Unveiling Of God #06

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Shall we pray.

Heavenly Father, we know that singing such a song as to admit that You are here is to cause us to realize that we have a greater responsibility toward sincerity in Your Presence as never before to do as the prophet advocated, to lie in Your Presence and to ripen, to mature, to actually come up to a stature of the perfect man which we believe is not just something in the Scripture that indicates the potentiality but is the real promise for this hour which shall come from the potential right into the truth Lord, into the real.

And we’re looking for that Lord, for ourselves and everyone that names the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ as a part of the Bride in this Message Lord.

Father, as we’ve already prayed for the sick, we pray You’ll heal the sick amongst us for as the prophet said, “We receive healing as we receive this Message,” and also he said, “that healing came by revelation,” and we know this Word comes by revelation so that puts it all together that we will see ourselves perfect in You, healed and all those other grand requisites that are in there, everything as the prophet says, “all is in Christ.”

Father, we’re looking to You for that. We believe it. We know it. We’re anxious to see the fulfillment. Help us Lord, to take all the pressures and whatsoever is necessary by way of training and purging and all those things Lord, to bring us up to that full state.

We know that You started and we working with You by learning to get out of the way, learning to abide by that Word Lord, we’ll certainly manifest that we are children of this hour that belong to You.

So be with us this morning now in the study which we know Lord, is in many places it’s very difficult to apprehend just what is being said because we’ve been so thoroughly trained in the dogmas and creeds and traditions of this world that they’re difficult to break out of that veil, actually it’s a net Lord that they’ve tried to keep us in but Father by grace we have broken out and are progressing further and further in the Kingdom and thereby becoming more and more pilgrims to what was back there and more and more citizens to what we are into and now lies just ahead of us.

We give Thee praise and glory for helping us, hearing our prayers, in Jesus’ Name. Amen.

You may be seated.


Now, The Unveiling of God to begin this part of the message of Brother Branham which we wish to read today, and I don’t think we’re going to get too far, we go to page 28 and read paragraphs 178 and 179.

[178]  Now He said, “Now, Moses, you understand, the people understand now.” See? “I have showed you, I have vindicated you.”…

In other words, he’s letting the… he’s saying here that the people thoroughly understand that Moses is going to speak for the people instead of God or to the people instead of God. And he said, “I want the people to thoroughly understand that.

Moses you understand it, you understand your position. The people understand your position,” and so therefore, they accept it, and of course, in doing that they’re accepting God.

[178]  See? “I have showed you, I have vindicated you.” God had veiled Himself in this prophet to speak [this] Word to the people. Moses was the living God to them…


Now if you can take it you’re getting into the message deeper than you think you are. This is the… this is where the stumbling block is; people just think they believe this. Now I’m not trying to make it hard for you, see, because I believe you believe it.

Remember, these tapes go out and they’re going out increasingly and I hope we’re going to run across people who are going to be helped but this is something that we’re perhaps taking too casually and by that I mean, here is the Bible.

This book has been compiled by forty different authors over a period of over sixteen hundred years and there’s not one person who doesn’t believe in the plenary edition which means the full edition this is the full Word of God: can’t add, can’t take but what believes that this is God that spoke through the prophets.

Now they don’t like the word ‘through’ as a matter of ‘in’ the prophet but they like it through the prophets in to say, “God had a little medium.” No, God was in the prophets. How much God? Fullness for all I know. I don’t know. I won’t argue any point at all. Might just say God.

Elohim was in God. God could reduce Himself to the size of a thimble if He wanted or fill all the universes. Don’t limit God. So, all right.


It’s a little difficult for people to really recognize that statement because the statement can come and you will interpret it from your background like I just mentioned here.

No, get rid of the background: “God in the prophet, hallelujah. We’ve got a prophet, a Word prophet, Moses, God sent Moses, amen.” No, they didn’t go for that very much. Do you understand what I’m saying?

Now this is what Brother Branham is saying here, so, and remember this message was burning on his heart to get it out, and I’ll tell you something, this message without being the words of a true prophet would really be self-aggrandizing and say, “Look at me, I’m somebody.” See? All right.


Now he said,

[178]  [Look,] “I have showed you, I have vindicated you.” God had veiled Himself in this prophet to speak His Word to the people. Moses was the living God to them, the living Word of God made manifest.

Now how could he be the living Word of God made manifest? Well, God said, “Okay, from now on I’ll speak in Moses and have a prophet.” All right. The Word of God has to come into manifestation.

Now God didn’t have to create Moses. All He had to do was to take Moses and indwell him and the Word come forth, that was the Word that God said. That man was the living Word of God. In other words, the Word by manifestation had come into life.

Now therefore, if you have a message that predicates the Resurrection you have a Resurrection message now though the hour has not come to bring them forth. Oh, the hour is here but the minute and the second. See, in other words we’re talking about present tense reality. Always keep that in mind when we’re talking about prophets and the Word today.

[178]  Moses was the living God to them, the living Word of God made manifest. That’s the reason his face was veiled. [All right. He’s got a veiled face. Now we’ll talk about that just give us a little time.]

[179]  And do you know the same thing in a genuine Christian is veiled today, to unbelievers? [All right.]


A true Christian has the Holy Spirit in him which is God, which is a modicum. We know that. It’s not the same as Elohim indwelling you and me; that’s a small portion, that’s a life of Elohim, a little bit.

That’s not God Himself; that’s the gift of God as you have been given a gift of the Holy Ghost, but not the Holy Ghost. That’s where people are still mixed up, where Brother Branham said, “You do this potentially,” had the Holy Ghost. It didn’t say they didn’t have the baptism with the Holy Ghost, but the baptism with the Holy Ghost is not the Person Himself.

The baptizer, a deacon coming by to baptize you is not the baptism: he’s the baptizer. So now you come up to the presence of the Holy Ghost building up and building up to the full Presence, as the Measure that came down leaves only the Measurer Himself.

