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Shall we pray.

Heavenly Father, we’re again grateful to be here in Your Presence knowing Lord, that this is the last hour that the gospel’s going forth, this is the last age. Brother Branham said, “I’m in my evening time,” and he certainly let us know that time was running out, literally, as far as equating it to eternity and what has already gone before. Time, literally has run out, it is staggering into the last few footsteps until the Resurrection.

We pray Lord, that as this time approaches really right here breaking upon us that we’ll be strong in Thee Lord, the power of Thy might, and taking Thy grace, Lord, in all ways in our very lives we now live so that You might be glorified Lord, and we in our turn glorified as that great hour approaches. Help us in our studies tonight Lord, guide us, may there be no carelessness, Lord, may there be no taking of anything Lord, we ought not to take but may we just be very, very right in this Word, tonight Lord, in the Very One. So help our thoughts now as we give them over to you in the Name of Jesus Christ, we pray. Amen.

You may be seated.


Now I don’t think we’ll take too much time tonight, get very far into the message of the Token, but in our studies thus far I have… that I have presented to you or we’ve gone into, I’ve taken my time to present my understanding to you of this message of the Token, that Brother Branham is speaking of number one; he’s speaking of the individual believer’s personal token which is the baptism with the Holy Ghost. Now you mustn’t ever forget that because he’s dealing with each person who must be full of the Holy Spirit to be a part of that Bride.

Number two; the Holy Spirit Himself coming to the Church, not to the individual, but to all members collectively. Now there are two things there that I’m afraid are not understood by many people, they do understand the first one that there is such a thing as the personal baptism with the Holy Ghost, “By one spirit are you all baptized into one body.” That’s very true. But to understand the Holy Spirit coming to the Church at this time is something that they don’t seem to understand.


Now, on page 10 in the 4th paragraph,

[10-4]  Oh, we are living in the shadows, and the wrath is ready to strike, and God is requiring a Token that you, yourself, have received His Token the Holy Ghost.

Now that’s what he said, “We’re living in the shadows, the wrath’s already to strike, and God is requiring a Token that you, yourself, have received His Token the Holy Ghost.” Now, of course, if you haven’t received it, He’s demanding that you do.

[10-4]  It is the only way and the only sign that God will ever pass, because It is the literal Life of Jesus Christ returned back into the believer.

The literal Life turned back. Now we could actually pause there and go into some thoughts but I’ll just let that go.


Now in Desperation, [63-09-01] for the second point, on page 5, Brother Branham says,

[21]  And now, the entire Holy Spirit visits the Church making God in human flesh as He did before Sodom, the burning there, which was a type.

Now you can’t bypass that one, evidently, the entire Holy Spirit had not visited the church as He’s visiting now. If He had which is fine that would be the Ephesian Church Age, the very first Church age but you’ll notice he says, “The entire Holy Spirit.”


Then on page 19, [Token] we haven’t got that far yet but I’ll just skip over to it, in about the 2nd paragraph,

[19-2]  What is sin? unbelief. You’ve disbelieved the Message. You’ve disbelieved the Word.

Now you can take the Word there as Logos, which would be God manifesting Himself as we see there in signs and wonders and so on, proving Himself by the Word, or you can just take it to be the literal Word Itself.

There was a Word of promise for this hour and has become a Message, and the Message, of course, is the Word of promise for this hour. Now he said, “You disbelieved the message, you’ve disbelieved the Word,” actually they’ve disbelieved both. Let’s put it down there.

[19-2]  You’ve disbelieved the witness of the Token Itself. When It has identified Itself in the midst of us. And… you have disbelieved that? No matter how much you disbelieve It, It has got to be applied.

So you see right there, you’re noticing that as Brother Branham is speaking of the Person of the Holy Spirit Itself or Himself, and then he’s speaking of the relationship of that Holy Spirit to each individual as well as the Church and each individual must be baptized of that Spirit even as the Church must have the visitation of that Baptizer.

Now you see that last word, that sentence or part was the catch. See, the thought is well, “He’s always been with us,” so it’s like Brother Branham said about a message, “If a… if there’s going to be a message given it won’t be the same old tired message,” like he said, “if there’s a real genuine healing revival, then there’s got to be a new message, not a new patch on an old garment.” Because he said, “What good would it be for God to repeat the thing you already know? Why would He do this if there wasn’t something there that you hadn’t had?” Now you know that that’s scriptural. That’s just the way it goes. All right.


Now you can see that what we’ve said here is absolutely Ephesians 1, and now you know that’s my… that’s I never get away from Ephesians 1, and not now and when I die and when I resurrect, however I come up, that’s… there it is because that’s… the Word of God doesn’t pass away even though It’s fulfilled in this respect because we’re going to be that fulfilled Word going on. Now he said here,

Ephesians 1: 13-14

(13) In whom [you] also trusted, after that [you] heard the word of [faith, that’s verse 13 chapter 1st of Ephesians]… the gospel of your salvation: in whom also after that [you] believed, [you] were sealed with that holy Spirit of promise,

(14) Which is the earnest [the down payment or the token] of our inheritance until the redemption of the purchased possession, unto the praise of his glory.

Now It tells you that what you’ve got is going to hold you instead, that is It’s going to stand there for you as your guarantee as a witness, as a sign, as a token, assurance; It’s going to stand there until your body is redeemed, that you’re glorified. Now that’s what he’s telling you. Now notice, this Church was started in Acts 19 under Paul. Brother Branham will go into that, so just let it lie there. But what I want to bring out is that they had received the Holy Ghost. And notice what he says,

Ephesians 1: 15-17

(15) Wherefore I also, after I heard of your faith in the Lord Jesus, and love unto all the saints,

(16) Cease not to give thanks for you, making mention of you in my prayers;

(17) That the God of our Lord Jesus Christ, the Father of glory, may give unto you the spirit of wisdom and revelation in the knowledge of him:

Now that’s not the earnest; that’s not the token that guarantees you your personal resurrection. This is a Visitation to the Church, something else to the Church though It that goes to each individual at the time that this is given. What is given?

Not the Holy Spirit given to the individuals over again but a revelation, because that’s what He’s sent for. He’s not sent here to put you into the Bride. Up here He already has got you in the Bride. So this is those who are in the Bride and they’re showing forth that love and that excellence.

Ephesians 1: 18-20

(18) The eyes of your understanding being enlightened; that [you] may know what is the hope of his calling, and what the riches of the glory of his inheritance in the saints, [It doesn’t stop there but It says,]

(19) …what is the exceeding greatness of his power to us-ward who believe, according to the working of his mighty power,

(20) Which he wrought in Christ… [Now that’s not Christ, that’s God. I’m talking now of the anointed Man, the flesh, the Word becoming flesh. See?]


Now, he tells you here, that power which God wrought in Christ when he raised him from the dead and set him at His own right hand. Now I know there’s only one Spirit, but when you talk about one Spirit you got to talk about one God, and He’s Father, Son and Holy Ghost.

He’s three offices. He’s Son of man, Son of David, Son of God. Three again. And there’s more, the Lily of the Valley, He’s the King of kings, the Lord of lords, He’s the I Am, the Truth, the Way: He’s all of these things but He’s one Person, so therefore, now you have an adaptation of God and His plan of Redemption. He seals you in by a modicum, a little tiny bit of His Spirit, you know, the Life, maybe I’ll describe it a little later on to you again.

Then He Himself comes on the scene and you notice it’s that power that He wrought when He raised Jesus from the dead comes forth after this revelation. See? And set him at His Own Right Hand. So the same thing happens to us. Revelation, Resurrection, Rapture. Shout, voice, trumpet. Now people can do what they want with that. As I’ve said before, go to your theologians and see what they say about this. They haven’t got the answers.

I’m no theologian but I’m a far better theologian than any theologian that ever lived since the first century. Why? Because Brother Branham taught us. No credit to mine, no credit to yours, as if you know anything or I know anything, but God sent a messenger. They don’t want the messenger. They don’t want the Message. They don’t want the Holy Ghost but they’ll claim they got the Holy Ghost.

You see? Now that’s what you got to watch about this Message, there’s a blend in here where these run together, yet they’re separate and then he brings them right together. You say, “Well, he’s looking back.” Then you watch and he’s looking right at this minute and you think he’s looking way down there, back somewhere, he’s talking right now. He’s making a comparison. So you got to watch, and I’m not especially here as your watchdog so to speak, or someone watching over you but I’m trying to bring this to your attention. All right.


