Token #10

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Shall we pray.

Dear heavenly Father, we’re very glad to be gathered together here in this building, it shows forth Your grace, allowing us to come Lord, which is grace in itself because without that grace Lord, how would we even know to come to a place like this and gather around a Message which has been revealed to us by Yourself, Lord, through a prophet.

How Lord, would we even want it, my God, except by grace through election, Lord, Your divine plan that that we were suited to this Word Lord, being a part of It and now believing to grow up into It to be the living Word somehow. We don’t know Lord, how it’s going to be done but we know it is going to be done, Father, that You’re going to have a Bride that’s the perfect Word of Almighty God.

So help us today to realize that, and to worship You Lord, according to that truth that is set us free and that gives us a worship Lord, we know that will be right before You and right with us and have a union and unity with You that has been missing through the ages Lord. We’re coming back we know to restoration and we know the Word’s here that’s already predicated Itself.

We know Lord, that Word has got to be in a good ground and we believe we’re Your husbandry Lord. We believe that Word in us is going to come forth as You desired It back to the original, even beyond the concepts of man, no matter what we desire, You’ve got something even greater. So we thank You for this help You give us this day, we just pray now You’ll continue to bless us in all things in Jesus’ Name, we pray. Amen.

You may be seated.


Now we’re on the message the Token number 10, I surely hope we can finish today although I really don’t know that I can promise you that because I can’t even promise myself that.

Now the last two messages, especially the last two, we have clearly seen that God, Elohim, the One who incarnated Himself in the virgin born body called Jesus has appeared amongst us visibly to a prophet and to us by means of the camera and he has vindicated that manifestation to be Himself in the form of the Holy Spirit veiled in a Pillar of Fire and It’s made known to us through a prophet that He is Jesus Christ the same yesterday, today and forever which is clearly that Jehovah of the Old Testament is Jesus of the New, one God who never changes.

He is not only vindicated that He Himself is here by appearing in signs and wonders but has already stated He was often seen by the prophet and by us, by allowing His picture to be taken, and once about three hundred people saw that Fire in the Tabernacle, as well as, did close to three thousand see Him reflected in a rainbow of Light on June 11, 1933.


And to receive this manifested Word for this hour is to fully believe the Word and receive the Token which is to be baptized with the Holy Spirit which in turn is the rebirth. To reject this Light is to fall away according to Hebrews 6.

Let it therefore be understood that we do believe and teach that it is impossible for anyone to receive or to have received already a genuine rebirth and reject the glorious Appearing of our Lord Jesus Christ in the form of the Holy Spirit as He now… as He appears once more in the return of the days of the Son of man in this hour and is declared and revealed, Son of man revealed, by a prophet.

To reject this leads simply to anointings on the flesh at best, and these anointed ones will miss the Rapture though they produce all manner of signs and fruit and virtue. It is in vain, for their testimony against the Word has betrayed them.

So keep this in mind that everything that is said relative to anyone being spirit filled or in Christ can only be said of those that have recognized this hour and its Christ and His Word. Only to them can the blood be applied and the Spirit of God enter within them.

Further let me say that in this Message there are times Brother Branham is referring only to himself though he places the works of the Holy Spirit upon the Bride as though it were a body ministry instead of a ministry of a prophet alone. He clarified that for us on various occasions by saying, “If the hand does it, the body does it.”


And for our last comment before reading be advised to be constantly aware that Brother Branham deals with the whole subject of the Token, as to what it is, what it does, how it can be… how we can be a part of it by spiritual infilling and how the Holy Spirit can live in and through us until we are controlled by Christ as Paul said, “It is God in you willing and doing of His own good service.”

So you keep those in mind now. I’ve written them down to be sure that you get them exactly as I want you to get it. Play the tape back if you need to and those points we brought out are very vital as we begin reading which is page 45, and paragraph 1.

[45-1]  Remember, the covenant blood, the covenant blood is not recognized without the Token. You cannot… say, “Well, I’ve been sanctified from those things.”

In other words, he tells you again that the blood is not of any avail if you don’t have the Token and he’s talking particularly of this hour because remember, the life goes out of the wheat into the chaff and then the chaff is now designated not as chaff at the very end but it is designated as tares.

So you’ve got two groups of people; one that are going to get out of here, one that’s going to burn. And the one that’s in the burning says, he leaves neither root nor branch, swinging back, swinging forward two thousand years from this period the same as Brother Branham did.

Now I hope you’re catching what I’m saying. If you got a background of this teaching you can’t help get what I’m saying but one day we’ll open… Just look, here’s what you do.

When I say these things and you don’t get the… understand the continuity of the thought please make a note on paper and bring it back and we’ll discuss it because you simply have to see what I’m saying in continuity, the same as you have to see what the prophet said or it just becomes jerky, you know, like a film races back and forth. That won’t work.


Now Brother Branham said,

[45-2]  That is not the Token.… the Spirit is the Token.

Now the blood is not the Token and you have to have a… the Token Itself. In other words, what provided the Token and made the room for it is wonderful but that’s from God’s point and our point as the atonement for sin.

You simply cannot take what made the way for It and bypass It. Now I’m using ’It’ in the sense of capital ’I’, capital ’T’, being the Holy Spirit, the Token. So you understand what he’s saying here. So many say…

Now Brother Branham said, “That was fine in the days of Luther. That was fine in the days of Wesley, even fine in the days of Pentecost.

That was fine.” In other words, the blood and it’s sign today, the blood is applied but there was a leeway there where God didn’t necessarily wink at ignorance but there is a sacrifice for ignorance.

Now not saying that these people, Wesley and the Pentecostal and those didn’t have the baptism with the Holy Ghost, but you understand It’s moved on now and there’s no baptism back there. So these people say, “Well, we’ve got the blood,” and still be Lutheran? “We’ve got the blood,” and still be Methodists? Presbyterian? Baptists?

No! No, there’s just no way, because your evidence whether you want to believe it or not is believing this Message. Him, He to the Christ, the Logos, the Word, Elohim and the Pillar of Fire manifesting and the declaration coming through a prophet. You don’t have that, you haven’t got it. Now people say, “Well, you’re… well, you’re iconoclastic. You’re building your fences.”

Well, who cares? I want a fence and a good one. I want to get inside of God’s fence. You want a lot of open doors? Have your open doors, be my guest. Just don’t come and tell me what to preach which you wouldn’t dare anyway. No man would dare tell me that because it’s just no good; won’t work. This is what the prophet said.


Now he said that blood is not the Token. Now we revere the Blood. We don’t call it an unclean thing. We don’t cast it underfoot. We don’t denigrate it. We don’t deny it. We don’t belittle it. We don’t minimize. We don’t take from it.

But if you don’t receive the Token, then you have done all those things to a degree. Now where are you at? Now I just say I turn it right around. Now where are we going? So this is a very serious subject. The blood is not the Token.

[45-2]  …the Spirit is the Token. The Spirit of Christ upon you; believe it.

We were just singing, “Only believe,” a little while ago. I love that last verse, “all doors being shut.” But I can tell you what, every door was shut even the Elect shut Him out but He got inside, you know, He knew how to do it. Just thinking how the brothers… How the Rader’s, was it Luke or Paul?

Well, perhaps Paul was the one that wrote that song, especially for Brother Branham. I would never allow that to be sung until I began preaching as I see the Token now and the Presence, the appearing of God.

Now I believe. I believe what Brother Branham wanted me to believe and wants you to believe. “My ministry is to declare that He is here.” Well, we’ll read more of that right through here; all the time that great Presence that is here.

You say, “Well, He always was here.” That’s fine by me but what about this dimension? What about this hour? Appearing back under Luther will not satisfy now, if He did appear. What was His appearing then?

Well He couldn’t appear the way He appeared now because Brother Branham said, “They’re looking for the Pillar of Fire.” How could He appear at that time when the Resurrection could only take place at this time? We’ll hit this a little later on. See?


So the evidence of the baptism with the Holy Ghost is do you believe what you saw, what was testified, what was declared, are you a part of that? Now if you say, “Well, I couldn’t have that because that’s building a fence:” I’ve got news for you, God’s the One that builds the fences and the prophet didn’t tell of any one of us to turn a corner.

He said, “It takes a special man to turn a corner.” Oh, what are you turning a corner for? To build something to hedge you in, bring us… We’ll talk about the lintels of the doorposts after a bit, too. God will help us. There’s four more messages coming up; [Brother Vayle chuckles.] I hate myself for this but I can’t help it.

[45-3]  Now, look, the Word assures us of a promise.


Now that’s right. The Word assures the promise and this Book is full of promises. And if they’re not met head on by God through God’s own revelation but through our interpretation those promises are void. Now that’s… You’ve got to understand that.