So now we’re standing in Presence. And I don’t think the language is tricky, Brother Branham said, “Let your own thinking go.” You might have a job with me on that but that’s all right, let it go. Step on it, squash it and burn it, just get it out of your way.

[179]  And do you know the same thing in a genuine Christian is veiled today, to unbelievers? [All right.]

In other words, the unbelievers cannot see and realize that this person here they’re looking at is full of the Holy Ghost and is a seed of God, elect of God, a true child of God, has a definite just use the word ‘connection’, a relationship and we’re using the word not in the sense of theoretical but the real: God in you and you in God, each individual member making up the Bride of Christ as a group.

[179]  They see those women with long hair and things, [they] say,. “Look at that old model.”


Why they say, “What’s long hair got to do with it? What’s hair got to do with it? What’s clothing got to do with it?” They can’t tell. See? The Christian is veiled to them which means there’s two veils… Well, we’ll talk about that later.

You… there’s actually two veils. They can’t see their… they can’t see their veil to see the veil that the Christian is to God. All right.

[179]  It’s… veiled. They’re blind. [“Well,”] they say, “I got a Ph.D. L…” I don’t care what you got, you’re still ignorant of the Word. Exactly right. “Oh, that’s just something minor.” Take the small lessons first. [See? All right.]

We notice that the emphatic Word here is either ‘veils’ or ‘veiled’. This is taken from 2 Corinthians 3 when Paul speaks of one, the veil over the face of Moses; two, a veil over the hearts and minds of the people. And also, from Philippians 2 we see God takes on a human body and that body becomes a veil of God. So he’s talking about ‘veil’ and ‘veil’.


Now throughout this message we have noticed that Brother Branham uses the word ‘veil’ in various ways. One, God veiled in a whirlwind, a fire, supernatural bodies, etc, etc; two, God veiled in the prophets which is God veiled in human flesh.

Three, Moses veiled by God. Four, Moses veiled by himself, a natural veil put on him, physical veil. Five, the people themselves veiled and there are two groups of people. The believer is veiled; the unbeliever he is also veiled.

Now then Moses veiled by the Word was the work of God. In other words, Moses being veiled by the Word or the Word veiling Moses was the work of God. Moses did not do it; God did it and Moses face shone but Moses veiling himself that was the natural veil and Moses did it himself; he put it on himself.

Then we come to the people. The unbeliever is veiled by tradition. We’ll see more of that, b. the believer is veiled through nothing of his own doings and we can see that by reading 2 Corinthians 3rd chapter and verse 18. Just take the one verse.

2 Corinthians 3:18

(18) But we all, with open face [that’s unveiled faces] beholding as in a glass the glory of the Lord, are changed into the same image from glory to glory, even as by the Spirit of the Lord.


Now that tells you that’s something the believer doesn’t do. He can’t do that. It’s something God does. And then we read in paragraph 179 how the people are veiled in the… to the world and then page 36, paragraph 241.

[241]  Well, you see, you’re… not [on the] inside, the veil, you don’t know anything about It.

That’s what’s wrong. People can’t see the Christian, see, because they’re on the outside, they’re not on the inside. You’re not on the inside of the veil. What veil? Christ! Baptized into Christ.

[241]  See? Christ is the Word! And when we’re in the Word, we’re in Christ. And how can I be in Christ, denying Christ? It was He that said, “Not one word… added… or taken…” How can you take from and add to, then? it just shows you what veil has got you veiled away. See?

You couldn’t… you couldn’t be truly born again and not recognize what Christianity really is. Now there is a dress code with this whether the people want it or not. Now a lot of people just think the women have a dress code.

Believe me; men have a dress code, too. And a lot of men are just as juggled up as and bad as women are. In fact, I think some preachers are worse sight than some of your ladies are. Call them ladies if you like, of course, I don’t like. Okay.


How about the people… paragraph 180.

[180]  How about the people who say… they are veiled in the [Word]… are veiled in the Presence of God and preach some church tradition? [I’ll go back to that.] Oh, mercy, goodness! Which adds to and takes from, and everything else, like injecting their own subjects and their own thoughts, and not the Word of God, see, what kind of a veil? That’s got an ecclesiastical veil. God tore that veil wide open!

Now you can take that veil and you can run it into the individual which you have to and you run it into the plurality, the plural, which is the organization, or the group or the body.

So therefore, every born again believer has his own personal veil in the sense that he is a born again Word believing individual and he will come under that Word, Christ the Word, and also, as a group they will be one. That’s why the Bride will have one mind before this is all over.

Now each one doesn’t have to know perfectly what the other knows but whatever they do know they’ll run in a continuity with each other.

Then, of course, you’ve got the individuals in organization, they’ve got individual veils, then, of course, they’ve got the… composite or the corporate veil over each one, now over the whole.

[180]  Now, how about the people who say… they are veiled in the Presence of God, and preach some church tradition? [Okay.]

In other words, they’re saying we are veiled with the Word and they do not have the Word but they merely have a tradition. Now let’s just get a little picture of this and answer the question perhaps; how does a person really get veiled anyway? What is this veil all about? What is it covering? Where does it come from?

Well, it doesn’t come from you per se from yourself because when you’re born into this world you literally would know nothing except you would have a consciousness of there is something out there that you cannot place.

So what you’d be looking at is this that you’re getting something from the outside that comes to your mind and then goes down into your heart and then comes back by way of the mind again through the spirit and then this will begin to manifest.

And this is where your whole and entire thinking, your understanding and your attitudes and everything else will spring from or be colored. Now I hope you got what I said. We’ll go over it again. All right.


You come into this world and you have the ability to absorb. You do not have knowledge per se. Your knowledge comes from an outside source. In other words, things are out here, voices are out here, like Paul said, “There’s many voices in the world. The world is full of many voices.” All of those voices are trying to teach you.