What we saw here then Brother Branham speaking in term of the literal baptism with the Holy Ghost to the individual or the individual, upon the individual, now the fullness of the Holy Spirit comes into the Church and he types it as God in human flesh as he did before Sodom. Now God Himself made a body that He came down in and appeared as a Man amongst three men, two other men, three altogether to Abraham. Then Sodom burned.

Now you’ll notice that William Branham took the role in the drama as though he were God Himself which he was not but he was a vicar. Now look, let’s hit the vicar. Everybody is so up against the Catholic people they don’t know left hand from a right foot and split beans from buttermilk or whatever Jack Bell was trying to tell you. All they can do is rant and rave about the Vicar of Christ, Vicar of Christ, Vicar of Christ.

I’m going to tell you something, that word is legitimate because it means ‘instead of’ and Paul even reduces you and me, he said, “We’re ambassadors instead of Jesus Christ,” that makes us vicars. So, Peter stood there in the day of Pentecost as a vicar. Now the Catholics are mixed up there.


Every, every Church Age there has been a vicar. Paul was the first vicar because it’s unto the messenger which is in the church of… in Ephesus these things… and then he says, “He that hath an ear let him hear what the Spirit says to the churches,” and those people couldn’t hear one single solitary thing, God or any spirit was saying outside of Paul.

So Paul was the Holy Ghost to the people. He was the Vicar of Christ in the real true wonderful glorious sense that only God can confer upon anybody, and then you watch his deportment, his demeanor. Oh, was he out there boasting and flabbergasting the people how great a fellow he was, and mincing around and tippy-toeing and pulling all kinds of evangelistic stunts? Ho, I hope you’re getting what I’m saying, brother.

That man was so solid gold, so pure, there wasn’t one bit of sham in him, there was nothing but Christ. Of course, that’s the way we should be by the grace of God we will be before we get out of here or something will happen, or somewhere down the road but that man was real.

Then look at Irenaeus. See? And there was, there was Martin and Columba. We never saw the sterling qualities, we couldn’t because you see the measure of the Holy Ghost in the Word was at one and there was less and less, and as It begins to come back there’s more and more until in this hour, certainly, you come right back to where there was a vicar like Paul.

You would have to, you’d have to have something of that stature. So we want you to understand this very, very carefully as Brother Branham, what he was saying here.


Now, we also want to remember that Brother Branham emphatically warned us that though we might be well aware of the Holy Spirit, we may fail to be baptized of Him. Now that can happen so easy. You know, it’s something like when Jesus showed himself and they believed not for joy.

You know, you can get carried away with the ministry and carried away with what is going on and many things until you’ve just failed to realize that the impact doesn’t lie in what is manifested but in what is the Manifester of what is manifested. And I’m afraid that’s what Brother Branham was saying here.

He said, “You could well fail to be baptized even though you know He’s here.” We might very well accept His Presence but not His infilling us. Now the majority accept the infilling but can’t accept His Presence, then how full can they be? Now look we’re not trying to hurt anybody’s feelings because that’s not the issue. That’s not the issue at all. The issue is simply the Word of God, how does It work within the framework? What is It all about? See? All right.


And further to that he mentioned that this Token could only come at this hour of the last Church Age with the last messenger and the last Message. Now look, if the Holy Spirit can only come at this hour and you don’t understand and believe that’s different from the baptism with the Holy Ghost, so it’s a precise Visitation of the fullness as Brother Branham said there’s something wrong with your thinking.

Because anybody knows by one Spirit are you baptized into one body and you must be born again and the born again experience is the baptism with the Holy Ghost. You say, “Well, maybe, all through the ages they weren’t getting born again.” Well, throw your Bible in the gutter. Come on, you can’t have your cake… look it, foolish is foolish and stupid is stupid but you can’t blame God.

“Except a man be born again he cannot see the kingdom of God. Except a man be born of water and the Spirit he can’t enter the kingdom of God.” Now make up your mind. See, there’s something wrong somewhere. See, all right.


“This Token could only come at the last hour, the evening time,” he said, “this Token.” Now, let us not fail to emphasize the thrust of this message, even as Brother Branham does. Here’s the thrust. All Seven Church Ages have looked forward to this hour which is the hour of the return of the Pillar of Fire. “Now,” you say, “just a minute, I don’t know that I ever read anywhere, anybody about the Pillar of Fire.”

Well, just a minute, brother/sister, maybe they didn’t know it would come in a Pillar of Fire anymore than some your husband, or boyfriend, or girlfriend whatever it was going to be going to give you a nice little present that you’ve wanted. You do not know how it was going to come, UPS or mail, or brought to the door by him or her or whatever it is and how it’s going to be wrapped up but you knew you were going to get a present.

So they knew there was going to be a Return. Now they didn’t understand it and it involved a Mystery. You know it would be taken care of in the last hour. But they waited for that Pillar of Fire, not knowing perhaps it was the Pillar of Fire and yet those great men without preaching it or their sermons caught could have said, “The Pillar of Fire will return.”

Christ in His fullness amongst us has identified Himself to us. Now remember, before Sodom there was that One in flesh and Brother Branham being that faithful vicar did exactly what God did demonstrating and showing how God could in a human flesh, in a body, could stand outside that tent, Sarah behind Him and read her heart and know it perfectly. See? All right.


Now God amongst us in His fullness. Now, Christ in His fullness has… amongst us has identified Himself to us even to the point where His picture, both sides here, were taken. We know who He is, even as Paul knew. The Lord Jesus Christ of Hebrews 13:8. Jesus Christ the same yesterday, today and forever which is Jehovah.

That’s why the Jesus of the New Testament has to act like the Jehovah of the Old Testament, because He’s proving the point of Jesus and one God and Water Baptism. See? Do you understand? It was Jehovah back there. It’s Jehovah now. Not two Jehovah’s; one Jehovah. See?

Brother Branham mentioning that time the Father but now as Son. The reason He’s here is to lead us out of Babylon and into the Millennium but even as God was with Israel Now watch! even as God, personally, in the Pillar of Fire manifested was with Israel to lead them out of Egypt and into the Promised Land to fulfill His covenant with Abraham of Genesis 15:13, 14 which was, “I’m going to let your people go to captivity, four hundred years, they’ll be evil entreated but I will bring them out with a high hand, bring them right back here.” All right.


Even as God was with Israel in the Pillar of Fire, that’s God period, we know that, to lead them out of Egypt into the Promised Land to fulfill His covenant with Abraham He yet demanded a token of them in addition to His presence. Now watch it, to get the understanding that Brother Branham wants us to have. God said, “I’m going to do it,” and God’s bound to do it. He didn’t tell them how. When the time come He did it. Now to get them out of there so they wouldn’t be visited by death which was in the land, he had to have a token.

I want you to notice something here, Presence plus Token, the Person of God plus a Token demanded of God See? Follow? in addition to His Presence. Thus today God demands a Token of His own Life in a believer.

God’s presence in the Pillar of Fire can and will deliver His Bride into the Millennium but every Bride member must be full of Christ’s Spirit. “Now by one Spirit are you baptized into one body. If any man have not the Spirit of Christ he is none of His.” And of course, many, many Scriptures and the one we like the best of all, epitomize it, Ephesians 1:13, 14.


Now so, today God demands a Token of His own life in the believer. God’s Presence in the Pillar of Fire can and will deliver His Bride to the Millennium, but every Bride member must be full of the Holy Spirit even as every Israelite had to have blood upon the doorpost of his house. They had to have it.

They didn’t make it. See, each member has to have the Holy Ghost. Israel as a nation was completely sealed in by God, separated and sealed away from Egypt and her power. And though she suffered physically there is no record of death amongst them. I don’t know one place where it says they killed them. There might have been some but I don’t know a record. Not saying we can’t die at this hour; I’m just telling you something here there was life in the air, not death. All right.

They suffered, but instead the plague of death struck the Egyptians even as the second death will now strike in this hour. Today each member of the Bride must be Spirit filled. Each member sealed in and the Pillar of Fire has taken Headship over all of her, the whole body. Brother Branham said, “We’re back to Headship.”

It’s how denominations fade away; there’s no big ones amongst us, no little ones, there’s no popes, no bishops, no cardinals, no a district presbyters, not going to be presbyters, elders but not district presbyters, no bishops and so on.


God Himself by a prophet has confirmed His promise of a Rapture, that’s deliverance. He has delivered His own Word for the hour and will soon raise the dead and take the Bride up to the Wedding Supper. The price of Redemption is completely paid.