The Bible even says the heavens and earth will pass away but not one Word till all be fulfilled. So when the thing is fulfilled then its wiggle-tails. It becomes corrupted. Why? Because it’s food in due season and food eaten is corrupted. The good is gone out of it because the life of that hour is passed away, is passing on. Now what about that food?

Well, it’s all living food, it comes from seed, some sort of seed, so the life goes into a seed and it goes on, and that life keeps coming up, and the life is here in the form of the fullness. It wasn’t full before, so how much Presence did they have? See?

Worst thing in the world is… is a poor mother to bear a child that is crippled. Look what thalidomide did. That’s what your creeds and dogmas did, brought them an aborted Christ. Oh, he’s no Christ. This is the real Christ. Even the priest had to be perfect. If he wore a beard he had to have it shaved a certain way.

People go around like fuzzy bears these days; they think maybe they look like God or something, who knows. I don’t know what they think they look like or care less. I’m trying to get a point across to you, everything… every jot and tittle gets fulfilled with God. See, nothing is out of cater. Not one cell, billions of cells in our body, trillions, even the blood is made out of cells. How many trillions in the blood?

When those cells die, they’re replaced by new ones, but it’s the same life. So can’t you see the life coming on and coming up till now the life itself is manifested? Proven by doing the same things that He did when He was here in the flesh. Oh, that does you… Listen, this is not sealed in, brother/sister.

I’m going to tell you something; I backed away from this when I was in Tucson sick for one reason, to see if I could placate men that became our enemies because we preached Christ the way we preach Him. I’ve lost eight months of my life but with the last month I’ve come back stronger than ever.

No man will take this from me. I won’t pack placate anybody, back away from nobody and I’m not mad; I’m just telling you the truth, you do what you want. See? I think I’ll buy a nice car with a softer ride, and be just nice and sweet. No lumber wagon… coaches for me, but for this that’s a different story. If I get thrown out of this pulpit as an immoral jerk I can tell you one thing, I’ve told you the truth. You bet I know it’s the truth.

[45-3]  Now, look, the Word assures us of a promise. [The Word assures, that’s right. The Word assures Logos; It brings It all to pass. But that doesn’t mean you and I’ve got it.]… these are all texts I’ve set down here. Just keep on preaching all day, look like, on this, see. The Word assures us of a promise, because It is the Promise.


What kind of a promise is this Word outside of a deliberate revelation by God Himself to us? It is nothing but cookie crumbs. God knows what the cookies are made of when man gets through with it. It’s not real at all. No, this Word is merely a revealed God in print but unless He Himself tells us what it means It isn’t going to cut.

[45-3]  The Word is the Promise, [Now watch!] and the Word is the God, and the Word is ours.

Now so he takes it from printed page wherein there is stated a promise to the great Promiser who is God and He said He is ours. Do you realize the psalms of Israel are full of that? Do you realize the relationship and the understanding by the blood of the lamb and a bull and a goat through prophetic utterance what these men had? Then what do we have?

Brother Branham said the prophets of the old time came… they epitomized or show or come close to what we’ve got today in the baptism and of course, if he’s speaking today in the baptism, the great Baptizer here, the great Token Himself. You see?

In complete charge, and he said, “The Word is ours;” so therefore, this is ours and that is ours; it’s all ours. See? You say, “What do you mean by that?” Our personal possession: in other words, Brother Branham is saying here, “The Word is a promise, the Word is God, the Word is ours which is Word… Word fulfilled is simply Word manifested which is simply God manifested and it’s ours, for us, in us, to us but by Him.”

[45-4]  We become the Word, and the Word becomes us.


Now he says that. And anybody receiving this living Word becomes the living Word of God in their flesh because you’re dealing with flesh.

Man is a tripartite being; you can’t separate him. You separate one of those, the body, the soul or the spirit; it’s all gone till it comes back in the Resurrection.

[45-4]  Now… And, “If ye abide in Me and My Word in you…” then, it just becomes one great big family.

Now that’s our goal here. We started out here what three years ago… I don’t even know time anymore, we started out with that premise and that premise remains. You do what you want but there’s going to be a core of people here that believe this and do it and follow it, and it’s going to be done in them and to them and by them and for them. We’re going to have it.

You say, “How do you speak with assurety?” Because God said so! Did He say it to me? No, He said it here and   I believe I’m a part of It and I believe you’re a part of It, and I believe our goals are right. And there are those that can trifle with It do what they want with it but there’s going to be somebody. Yes sir, we’re not spending our time in vain here, none of us.

[45-4]  …just… one great big family. [The family of God. You see, a great big family in love.] It assures us, because why? Why, it is part of us. It becomes a part of us. What a text. All right. Assures us… a promise.

And that promise, the Word for the hour becomes a part of us and we’re a part of It which is not a hybridization but it’s a restoration because that’s what we were. It’s in the body of the flesh that the sons of God went astray.

That’s why the Bible, Brother Branham comes back with the authority of God and said, “Little Bride, you didn’t do it at all; it all falls back on the devil.” See?



[45-5]  The token is a sign that the purchase has been made, has been accepted.

That’s exactly right. In other words, the blood, the Token coming back upon us, manifested at Pentecost, manifested now is a sign. In other words, the Token is the Token; it’s a sign itself. Not something set now; the Token is the real thing, the purchase has been made.

In other words, a price has been paid and that price has been accepted, so therefore, anybody who is full of the Holy Ghost is under the Blood and you’re not legally under the blood until you’re full of the Holy Ghost. Why? Because the blood is not the Token, the Token is the Token which is the Holy Spirit.

Now let’s take a look at that over here in Romans. I don’t even know if I can find it, my minds not too clear today but It might be in the 14th chapter. Yes, it is. Now it says…

Romans 14:7-10

(07) For none… liveth to himself, and no man [dies] to himself.

(08) For whether we live, we live unto the Lord;… whether we die, we die unto the Lord: whether we live therefore, or die, we are the Lord’s.

(09) For to this end Christ both died, and rose, and revived, that he might be Lord both of the dead and living.

(10) But why dost thou judge thy brother?… set at naught thy brother? [and so on]…

Now It tells you right here that Christ paid a price and bought every single one of us and can do to whatever He wants with us, and that’s over in 2 Corinthians, the… What chapter is that in 2 Corinthians? Oh, I can’t tell you where it is anyway but I even preached on it and told you about it many times here how it is that… Oh, it’s further on here.

Anyway it doesn’t matter, my mind’s a blank on it but the idea is that here is where the Roman general comes back and the ones robed in white go ahead of the general on the white horse and the ones behind, they’re captives, they’re slaves, and the ones in front are going to be given citizenship and liberated and the ones behind are thrown to the lions. Now that’s at the sole disposition of the general.


So here we see here what He’s done, He has paid the purchase price and He can do what He wants with anybody because the price is paid. Now then when you receive the Holy Ghost shows that you’re liberated, you’re now back in Christ restored and so therefore, you are not a slave anymore except as a bond slave unto love unto Christ, not one that’s thrown to the lions or to the lake of fire, showing then that He is accepted the blood for you. See?

The price was sufficient and accepted. You go to a store right today and the sign says, “All right, the merchandise is restricted.” You go to restaurants which will only serve those they want to serve. Well, God’s in the same business. He can do what He wants and He does it.

[45-5]  Now, you can’t get the token from the railroad company, until you pay the price. And… the only way you’re going to pay the price? Just pay it. [Now he said,] That is right. What? [Which word what’ means? How do you pay the price?] Believe it; and accept it. [Now you say, “Well, how do I know that price was for me?” Just believe it and accept it, walk right on and see what happens to you, see where you go. See?]

[45-6]  Full obedience to the whole Word of God will entitle you to the Token. Full obedience not… part of it, as far as your denomination goes but all of It.

Now what’s he talking about? What they had back at Luther’s day, what they had in Wesley’s day, what they had in Pentecost is in the fullness now. So, your full obedience! And what is the obedience? He says, “Believe It and accept It.”

So your obedience of faith is; do you believe everything that came from that Source and that Source? Now if you don’t believe everything from those two sources I’m sorry for you, and whatever Holy Spirit you’ve got that’s fine, whatever I’ve got is fine but it’s not going to be it. The full obedience, see, of the full Word because that is Logos.



[45-6]  Full obedience to the Word, which is Christ, brings you into Christ.

Not by your denomination now. You’re just back there claiming the blood. And remember, when the denominations came for the oil, it was too late. Why? Because they’ve taken the creed instead of the Word! So what have they got?

Anointing, that’s why the pope can talk in tongues, Roman Catholics talk in tongues, cardinals, archbishops, a lot of good neo-Pentecostals, the charismatics, right there. Not panning them, just telling the truth. All can talk in tongues, have great love, have this great thing, have that great thing.

Why man alive, they’ll snow you under the table, just plow you right down with what they got, make your prayers look sick, make your love look sick, everything look sick; they haven’t got a thing. Not because I say so; this Word says so.