And Paul said, “You may have many teachers but you’ve only got one Father in the gospel.” So, all right. You can have all these voices out here and they could be simply traditional, they can be educational, they can be many things.

Now, man is a tripartite being. He’s body, soul and spirit. He’s actually body, spirit and soul in that order from the outside in. All right.

In the spirit the mind and the spirit are co-functional because the spirit operates through the mind because the mind itself is literally just a human instrument and when you die you got your mind or your brain there but you don’t have the intrinsic qualities because the life has fled. All right.

Now here is what happens, if you are a true believer you have a little gene down in your soul which came from God and evidently it came through natural generation because God breathed in Adam the breath of life and He said, everyone from this time on would be born dead in the sense they would have to die.

Every child of God which was to come through human instrumentality because you know, they flubbed the dub on that, would now be an alien from God in the sense of he’s ostracized, he’s exiled and he’s got to get back to Him. All right.


Now if you are true seed that little seed in there when the Word hits will water that and will bring it right to life and begin to come out.

Now then, that Word must feed what is in there because that’s the same thing, it’s a part of it, it’s got to feed in there and when it feeds, your spirit then takes hold of it and begins coming back to the mind where the Word originally came to, it didn’t come in here, it already had something in here, it comes through your mind, down to your soul, in your heart by the Holy Spirit and then you own spirit begins to act out what is in this seed of yours down here.

Now if you’re born… let’s just go to 1 Peter and just take a look at this to get an understanding. We’re going to take… We might not get very far this morning except into a couple paragraphs and that’s it but I’m not worried about it because I want to get into this here. All right. In 1 Peter 1:23.

1 Peter 1:23

(23) Being born again, not of corruptible seed, but of incorruptible, by the word of God, which liveth and abideth for ever.

Now It tells you right there there’s two ways to be born again. That’s why you look out here and you see some lovely, lovely people, you say; “Well now look, they couldn’t be condemned by this Message.”

I’ve got news for you, they are condemned by this Message. Now either you got to make up your mind to go the way of God or go the way you want to go.

You do what you want. Look, I cannot get in your shoes and you cannot get in mine shoes and I do not want to get in your shoes and you’d be a fool to try to get in mine. Whatever you do you do on your own.

Now I’m trying to help you here and that’s all I can do. You can be born of the true seed of God which is the true revealed preached Word of God or you can be born of that word which has been turned into creeds and dogmas and it started in the Garden of Eden.


Now Adam and Eve were born of the true to begin with, then they went into a perversion. Now since then everybody has been in a perversion. I don’t care if you are a child of God from before the foundation of the world, you are in a perversion.

That’s why you’ve got to be born again. Now you were born of incorruptible seed. See? And at that time then what is in here is brought back to God. Now how does it come? It comes by preaching of the Word and therefore, you hear that Word but be careful how you hear, not so much what you hear but how you hear. See?

Now that Word then in the gospel of truth comes to you and you are born from the heavenly Father. The Holy Spirit bringing you down to your spirit right into your soul.

Now then, the soul in the heart and that area must now begin to feed on the Word of God and as it feeds on the Word of God it begins giving the Word back to God. And how does it do it? It does it by the spirit into the mind, so you see; you go from mind into the heart and from the heart or the soul back to the mind again. See?

Now, if you’ve got… if you’re not of the right spirit you cannot receive the right Word of God. You cannot do it. If you’re not a seed to begin with, it won’t work and you could hear and see the pure unadulterated Word of God and you’re veiled from the Garden of Eden by the creeds and dogmas there’s no way it can operate because your mind’s already got a veil upon it.

But you see your mind could have a veil upon it but if you’re Seed it will rip through that veil and get down in here and produce another veil. See? So you’ll be… you’ll be a different person and all these… then the things that are in Christ then could become real to you. All right.


Now let’s go to 1 Corinthians 15th chapter and begin to understand something here we’re talking about. Okay. This has to do at the end time. He said here,

1 Corinthians 15:51-54

(51) Behold, I shew you a mystery; We shall not all sleep, but we shall all be changed,

(52) In a moment, in the twinkling of an eye, at the last trump: for the trumpet shall sound, and the dead shall… raised incorruptible, and we shall [all] be changed. [Now notice.]

(53) For this [corruptibility] must put on [incorruptibility], and this mortal must put on immortality. [Now what’s he talking about? He’s talking about an inner garment that you’re being dressed in. See? You are being dressed and not only are you being dressed but you’re formally being placed…]

(54) So when this [corruptibility] shall have put on [incorruptibility], and this mortal shall have put on immortality, then shall be brought to pass the saying… Death is swallowed up in victory.

So what he’s telling you here is that there’s an inner garment that is to be placed on you at the end time. And when that garment is placed on you it’s a placing that has never ever taken place before. Why? Because these people aren’t going to die.

Now how are you going to break into immortality unless you get the source of immortality which is the Word? Being born again not of corruptible seed! There’s a Message at the end time that will cause you not to die. Everybody else dies.


Oh listen, God help us but here’s where fundamentalists and Pentecostals and everybody and many of our folk just don’t understand, they can’t break with traditions. See? There’s a Message for every hour. See if I can find it for you. I’m sure I can find it if I just give myself time. 9th chapter of Hebrews, I believe it’s got to be. That’s right.

Hebrews 9:27

(27) And as it is appointed unto men once to die, but after this the judgment:

Now hold it! We’ve already been judged. This age has been declared by Him who came in seven mighty angels, the same One that indwelt him and brought the Word, “You’re the righteous, blameless, sinless, justified Bride.” Now you’re justified, you’re righteous.

Remember Eve and Adam were not righteous; they were innocent. We are not innocent; we never came in innocence, only to a degree. But as soon as we knew how to sin we sinned. It started by screaming and [inaudible] and everything else.

We’re not innocent, we’re righteous. And that Word today is a living Word of this hour that no other hour had. This also will produce the Son in flesh and bring Him and a Bride back to earth. This message will bring about a Resurrection. When we get to where we… just in a few… a little while we’ll talk about the Seals we’ll show you what else is in here.


