] The blood was applied, and the life could not come upon the believer then, for the life was the life of an animal… but see, instead of a human being, it was a super, super, super human being. [That’s right. He wasn’t a human being.]

And that makes the human being now, not only human being, but he’s a son and daughter of God, of the super, super, super, super, super, Life, that was in Him comes back upon you and changes you from a sinner and the things of the world, a church member… a denominational goer, to a born again Christian, filled with the Holy Spirit, and the Life of God just flowing from you like sparks from an anvil.


Beautiful way to put it. Now let me tell you something, what is… what is the sparks from an anvil? Now it’s like the old fellow, the old blacksmith, he heats the torch up, you know, he heats the hearth up, that blower up real good, you know, the forge. That’s what it is the forge, and he puts a piece of iron in there. Now he takes that piece of iron and starts beating on it.

Now the sparks do not come from the anvil. The sparks come off the red hot metal he’s beating on. So you and I are on the anvil, and our life which is subject to all these things around, puts the pressure on us and shows we belong to Christ by our responses and by our reactions and that is our great failures right in there but we still admit there is a life.

We’re not what we used to be and we’re not what we’re going to be. That’s true. We’re just in the middle right now but we’re coming on.

[44-5]  As you walk full of virtue, love, and gentleness, and the Holy Spirit moving, speaking. Oh, my. There you are.


I can tell you one thing, I’ve seen  Brother Branham appear very gruff but he didn’t tell lies. And I see these sweet guys, they didn’t like the roughness and they don’t like a little exterior contradiction but I’ve seen them with their sweetness, which is adultery and immorality and all this other stuff. Not… now listen! Not that you and I could not fall, let’s get that flat.

But I’m just telling you I’ve seen those men stand as though they couldn’t fall; they had God in their pocket, in God’s pocket. Nothing against them, that’s fine, they can do what they want, that’s their business and they will do what they want and I will do what I want which is I want to try to serve Almighty God. Not that I’m doing a good job, never have said it, never will. There you are. See?

[44-6]  And with the what? Hearing the message, watching the Pillar of Fire… the Blessed Assurance: I’ve passed from death unto Life. Therefore there’s no condemnation… “If our hearts condemn us not, then we have our petition.” [Now he swings in the fact of prayer. It’s what you go from, you watch the whole thing.]

[44-7]  We know but if sin is in our heart… it condemns us; we might as well not even start. You’ve got to get free from sin, and the only way you can get free from sin, is get in Him. That is the only covering there is for sin, is in Christ.

Now that tells you how to get peace with God, and peace with the world and peace with yourself. And that peace is a different kind of peace because you know it has to do with the sin, Christ and the future, but there isn’t any peace when you think about yourself, by yourself what you can do and have done and might do again. Therefore, He looks at the Token.

That’s where your passage is. Your passage is not you, brother/sister, let get this flat. You have a passage and you are not the passage: He is the passage and when you try to think you are any kind of a passage you are wiped out because you stole the glory from God. How are you going to be near Him when He won’t share His glory and you’re sharing it already?

[45-1]  Remember, the covenant Blood, the covenant Blood is not recognized without the Token. You cannot…  say, “Well, I’ve been sanctified from things.”

[45-2]  That is not the Token… the Spirit is the Token. The Spirit of Christ upon you; believe it.


Now we’re not going to go any further than that because that’s far enough tonight. I don’t even know where I’m going to recap on that part. But you can see we started out by telling you tonight that Brother Branham, we ourselves are thoroughly misunderstood as to our stand on fruitage, power and those things in the ministry of the Holy Ghost; brother/sister our stand is right with the prophet.

So we can see what he was saying, “The Token Himself is here,” and it hasn’t got one thing to do with you and me as per se producing it but He produced Himself and seals ourselves so that we could have what He produces and what He is which is the Resurrection and the life and we’re moving into It.

Now then you try to have anything that pleases God that borders in that area, that line, outside of that itself and let me tell you are mistaken and you better come tonight to repent and be baptized over again and seek God to fill you.

Like I said concerning one preacher went and followed another person and that person anyone well knows is a certainly an insane person and he called him a greater prophet than William Branham. I said, I would have to see that man go to an altar and I don’t like speaking like this but I’m going to just tell it anyway.

I’ve lost all confidence after I see that man go to an altar Sunday, and say, “Look, I couldn’t have had the Holy Ghost or something was radically wrong.”