Let me tell you brother/sister, we’ve got vindication and that vindication doesn’t need to be yours personally that you supply it or God’s in you, you just got to believe what God did. Like Brother Branham said there’s election going on.

And that election right now is whether you vote for Christ or the devil and they’ve already voted for the devil. Oh, they’ll get that great prince of peace, don’t worry, the lawless one, their prince of peace. They’ll get him. See? All right now.


Just exactly what Scripture would you have to believe to be fully obedient to It? Acts 2:37-39, just what they saw at Pentecost we’ve had reproduced much greater in this area, this hour, right now, and that’s all Peter said, “What are they going to do?”

He said, “Repent and be baptized everyone in the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ and you’ll receive the gift of the Holy Ghost,” and he gave them a preachment. And every time they came up he gave them a preachment. In other words, he explained every single time what was going on, same thing right today only greater.

[45-7]  Now, what if you were all in but your feet hanging out? What if you were all in but hands hanging out?

Now what’s he talking about hands and feet? The ages! Lightening[?] to you and me? Luther starts his feet, Wesley, Pentecost and you got your three divisions, head, trunk, limbs, or you got your trunk and your… Yeah, you got three main divisions, and the third one represented now Him coming back, Pentecost, the Holy Spirit to bring Him back entirely.

He had all three, and so you didn’t have the true head, the true Head is coming now at this end time but a body is in that form. So down below here you’ve got the… you’ve got the trunk and the arms and all just waiting for the head to come. So that’s been fulfilled. Okay.


That’s what he’s saying here, “Feet hanging out, your hand hanging out.”

[45-7]  Most… of us all in, but the heart hanging out? The heart is in the world, yet, see. Yet they… don’t do that. Now, full, complete obedience puts you and the Word, one.

Now what’s he talking about? This whole Book you don’t even know that Book, you don’t even know but the obedience he’s talking about is to believe what went on and receive it as yours, that makes you one, because the farthest you can go is no farther than Pentecost when Peter preached this Message and said, “Repent, and be baptized in the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ and you shall receive the gift for the promise is unto you and all your children and all that are far off,” and under what condition?

Repenting and being baptized in the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ. See? Now you’ve got it at the end time. Now it puts you and the Word as one.

[45-7]  You believe it every bit… all of it is in you, and you watch It working through you.


Now let me give you another slant on that. When you see this or didn’t even see it… let’s go back to when you were saved and when I was saved, we never saw this, but let me tell you something, what happened.

You just believed this, period. You couldn’t understand it but you read it voraciously and you believed it and you believed it all, and then the creeds and dogmas came along as you tried to understand and they messed you up good.

Now you’re getting unmessed and that’s the hardest part of the whole battle, the battle of Armageddon is to get with the prophet’s understanding and not your own and he knows just what he’s saying when he says it where the Word is printed page or Logos. See? All right.

[45-7]  You believe… every bit, and all of It is in you, and you watch It working through you.


Now there’s a promise given here. Not only is there escape, there’s a life. Now Brother Branham categorically mentions that at the end time there would be a super, super, super, super race.

You say, “I believe that’s all coming out of the ground.” That could well be. I won’t argue the point. But I’m going to tell you this group here somehow, someway and I cannot describe it, it’s not my job to.

I don’t have a revelation on it. If this group here does not have something the others didn’t have and we can’t go by their marks, characteristic marks, we have to go by this as Brother Branham said, “They say when they have the Word they don’t speak It unless they have THUS SAITH THE LORD;” they have the obedience, they have the understanding of obedience.

In other words, the Word within the framework of the Word and all that goes with It when it comes to motivation and objectivity and all of those things, Christ Himself living His life out, that brings this group, the people to a super race in my understanding.



[45-8]  You don’t go about with a bunch of carrying on. You’re a Christian. No matter what anybody says, they’ll never touch you; you’re in Christ. You’re safe as you can be. When death knocks at the door, it has no hold on you, not at all. Why? It is just stepping out of here into there. [In other words, the dimension.]

[45-9]  Age doesn’t mean… a thing. You’ve… passed from age; you’re in Eternity, because you’re in Him.

Now that’s true of all ages, but especially true now when time and eternity have blended and we have reached the stage of incorruptibility and there’ll be people demonstrating that to be true. Now you can stand… you can be sitting here this morning and feel pretty rotten.

See, we might sing, “Happy birthday,” to Ruth, and she doesn’t feel too good, but she has been through some really trying times but I believe the Lord is touching her and helping her out. Well, you could say right there, “Well, my goodness me, I sure don’t feel like I’ve passed into eternity because I don’t feel like for one minute that I’m putting on incorruptibility.” You sure are. It has nothing to do with feeling; it has to do with God.

The seed for the end time in this hour produces an incorrupted body. Why? Because there’s a change going on and the change is through the Holy Spirit and He’s bringing forth exactly what’s going to be brought forth from dust and ashes.

It doesn’t have a thing to do with how you feel; it doesn’t have a thing to do how you feel like, like to get out of here; that’s my problem. I’m lazy, hate confrontation, tired of the whole mess.

[45-9]  He is Eternal. [That’s the One you’re in.] Don’t… doesn’t mean a thing, whether you’re young, old, middle-aged, or whatever you are. Pretty, ugly, short, fat, what doesn’t matter a thing. [It doesn’t either, you see. What one must do is just believe in the Word and eternal life.]

[46-1]  You don’t go around, and all those other things. You’ve passed from that. [In other words, you’re not out in the world doing as the world does and denominations do.] You’re dead. Your life is hid in God, through Christ. You’re sealed in there by the Holy Ghost, walking in Christ. The only object you see, is Christ. That is right. That is all you want. Oh, my. [Well, how could you have all that if you were dead? But you’re dead to it, you’re anesthetized to it, you’re don’t even… you’re not even aware of a lot of things.]
No wonder you sing…
“Fill my way every day with love,
As I walk with the heavenly Dove;
Let me go all the while, with a song and a smile,
Fill my way every day with love.”

Now watch Brother Branham, what he’s saying here, it’s beautiful.

[46-2]  Let me be your brother. Let me live the example, what Christ said a man should be. Let me be a brother to a brother, a brother to a sister. Let me be a minister to the ministers. Let me be an example of examples. Let me show to the world that this Word is Christ, and the only way I can do it, is come into Him, because I can’t do it myself; you can’t do it; but let the Word and you become one, and then It lives itself out.


Now you say, “How are you going to do that?” See, it tells you, by the Token. It’s only being fortified by the Holy Spirit that that can actually take place. You see? Then obedience is full belief that starts it all. It starts and it begins moving upwards like he says in The Stature of a Perfect Man, [62-10-14M].

You start with faith, you go on to virtue, and to knowledge, and to temperance, and godliness, right up to the very peak that man could get and where is brotherly kindness and see what Brother Branham is saying here, “Brotherly kindness.”

“Let me be your brother to live your life as an example. Be a brother to a brother. Brother to a sister. Minister to the ministers. Example of examples:” to show what Christ can do in a man. See? Now that’s the proper motivation when he comes to prayer and the Holy Spirit you’ve got to remember that, remember this what he’s saying, it’s like a prayer.

[46-3]  You are a walking epistle of Jesus Christ, when He has got complete control control of you to make every word… [Now he stops off and he said,] If He comes this way, “I want to do this,” and you say, “No, no, I don’t believe that.” So, you’re not in the Word…

In other words, he’s saying here, every Word controls you that you are using that as your filter, using that as your gauge, using that as your sign: what does the Word say? There’s a progression here in the stature that he’s bringing out.

[46-4]  Now, watch fully now. Fully obedience to the whole Word of God entitles us to the Token.


In other words, you believe this, you won’t add a word, you won’t take a word, you’re absolutely solid. And you wonder this morning and say, “Have I received the Holy Ghost or not?” and don’t know, and you come to the conclusion you haven’t done it but you believe a hundred percent, you’re the candidate.

You say, “Well, I’ve been baptized in water but…” Well, have you been going on in sanctification? “Well, sure have been doing that.”

All right, reach out this morning; this is what Brother Branham said, and you grow up into It because It starts in the seed form, It always has. Pentecost and everybody got it back in the non-seed form. They said you got I all; which it is true you do have It all but you don’t manifest It all.

Then they didn’t have It all because they didn’t have all the Word. You got something in here they didn’t have which I keep telling you is that incorruptible part, the part of the Word allows you to corrupt but not anymore. See, there’s a group, there’s a people going to be standing here, no matter what anybody says. Don’t let them fool you. See?

[46-4]  Now, watch fully… It’s full obedience to the… Word… the whole Word of God entitles us to the Token. [Now watch! Right away.] Then, when we… [He says, “Entitles us.”] Then, when we…pray, pray we must have the Token to present with our prayer. If you say, “I pray, Lord, but really I haven’t…” Well, there you go. You just might as well stop. Go in first, and get the Token, see, because that Token is what He will recognize. When we pray, then we must present the Token: “Lord, I have obeyed You fully. I’ve repented of my sins.