So we see here this veiling in the Presence of God, this veiling that you and I have is strictly a spirit Word veiling and it’s living. It’s in the soul and every channel to the soul is being plugged up by the Word and has been so nothing else gets in.

That’s why when a woman gets pregnant it is normal that she can’t get pregnant again once she becomes pregnant. But there is a possibility but it’s very, very odd, so you don’t go by possibilities, you got by the truth as Brother Branham said, “Once the womb of the mind is closed into the soul there can be no further inundation, or there’s no way any other word can get in there.”

In other words, once you’re sealed in you’re completely oblivious to anything else, you’re perfectly whole. Now here is where that veil is coming in and so therefore, we are entirely veiled in the presence of Christ, we are veiled with the Word.

That’s why when God looks down upon us and of course, He doesn’t see us through the Blood, He only hears our voices and we are giving back to God this Word of this hour, we are in perfect harmony of oneness with God and He with us and we with each other.

So when they say they are veiled with the Word of God in this hour there is nobody veiled with the Word of God outside of a small Bride and I don’t care what anybody says. Now if you believe this Message I’m telling you the truth. If you don’t believe it fine. There’s no way you’ll believe what I’m saying. Now you don’t think it took me five minutes to get there myself.

I don’t know how far I’m there but I’m teaching the mechanics this morning whether I’m condemned myself down the road like Paul said, “I could be a castaway,” which is ‘disapproved’, doesn’t mean condemned; it’s disapproved, but I believe this morning we’re hitting at the truth.

[180]  How about the people that say… they are veiled in the Presence of God, and preach some church tradition? [Well, they’ve got a veil but it’s not in the presence of God. God won’t accept it. How will God accept anybody’s word but His Own Word? See? And you’ve got to be judged by that Word.] Oh, mercy, goodness! Which adds to and takes from, and everything else, like injecting their own subjects and their own thoughts…


Well, where do you get purgatory in the Bible? Where do you get some thoughts that people say they believe this Message? And like one fellow said, “Well,” he said, “I’ll tell you what if you die it proves you aren’t Bride.”

No doubt he got that expression even from me, perhaps, when I said that I’ve got a promise to live and not die but I could be dead tomorrow morning.

I wish I’d be dead before the night it’s over as far as that is concerned. Do you think sticking around here is any fun? I mean look, I don’t go by sensations and feelings anymore, they’re gone, [inaudible]

If I’m going by sensation and feeling I’d say, “Well, I don’t think I’d ever want to get out of here because I don’t know what’s on the other side.” I’m not the least… I’m not concerned.

Why should I be the least concerned? You’re not dealing on your word like I said, “God put that… Moses didn’t have a thing to do with God veiling him with the Word, that was all God doing it.”

I don’t have a thing to do with this Word of God, to fulfill or anything else. It’s God doing it.

For years I’ve said this, I know Brother Branham told us what’s coming on the scene something God’s got to do it and if God doesn’t do it it’s not going to get done. Well, I’m pretty tough. Well, here is what it is.

If God didn’t give this Word the way He’s supposed to give this Word it wouldn’t be done. We haven’t got a traditional veil. We’ve got a veil that from God that this inner veil, this inner garment which is by the Holy Spirit, which is the Word in life form, living form, It is absolutely putting us in the place of where we’re supposed to be. It’s formerly setting us right there see? as Bride. All right.



[180]  …what kind of a veil? [He said,] That’s got an ecclesiastical veil. God… tore that veil wide open!

Now how did He tear it open? By a proven revelation. How can a tradition stand? Well, look it, we had the same thing happen with Baal and Elijah, God and Elijah, Baal and the prophet, the veil. Okay, they’d been preaching a doctrine.

Now what was actually the religion of Baal? It had to be bastardized Balaam… Baal religion and Hebrew religion. It absolutely was, completely messed up; just like we’ve got Protestant, Catholics messed up.

Now Elijah said, “Look, why hesitate, if it’s God, follow God; if it’s Baal, follow Baal.” He said, “I’ll throw my credentials in the fire and I’ll follow Baal myself.”

Well, they said, “That sounds interesting. What have you got in mind?”

Well, he said, “I’ve got this in mind. Let the God whose God answers by fire.”

Well, evidently they hadn’t heard of that one unto their own discrediting, they said, “Well, all right, that’s great. Nobody can pull down fire out of heaven. No such a thing. Lightning comes and this and that but nobody asked for it,” and so they said, “we’ll have a little contest.”

Now God proved who was God and who had the Word and so therefore, these people were discredited. Now when you see a vindicated Word, you see a discredited word. When you see a vindicated veil, you see a discredited veil.

Now your veil is discredited. I can tell you right now your background. Some of you sitting here Baptists, and Mennonite and maybe Amish, Methodist, Baptists and Pentecostal and who-done-it and who-didn’t-do-it, and who-ain’t-going-to-do-it because you didn’t belong to anything, I can tell you right now your veil is gone and if you lean in that direction for one thought that is contrary you have not got the vindicated veil of God.

You can talk all you want because your church and your group and you and none of us can prove and produce anything by manifestation and get God to back it. There’s only one person can do it and that’s the prophet. And he’s been authenticated and not simply authenticated he is authoritative.


Ha, a lot of people are authenticated in this respect, like Italy, “Let’s go get those pirates.” They couldn’t get nothing. And Egypt thought they were going to deliver them someplace and America stepped in and they were authenticated and they were authoritative, and they authoritatively took over and the Italians let the Americans down again.

So, the secret is don’t trust anybody but God. Don’t trust your religion. Don’t trust anything because there’s only one source of true authentication, validation and power and that’s Almighty God and when you’re dealing with God and He said, “I will do it,” then you’ve got a sure promise. You’ve got a great promise. All right.