The Token that gives us passage is available and must be obtained from God and presented in this hour. We are only to believe It and receive It and an abundant entrance is ours for the taking or the asking or the moving into It.

Now you can see this Message is already a part of the rapture. Before Brother Branham preached The Rapture, [65-12-04] you could see this was a part of it. What he did with the Rapture, he epitomized everything that he said concerning his ministry and what was going on.


Now before we turn to page 12, and paragraph 8, we want to keep constantly in mind Brother Branham’s reference to Israel requiring the token of the blood which today is replaced by the Token of the Holy Spirit and this is a Message for this hour, the midnight hour, the going in.

It doesn’t belong to Pentecost, brother/sister. If you think it does you’re entirely wrong. You missed the point. If you think this belongs to Wesley, you’re wrong. It’s not that the Pentecostals do not have the Holy Spirit or did not have the Holy Spirit. It’s not that the Methodists were not born again.

It is not that the Lutherans were not born again and so on. That’s true; they were born again. But when he said, “You Lutherans potentially had the Holy Ghost. You Wesleyans potentially had the Holy Ghost. And you Methodists potentially had the Holy Ghost.” He was speaking of the Person of Almighty God in the form of the Holy Spirit in the Pillar of Fire, now that’s the Appearing. But who wants to believe it? All right.


For a little while, we’ll go back to page 12, paragraph 8, starting.

[12-8]  Now, the… Spirit this hour Itself is the Token. The Holy Spirit, Itself, is the Token. Not the Blood.

Now the Blood was a chemistry or chemicals which were visible. Now the point is how visible is it if you have the Holy Spirit? The visibility is nil. There has to have been some action come out of you to demonstrate the Holy Spirit is there.

How much demonstration can there be? There can be a lot of it because you can be anointed with the true power of the Holy Spirit and have gifts and signs and wonders and many virtues and all and be just as big a radical away from God as Judas was. You can be a Balaam, prophesy ever so correctly. You can do a lot of things and be entirely gone. But we’re talking now of something far greater. For he said,

[12-8]  …the very Spirit Itself is the Token. [Not something that’s being done now, although that goes without saying.] The Holy Spirit, Itself, is the Token. Not the Blood.

[12-9]  The Blood was shed at Calvary, that is true, but the Blood, as far as this, went back to the elements from whence it came from the food… He lived on.


Well, there’s many things people say about the Blood. That he carried it up to the heavens because the Bible says the heavens must be purified by a better Blood than the blood of bulls and goats. Also dropped upon the ground to purify the earth, signifying the earth would come forth in its final Resurrection in due time.

Also, dropped upon the earth signifying that we could come back with redeemed bodies because that’s exactly what we will be. It will be the things which God formed our bodies out of but they’re going to come back to but they won’t be the same bodies; they’ll be glorified bodies but he brings it back in the dust and the ashes or whatsoever.

Now it says here, the blood in his veins dropped out upon the earth and it disintegrated. Did it all? I don’t know. But whichever way you look at it and I believe exactly what he said here. He’s trying to make a point that it’s not the Blood but there’s something to do with the Blood. You see? All right.

[12-10]   But you see, inside that blood cell was a Life… [that’s what he’s talking about, see.]


So he’s not denigrating the Blood. Not trying to put it to a lower standard, but he’s trying to show you something here. No matter how much you revere what you are standing on if a Message comes vindicated by a man of God you had better leave what you are standing on unless it’s been vindicated by the prophet or that man that God sends.

Now you tell me the churches that can do that. No, every church comes out and says, “Now we came out because of new Light. We and our fathers came out, our parents, if they were parents, we came out because there was Light presented and they didn’t want it.” But every time you watch…

Listen, don’t you understand when Jesus said to those Pharisees, he said, “You say now, if we’d be living back there we wouldn’t have killed the prophets and put them in jail or done evil to them.” He said, “Your own confession proves you’ve got the same blood and the same spirit, you’re murderers just like them.”

“oh no, no, no, no.”

Look at these bunch, look, modern twentieth-century Lee Vayle, not too modern but still twentieth century. I’ve heard them say it. You get it? I heard them say it. I was there when it was said by the big mogul up there in Canada.

And he said, “We better be careful. Light came to the message through Pentecost, they turned It down. And if further Light should come let us be careful we don’t turn It down.” They turned down the oneness of the Godhead and the baptism in the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ, just like that.

I’m not trying to throw stink bombs or smoke bombs but the man’s dead by now. Reverend George Upton, he must be dead by now. If he isn’t that’s fine by me. He can live as long as he wants or as long as God wants it but he’s the man that said it. Where is Pentecost today? See? That’s the thing right now; it’s very interesting. All right.


Now, going back.

[12-10]   But you see, inside that blood cell was a Life that started the blood cell to moving.

Now he’s telling you there’s something behind that blood. There was a Life in the Blood. See, look. It’s like the Bible teaching in Genesis 1, “Let the earth bring forth the creatures, the moving creatures, and the sea bring forth the creatures.” Well, you know the earth didn’t do it. You know the sea didn’t do it. Then the Word of God tells you later, God formed them. See? What did He do? The spirits were there like the spirit of Adam was there to be clothed, it was there and God clothed him.

Now there is a life and that life has to have a clothing on it and there is a life that is in the blood, because that’s associated to the fact of bringing the food. That’s what Brother Branham said, “It is the food that was there.” See? Now the blood could go anywhere that God chose to put it. See, that wouldn’t matter too much. That’s how people appall me when they worry about the Blood on the Mercy Seat or off the Mercy Seat.

Look, the Blood has been shed and if you’re full of the Holy Ghost you leave it all to God. So what would it matter how God… what God did with the blood or how He was predisposed to dispose of It if indeed He did? It’s the Life that counts. See, that’s the thing you’re looking at.


Now let’s go a little further. There was a Life that made that blood start moving. There’s a Life in there. Hard to understand but it’s still there.

[12-10]  If it wasn’t, the chemistry had no Life in it itself…

That’s right. There’s no life in the food and these things that you eat. You eat a piece of bread, what life is in there? There’s nourishment there. You eat a piece of steak, if it’s good steak, something good to eat, vegetables and things, fruit. What good would it be if you were just a body here and the blood here and there wasn’t a Life in there? It wouldn’t do any good. See, you got to watch it, that Life.

[12-10]  Now if it wasn’t, the chemistry had no Life in… itself, and therefore it could not move. But when the Life came into the chemistry of the blood, it formed a cell. It formed its own cell, then cell after cell. [That would be like a clone, almost. You got to be careful there because Brother Branham didn’t say God cloned Himself. He said, “Took sperm and egg.” See? You got a difference there but you watch these things but it’s along that line.] And it became a man, and that man was God Emmanuel in flesh.

Now he tells you what happened. See? The life in the blood brings forth children. It brings forth a lot of things. But you got to have that life in that blood or the blood itself is nothing. When the blood was shed it signifies that your life was gone, but it was a wrong kind of life. Animal life could not come back upon the believer. Now watch what he says here,

[12-10]  But when that Life returned back to chemistry went into it.


Now the life didn’t turn back; it returned… he doesn’t have to use the word ‘back’ but it ‘returned’. The Life returned. It had to have a chemistry. That’s why your bodies are temples of the Holy Ghost.

And you’ve got a life now that supersedes the life that’s in your blood because you got the Life out of His Blood. See, now you got two in there. That’s why your life and my life has got to be annihilated. It’s got to go out of there. It’s got to go down.

[12-10]  Now, but the Token is the Holy Ghost upon the Church, that they see Christ.

Now the other Life makes people to see you and me. It’s the new Life that makes people to see Christ. Then if the Giver of Life should come to the Church and that Spirit be upon the Church, that’s the Bride, to whatever way God wants it. Now that’s the sticker right there. Whatever way God wants it, then they will see Christ.

Now there’s lots of things in Scripture, well, there’s two particularly. Number one, we start with every single member, male and female, Greek, Jew, Gentile. Who cares? Color doesn’t mean a thing. All right, right there that person is full of the Holy Ghost, that’s very fine and God can use that person. How?

Whatever way God wants, gifts, manifestations, anything He wants. Then He’s got a ministry, a five-fold ministry, and they’re gifted. So now you can see it again and people say, “That’s fine.” But when you come to the fact of a prophet they say, “Forget it.” Now that’s strange because that’s how God always did it because your prophet is the highest order there is. People say apostles. No, no. The Word prophet, the prophet of the Word, then apostles, prophets; that’s a different order. You see? All right.