Now you see what full obedience is right there? Not day by day down the road twenty years from now. Full obedience is step by step. How can you obey what you’re not confronted with? Or what you don’t know? It’s the full obedience to what you know. Now you can see this and say, “I believe that. I got it.

I’m going a hundred percent for it.” That’s great. You’re right on the right track. Might not know one thing other than that; you don’t have to. See? But something struck you and you say, “Whatever goes with that that’s what I want. That’s mine. That’s where it lies.” Then from that time on the growth must increase. See, you’ve got to be growing up into It where the Holy Spirit is in full control.

[46-4]  Now… I’ve been baptized in the Name of Jesus Christ. The Holy Spirit is upon me. [Say, “I’ve obeyed you fully, Lord. Repented of my sins, feel You’ve forgiven me, been baptized in the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ, the Holy Ghost upon me.”] Now, I have a need of a certain thing for Your glory. Lord,  I ask for it. And it is mine now.”

Okay, now he’s telling you here the Holy Spirit is needed like he said in a sermon, “You should be full of the Holy Ghost to take Communion. You should be full of the Holy Ghost in order to pray.”


So let’s go back to Romans 8… for just a second here.

Romans 8:26-27

(26) Likewise the Spirit also [helps] our infirmities:… we know not what we should pray for as we ought: but the Spirit itself maketh intercession for us with groaning which cannot be uttered.

(27) And he that searcheth the hearts knoweth what is the mind of the Spirit, because he maketh intercession for the saints according to the will of God.

Now It tells you right here that the Holy Spirit is available to us and absolutely every time we pray we should recognize that. Brother Branham said the truth.

[46-5]  Then there is something that anchors back there [Now he tells you how the life of the Holy Spirit coming in to you based upon this Word here where the promise lies anchors that thing in there and you know that that’s yours.] It’s yours… Then it’s all over; it’s all over; it is settled. I ask for this. I ask for it.  I must have it. I want it for Your glory. Then He just gives it to you. [Now watch!] I want it for Your glory.… He gives it to you. Then, you know it is yours. That is the way it is with our children, and so forth, we apply the Blood. Believe it. That is all.


Now you notice in here where he said, “I want it for Your glory.” Brother Branham… It was some time ago we went through a prayer line with him and in there he mentions concerning the fact that not only does the person need to be anointed with that faith for healing or they won’t get it but he also brings out the fact what do you want it for.

Remember, years and years ago when Dr. Price went through Canada, there was a girl named Wilsher, I imagine she’d be dead by now. She was a baker’s daughter and crippled with polio and she went to Dr. Price’s meeting and her legs just unscrewed right down and she became normal and she could walk and you know, jump up and down, hop up and down.

It was very fine. And then, of course, then she came back from the healing meeting and she said, she told the people she was very happy because now she was going to dance with the rest of them and that night the legs just went up again, and she became very bitter.

Well, I see no reason why God should do something with His great gift that the devil may utilize it. The devil’s been doing that for all these centuries and I’m sick and tired of it. I’m sorry for the girl that she didn’t have insight but I cannot pan or fault what was done by God because it’s a just God.

You know, you just don’t give a life… have a life from God, you know to… , you could blow the smoke… the empty smoke back into His face. No way.

[47-1]  All right, he said, what does He do, then? When you… can present the Token with your prayer, it shows… you have fully come to obedience to the whole Word of God.


How could that be? Because He’ll reveal the whole Word to you, if it’s for that hour: you had the whole Word for the hour back at Pentecost. You had the whole Word back in Luther and Wesley but now you’ve got the whole Word and this is all of It because nothing more is going to come on down.

He showed you that by the capstone on the pyramid. But no more little lines are going to come down. It’s all over. See, what do people think? See? It’s Headship here and that’s finished.

See, I know people say, “Well, we need something else.” Well, whatever you need; that’s fine. Personally I don’t see where Brother Branham taught that. He said he had to decrease so that He might increase.

Whatever Brother Branham does when he comes back that’s God’s business and it would be under God perfectly and… and with God being in perfect control and Headship it won’t be William Branham, it will be God. It always was God. I don’t understand people. We’re not supposed to; let’s understand the Word.

[47-1]  When you’ve got the Token, it shows… you have obeyed every Word, then, you and the Word are One. You’re only asking for the thing that you are.


Well, it is just… Why how can he say the thing that you are? Because if you were back there in the beginning then you were responsible in that little modicum, in measure, measure of it for every single thing, say whether you… say you had a hand in creation, whether you knew it or not, just a tiny part.

That’s just like buying a one cent… Well, buying… putting in one cent for a billion dollar share. But it’s one cent… one cent is a part of a billion dollar share. You say “Well, that would take a big computer.” Well, God’s bigger than a computer. Brother Branham said, “I was there when He died. I was there when He arose.” That’s Scripture. You can’t get away from that. So there you are, see.

[47-2]  Then, why you know, if I say to this, “Hand, you obey me. Reach out for that handkerchief.” It does… Hand obeys me. Why? It’s part of me. Then, when you and the Word become One, every promise… Glory to God! Every promise is yours. It obeys you. [Well sure, in other words, you’re entitled to it. Now let’s keep watching now.] Then, you want to watch what you want to do [or you want to have. In other words, watch your motives, question your reasons. Now listen!]

[47-3]  You wouldn’t put your hand in a fire… to see if you could do it. [We’ve done that as kids. Pretty stupid; you get burnt and learn better.] Oh, no. But if there is something in that fire I’ve got to reach for, it will obey me.

How many times have we tried and have grabbed things out of the fire? And we got burnt doing it but we had to do it. I know people have died giving their lives in fire but they had to; something was greater than their own preservation. So he said, “See, you watch this.”

[47-3]  That is right. You want to watch what you are doing.

[47-4]  That’s the reason the Holy Spirit is sparingly given out and things.


In other words, why they’re little manifestations, although the manifestor is there for all of it. See? You can’t trust… What was one of the things the angel of the Lord appeared and told Brother Branham? “You made a sideshow of the ministry.”

And I could never see any sideshow in his ministry. That leaves me just gasping like a fish out of water. I look back in my thinking, I was with him so many times and I say, “Well, where did he make a sideshow?” He admitted he exaggerates a bit but there was no sideshow, no sideshow of the Holy Spirit on that. He’s talking about discerning and praying for the sick and all.

But God knows best because if God says that was a sideshow that was a sideshow. We just take it and say, “Amen, Lord, help us to be right;” and you notice how the prophet just geared himself down, down, down, down, down.

[47-4]  So that’s the reason the Holy Spirit is sparingly given out and things. You know what I mean. Because, a real servant of God, doesn’t show off with It, you see. That’s… it. That is making a show.

In other words, in the gift ministry, something must have been a little bit touchy with God. Then think of what goes on today when these people use the gift to bring in money and everything else, oh boy, oh boy, oh boy. They don’t stop at money; they won’t even stop at adultery. They just heyday, hey, time you know.

What is that but an anointing? You couldn’t pin that down to the Word of God, brother/sister. I don’t care what anybody says. No sir, that’s why we stay home more and more and more and just stay here, and people want tapes to… get them at their own risk. That’s the truth.

Get a video clip; you get more at your own risk. You might just might vomit, you might get blinded; it’s your tough luck. I mean it, too. No sir, it’s narrowing down, brother/sister, narrow enough.

[47-5]  When we pray, we present the Token; [There again it’s not trying to fluff off before God. Knowing that your words, like he said, “You’re on earth and God’s in heaven; let your words be few, and give not the sacrifice of fools.”] When we pray, we present the Token; it shows we have fully obeyed. [All right, now this is all part of the stature of a perfect man arriving at that stature.]

[47-6]  Now Paul tells us that the blood speaks… Anyone knows that the blood is actually, itself, cannot speak. It is a chemistry. [It’s a chemical.] Is that right? How many knows that?… how many knows that the blood speaks? If you want to put that down: Genesis 4:10. God said, “What about your brother?” Said, “His blood speaks from the earth, against you.” Amen. Is that right? His blood is speaking. Hallelujah! God said, “What about him?”

[47-7]  Cain said, “I am not my brother’s keeper.”

[47-8]  God said, “His blood is crying out. His blood is crying out.” It is a token. It  is a token that he had been killed. His blood was crying out against Cain.

[47-9]  Now, if you get that in Genesis 4:10… Hebrews 12:24… [He reads this.] ”The blood of Jesus speaketh better things than that of Abel.”

[47-10]  “See, Abel, he was a righteous man. He died; he died innocent because he was in the way. He was in the way, standing for the real revelation he had. He spoke. It cried out; the just blood of Abel cried out against Cain. But the blood of Jesus Christ not only cried out It redeemed us. Amen.