[181]  They say, “There is no such a thing as prophets… no such… thing… [as] last day… apostles… in these last days… apostles and prophets.… no such… thing as Divine healing… no such… thing as seers anymore. There is no such… thing as Mark 16 being fulfilled. The apostolic age is done.”

Now that does not refer to the Pentecostals. The Pentecostals will admit to prophets but not a vindicated Elijah prophet of this hour. So the reference to Pentecostals here is very, very oblique and hardly at all.

The only reference to Pentecostals is here, if William Branham come on the scene preaching three gods and backed up the Assembly of God, “Oh hallelujah, we believe the prophet Elijah.”

Oh, yeah, make no doubt about it. They’d have grabbed that hook, line and sinker, yup, but you see the minute a prophet comes on the scene he has got to come against the contrary word.

People don’t like the idea that the actual fact that there is a true Word and an anti-word, the same as there is a true Christ and an antichrist, because it’s one and the same thing if you want to boil it down to the truth.


And let’s face it, in the fact is this that the charismatics are being accepted almost everywhere from the Vatican on down. Now this present day pope and every pope is stuck with the baptism with the Holy Ghost and speaking in tongues.

Why? Because John XXIII accepted it and you cannot go against another pope. At least they’ve got brains; they stick together and they hang together. You don’t find…

True… true born again people do the same; they’ll have the one Word. You bet. There is such a thing as a real Bride that’s cohesive, coherent. You bet there is. They’re not just here… people say, “Well, eagles they… they don’t flock,” they see them one at a time.

That is true but just be careful how far you carry every little type, but you’ll find yourself right in the boondocks because I tell you don’t find sheep way out there in one place, you find them in a little flock. “Fear not, little flock.” So don’t stress individuality to the point where you mess up, you miss out. No sir.

Let’s get this. There is a true Bride, there is a cohesiveness, and you know a lot of people they get so scared the person next to them might be an unbeliever, every church has got three kinds of believers, unbeliever, make-believer, you know, the true believer.

“Oh, the guy beside me he may lead me down.” Fap, get that out of here, get that out of your apple boxes, your Adam’s apple here. Get out of here, your head and your heart and your throat, get it out. You believe for yourself and believe for your neighbor. If he doesn’t look like he’s going to make it then pray for him. Right? All right.



[181]  They veiled It from the people. But God walked right out with His Holy Spirit of fire [Yeah] and rent [the] thing from the top to the [bottom]… God has rent the veil!

What veil? The ecclesiastical veil; it’s been discredited. It’s been proven phony. But I’m going to tell you something, you watch, you watch the Pentecostals battle for their veil. Say, “Look it here, why we believe in miracles, don’t tell me that’s not God.” It is God. It is God manifested only in power, in manifestation of signs and wonders.

Bring on the Word. The Baptists say, “Well, look it. Look at the people we get saved. Look at the great work we do.” Oh sure, the Catholics say, “Why, look what we’re doing.” Oh, sure, nobody is going to fault what they’re doing. That’s great. Do some more of it. That’s fine.

Nobody’s going to say, “I’d sooner you people all ran to the poolroom and got drunk and committed mayhem. Teach your kids to live on drugs and God knows what, beer in the house and everything else, so the kids can learn to drink beer.”

It’s got to the place where it’s rotten incest and everything else, anything goes and they haven’t even pulled the top sheet off yet, they just barely turned the little cover down.

Where do you find that but in high places and every other place, too? Oh, you begin, you begin to see what Christians, oh these lovely Christian folk; oh, you will find that they are incestual just like anybody else; so-called Christians.


See, God rent that veil. Oh they say, “Well, I tell you what, nobody… some of them say, “We don’t need healing. We don’t need any manifestation.”

And he said, “I’ll tell you what, you see what happened God proved that Word way back there two thousand years ago, and when a thing is proven you don’t need to reprove it.” But just a minute, if you lose the meaning, that’s a different story.

I said, “I don’t have to use the… prove the Pythagorean Theorem every time I want to do something in algebra, I mean geometry.” I don’t have to quote a trick or anything else, worry about proving it but you see that remains static but you begin taking a religion, a doctrine; that can change.

You’ll never change that the sum of the squares and itself and the square root will bring you that hypotenuse. You can’t change that anymore than you can change H2O. You can’t do it. But Word’s a different thing. Why, God said to Eve and Adam, “Don’t you dare eat of the tree of that tree out there.” They did it plumb just like that, they changed it.

The devil changed it, they changed it. So therefore, the Bible though proven way back there has not been proven till this hour. See? And you got… and you got… and the Bible’s full of it. Okay.


Now notice,

[182]  Moses was the veil, the living Word of God veiled behind human flesh. The Pillar of Fire was in Moses, of course, speaking what was to be veiled later behind skins, you see.

Now Brother Branham constantly repeats this for this day, so therefore, let’s… William Branham was the veil. The living Word of God veiled behind human flesh of William Branham. The Pillar of Fire was in William Branham, of course, speaking was to be veiled later in lesser offices, human skins of the Bride of Christ.

Now you could say, “Well, I think maybe I could accept that about Moses and maybe well, I don’t think it would be too bad to talk about Paul and Jesus especially but I don’t think I could talk about William Branham.” Well, if God’s in the prophet and William Branham is a prophet, tell me what was in William Branham?

You know you see they just [Brother Vayle makes cutting sound.] their own throat. William Branham had the slashing sword of the Spirit to cut the veil and they wouldn’t take it and instead they took their own sword and cut their own throats. Why, certainly this is the age of suicide, people are going mental. William Branham was the veil.

People say, “Well, you know, I think Brother Vayle you read in there about in this sermon… this same sermon how that the presence of God was in Moses. Well, that was the way it was with William Branham. Now he’s gone.” Well, Brother Branham also said, “Lie in the presence of the Son and ripen.”