They see Christ, if it’s truly that Token, that Spirit, that Life.

[13-1]  Now it has to be, because a man… a woman and her husband become one.

Now you’re back to uniting time. This is the hour of the mystical union of Christ and the Bride. Now my brother/sister, I want you to watch particularly here because he’s playing almost the ends against the middle. That which comes through the ages which is the individual baptism to the Baptizer at the end time which is the Token, It could only come at the evening time.

Oh, come on now. Does that mean that everybody gets… every… it doesn’t matter who it is, he doesn’t have to be born again? That’s not the way I understand Scripture, not the way Brother Branham taught it to my knowledge; I went to him personally in fact in Phoenix, Arizona.

I said, “Brother Branham, I want you to go over this last chapter in the Church Ages with me, because” I said, “You were not telling anybody that Luther and Wesley and those men of those ages did not have the Holy Ghost?”

He said, “By no means, no.”

Yet people are saying, “Well, there’s a true baptism.” There is a true baptism but it’s not the baptism speaking in tongues and prophesying and coming out denying Godhead and Water Baptism. You see what I’m talking about? The same thing the prophet talked about.

A true baptism with the Holy Ghost will say ‘Amen’ to every Word a prophet brings and when you can’t say ‘Amen’, there’s something wrong with you. You haven’t got the spirit that’s in that person, or the spirit that’s from the Spirit that’s manifested. See? You got a manifestation there. [Points to the Picture of the Pillar of Fire] I don’t say we revere it and fall down and why look it here.

I’m going to tell you something the Roman Catholic Church had that. That’s better than plaster cast images, with little tears rolling out of their eyes, and a couple of foolish, couple, not foolish but peculiar things. Now I’m not against them it’s just doesn’t tally. I’m not in prime for that. That’s fine by me.

[13-1]  Now it has to be, because a woman and her husband become one. They become one, and so does the Bride and Christ become One. The ministry of the Bride and the ministry of Christ is the same. [If it’s a true Bride, you bet it is. Sure.]

[13-2]  Now, you remember, “The former treatise, oh, Theophilus, that I wrote to you, that Jesus began to do and continues to do!”


It didn’t say ‘he continued to do’, but he throws it into the future ‘from the began to do’ which future is our present, not that he didn’t do but there’s some things he could not do because there wasn’t time to do them. See, no way. I know people don’t go for this but that’s fine by me. We’re not talking to just everybody; we’re talking to you.

[13-3]  Now His death didn’t stop Him. No, sir, He returned again. Not a third person, but the same Person turned back again… returned back again in the form of the Holy Ghost, and It continues to work on and continues on, said the Book of Acts.

And that is exactly true. There has been a continuing ministry, a portion of the Holy Spirit, a portion of the Word. Ministers, see? But there’s a promise for the end time.



[13-4]  “Jesus Christ the same, yesterday, today, and forever.” That is the Token. That is the sign.

All right, very good. I want to ask you a question. What has Jesus Christ got to do being the same, yesterday, today, and forever when it comes to the Seven Church Ages and people being full of the Holy Ghost? Why, you say, “If he was that he would always be that and of course, from that would come this Holy Ghost.” Exactly right. But why does He prove it now if He didn’t prove it back there? Why is it now?

Why is it before the fire as Sodom and Gomorrah he every single time takes his type in the Exodus? Either William Branham is a smart crackpot, a subtle devil, but he fails on all those counts, because he didn’t even make a ripple in the church, so he wasn’t much of a deceiver. So let’s get down to the fact that he was right, vindicated by God.

And I want you to get the picture here. He never took you back to Methodism or Pentecost or Luther or anyplace else when he hit this on the yesterday, today and forever, he took you specifically to Genesis 18 and Exodus 12. Why? Well, you say, “Well, he was kind of not too smart; he’s a pretty dumb guy.

He didn’t have many illustrations.” Is that a fact? Well, that’s for them to say what they want to say, I can’t buy that. But the whole thrust was Jehovah of the Old is Jesus of the New, and he took us back continually that this One here, back there, back there. All right.

[13-5]  When Peter and John passed through the gate called Beautiful, there laid a man who had been crippled, lame from his mother’s womb. He said, “Silver and gold have I none; but such as I have, I give you in the Name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth, rise up and walk.”

[13-6]  They talked to them and knew that they were ignorant and unlearned men, and they took notice of them, that they had been with Jesus. See, the Token was there, displayed. See? [Very good. The Token was displayed. Fine, the men had ministries. It goes on.]

[13-7]  “Such as I have.” Seeing a poor fallen brother, laying there, crippled, disfigured, and everything, and the same Life that was in Christ was in them: “Such as I have.”
[Sure, all three of them, Peter, James and John, and all the… at the day of Pentecost, and all the three thousand later and all the five thousand later and then Paul down the road, later, all had the Holy Spirit. See? The Token displayed there.] “Such as I have.” Seeing a poor fallen brother, and so on… “In My Name, you’ll cast out devils.” [Now watch!] “Not I will; you will. If you say to this mountain…” not if I say. “If you say…”


Now where did that take place just now? You see you can read this… read Brother Branham’s sermon, and even hear it and if you’re still a good Pentecostal boy or good Baptist boy or good whatever you are, you’re just going to play it according to your understanding, you’ll just stay right where you are, spinning your wheels.

You’re not going to get anywhere, because it’s just going to confuse you. But if you’re going to understand the thrust of this Word, the very Person Himself, God, Elohim he called Him. He said, “That’s who Abraham confronted, same One today.”

Now you say, “I thought it was Jehovah.” That’s merely a name of relationship. He could have a thousand compound titles on Jehovah; it wouldn’t make Him one thousand people. And He could revert any time He wanted to any one of those names or several names at one time. See? All right.

[13-7]  Oh, brother, the hour that the Token is to be displayed is at hand. [Now you’ve got to watch that one.] We can see it. [What’s he talking about? Getting out of here.] We know that we are near the end, now, for all kinds of messages up to show signs and wonders.

Now you know that this refers to false anointed. Now he didn’t preach false anointed until later on. This is ‘64, that was in ‘58, I mean in a ‘65, in September he preached False Anointed. This was in, rather ‘63, September ‘63.

Just roughly two years later he preached The Anointed Ones at the End Time, [65-07-25M] yet he brings it right out here, all kinds of signs and wonders, all kinds of messages, all kinds of ideas. See?

[13-7]  Now, here we go back for what the Church has got to do: the Token has got to be displayed. “When I see the Blood, I will pass over you.” Nothing else would work. It must be the Blood.


Now what’s he saying here? There is a Token here in the Person of Almighty God to lead us out. There is a baptism with the Holy Ghost that comes from that Token which is our Token, but that is the Great Token, the great Giver of Tokens that appears at the end time. Our token is a little tiny bit. Now we don’t intend to go very far tonight.

Now listen! You know my figures here I got out of a science magazine. Now we got scientists here but I don’t think they could argue these figures because who keeps figures like this in mind if you even knew them?

“Now the odds against any two individuals being born exactly alike are astronomical except for identical twins.”

Now you know there’s really no such thing as real true identical twins, but there’s such a thing as look and say, “Hey, they’re exactly alike to look at,” but you couldn’t get anything perfectly exact, but it doesn’t matter. Let’s read the figures.

“There are more than eight million ways that twenty-three chromosomes of a mother and the twenty-three of the father can combine.”

Eight million factors just there that could show up in that child; that’s what lies in teensy weensy chromosomes of which the male sperm, fifteen thousand goes across the diameter of one hair and though the ova is much greater than sperm… they’re much greater, you still got to take a microscope, or almost a large good size telescope.

“The odds against any two of their children having the same combination of chromosomes are about seventy trillion to one.”

What in the world is seventy trillion? I don’t even know what that looks like. What’s that about twelve zeros? How many? Yeah, then they tell me according to the British that’s not really true because a billion is much more to the British than they are to us. I don’t know. Coming out of Canada I learned that, yeah, that’s right, there’s a difference in the British… I think they got it down to googles or something, they call it.

Seventy trillion to one, in two little specks that cannot be seen unless under high powered microscope; now they’re actually there as though they were boxcars. Do you understand what I’m saying? Just as though they were elephants or boxcars or universes; they’re just real and they’re there, and every one of them with those combinations can produce exactly what this is saying here, and it boggles the mind.

“And since each chromosome may have twelve hundred and fifty genes, the odds against two identical individuals reaches numbers so high as written with one followed by nine thousand and thirty-one zeros.”