[48-1]  It speaks better things. It makes you sons and daughters. It hides you from the wrath of God. See, the blood of Abel could not hide Cain, but the Blood of Jesus can…

[48-2]  So Cain came out… So Cain… [speaking now to people] come out, today.  If you’ve been a persecutor against the Word [like Paul]… “Days of miracles are passed. This thing is all nonsense, and things like that…” It is crying out. The Blood of Jesus Christ cries out, that He has forgiven us in It, if you’ll just accept It.


Now you see, therefore to believe… to disbelieve the vindicated Message which is the voice of God now, in two forms, by the eye and by the ear. The eye is what you see and the ear is what you hear from the prophet. So to disbelieve the Message, the vindicated Message proves one has trampled the Blood underfoot.

That’s Hebrews, I think; it’s in Hebrews 10 if we want to read that one. Well, Hebrews 10 speaks of Hebrews 9 there and then we’ll get into 10. Yeah, Hebrews 10…

Hebrews 10:26

(26) …if we sin willfully after… we have received the knowledge of the truth, there remaineth no more sacrifice for sins,

Now watch, brother/sister! The sacrifice for sin precedes the knowledge of the truth. See? If we sin willfully after we have received the knowledge of the truth, there remains no more sacrifice. Neither can you get a sacrifice in the future. See?

The sacrifice precedes It. That’s the way it is done right now. Now if there is truth and illumination concerning It, there’s no sacrifice if you turn It down. But watch!

Hebrews 10:27-29

(27) But a certain fearful looking for of judgment and fiery indignation, [that] shall devour the adversaries.

(28) He that despised Moses’ law died without mercy under two or three witnesses: [The blood didn’t avail. It couldn’t do it.]

(29) Of how much sorer punishment, suppose ye, shall he be thought worthy, who hath trodden under foot the Son of God,


How do you do it? By turning down the Word and if He’s here especially, you do tread Him underfoot, see, because look it, you’re working in a social caste is what you’re really looking at. It started way back in heaven when the devil defied Almighty God in the premise of the Word and was going to take over.

Now you got the same thing here. I want to ask you a question. Who is going to get booted out of heaven? Well, we’re not going to boot God out, you better believe that. He said, “Though you exalt yourself to the stars,” He said, “in the heaven, you watch it, he’ll come tumbling down.” Now you see the understanding here

Hebrews 10:29

(29) …[they have] trodden under foot the Son of God, and… counted the blood of the covenant, wherewith he was sanctified, an unholy thing, and… [does] despite [to] the Spirit of grace?

Now that does it. That Scripture is identical to this one. “If I had not done the things that no man had done they had not sinned but now they have both seen and hated both me and my Father.”


You go to the Church of Christ and you say, “Do you love God?”

“Oh, I love Him. I love Him. I love Him.”

“Would you die for Jesus?”

“Oh, I would, I would, I would.”

“Do you believe you’re really a child of God?”

“Oh, I am, I am, I am.”

“Hey, then you’ll believe in divine healing.”

“What! That’s of the devil.”

Now where’s your Blood? Where’s your Spirit? Where’s anything? Now you see what I’m talking about? So brother/sister, listen, we are on target or this message is not the great message I thought it was.

This message is not that cutting of God by His sword that separates the soul, the spirit, the joint, the marrow as Brother Branham said. This is not the great discerner because in other words then the fan is not in His hand separating; He’s still allowing the chaff to pile up and He’ll do something about it nicely later on.


“The tares, well, well you know, well, tares can’t help themselves. We’ll be good to them.” Now either… see look, this is where we’re going to full obedience and full faith and full belief. We’ve either got to come to the place where you believe you are it and if that builds a fence and that excludes people that is not our fault because they are doing the same thing.

You show me one person not. The very fact that anybody can raise his voice about anything at all shows that he has built a fence or somebody has built a fence for him. Well, I stand guilty; I want my fences and I’m not going to give them up to anybody.

I think the most dangerous position in all the world is to sit on a fence and you straddling it, because the bull dog can jump up and grab either leg or a hand on either side, but if you can get on one side and keep that skunk out you’re in good shape, knowing he can’t jump the fence.

Remember, the wisdom of God cometh from above and not from below because if you’ve got the complete fence around you that leaves room for the wisdom of God to come down and get you, and you’ve trampled underfoot the wisdom of the enemy so that puts you in pretty good shape. All right.

[48-1]  See, the blood of Abel could not hide Cain, but the Blood of Jesus can. [That’s true.]

[48-2]  So, Cain come out, today. If you’ve been a persecutor… ”Days of miracles are passed.”… nonsense… The blood of Jesus Christ cries out… [against you].

[48-3]  Wish we could stay a little while on that… speaketh better things.

[48-4]  Flee for safety; then apply. Believe… Here is what you want to believe for. You want your own safety. You believe for… safety… then apply the Token for the whole family.


What for? Their safety. You’ve made it; you want them to make it. Now watch how he brings the family in. Now he said, “I want to be this. You want to be this kind of a person growing up in the stature.

Now full of the Holy Ghost, living a Christian life, knowing the value, knowing the truth, knowing reality: what do you want? I want my family to have this.” Okay.

[48-5]  …“How can I do it?”

[48-6]  Claim it. [Now listen, watch the simplicity.] If It worked for you, then you and the Word becomes one. Amen! Amen! See It works for both of you. You and the Word are one. Then apply It to your children.

What does it mean to apply? Believe and testify. You can’t apply the Holy Ghost to anybody. Only God can do that. “If you being evil know how to give good gifts,” that’s the best statement He made about us: “How much more will your heavenly Father give the Holy Ghost to them that ask Him?”

So all right, what are you doing? You’re trying to get the children into a position by works and testimony so that they will believe as you believe to come to the point of acquiescence, repentance and reception of the Holy Spirit.

[48-6]  Apply It to your loved ones like Rahab did. [What did she do?] She applied the token to her father… to her mother… to her brothers and sisters, [How?]… got them all in. You apply It.


What do you do? You testify and acquaint them with It, the same as Rahab did. She testified and she acquainted them with It.

She said, “Look, those men came in, you know the history how they came out of Egypt, you know what’s going on in the lands out there, you know positively the proof; these guys got something we don’t have.

Now they came in and talked to me and they said, ‘You, Rahab and your loved ones are okay.’ And see that scarlet thread out there? That shows It. Now you know I wouldn’t put that out there without that, well, you know I’m too astute of a businesswoman.”

She was… she hustled the streets in the oldest profession. She knew what she was doing.  I don’t care what she did. It doesn’t matter. Just like a man could have a hundred wives, a woman have a hundred and fifty men or a thousand of them; the Blood of Jesus Christ cleanses.

Don’t ever think a lost sheep can’t go down as much as a lost hog but they have two different destinations. Sure. Don’t sell It short. The Apostle Paul was Genghis Khan in his own way when you talk about the Turks and the rest you better think of the apostle Paul. We better think of ourselves. So she acquainted them with the fact of what took place. And you know what? They believed her.


Now you know what?

[48-6]  …and she got them all in. You apply It. [Acquaint them with the facts, give them the truth, testify to them, tell them what you know. Now you apply It and] Say, “Lord, I’m going after my son.” “I’m going after my daughter. I claim her, Satan, you turn her loose. I’m coming after her. I apply the Token.”… “Oh, Holy Spirit that lives in me, catch my daughter there. I’m going to her, now, now with Your anointing upon me. He will do it. Amen.

Now what if he went saying something like this, “Hey, listen, daughter dear, you know that us Lutherans are very nice people, us Pentecostals, and you know we live good lives. I brought you up right, you know.

You believe in Father, Son and God and there’s three of them watching out for you. If one won’t get you the other will.” Are you going to win anybody to Jesus Christ with that stuff? He didn’t say go with any message. This is not any message, this is vindicated Word.

Say, “Daughter, listen, you know I brought you up Trinitarian. I was wrong. Look, my son, I preached forty years and I preached wrong.”

Now you reverse, the son says, “Dad, I’ve heard you preach all these years and I’ve got news for you, you know always in your heart you’ve known something was out of cater. I’ve got the information that puts it in order. There was a prophet in this land.”

That happened. It is happening all the time. These things are going on. So this is end time evangelism. I’ll prove it to you that I am telling you the truth of what this paragraph says, let me read on.

[48-7]  That is what they did in Egypt. That is what they did in Jericho. If you want to read… it, Acts 16:31. Paul and the centurion. [Now listen what he said here. You won’t find this in Acts 16 but It’s there because the prophet said it is.] “Believe; believe; I’m the messenger of the hour.


That’s what he told the man, the Philippian jailor. He said, “You got stirred up by what happened. I’m the messenger of this hour. Do you believe that?”