Let’s bring him back, shall we? Or have you… or where has He been for the last twenty years? Dead? What presence are you ripening in, if He’s not here? Brother Branham said, “God takes His man but not the Spirit.” You show me who’s going to raise the dead and I’ll point you right to the Word of God.

“God raises the dead:” William Branham’s own words. Why he said, “Sure, it was a man that wept at the tomb of Lazarus but who said, ‘Lazarus, come forth,” and he came forth, that was God. “The Son of man will raise the dead in what form? He’s right here to do it. The same Son then will be sure to raise the dead. All right.

[183]  Now, that’s the Word, and the Word was brought forth, then It was written out, [Now talking about Moses, that was the Word, the Word brought forth, then written out,] then… put behind and still veiled, for God was always in that Word…


Now he’s letting you know. You say, well, you’re not looking at some two dead tables of stones that’s put away somewhere, you’re not looking at a Bible somebody simply wrote; you’re looking at something must come to life all through the seven church ages and at the end time there’s a special Message that comes to life.

And when it does it always abrogates and sets aside for the wiggletails and the worms to eat the dead manna. Oh, I know people don’t like to hear the sound of the dead manna. I love it. Not as much as I sounded but I’ll get to that because let’s face it I’m going on with God and I know you are too.

He said, “It’s dead manna. It’s run its course.” Now there’s no dead manna in the name of Jesus; there’s only one name whereby you must be saved but there’s coming a day when that runs its course, and it will be dead manna. And they’ll be calling upon Him and they’ll think they’re being saved and there’s nobody being saved. All right.

There’s soon running out ‘there’s appointed unto man once to die, after that the judgment’. We’ve already been judged, manifestly so, righteous children of God to walk in. If it isn’t dead, it’s dying. That word will not apply to the Bride; Bride has not left here, it standing up in human glorified flesh.

Bride has died and gone to the very gasses and because you’re embalmed, it doesn’t give you a shorter route. God doesn’t have a lesser job because you’re embalmed than He has with gasses. How many trillions and trillions and trillions and God knows how many trillions of sperms there are and eggs and He knew each one coming down, coming down.

A woman has a quarter million, and by the time there’s those little hair like things formed there could be millions. She could have millions of eggs formed. Man has millions or trillions of sperm. God knows every single one of them.

Every snowflake is different, billions of tons of snowflakes. Let’s get our minds opened up, it’s a little bit boggled. A little bit boggled by God, so you’ll open up and you say, “God, You just take over. I can see I ain’t fit to get into this computerized thing that You’re into.” Why do you think there’s computers at the end time?

So the Message could be proven. Computer can do in seconds what man would take months and maybe years to do before. Astronomical figures can be dealt with. Well, God’s got a computer-like mind that shoves out these things like a piece of baloney. See? All right.


God in that Word. Now here is God in the Word. What does that mean, “God in this Word?” God will bring this Word forth in this hour. That’s why he said, they “crucified to themselves the Son of God afresh.” That’s been done. That’s like dead manna as it were. The life is gone out of that.

It’s available all through the ages down here but He can’t be crucified in the flesh again. No way! But they can crucify Him in the spirit and when they do they’re lost eternally. There’s no way at the end time that they can come back. That’s why He’s justified in burning the whole thing up. See? The judgments of God are in the earth now. God veiled in the Word.

[183]  He’s the Word… He always was in that Word… the reason… That’s the reason the Word had to be veiled.

Now let’s keep watching. It’s got to be veiled. It’s got to be veiled. So there’s something, there’s a veil in this Word. There’s a veil over it right now. Not now but there was. It has to be unveiled. See? Veiled and then unveiled, and when It is unveiled we see what God has done and is doing. And It can only unveil by what? By interpretation, which God must do by manifestation.

[184]  Oh, brother, sister, are you catching It? Look! Don’t you see? It’s been veiled through these ages according to what God said, [Now the veil is THUS SAITH THE LORD. Do you follow?] and It will be opened in the last days, those Seven Seals would be [broken, So the Seven Seals have been spoken by God to veil the Word. There’s something you cannot get at, he says right here, except in the last days.] and It would be opened in the last days, and those seven seals would be [broken,] and the full Thing would come into view of the people, what took place all along.

…The hour of the seventh angel’s Message, all the mysteries of God should be… known in that Elijah, in this… hour: how that Christ is put out of His church, [Now notice what he’s saying. It’s being revealed to us. How’s He being put out? Denying the Word.] the Son of God; how He’s revealed as Son of man again…


Who knew that? Nobody. Check your books on theology. The best they can think of things like that was how they thought of poor old Abraham. A hundred years old and taking a ninety year old wife to Gerar, there and the king he was so revived and so full of passion that he wanted a ninety year old grandma that came hobble along, looked good to him.

Oh, come on, she was no sex image, ninety years of age, except she was changed back to be a young girl again, sixteen years old, him nineteen or he’d be twenty-six. She’s sixteen and he’s twenty-six. If she was nineteen, he’s twenty-nine.

You know what they said it was? A mistake in chronology, the writers got mixed up and they put that chapter in the wrong place. That’s right. I’m telling you what they’re saying.

Then what are they saying about Luke? They can’t figure the chronology because they don’t understand that He needs to be crucified again without being crucified physically. They don’t understand Matthew 12. They don’t understand Luke 17. So they say, “Well, what it is, it’s… there’s something in there about, well…” and that’s it.

Because you know it’s a great big guess. What about the guess in Ephesians 1:17? To them that’s been the Holy Spirit for two thousand years; that is wrong. It’s the Holy Spirit now. See? They can’t get it but it’s been known in this Elijah, revealed the Son of man again.

[184]  …how… the Church is to be put in order…


Order of what? The Word! Not little gifts in a room. That’s just tiddlywinks for the Pentecostals and for us. Put those gifts in a room and have in any order you want, brother/sister, without the divine revelation of God, you’re still not going to get off the earth.