Now that’s what I’m trying to get across to you. If that’s in the human sperm and human egg and that’s all it takes to make a life and that’s there and I mean actually there, because it came from the sources. Then what is in the individual from God? One drop of the Holy Ghost. Pshew. Man, if the attributes in there are one followed by nine thousand zeros, what do you get in God or from God? And you still haven’t got God.

Now that’s what this whole thing is again about, that’s where I take my stand what I believe Brother Branham was teaching. God, the entire, and then some, one followed by nine billion zeros, no, trillion, no, nine thousand. We’ll get trillions because [inaudible] That’s infinite. How are you going to figure it? Well, listen here, brother/sister, one followed by nine thousand zeros is just as good as infinity.

Any one of ourselves, try to work it out ourselves. Fap! You’ll get nowhere. Just as good but when you have God standing there. See? So that’s what we’re trying to bring across tonight which I believe the prophet was trying to show us.

[13-7]  Now, “When I see the Blood, I ‘ll pass over you.” [The Blood was not the real thing; it stood for the real thing, then so does one drop of the Holy Ghost stand for God Himself. That’s what we’re looking at. See? ] Nothing else would work. It must be the Blood.

[13-8]  Now, the Holy Ghost is our Token from God. As a great… scholar, theologian, Baptist brother, fine man, fine character… he came to me one time, and he said, “Brother Branham,” he said, “You talking about the Holy Ghost.” He said, “Why, that is nothing new.”… “We’ve taught it all… through the ages.”

[14-1]  …I said, “Well, I…”
He said, “We received the Holy Ghost.”
I said, “When did you receive it?”
He said, “When I believed.” (Because I knew he was a Baptist… I know… Baptist theology…) [and they say that]
I said, “Then, Paul said in Acts 19, to a bunch a group of Baptists, which a Baptist minister… had been one of John’s converts, was proving by the Bible that Jesus was the Christ. When he passed through the upper coast of Ephesus, he found certain disciples, and he said unto them, “Have you received the Holy Ghost since you… believed.” [I think Doctor what’s his name again? McCrossen, a great Presbyterian theologian, that loved Dr. Price and believed in healing, believed in the Word of God. He said the literal translation of that is if you want to pin it right down is “Having believed did you… have you received the Holy Ghost?” See, you have to believe first, then you go on and you receive the Holy Ghost.]
They said, “We do not know… whether there be any Holy Ghost.”

[14-2]  Then he asked how they were baptizing or how they were baptized. They hadn’t been baptized in the Name of Jesus Christ, the [sacrificial] Lamb. They were not identified with Him at all. They just believed it like the medicine sitting there and hadn’t taken it. Paul commanded them to be baptized over again, in the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ. And when he did this, then the Token came upon them.


In other words, God gave of Himself, when God gives the Holy Ghost to them that obey Him God does not per se give Himself to them, that’s only to a prophet, and in what measure only God and the prophet knows. But to you and me it’s no more than a drop of sperm. That’s all.

Just don’t get… but remember what’s in it. See, I’m just trying to give you a human illustration here so you understand that you’re not being sold short but it’s very strange how people full of the Holy Ghost or they think they are sure act as though they are God. There’s a little license allowed there as a legate but you better be careful how you take that because license is a horrible thing unless you paid the price.

[14-2]  They were identified by the works and signs of the Holy Ghost, speaking in tongues through them, and prophesying and magnifying God.

Through seven Church Ages, that’s fine, but that’s not now. It will go on right now, that’s great, fine, nobody’s against it, nobody, no, no way shape or form, just bear it out, prove it out, put in order, do what God says to do with it, after all it’s His gift, it’s not yours or mine. You know? What if the neighbor says “Well, I tell you, you can use my car, I’ll leave it in your garage but do me a favor just be careful, eh?” You know it’s kind of like the kid that gets permission to use his Dad’s car and he wants to impress his girlfriend so he lets on that it is his car.

People are just that ridiculous with God, like they own God or something. It won’t work. God owns the gifts. God owns everything. That’s why there’s… that’s why Brother Branham set the Church in order in that principle and we’ve got to be very careful. All right, now look it.

[14-2]  They hadn’t been baptized in the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ, the sacrificed Lamb.


So Paul revealed the correct baptism and the Token came upon them. William Branham preached the correct baptism in the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit came to the Church. Now you’ll notice in here that believing was not necessarily receiving, because there’s two kinds of believing. One’s really believing and one is just mental. If you get a real belief you’re going to go through with it.

So you see they just believed it in a sense that it was something to them in the mechanical, like medicine sitting there they hadn’t taken it but Paul commanded them to be baptized over again in the Name of Jesus Christ.

That opened the door. You talk about keys to the Kingdom. Do you want a key to the Kingdom? Repent and be baptized in the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ and you’ll walk right in. Well, that’s the Scripture. How can you beat the Scripture?

[14-3]  They were identified… with their sacrifice.

Now they weren’t before. See? There was a sacrifice, and the life had left it. The life had propitiated and the Blood now covered, all sin is wiped out but you got to have the Life.


Let’s go to Hebrews 10 and we’ll see that. It said,

Hebrews 10: 14-16

(14) For by one offering he hath perfected for ever them that are sanctified.

(15) Whereof the Holy Ghost also is a witness… [In other words, Brother Branham said, “The Blood of Jesus Christ perfects the Bride.” It says right here.] whereof the Holy Ghost… is a witness to us: for after that he had [also] said before,

(16) This is the covenant that I will make with them [in] those days, saith the Lord, I will put my [law in] their hearts, [and so on]…

Now I don’t know what that all means, I’d have to check that out and see what Brother Branham said about it. But there’s one thing we can rest assured here that “the covenant” as Brother Branham said, “is null and void unless you have the Token.” And I’ve told you that the covenant that God gave Abraham, Genesis 15:13, 14, “I’m going to put them down in Egypt or some other country, they’ll be oppressed, I’m going to bring them out.”

He had a covenant but that covenant was abrogated without the blood, so therefore, those who say, “I received the Holy Ghost when I believed,” have abrogated the covenant. See? Brother, the Word of Jesus Himself said, “You have made void my commandments by your traditions. You’ve annulled every promise.”

Those who do not come in line with the revealed Word of God at this hour, talk of the Rapture all they want; they have voided the promise of the Rapture. Now that’s the Bible and got vindication to prove it.

[14-3]  Now they were identified… with their sacrifice. And the Holy Ghost is our identification. It is what identifies us as Christians not our membership in churches, or not our understanding of the Bible, not how much you know about the Bible; it’s how much you know about the Author, [or how much He changes us]… how much the Author is living in you. [See, they say, “I know the Bible. I follow that Word. I do this.” And that’s certainly they can. Some are tremendous at it. I won’t argue but is Christ within?]

[14-4]  Now, it is yourself gone. You’re no more… You reckon yourself dead, and the Token is what lives in you, and it is not your life, it is He. Paul said, “…the life… I now live…” He lived a different life from what he once did. “It is not I, but Christ lives in me.” [That’s Galatians 2:20.]


That also confirms God in you willing and doing of His good service, also the stature of a perfect man. See, those virtues in there in us, they’re born into us by the Holy Spirit. We don’t say, “I just think I’ll go out and get me some faith, and get me some virtue, and get me some brotherly kindness and I’ll go out and get me some temperance, and I’ll go out and get me some this, that and the other thing.” Well, you could if you could really do that.

You could do it by just taking a little psychological bath or a little psychological input. Sure. A little experience, like that boy I told you about. He had a terrible time with himself, I guess temper and what have you until he prayed to God and he got oil on his hands and that did it.

Now you tell me about oil in your hands? If he’d be a mechanic he’d be the most blessed man in the world. [Congregation laughs.] There’s something wrong, brother/sister, there’s something radically, and I’ve said my joke on purpose, radically wrong.

[14-5]  There is the identified Token that God required.

What’s the identified Token? The Holy Spirit. Now does it mean I’m identified as this is identified? Not necessarily. See, it means God identifies that as what you’re to have. You have something this, something that, God says, “Well, I’m going to tell you what I want you to have and this is it and when I see it, that’s it.” See?

[14-5]  Now there is the identified Token that God required. Identified with our… sacrifice. [Now you see back in Israel’s time they were identified but not like we are. That Life couldn’t come upon them, but now the Life can come back on us.] The Life of our Saviour in us, the Holy Spirit. Oh what… Positive Token. There can not be any more Token.