“Well,” he said, “you’re a messenger of something; this hour, that hour.” He said, “Okay, yeah, sure.” He said, “This is the hour I see it. I never saw it before and I may not see it after. I’ll take that. I’ll take that; you’re the message of this hour.”

Well, he said, “Hold it; I’ve got news for you I’m just a messenger.” The God of this hour is the Lord Jesus Christ, not those pillars and posts over there, those dumb things there. The Lord Jesus Christ that died on Calvary.

Let me tell you what. Well, how in the world are you going to adapt to anything but the Word of the hour? How are you going to tell anybody anything but the Word of the hour? When Brother Branham preached Ashamed of Him, [65-07-11]: it was ashamed of this [Inaudible] if we are wrong concerning it, what do you say if we boo booed? We came the closest.

At least we saw something. It’ll be easier on us on judgment day… on the other hand who knows? We may be allowed to go in because you know the foolish virgin is the same cloth as the wise virgins are, just a different cut. They just weren’t included in that pattern. Not saying we’re going to be that but we got to have our testimony.


“Why?” said Paul.

[48-7]  Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ, and thou, and thy house will be saved.” [Sure, that’s right. He believed, too.] Is that right? Believe for your house. Bring them all under It. [How do you do it? By the life and by the Word. See?]

[48-8]  Now, you’ve seen the God of Heaven perform a miracle, just before judgment. You believed it. “Yes, what can I do?”

He’s talking about now; talking about then, talking about Egypt, talking about Rahab, talking about the pattern God laid out. Rahab didn’t say, “I’m going to tell you something, parents of mine and my family, you know way back in the days of Abraham so and so and so and so happened.

Fire fell way back there; and Sodom and Gomorrah got all licked up, why she might not know one word… Let me tell you something, these are the bunch that came through the Red Sea, and we know they came through because they’re the ones that came to the river when it backed up on both sides. See?”

But she would tell them after the after the slaves departed… after the men departed and the men departed and they saw them going around and around the house. That’s the time her brothers and sisters, father and mother were really believers when she was telling them that, “Didn’t I tell you they were the ones? Look at the waters roll back.” See, so there’s a living testimony.

[48-8]  He said, “Rise and be baptized.”

[48-9]  And Paul took him out and baptized him. And said, “Now, believe on the Lord Jesus Christ, and thou, and thy house shall be saved.”

[48-10]  Believe what? Believe the Lord Jesus Christ for your house. Apply the Token to your house. Then, what do you do when you apply It to your house? Move all the trash out. [Now that’s that little thing right there Brother Branham said, he gives warning now, what you do. How are you going to win them? Throw all the trash out.]

Get all the short skirts, and the shorts, and the cards, and the cigarettes, and televisions, and whatever more, and kick them out the door. You’re going to apply the Token, won’t stand still for it. Yes, sir. Take it all out. All the dances and the parties, all the rock ’n’ roll, all the… vulgar newspapers, and stuff like that… of the world, kick it out the door. Say, “We’re cleaning up the place around here.” [Now there’s three steps he brings out to watch for. Number one.]

[49-1]  Like Jacob did. He said told his wife and all of them, said, “Wash your clothes and everything. Put away those gods.” Amen. [Then down a little further.]

[49-4]  Get ready. Apply It. Believe It. Clean up. Let your children, let your family, let your loved ones… in you see It.


Now first of all he said, “Clean up the house,” and then you… he said, “Cleaning up the house and putting away these things, you lay down the rules of the Word of God in the house and then live It before your family.”

[49-5]  Now, it says the next thing, apply the Token in prayer [that’s not three yet though] with consideration… you know, applying. Apply It with… love, and so forth. You know it is going to take place. That is all. Apply It with confidence, believing It is going to help.

[49-6]  When you talk to that child… you talk to your husband, talk to your wife, talk to your loved one, believe that it is going to help, and stand there and say, “Lord, I’ve claimed them; they’re mine. I’m getting them for You, Lord.”

[49-7]  [then number three:] create the atmosphere around you, that they will… drop just right into It.

So there what he tells you there, you put away all those things, you get your… you get everything cleaned up the best you possibly can, you testify and you pray with the… with love and consideration and then you build an atmosphere around you. See?

[49-7]  Now, there… you are if you’ve got the Token, you create a spirit around you of power, [That’s dunamis, that’s real authority, not authority; it’s power and authority goes with it, of course.] that when you walk, people know… you are a Christian. In love for you… say something to them. They believe your word, what you say, they hold on to it. That’s it.


Now, that’s why these people don’t understand why you can’t preach about Santa Claus and all these other things to kids. You tell a lie there they… I tell you one thing it’s good to raise your family that they know you don’t lie to them, see, you don’t lie to them.

They might misunderstand you sometimes and think that you did lie, maybe something you forgot and didn’t fulfill but you got to live so the family knows that when you talk you’re not lying to them. See, you’re not bluffing. See, now you’ve got to create that atmosphere but it’s got to be in love.

You can’t say, “Well, you know I don’t lie to him,” and hit him with a four by four; just to get your attention. You got to work your way out. Like [Erma] Bombeck, I told you, [she] said, “One thing she learned in being a mother that the time you give your child the most love is when he least deserves it.” It doesn’t say he needs it, it says deserves it and that’s when he does need it, see. All right.

[49-7]  In love for you to say something to them. They believe your word, what you say, they hold on to it. That is it.

[49-8]  Apply the Token; [See? Testify by works and by words and atmosphere. Works, words, atmosphere. See? Testify.]

[49-9]  Now, you’ve been listening a long time… it is evening time. It is applying time… The wrath will strike one of these days… it might be too late, then, see. Apply the Token with confidence.

What’s he talking about? He’s talking about you whatever you’re praying for, whatever you’re doing, whether it’s a personal work within your family, whether it’s something you want from God, your motivation is right, you set the atmosphere, atmosphere will come by motivation; there’s no two ways about it.

[49-9]  Now apply the Token with confidence.

[49-10]  If you wanted to read that, read something here, my Scripture I got written down… Ephesians 2:12…“we don’t serve dead works, but we serve a living God…”


Actually that’s the one in Hebrews; the one in Ephesians is where you were estranged from God unto idols and you had nothing, now you’re in touch with the living God, so therefore once you had nothing, now you have everything, move into that realm of the everything.

See, that’s where we fail. We’re too prone to go back to the nothingness; the hit and miss. There’s not a hit and miss anymore.

[50-1]  Oh, my! With living works, living signs… You believe in living signs?… put down Hebrews 9:11-14…  Living signs. Living works. Apply that. Not dead creeds. [You can read it yourself. Now listen, he’s taking a little illustration here.]

[50-2]  “I’ll take my boy over to the church, and see he joins the church.” Some fine Christian boy, here, a good friend, old buddy, a real fellow, he came down here, was baptized. His mother said, “I wished you had gone to a bigger church, if you wanted to be baptized.” He just didn’t want old dead creeds and things.

[50-3]  We don’t serve dead creeds and dead gods. We serve a living God, Whose Blood was shed back there, and the Token has been applied to us that we live, also. Amen…

Now he’s giving a personal testimony. See, he knows personally exactly what motivates his life and what’s doing it that when he stands back and says, “THUS SAITH THE LORD,” you better believe it’s going to happen because whether you believe or not it is going to be happening or you’re in judgment.

I know people don’t believe that but I’m sorry that’s the truth because that’s exactly true. They’ll give more credit to Balaam’s donkey, the angel speaking through him, than they will to a prophet of God with THUS SAITH THE LORD. Then where are they? They’re in the donkey class, not the angel class; let’s face it. Hybrids like Brother Branham said, “Hybrids, mules.” Okay.

[50-4]  Don’t serve some dead creed. They even deny such thing as the Token.


That’s right. How many people believe in this? How many that say, “That’s not it?” Remember John to Jesus one day, said, “Hey,” he said, “was John’s baptism of heaven or was it of men?”

“Well,” they said, “if we say of heaven he’ll say,” Why didn’t you believe him?’ and if we say of men, people will get mad because they think it was God. Well, we don’t know.” Just as condemned as if they opened up their mouths because they lied. See?

What are you going to do about this? See, I’m trying to show you what Brother Branham preached sixty percent of all his messages, “Look at this! That is right!” And his whole life was bent and spent on it. You say, “What if the man made a mistake?”

Well, now I’d say again, “Look, if this is mistaken you find me something that’s better than this that’s not mistaken,” and I’ll punch it full of holes because I’ll tell you what it’s not as good as this even if it had mistakes in it. We’ve seen what followed his ministry, exactly what he said. What? What more can a person want? Do you want something else?

I tell you fine, you try to get it but just do me a favor when you find it please don’t come back to me because I’m too pigheaded, sheep-headed, bullheaded. Bullheaded? Well, that’s passable, bullheaded is okay, sheep-headed. Sheep are stubborn; too, they better be.