We’re not in an hour to be deceived anymore brother/sister. If you think you’re looking for some other evidence, let me tell you something, you have blown it and blown it badly. The last sign the Church saw was that little simple thing called discernment and if you can’t take that and glory in it, and I know it’s difficult.

Come on, look I’m not trying to sell you a bill of goods, like Old Lee Vayle he’s all hipped up and in a hot. Fap! I get as low in my cups as you get in yours and maybe a whole lot lower. I’ve got my problems. But I know this one thing He’s given us a sound mind and the sound mind always says, “Look, that’s it.”

We saw something and if we’re wrong, we’re the least wrong than anybody else and that counts. Because you know why? Because they that sin the most get the most stripes and if you see that much and you come that close, because you know that’s God somewhere in there, at least the lake of fire won’t hold us too long or we’ll come in the second Resurrection and walk around outside the glory of the New Jerusalem, but I’m believing for higher things than that.

I’m identifying tonight through the Blood of the Lamb and the Holy Spirit and it hasn’t got one thing to do with me, brother/sister, not one thing.

I didn’t produce one thing… one, and I never will produce one thing to have to do with that. It’s the price has been paid and He gave it to us. That’s the story. That’s the picture. That’s the whole thing. See? But keep on walking with God. Keep on building yourself up in the most holy faith. Take every opportunity.

As Brother Branham said, “To display and apply” which means in that particular term, ‘act with the confidence that He is with you to give you that manifested life that’s pleasing to God and people can say, “Yes, God’s in that person.”

Sure, I trust you’re getting the picture, brother/sister, because to me this is the only thing that counts is knowing what He came to tell us, that understanding and come into this full maturity of Christ.

Let’s rise at this time.

Gracious heavenly Father, again we come to You tonight, thankful in our hearts for Your goodness, mercy, love, and truth, looking forward Lord, to service on Sunday and looking forward also to see Your people healed, thinking again, tonight of Ruth Lord, and different ones.

We think of poor Sister Jennie’s mother, father, I don’t know, their mother Lord, we don’t know what’s going to happen there but we know Father, that the dear lady doesn’t understand the things of God but that’s nothing impossible with You Lord. We don’t know that Peter’s mother understood too much at one time, the centurion’s servant or the fine person that… the great man of the Sanhedrin’s daughter.

We don’t know too much about those things Lord, or the man sitting at the Gate Beautiful where they didn’t know too much but they got help. And Lord, we pray tonight for help then for the sister Lord, that she might be helped, oh God, Jennie’s sister might have the help that she needs tonight.

We ask You Lord, tonight for these other requests too, not acting as though that other prayers aren’t sufficient but Lord, we know they’re looking to us because we’re friends of theirs. They hear the Word Lord, that’s preached in this place here.

They get the tapes and everything else Lord, and they’re looking to us as a people and so we want to hold them up Lord, and I might just pray that now and what we’re really praying for at this moment is the people tonight will remember in their prayers tonight and the days to come and that You Lord, will impress upon their minds and our minds to remember these special requests tonight as we… that we have already remembered them at certain times, oh God, but remember them continuously that they might have help.

Praying always in sincerity for the Green’s Lord, praying always sincerely for each other Lord, that we might have help and be a blessing to each other, and people having problems Lord, to not to add to their problems but to take away from their problems by helping to lift the problems. Help us all Lord, to be what You would have us to be. We know You’re trying to help us Father, and if it takes some stringent measure then all right, we’re candidates for it.

So Father we give our hearts to You tonight and we hope anew and our lives anew, oh God, with increased faith and understanding Lord, that Your Spirit is working in us mightily and we’ll continue until we conform to that image and the glory of God.

Father, we desire that above everything in the world, and yet we say that but I wonder if we really do. We really mean it Lord, as much as we can mean anything that we hunger and thirst for it. Whether we paid the price or not, I don’t know Father, but I do know we hunger and thirst for it.

Help us, oh God, to be changed Lord, changed, changed, changed, until one day the members of our body are changed, too. May Your sweet Spirit Lord, fill every heart tonight erasing every sin and bringing not just a compatibility and a tolerance amongst us but a love, oh God, that we’re united together by the Holy Spirit that all men might see that we love You and love each other, that we belong to Christ and belong to each other.

And unto the King eternal, immortal, the only wise God, be all power and honor and glory through Jesus Christ our Savior, we pray. Amen.

The Lord bless you. Lets sing, “Take the Name of Jesus with you.”

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