They will not veil you and bring forth that Shekinah glory, gifts can’t do it. Gifts pop up and pull you away from God, like Korah, Dathan and Abiram, and those poor people, I feel sorry for them.

[184]  …[and] put in order, and everything for the last [days,] so there’s no creed, no denomination, just absolutely the Word living in the individual. [What individual? The prophet to begin with. How can the Church be put in order if you don’t have a Word revealing prophet? Can’t do it. No way, shape and form. Now watch!] the Word living in the individual. “I’ll take one and leave one. I’ll take this and leave that one.”

Why there’s two places: Matthew 24 where the Word separates and Luke 17 where you get caught up in the Rapture. Now if the Word hasn’t separated you to bring you out you’ll never be in. And you’ve got to be Seed to get it in the first place. And if you’re Seed you’ll be there with the Word. You’ll just stand with that Word because that’s where faith is.

[184]  …no strings, no denominations, no bindings [no anything;] it’s the heart… it’s the heart with God… [All right.]

What’s in there in the heart? Revealed Word. “God looketh on the heart.” What’s in there? Seed with the rain of God which is the Word: the Seed coming forth now coming up through the spirit into the mind. Seed’s got to return, got to be right with God. Okay.


So therefore, we see that God has a veil. Now a veil is a medium or a conduit. Do you understand what I’m saying? Moses was the veil of God which was a conduit. The Word is the conduit for the Spirit.

Then if you don’t have Spirit revealed Word you cannot have the Spirit, that conduit. You cannot have your mind renewed which brings on the complete interior dressing.

What is that word? I can’t remember. When you install a person in a chair like the officer, what is that called? That thing that they do. Now don’t let your mind go blank, I’ve been trying all morning to think of it. [Someone from audience says, “Coronation.”] What is it? No, not coronation, it’s the same, it ends in ‘i-o-n’, but it’s an installation when you do a thing and you make the person the grand Poo-bah.

What do they call that? You… too bad, but that’s what I’m trying to get you. This is what you’re after, you are Bride, there could be a million people look better Bride than you, have every qualification according to what people think but you’re still Bride. It’s the installation anyway, not just categorization.

That’s all right, the devil’s got me tricked this morning, that’s… bad memory goes with old age but we’ll get it, don’t worry. He doesn’t fool me that often. I always bounce back. All right.


You have a conduit and so therefore, also, when you have the Word you have the conduit which brings this on and presents you as it were to Christ because you’re in the waters of separation washed, you stood still long enough to be dressed, and here you’re now ready for this great presentation where you are confirmed like installed as the Bride, and here you stand there and you then are coming to the place where you will be recognized, you’re recognized by God and not by the Word.

And so therefore, we have a veil and that is a conduit, the Word of God being a conduit. See? In other words, no veil, no way you’re going to make a Rapture. All right.

[185]  Notice, veiled in… human flesh. Moses was that Word, speaking what was to be later put behind badger skin.

Now remember, in here he’s talking about Moses was the veil, William Branham was the veil, the living Word of God veiled behind human flesh, the Pillar of Fire was in William Branham. All in the midst, now he says here, all the mysteries of God should be known in that Elijah, William Branham.

Presence of God in William Branham, all the mysteries known in William Branham, the Word in William Branham, he’s the great conduit, the great reflector. Now conduit is not the real thing and a reflector is not the real thing; it is simply that which carries.

All right, therefore, also now the real thing in him was, of course, that Seed, the same thing in us is the same Seed. No difference there. No difference in the baptism. Difference in position and what is going on towards Hickory. So now here we are receiving from that man.


Now watch!

[185]  …So is Christ our Moses. Christ is our Moses. [What’s he talking about? The Holy Spirit today is doing this as Moses did it, yet Elijah has got to be here in flesh in some form. Now let’s watch this.] So is Christ our Moses. [So then Christ is our William Branham. So is Christ our William Branham which is our lives. I don’t like putting William Branham there in this particular case, much as I just like the word ‘Elijah’.] He was God veiled in human flesh…

[Christ was God veiled in human flesh in Moses. All right. Now what is Christ today? Christ is God in human flesh in William Branham. Now just hold that thought in mind, we’ll get to it.] He was God veiled in human flesh, veiled in humanity, in flesh. That’s right. And He’s the same yesterday, and today, and forever.

So he said, “As it was in Moses and in Elijah; it’s in me.” Now there’s where people don’t like this because they say, “Well, you see, William Branham had this great ministry, and he got carried away; so he made himself Elijah. He got swell-headed because God did by him what nobody else could do. But that’s always the danger, always you get swell-headed.”

What about your big fat swell stinking head that you can sit in judgment on a prophet when he can’t be judged? You can’t produce two bits of an apple and he produced orchards. Oh, don’t give me this nonsense. I can burn you to a crisp on it. Fap!

I’m a hundred times more vindicated over thousands of preachers and I’ve got no vindication except the cruddy vindication I am a junk heap without Almighty God the same as the rest of the junk heaps, secondhand all the way down to the hubcaps if you want to know the truth.

Most preachers are nothing but a cross between a backslidden hoop and a holler and a used car salesman. And I ain’t going to change that statement; I don’t feel bad about it at all. God knows what I’ve got in mind and I don’t think He’s displeased.

[185]  …He’s the same yesterday, today, and forever. [He doesn’t change. That’s what I kept telling you until this Message, this Message further proves what I’ve been saying all along, catching these thoughts, previously that Hebrews 13:8 is Genesis 18… Abraham before Sodom and Gomorrah. Now let’s keep working.] He… now, He was veiled by badger skins. [That’s that Word, and God manifesting right up, right that Word bringing that Word to life each time.]… this time He was veiled in a man. [All right. That’s back in Jesus’ day.]… “the same yesterday, today, and forever,”

[Notice, he said,] promised His Word to this age. He’s still Christ, the promised Word to this age, veiled in human flesh. The Word is God. [Elijah, William Branham, the veil of God, the human flesh, the conduit, the carrier.]