In other words, when Armageddon has been fought up here you better stay with what went out which is the Spirit. See, brother/sister, the big thing which people don’t understand is this; the Spirit of God Himself working from the soul to the human spirit out through the mind in the body.

Don’t understand that and as long as you’re here in the flesh you will have problems but your mind can know you’ve fought your battles, “This is it! And sink or swim, live or die, this is it!”

Now you’ve got to come to that because we’re right back where Jesus was with his disciples. It’s not merely back in the days when Paul was on earth; you’re right back to the form to Israel appearing to the Gentiles as to Israel.

So you’re going back to the twelve apostles eliminating Matthias [Acts 1:26] and of course, it would be Judas, putting in there Paul, one born out of due season having seen him, but Paul was not there with those others.

Now we are right back where they were which after them preceded the literal coming of the Holy Ghost Himself. So that ministry brother/sister, puts the whole thing in perspective. We’re right here at the top of the pyramid, the whole thing.

[50-4]  Don’t serve some dead creed… even deny… the Token.… say the days of miracles are passed. [How many people say that? Church of Christ is the forefront runner.] There is no such thing as the baptism of the Holy Ghost. [They say the apostles had it, now nobody else has got it. I think the Catholics might say the same thing although the… not too many.] Why join something like that? Don’t do that.

[50-5]  Apply the Token, [See? What is he telling you here now? Let’s read on.] Apply the Token, then serve the Living God, for living works, living signs: signs that heal the sick, raise the dead, foretell things, speak in tongues, interpret every time perfectly right, prophesy, and says this and such a thing will happen, show signs in the Heaven above and on earth signs and wonders.… [Now that’s absolutely what the Holy Ghost will do and in magnitude in a prophet but across the board in a Bride.] Speaking exactly what the Bible said would take place…


Now that’s fine if you limit that to know what you’re saying what the Bible said but you cannot put that in the Bride as a body ministry when it’s a single ministry in a prophet. So this is to the prophet of the Bride. Now what is he saying?

To apply the Token is actually taking the Holy Spirit as your confidant and your Head, your Advisor, and the One that gives instruction. Many a man can take… can go for advice and then never take it. How many of us go to the doctor and listen to the doctors? Well, if we feel like it, but if you take that… you don’t obey him.

Many people don’t obey the Holy Spirit. You’ve got to take Him as a confidant, One that you have trust in and faith in as Your advisor and listen to Him and then do it, knowing that it is going to be right.

[50-6]  Don’t go to those churches… join those old dead works and things like that, because they don’t even believe in such things as signs, but we who believe Amen! we know…

[50-7]  “They say there is no such a thing as a sign.” …Oh, that is nonsense, what they talk about. [It’s just telling us it’s crazy. See?] Why, there is no such a thing as signs like women dressing a certain way, a certain thing about their hair.… the Bible said so… That is just the differences. Touch not; handle not; taste not; He is God. Now, it does mean something. [Because God said so. If God says it, it means something. What does it mean? I don’t know but it means something. Now listen carefully. I got this underlined.]

[50-8]  Now, they think it is crazy, but to us who believe and know the Truth, we know It is His living Presence, for It does the same things that He did when He was here on earth. Amen.

I want to tell you something, Paul was born out of due season and testified that he was one of them who could testify. William Branham does the same thing. Identical: Paul, William Branham. Pillar of Fire appeared bringing the Word; Pillar of Fire revealed the Word: proving it’s He.

[51-1]  Oh, they say, “They just imagine they see that Pillar of Fire.”

[51-2]  Oh, no. Oh, no. We don’t imagine anything. They thought Paul imagined it, too. Egypt thought Israel imagined it, but it took them to the promised land. [Well, people say, “What is this, this Pillar of Fire? What’s about this angelic visitation?” Well, everything; it’s going to get us there.]

[51-3]  Hebrews 13:8… “Jesus Christ the same yesterday, today, and forever,” if you’re putting that down… He is the same… They say it was… imagination.


Now what’s he doing? He’s taking you back to the Old Testament then bringing you here with  Hebrews 13:8, again Jehovah of the Old is Jesus of the New; one God, same God.  Hebrews 13:8 is not Mark 16; that’s peripheral.

Hebrews 13:8 is seeing God in His glory, do what God has always done under the circumstance of the way He has always done it and He can change His mask a million times to do it. That’s His business but He never varies, essentially and dynamically always the same. No changes, that’s Hebrews 13: 8 and over there in Ecclesiastics, I think it is chapter 3:14, 15 or something like that.

[51-4]  When I write these… Scriptures… down… I know… the Scriptures are, and that is how I go to It… [All right. Listen, watch again very carefully.]

[51-5]  Knowing it is His Living Presence, for He does the same in this Spirit.

Notice, it’s His living Presence because He does the same thing in this Spirit, not that Spirit, although this Spirit and that Spirit is the same One. He’s talking about ages. See? And remember, the spirit in that hour in the human flesh went to die.

This One came here outside of the human flesh in the Pillar of Fire to work in human flesh, then the prophet leaves us and He remains here to raise the dead which has got to be in the Spirit. See? All right.

[51-5]  Knowing it is His Living Presence, for He does the same thing in this Spirit. Now, if had done… gone off into some creed or denomination, we’d know right quick, it wasn’t Christ. Is that right? If I led you to some creed or something another, and I’d… sent you to some denomination; but I’m not bringing you creeds, and I’m not teaching you denominations; I’m teaching you the Word of God, which is the power of the resurrection of Jesus Christ, manifested not only for me, but for whosoever will, see.


That’s Ephesians 1:17, “the Spirit of revelation in the knowledge of him;” always comes by a prophet but the prophet doesn’t raise the dead but that Spirit that comes does raise the dead, sets Himself at the head of the Church in order to raise the dead. We read that, time after time, quoted it. Why is He here?

To bring us the Word of reconciliation and restoration, to seal in a Bride, to bring forth the dead, to change the mortal to immortality, to get us out of here, take us to the Wedding Supper, to incarnate Himself in that Body where He will be crowned King of kings and Lord of lords. That’s Ephesians 1.

Ephesians 1:13, 14 gives you the basis for Ephesians 1:17-23. Then if you bypass 17-23 you never did have Ephesians 1:13, 14, 15. You never were full of the Holy Ghost. Come on; don’t try to sell me a bill of rotten apples. No way shape and form.

I can’t eat green apples; they would give a stomach ache and I wouldn’t eat a rotten apple; it would do worse than that. Why should I take something that is in the past, immature? I’ve come to the ripening stage. See?

[51-6]  Then you you are my brother. I’m not a… [Now he’s talking about himself here, see.] I’m not a great person, and you a little person. We’re all little persons in God. [Certainly.] We are His little children. We know nothing what we really ought to know. He lets us know as He will, and we are thankful to Him for what we do know of His blessings.

[51-7]  And I don’t share this by myself; [I don’t mean to hog what He said; keep it to myself.] I want to share It with you. I want you into It,… I want you to receive this Token. And if you haven’t done it, many of you most of you, have already done it but if some of you haven’t done it… [See, I’m… talking on the tape…] many of you and I don’t say here in the church, we’re all come out, I suppose, but there may be thousands of thousands that hear the tape.… And that… It is a ministry. There will be somebody to slip into… [That’s the tape ministry.] There will be someone to slip into Jericho, you know, with a tape. So we want to…catch that predestinated seed when it goes in there… because the wrath of God is coming. [See, like in the time of harlot and the… the harlot Rahab and those people there. Now watch!]

[51-8]  Know that it is the Presence of the Living God. [Notice, every single time he hits that: the Pillar of Fire, the Appearing, His own Appear… His own self made manifest amongst us. The days of the Son of man, absolutely, proving who He is. All right.] Know that it is the presence of the Living God. Proves that God has raised Him up according to His promised Word. [That’s the body, raised up. The spirit says, “I can’t come but my Spirit will come upon another;” that’s the true vicar has come. See?]

“A little while and the world will see Me no more but you will see Me.” Jericho, Egypt, they will see Me no more… [Now what’s he doing talking about Jericho, Egypt? Talking about the Exodus? The safety of the Token. It’s just about all over.] the personal pronoun… refers to, see I [I] be with you. I am the Token. My Resurrection is the Token. [That’s right.] The works that I do will identify you will identify Me in you.


Now that’s mostly the prophet right there; all Scripture has compound meanings. The basic meaning of this one here is the works will be in one person; that’s John 14:12, “The works that I do shall he do, he that believeth,” see, it’s a special type of believer right there. You can’t equate that to anything else.

[52-1]  “Again as it was in the days of Lot, so will it be in the coming of the Son of man” when the evening Message goes forth. For it shall be light about the evening time. Just about the evening time, the Light would come on. Glory to God! Makes me feel like I could run through a troop and jump over a wall.