Now that sounds like a strange language; “There cannot be any more Token.” Well, sure, that’s true. Look at it this way, what greater thing? There’s nothing greater. “Well, I think I… I think maybe that that sounds all right but you know those crazy Pentecostals they talk about talking in tongues, and you know they’re all crazy.

Well, they climbed walls and everything else. They’d lie on the floor and kicked their feet on the floor and they froth at the mouth and tried it.” We’ve been all through that; I’ve been through that myself. Don’t know if I ever frothed at the mouth yet, accused of never climbed a wall, it would be quite an experience. [Congregation laughs.] Never did roll either, although that’s fine for pure joy, like a kid you could roll down hill, it would be very ecstatic, a lot of things you do. See? “Oh,” you say, “I wouldn’t have that, no, no way, no way, that’s… that’s crazy.” Shows where they’re at. See? Nothing to them. See?

Now it tells you that no matter what you put your faith and trust in there cannot be any token other than this Token, and furthermore, since this was given there’s nothing that will ever take Its place. How could it? You mean to tell me the first Church Age full of the Holy Ghost, the next, the next, the next, right down the line, they all got to be receive the Holy Ghost.

So once this was given this was it. That’s why it says the earnest of your inheritance and you’re sealed in till the day of redemption. See? No matter what happens when it comes Resurrection time there is going to be a Resurrection period and God’s Spirit is on every cell, even though it disintegrated and went back to gasses. It doesn’t matter. See? Nothing else will do, not a thing.

[15-1]  Oh, my, if you’d only could catch the thought of it. [Now listen!] If I had the power this morning with words to express and place into your soul that is… not your ears, but your soul. If you could see the guarantee of it… It makes you so relaxed.


See? Now he said, “If I could just get you to see this and then you receive It.” Now look! Look it, brother/sister, the check was out. Oh, here was an Israelite and he said, “Well,” he said, “that stuff… about the blood of the lamb.”

Now he wasn’t a very good Israelite; he was a mixed-multituder. He had likely, several grandmothers that were all Egyptian women and maybe an uncle or two Egyptian men thrown into the bargain.

He’d say, “Well, I think myself all he wants is blood; we’ll just get the blood of the rooster. I’m not going to kill that lamb; that lamb’s been my favorite little pet. I’ve had that lamb for, you know, I’m not going to get rid of that lamb. It looks like he’ll make a fine sheep. I’ll have more

sheep out of that one so we’ll just take the blood of a rooster.” Well, that wouldn’t work. See? No way at all. It wasn’t going to work. See, well, someone say, “I might try something else.” No, it’s not going to work. See, it can’t because you see, that is the guarantee.

See, it’s got to be the Spirit of God, that little microcosm, little thimble-full, whatever you want to call it, from God’s great infinite ocean, and He said, “When I see that, it checks right back.” See, now a person going by the door, he couldn’t fool a death angel, but you could fool somebody else. You say, “What is that, rooster blood or is that lamb blood?” Maybe couldn’t tell.

Like Mary Baker Eddy said, “There’s no more efficacy in the blood of Jesus Christ than the blood of a rooster.” She knows by now she lied. She knows by now and all her friends with her are going to find out, too, because you can’t blaspheme God. Now you might forgive her because they say she was an epilepsy insane person. Well, that’s possible so we’ll be gracious and say she may make it on the grounds of… What about her followers?


Then you think God can’t tell His own life? You know what I’m going to tell you something. Of all the world’s creation man is the stupidest; [Congregation laughs] even a penguin can tell which egg is hers. God Himself said, “The birds of the air can follow a special way they know it, and the ox that knows his master’s crib, but my people,” He said, “They ain’t got nothing.” But man thinks he can have something different from what God said he’s supposed to have.

There’s no way, brother/sister, and here’s the beautiful thing of identification. You know today you could have parts of that Spirit that gave His picture, part of that God that categorically came down here in the form of a Pillar of Fire and vindicated by the way He has always done it through a prophet, so he had a perfect outreach, we have a perfect commitment from him and a perfect committal to Him.


Now he said, “It makes you so relaxed.” Let’s just look at that relaxation. I’ve given you this many times, it’s never… never too many times; you know, when you got the Word of God. It says over here in 2 Thessalonians 1, he said here,

2 Thessalonians 1: 6-7

(06) Seeing it is a righteous thing with God to recompense tribulation to them that trouble you;

(07) And to you who are troubled rest with us, [relax]… you who are troubled [relax] with us, when… [when?] when the Lord Jesus [Christ] shall be revealed from heaven with his mighty angels,

Just like over here. Came down as a Judge set the thing in motion. Judgment is already in the earth. So there you are, see now, He said, “Relax.” Why? Because you’ve identified, that takes you to Mount Carmel with Elijah. Let the real God who God begot said, “If Baal’s god, fine, worship him. If God’s God, worship Him. Let’s find out who’s God?” So they found out who was God. We’re in the same boat right today, in the same position.

[15-2]  What if you… had committed a crime and you were going to be tried in a federal court, and you knew that if they found you guilty, [What are you going to do? And you’re]… going to die? You’re going to the electric chair, the gas chamber, or whatever public execution they had… whatever the penalty was and you knew that you…were guilty… You knew you were guilty, and you must die, if you don’t get some attorney to represent you… who could get you out of this thing. Now, you would want the best attorney… you could have. And then, getting an attorney… was a good, shrewd attorney, you would feel… your case was a little bit better you could relax a little bit, because you had an attorney. But still there would be the question, whether this attorney could change the judge’s idea or change the jury. If this attorney with his shrewd speaking and the knowing of the law could change that and could plead your case and prove that you should live.

[15-3]  But yet in all of his great authority and the great speech that he could make, and the impression he could put upon the jury or have with the judge… maybe you’d… get relaxed for a few minutes, but still, there would be the question… “Can he do it?”

[15-4]  But in this case, the Judge Himself [has taken our turn.] God became man. There was no attorney could do it. We couldn’t find one. Moses and the Law, and… prophets, nothing could do it. [In other words, you can’t find anything in the Bible that’s going to get you off the hook. See, there’s no way because the original… said, “If you eat, you die.” See? And he…] So, the Judge became both Jury, Attorney, and Judge Himself, and took the justice of His Law in His Own hands and paid the price of it, Himself how much more secure could we be? and sent His own Life back upon us as a witness that He has accepted It.


God accepted the sacrifice and the Holy Spirit coming back upon you and me proves that the sacrifice was not only accepted by God but that we accepted it and He accepted us. So it becomes a complete cycle, a circle.

[15-4]  …sent His own Life upon us as a witness that He has accepted It. How safely. “Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil: for thou art with me…”

In other words, the Lamb rose as I mentioned to you before; He came as His Executor, His own Executor of His own estate to see that we’d get it, kept it right in His hands. Nobody else could do it. He alone can do it and He’s doing it for us. He’s the great Redeemer.

Now what’s He done? Took the book out of the hands of the One on the Throne, the Holy Spirit on the Throne, ripped the Seals off, put the book back, the Book of Redemption, and climbed on the Throne, that Holy Spirit came down here, right there and there, the Book of Redemption, and we hearing that Word received the gospel call and knew our names were called. Yeah, see, there was a calling first of all to, “Come in. Come in.” Then there’s a calling by name.

Now if your name had not been on that Book you wouldn’t have heard that call because the sheep hear the call and it’s the Lamb’s Book of Life and the name is on the Lamb’s Book of Life so when a call goes from the Lamb, you answer because your name is on It and He called your name by the Word. Sure, the gospel. Right, brother/sister, that’s true, Paul said so. Not in as many words as that but that’s the way it is. You see?

[15-5]  Now when He becomes both Judge, Jury, and Attorney He pleaded our case. [He pled our case.] We, found guilty by His Own Law, and He came and took the guilty person’s place that was in the sanctuary. He took his sin. He took it upon Himself, died, paid the price, shed His Blood, and give back His Own Token: His Own Life.


Now let’s understand that God is Redeemer, God is Savior. He said, “There’s no Savior beside me.” Well, then there’s no Redeemer beside Him. Then God does not delegate anything to anybody. He does it Himself. Now that’s the thing you and I have got to come to understand, not just here although we’ve got it here.

We’ve got to pray and believe God that somehow this is going to claim our very souls until that’s all we know. “My spirit hath rejoiced in God my Savior; my soul does magnify the Lord.” Everything wrapped up in Him because He did not get a substitute; He was the substitute.

That’s why I say all this talk about three gods in heaven, a Father, Son and Holy Ghost and the Father creates Adam and Eve and makes all this world and lets the devil loose. Like I said years and years ago, sovereignty of God, here’s a man he owns a python or a boa constrictor.

He said, “I just think I maybe I’ll put this pussycat in with my boa constrictor or the python.” And the next morning, no pussycat. “Oh, poor little puddy-cat, what happened to you anyway?” As though he didn’t know.


Now you’re going to tell me a sovereign God doesn’t know many, many things that you and I perhaps don’t want Him to know or think He shouldn’t know or can’t know? All of the plan of Redemption was in Him because He is a Redeemer.

And Brother Branham explained how it was unbecoming to God for His son to fall, so the woman… no, nothing against the woman, was not in the original creation and thereby became a trap and God took her to Adam, “This is the one who is going to cause you to fall if you fall.” He went right on and did it anyway, so what could God… that was free-moral agency right there. Adam trapped himself. He blew it.

What did God do? He came right down. The Creator now becomes the great Redeemer, the great Keeper, the great Shepherd, the great Everything. That’s exactly why you have the Spirit of God given to you in a measure where It said, “He giveth not the spirit of the measure to Christ without measure.” He gave Moses a measure.

Seventy people volunteered or Moses wanted to help him in judging and doing the work; He took His spirit off of Moses, gave it to seventy, and I bet you there’s more left on Moses than in the seventy. You better believe it and God wasn’t diminished. That’s what we’re trying to say. So what does God do? There’s no more surety than God Himself and only God can recognize God. That’s right. We may think we can but it’s only because God gives the channel to recognize. So that’s the great Token is a part of God Himself.

[15-6]  Why, we’re perfect… The case is dismissed. There is no more sin to the believer. [The Blood makes him perfect, the Holy Spirit gives him a robe, makes him perfect.] Oh, God, have mercy. If the people can’t see that that there is no more case. “He that heareth My words, and believeth on Him that sent Me, has [everlasting Life] Eternal Life, and shall not come to the judgment, but has passed from death unto Life.”

[16-1]  There is the case.


What case? The case against you: “He that hears my Word and believeth on Him that sent me,” and you can’t believe unless you’re ordained, see, for as many as believed were ordained that as it says in Acts 13; they were ordained to it. There is no case.

[16-1]  There is the case. [That picture.] Case dismissed; no more case to it. Amen! Then safely safely with the Token applied, when Death begins to smite against the door… it has no control. Yes, the Token is applied. Only the Token is recognized, now. He did that so that the Token could come. [That might be ‘He died’ but I don’t know I didn’t check it out.] The Token was God’s Life, and when God made the first man, He made him a son.

And the son was so corrupt… he listened to his wife, instead of God, and the woman listened to the devil instead of her husband. And when they did, it so corrupted them together, that it brought a pollution. And He knew that when they did that, they would have to bring children into the world. The fruit in the midst of the tree could not be touched. And then when it was, they brought this sin upon themselves… therefore, the whole human race that was born, was in sin.

[16-2]  There was no way to come out… then, God came down. There is only one way to get him back; that is to get him back a son again… how can He do it, when His Own law stood there and He said, “He is condemned?”

[16-3]  Then, the Father, Himself, become one of us. That is the real Lamb. That is the purpose He had in mind. That is the reason the Lamb was so identified in the Garden of Eden; knowing that the Lamb and Dove would meet at one time when the Lamb and Dove would be together. When we all see that, we can all be together. And He was willing to make such a sacrifice.


Now listen, he’s talking in the line here we discussed about chemistry. Now look, God is Spirit and He is not chemistry per se, although there is… don’t think that spirit is not chemistry in the sense that a spirit is not real; spirit is real, real, real, real, real. The things which aren’t real are those things out there, touch, taste, smell, feel, and so on. See?

The real stuff like the inner man that perishes not, the outer man is going. Now here’s God, essentially, intrinsically, God, Holy Spirit. Now He’s got to do something for man that He’s made flesh and blood. Now He made man spirit life, then He made a chemistry. I like that terminology.

He made chemicals; He made a form, but just use the fact that that’s a good term. “He made a chemistry:” I think Brother Branham did as perfect a job in one word as you know get a whole treatise. So, all right.

He’s got man now in a chemistry, got him in a form. Now this man must be redeemed and he’s got to be redeemed body, soul and spirit because man is an earth creature. His roots may have been in heaven but his feet are on earth and they’re going to stay there.

Now you may think different but I got news for you; we’re all coming back. Providing we go away, come right back here in a glorified form and it will always be that way. See?


Now God starts with Himself. Now he’s got all of these attributes which are more than nine thousand zeros, nine trillion zeros; all that lies in God. Now what’s He going to do? The same as He did with you and me; He reduces the attributes that are in the Spirit to a very, oh, infinitesimal form, minute form and He formed the chemistry for it.

In other words, He makes the body for it. Now that’s all that He did when He became a man. So therefore, as Brother Branham said in another… I think, Christ is the Revealer of His Own Word, that the body is so much God that it’s a part of God. Well, it certainly is a part of God. It certainly is. See, now, “He’s got a chemistry,” as he said, “that the life may be in.” Now that body literally then is the body of God, the body that was prepared.

Now down there in the River Jordan, Almighty God could come in and now you got complete God, manifest in human flesh. Remember, all of the attributes of Godhead were in Christ bodily; the same as in you or I, all the attributes of your parents whether you know it or not. I’ve got my little theories about some of those things; to me they’re tremendous when you begin to realize just what all lies there. All right.


Now God came down and He came down as I’ve described through that human structure and when the Blood was shed it was a far superior blood to a human blood because man was not even human anymore, no, he’s mixed up, and this life was superior to any form that God’s ever made because it’s a new one. Remember, there’s a man from heaven, there’s a man from earth; they’re different. All right.

Now when He died upon Calvary the Blood was shed and you’ve got the chemistry lying there, that’s fine, but the Life came out of it. Now that Life paid the price of death, the shedding of blood to remit every single sin and make that fallen son and daughter so perfect by the Blood that the Spirit of God could come in and say, “Your body is a temple of the Holy Ghost.”

With that you have a High Priest, the same One. All of these things conspire to show you that God has placed us back where we were in the beginning and even beyond there because I’ve said many times that Adam and Eve were innocent but they weren’t righteous. You and I are not innocent but we are righteous which is far greater. Now God has done that.


Now brother/sister, listen, all these things hinges upon one thing and that is whether you and I have been baptized with the Holy Ghost, whether you and I have a little bit of the Life that came down here at this end time. Now see there’s your perfect positive identification.

You have your Mount Carmel showdown, brother/sister, whether you want to admit it or not. You’ve got it. You can serve the gods of this world, denominations, organizations, you can do what you want, be my guest, I’ve got no control of you. I’m not going to try to ride herd on you. I see faces tonight that I’ve never seen before, at least one. It doesn’t mean a thing to me.

I don’t want to try to get you in my roots, and your roots and mine, your way and mine in yours, no way shape and form, not interested. I will trust that you would see what I’m saying and believe perhaps what I believe but I’m not pressing for that. I’m merely here witnessing to the people, teaching people that… how we see this thing; it’s a so great thing that happened in our day.


Now he said here,

[16-2]  …when His Own Law stood there and said, “He is condemned?”

[16-3]  Then, the Father, Himself, became one of us. That is the real Lamb. That is the purpose He had in mind. That is the reason the Lamb was… identified in the Garden of Eden; knowing that the Lamb and Dove would meet at one time [That’s true. The sacrifice given through the human instrumentality of God in a human form would bring forth the life of God. They met.]… When we all see that, we can all be together. And He was willing to make such a sacrifice.

In other words, when you can see what God really did and you receive it, knowing that when you seek God for the Holy Spirit you’re seeking for the identified One. That hasn’t been, brother, for six ages. Sure, identified in the sense of the Word, I’ll agree with that. God never left Himself without a witness in people but you never saw This. This is evening time.

Brother Branham said, “The Token could not come into… come till the evening time.” I think in one place, I’m not sure he said into existence. I doubt that he said existence, unless he meant it could only come in this period of existence because that Token always existed, but it could not exist for the Church until this time. Why? Because he compared it to going out time, and it’s going out time by the grace of Almighty God.

[16-4]  Now, that the Token could be applied, that we’re no more aliens… no more strangers, but we’re sons and daughters of God. Both Adam and Eve, the woman and the man, joined together, are sons and daughters of God in… Jesus Christ, by His great sacrifice. [That’s true. Why by the sacrifice? You don’t get joined by sacrifice but because of the Sacrifice, identified.]