[52-2]  “It shall be Light about the evening time.” That is right. The prophet said so… ”I’ll be with you. I’ll be in the Lutheran age; I’ll be in the Wesleyan age; I’ll be in the Pentecostal age. But it right at the evening time, it will come Light.” The denominations will fade away… then the Token will be applied.

Now He said, “I was with them,” and He doesn’t deny that He was with them but He does deny that He was with them Now listen! He does deny He was with them in the way He was with us now.

Absolutely! Didn’t have it all. Didn’t have it; couldn’t have the full revealed Word. And remember this is printed page; it’s all got to be here in Him for this hour.

Now in Him at this hour is not King on a throne in a Millennium; it’s only spiritual that’s on the King. You say, “What about the One sitting on the throne up there?” That’s not fulfilled yet; that’s just on the Father’s throne. He hasn’t come down to rule down here.

See, there’s gradations, all the way through; there’s gradations, there’s various fulfillments of stature, of quantity, not quality but quantity. Like he’s King right now; Brother Branham said, “The King is here.” Sure, the Judge is here but not all here.

It’s just showing and coming up. See, where the life manifests. It always was in there. You can’t get a flower to show a color that wasn’t in that seed. Well, unless just paint dye but you’re adding to it and that’s crazy; graft in, that’s no good. See? See, how it is? You’re looking at it. Okay.


He’s very happy here. It shall be Light. The Token will… all will fade away; this is a special age for the Holy Spirit.

[52-3]  All these that are honest in heart, down through that… [that’s those ages] Without you they won’t be made perfect, but in you… It is like… The head has to go to take the foot. The head has to go to take the hand. The head has to go to take the heart. The head has to go to take the mouth… The head has to go to the end…

[52-3]  We’re at the end time where the token [He’s talking about Headship, the Token] was applied on the lintel of the door… [All right, the doorpost.]

The doorpost goes up like this but it goes across; not a pyramid. Now where then can you put the final blood? Not just on going up but across and then it’s completely sealed off and the Holy Spirit’s now got that flange like the top of the pyramid where He can come right down and manifest exactly His and bring His Word and phase out the entire Church to the very end.

We’ve got about five minutes left? Okay, we’ll close out quick as we can in an hour, an hour and a half. Okay.


He’s coming down to take this Bride.

[52-3]  We’re at the time where the token was applied on the lintel of the door… and on the post. And then, “When I see the blood being a token, I’ll pass over you.”

[52-4]  I’ll hurry… as quick as I can, now. Just about five… minutes or more… [Well, he takes seven or eight more pages.]

[52-5]  Proves that God raised Him up from the dead. You believe it? He is living among us, today. And that I, is Christ, and that I, is with us to the end… the consummation,… means the end of the world the end of the world?… According to His promised Word; He promised it. “And the works that I do shall you do, also.” [That’s Matthew 4 and Matthew 12, right now manifested.]

[52-6]  It is not nonsense to us. It is the Token. It is the Token. We accept this sacred Blood,… We accept His sacrificial Blood. Then… It gives us the Life, the Token, a seal of His promise. Ephesians 4:30… ”Grieve not the” blood[?] no, “Grieve not the Holy Spirit, whereby ye are covenanted, put away… covenanted; you are… Token; the Holy Spirit will be the seal… ”

[52-7]  When anything is sealed inside of a seal, you better not break it. Can’t break it not God’s seal. No… ”Grieve not the Holy Spirit of God, whereby you are sealed until the day of your redemption, when the body is raised up.”

Now it tells you right there that something has happened where it’s all sealed off. They were sealed off and put in the ground waiting. We are sealed off and not put in the ground waiting. See, there is a difference, my brother/sister.

You must see This. That’s why the fullness was not there, not there, it is here. And what you see is what you’ve got to accept. What was back there was fine for them but the people are trying to use that now and they’re only getting an anointing. You’ve got to take This. See, that’s what was the whole drive of this whole church is about. You do anything you want.

I’m not here to ride herd on anybody. I’m here preaching one thing, correlating everything I can with any little gift or any strength or energy I’ve got to show you exactly what happened in this hour. What only not happened, what is happening. What the purport and the impact is and in plain English what it is all about to the very best I can deliver it to you.

[53-1]  It is a seed, a sign, that the seed has been germatized with Eternal Life, growing… , my own life, and I’ll raise it up again, at the last day.


The seed that was coming up has been reproduced in the perfect ministry showing it’s a perfect spirit; God’s Spirit. Then Who is here to tuck you in? God! And anything else outside of here tucking you in is not God.

Then anything outside of here whether you want to believe me or not because the prophet said it; you’re already sealed in; the seed of the antichrist, you’ve taken the mark of the beast by your own creeds and your own dogmas.

Now listen, brother/sister, I may… I’m not hanging tough this morning. I don’t have a bit of malice in my heart toward anybody on what I just said. And I’m not trying to run anybody in or run anybody out; God knows my heart.

I am merely quoting you, para-quoting you but also I hope by revelation in my own spirit what the prophet said and what obtains at this hour and I cannot back away from It because he said It. And he said It under vindication.


What am I to do? Now I might not like it because I’ve got children, grandchildren, God knows everything, great-grandchildren, I’ve got relatives. What am I supposed to do about it? Am I supposed to say, “Well, look it, I just can’t take that because look what it will do?”

My brother, my sister, I can’t afford not to take It because I know what It will do. Now there’s where you apply the Token to loved ones and you’re serious and you talk. You don’t have to talk many times; they just know. They know what the score is.

Well, Brother Branham categorically said the Scripture said, what the Scripture said, “When you’ve talked to some man, you admonish him two times he doesn’t listen; reject him as a heretic. Forget him. It’s finished.”

If this gospel of the kingdom of this hour is not strong enough after one or two testimonies to let a person know something different has come in; why they’re only locked up but I hope not. Looks to me like they’re already locked up, I can’t tell.

[53-2]  As you walk, you have confidence that the Life of Christ is in you, and you are in Him. By one Spirit we’re all baptized into one Body, and sealed there by the Holy Ghost, among these believers, like this, until the day that Jesus raises us up.


All right, you’re right back again, brother/sister, to the point we’re talking about… you have the witness of the hour, you have the testimony; you have the whole thing lined up before you.

What are we going to do about it? We’re going to come to that One, that manifested Himself and say, “Lord God, if I don’t have a part of You; I want a part of You now.” Why would I have come this far?

My total obedience; I’ve got total obedience by coming this far. I’ve repented. My mind is Your mind to the best of my knowledge. My life is Your life. I’ve been baptized in the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ, so therefore, Lord, I believe now that you have given me of Your Spirit, no sensation, no manifestation, no demonstration; you’ve already seen It. You’ve already seen It and you’re getting baptized to that end. What do you want?

This is where Pentecost made a botch of everything. This is where they read the Bible and they’re like Gideon, putting out a fleece; everybody’s gone fleecing.

They’ve… I’m going to tell you if you get fleecing it will fill you with ticks and burrs and everything else. You better get a shave and haircut, kid. Better get yourself lined up to believe. What happened? That’s enough for me.

God, I wish I had never been through Pentecost; it had to be. Somebody’s got to be a voice. Brother Branham bypassed it. A lot of us came out of Pentecost. We had to be voices. I wish I had never struck it but I did strike my oil there, praise God.

When I saw him I knew that was it. Well, if that’s it then that’s it. See? Like one woman said, “That’s it, that’s it.” One Word; that’s It, that’s It. Never gone back on the baptism of the Holy Ghost. Look, if I’ve got It, I’ve got It. Leads me closer every day. One day It’s going to come forth like he said.

I believe that I’m standing on It. If I don’t got It somebody’s going to get It, brother/sister. You better, this is all I can tell you, get ready because someone’s going to get It. Someone’s going to fly away, someone will. May we all go together. Let’s rise at this time.

Heavenly Father, it’s been a great time again this morning to be together with You with Your people, as a family, Lord, we’re just… we’re moving towards that angle, that aim, Lord, a people of God, a little branch of the Bride of Jesus Christ.

Oh, heavenly Father, we’ve got our hopes out this morning in that direction. Like David said, “My heart panteth after Thee, oh God, my soul, as the hart pants after the water brook, Lord.”

Oh, living God, we approach unto You and yet that may be a wrong thing to say, You’ve approached unto us and come to us but Lord, we can approach You in this sense that we open our hearts towards You and our lives and say, “Come, come nearer Lord, come in and fill us. Refill us. Recharge us Lord.

Send the fire amongst us to burn out every bit of dross and criminality and anything Lord, that is patterned after the flesh, that gives way to anything that is not vital and of the Holy Spirit.” We would be totally cleansed, oh God, by that fire that burns because the prophet said, the burning, cleansing fire can just take… annihilate all that within us.

And Father, we know that we just can’t drop dead here, we’re still people but we can have that old nature taken care of by the Holy Spirit and we’re asking this morning…

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