[16-5]  …And then, so that there would be no mistake, the seed of this life that must be planted in the earth of this body, that is a perishable seed… [In other words, he said, there is a seed that’s going to come to this perishable body already has a perishable seed in it, see.] and the life if it is a perverted life in the seed, it perishes with the seed.


He’s trying to tell you something, look, the second death is ahead of you if you’re not born again; you’re gone. If you’re not identified, you’re gone. Now look! The church doesn’t want this and there are people amongst us don’t want this.

No, they don’t. You don’t identify simply with the Message, brother/sister, everybody’s got a Message. You identify with a messenger, the Lord Himself descended with a Shout which is a message. Not just a message, no way. Brother Branham said, “I was just a Voice. It wasn’t what I knew. Just a Voice.” See?

You got a perverted life. I’ve got one. We were born that way. There’s something wrong but when the Spirit of God comes in it’s not wrong any longer, because the Blood has covered. The Holy Spirit proves It’s covered, proves you’re part of that sacrifice.

Not proves you’re a part of God. Right? Because the Holy Spirit’s in there and God says, “I see That.” Will you see that without the Blood, the identification? No way. The Life has come back. The man stands there perfect. See?

[16-5]  But He put Eternal Life into it [You and me] and identified it as His Own. But in the resurrection He’ll raise it up again, [Sure, we could die,]… nothing could be lost. Do you see what I mean? There it is.

[17-1]  It cannot perish, now. That Life lays over it. It’s a Token. Lies over that little body, lies over that soul of that person. There is a Token over there, the Holy Spirit, that… belongs to God. It is His. [Didn’t say it was God; said it belonged to God. Do you follow? There’s a difference there, brother/sister. Belongs to God.It’s His.] “When I see the Token, I’ll pass over you” a positive Token. [No doubt.]

[17-2]  The Holy Spirit is our Token. Therefore, when you receive the Holy Ghost, you pass from death to Life. That is all there is to it, [Don’t try to stretch it, this way, pull back that way; that’s all there is to it, don’t add, don’t take.] because Life is in you. You can no more perish.


All right, what’s it going to do at the end time? There’s going to come a people who can’t die either. Not just raise them up at the end time but never perish, immortality sweeps in upon the seed according to Malachi 4.

[17-3]  The Bible said, “He that is born of God, does not commit sin.” For he cannot sin, for the Seed of God… Amen! The Seed of God remains in him… how can he sin, when the sinless God is with him.

[17-4]  When he is in a sinless God, how could he sin? [Now notice, how he’s putting this whole thing in here, see, because Christ in you and you’re in Christ.] No matter what he has done, the Blood has covered him… He is a new creature, now. His desires and ambitions are of Heaven, because he has changed from a cocklebur to a wheat. [In other words, the way he lived.] His desires aren’t the same as they once were, sure, and he displays it. You say, “Oh, I believe that.” and still sinning? My, you’re deceived. You can’t display anything, but the Token.

Now you say, “Well, Brother Branham’s got us down to a works program now. He’s got us down to where he’s denying the very fact that fruit is not the evidence of the Holy Ghost. He’s denying now the love is not the evidence.” Oh no, he’s not, no way shape and form. He’s telling you right here, it’s the hope.

He said, “How can you say you have the Holy Ghost and be in unbelief? Unbelief is sin. How can you say you have the Holy Ghost and disbelieve what God’s doing, the Word of the hour?”

See, brother/sister, you’ve got to put the whole thing together. You’re not living in Pentecost anymore. You’re not living with Wesley and Luther; you’re living now. What’s going on now? What is God doing now? What’s behind this?

Well, I can tell you one thing what Luther, Wesley and Pentecost had isn’t this. Now it was that years ago, not the Pillar of Fire, just the baptism, but it’s not this. It’s all over. It’s a new Message, new Word, the end time when Light only shines in Goshen, the plague of death is ready to fall.


Now the thing is this Listen! if you believe really with all your heart baptism in the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ positively brings the Token, no evidence of sensations and feelings and of this and that but you know that you know. Why? Because the evidence is already there. You don’t take an evidence when you’ve got an evidence. That’s ridiculous.

That’s trying to take aspirin to make the aspirin work that you already took; that’s not too bad, that thought in a way. But you can’t get something to make this work when this has already proven itself what do you want? That’s what he’s trying to show the people here. Now don’t turn that down and say, “Well, I… sure, I agree with that.” Go all the way! What is He here for? He’s here for me. He’s here for me because that’s the whole thing. And you believe. Then what’s the next step? Well, the next step is do you believe every word? Say, Amen.

And then from that time on it’s a striving to get out of the way, God be glorified. Sometimes it’s difficult, sometimes it’s not, only depends what God wants out of you, but that’s it.


Now that’s as far as we’re going to go tonight. We’re gone perhaps farther than I intended to go but that’s as far tonight. Now we’ll continue perhaps next Sunday. But you get the picture, brother/sister, this goes in two parallels.

Don’t ever forget it but just as sure as you’re alive you’re going to draw a wrong conclusion somewhere down the line but here’s a man at the end time looking back through the ages, watching carefully and putting you here right where you belong.

You stay where you belong even though he looks back through the ages because an eagle, brother/sister, goes way up high and I want to tell you something, the higher he gets the better he can look down and the higher he gets the better he can look up. You and I are not in that category but we can borrow his eyes.

A great preacher one day preached a sermon, a Nazarene preacher, he said, “I see through the eyes of the dead.” A woman died and left her corneas for transplants and he for the first time this man could see, saw his wife and his children, saw people round about him, and he said, “I see through the eyes of the dead.” We see through the eyes of the prophet by the grace of Almighty God. Let’s rise at this time.

Gracious heavenly Father, we’re about to go on to the service of the Foot-washing, Communion, Lord, to glorify Thy Name, Father, we just pray that somehow we’ve gotten down within our souls to see what the prophet was saying, perhaps Lord, in some respects we don’t get it just as clear as we’d like to but we know Lord, that he was for this hour he was saying these things and we know Lord God, just as sure as Paul, the Apostle, full of the Holy Ghost, Peter, James and John and those men, back there full of the Holy Ghost, we believe Lord, that Polycarp and Irenaeus, we believe Lord, that Colombo and Martin, Luther and all those men, Lord, and we believe that as Your Word has said and the prophet said it so many times, we’re sure he said it, “By one Spirit you are all baptized into one Body, that’s how you get into Christ.” Lord, all through the ages and now we have the positive identification and age now Lord, that brings us into immortality, takes us in the Millennium, a going out, and Lord, we know that we’ve been blind to these things all these years yes we have, but we’re not blind anymore.

We can see absolutely your Word is a hundred percent what the prophet said and is a hundred percent with Yours Lord, so we know that our eyes have seen, we’ve literally handled and felt and know these things by a way that others have wanted to and have not known the truth of this hour Father.

Oh God, may we respect You and be so sincere Lord, that we put away all vanity, pride, all gainsaying, any superfluous speech, anything amongst us Lord that doesn’t obtain and shouldn’t be. Help it all to do go down Lord, through the Blood, oh Christ, that great cleansing Blood, cleanse it right out of us and by the Holy Spirit burn out all the dross Lord, we pray in Jesus’ Name.

Lord, we’re still taken up too much with the things of this world. We look around and we’re critical Father, we look at ourselves and there’s no room for criticism for the pot cannot call the kettle black as the prophet often said.

Help us, Father, tonight to just get right down to the one to one confrontation, the one to one, that’s the way it’s always been. I can’t live for my neighbor, I can’t live for my wife, I can’t live for my children neither can they for me, much as we’d like it, it just won’t work Lord. Help us to realize it, and each one then live with Christ, magnify and glorify, that’s all we want Lord, that’s what we really want in this life. Lord, how bad we want it I don’t know, maybe we don’t want it near what we think. Father if we don’t, help to want it as never before so it really will be God in us, willing and doing of His good pleasure.

Lord, to that end we pray, Father, if there may be someone here tonight that’s not born again, we pray that by putting faith in You, not the uplifted hand, not the step forward, but nothing but reach out now and say, “My God, to thee I come,” for Lord, we know if You can’t do it and don’t do it, it won’t be done anyway.

Nobody can do it but You can do it. So Father, every heart here tonight and every heart be sanctified for the glory of Almighty God, and not one miss this great convocation which will come shortly in the Name of Jesus Christ, we pray. Amen.

Brother Vayle continues with Communion.

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