Now let’s go further.

[186]  The anointing is a person.

How do you like them apples? Pardon the expression but I just want to get it right home to you. How do you like that? “Well, I thought the anointing was… hmm.

Yes, the anointing is something that went out of God and the anointing is like a salving, it’s an unction, and it’s a pouring on, and the anointing is something that I’ve got.” Phtt? What if the anointing is a person? Well, you say, “I believe that… I believe that’s right because that’s Christ.”

[186]  Just a minute, the word ‘Christ’ means “an anointed one”.

You say, “I don’t know that I agree.” Then you make the prophet a liar. Then let’s get in the ring and slug it out toe to toe. Let me show you; let me see if you got something.

You see I can be pretty bold up here because I ain’t got nothing except what I’m supposed to have, and William Branham I believe in because he has what he’s supposed to have.

So he’s the… I’ll tell you what we’re not got to get this far but he’s David alongside of old Goliath, and I ain’t afraid of… I ain’t afraid to ally myself and align myself with a man that’s too smart to come in bodily contact with those big bruisers; he just does it and gets them like that and a sling shot.

Then he comes in the name of the Lord which is Deuteronomy 18, and if this old Goliath if he said, “I’m going to pick you up like a little dog on a spear and I’m going to carve you to the crows and they’ll eat your carcass.”

And he said, “I come to you,” and Deuteronomy 18 was already written, “I come to you in Deuteronomy 18 in the Name of the Lord, now let’s see whose word comes to pass because I say I’m going to take your head off.” Hallelujah for David.

Yes sir, there’s more than one David, there’s more than one Daniel: dare to be a David, never mind a Daniel at this point. Let’s dare to be… let’s dare to stand with David. Remember David had mighty men, that bunch of Gentiles, and when he said, “Water,” they knew where to go for water.

And he said, “Fight,” he knew what… they knew where to fight. Now I’m not advocating fights but I’m just telling you this. You stand up for Jesus; you stand up for this Word. Not being ashamed of Him, it’s not being ashamed of this Word. He standeth.


See, the anointed one.

[186]  Then Moses was… Now then Moses was Christ in his day, he was the anointed one. Jeremiah was Christ in his day, with a portion of the Word for that day.

And I’m going to add this, “And William Branham has to be Christ for this day.” Now you say, “Brother Vayle, again, are we deity?” Aw, we’re past the deity bunch, they’re in error. I’m not in error because I see this perfectly. Not as perfectly as I can because I’m not too spiritual but it’s sinking down deep in there: “William Branham the anointed one for this hour.”

You mean can God be in him and he not be anointed? And we’re not talking about the baptism, brother/sister. Let’s get that flat. We’re talking about a Presence of the Pillar of Fire in that man; Moses and the Pillar of Fire and the Pillar of Fire in Moses. People just can’t… they can’t let their thinking go that this is God’s way, this is God’s prophet.

Listen! This… we’re here this morning to clench your faith because this lets you know if you’re a believer or not. Can you let go and be at home with the fact that you are so different in your faith than all these guys out here? Oh, they are so wonderful in their own eyes, they are so marvelous.

Oh, they don’t have any doubts because they are it. And they’re wrong because they’ve got the ecclesiastical veil of creeds and dogmas and misunderstandings. And what they haven’t got in lightning they make up in thunder.

Like the poor Baptist preacher got arrested in Dayton the other day, they even fined him a hundred dollars I guess, then they rescinded the fine because they felt embarrassed. They said… the neighbors said, that he was making too much noise, and then he said he wasn’t. Well, that’s a matter of opinion.

[187]  But when Jesus came, [Now listen!] He came as… Redeemer Anointed One… [Now Moses didn’t, Paul didn’t, William Branham didn’t; nobody but Jesus. Now listen!] when Jesus came, He… [was] Redeemer Anointed One; and that was both Moses and all that was in Moses, and all the Word, and all the Godhead bodily… in Him.


So therefore, when He came these men only had a part and He was the whole of it, and they could not redeem but they were preaching and a part of that great redemptive plan because it couldn’t have come into being without those men.

Now you say, “Well, it could have.” That’s true it could have but this is God’s way of doing it, so therefore, it can’t.

Remember, how I told you that a chemist will come along and he said, “I’ll analyze that and tell you what’s in it.”

You say, “Well, make it again the same product.

He said, “Can’t do it. I can’t do it,” he said, “because I don’t you where all the material came from. All I can [do is] identify the material and I can’t tell you how he mixed it and what conditions he mixed it under. You get me that information and then I will make the identical chemical.”

Well, this is what he’s talking about here. God has His way of doing things and you better leave God alone or you will not get what you intend to think you’re getting from God. See what I’m trying to tell you? You’ve got to come the way of the prophet.

If God sends a prophet you’ve got to come that way. “For he that receives whomsoever I send receives Me.” You see? And that’s not just the baptism of the Holy Ghost, let’s get that straight.

[187]  That’s the reason the whole temple veil rent and the mercy seat came in perfect view, He was the Anointed One [and the Redeemer].


And how does he mean that? Well, look it, each Word for the age came into view. Now it’s for the full Word in the human form redemption to come in view. That’s the Cross.

He died on the Cross, so therefore, when that Word was fulfilled the Mercy Seat which they were looking at in little jumps and jots and tittles came into full view. This is it and nothing else is. “Oh, I can’t take that.”

Well, you’ve lost then. “Oh, but hallelujah, I took Moses, bless God, and I took Elijah, and I just love Daniel.” Oh, that’s great but you missed it because you’ve got part. Now that which is perfect is come; the whole thing is come to us today and they’re looking at the part. I’m not going to get on that subject but it’s all right.

[187]  He was the Anointed One. [He was the Anointed One, He certainly was, certainly is.]

[188]  Notice, now, the veil in human flesh… [Notice now! Not yesterday. Now!] the veil in human flesh, the promised Word to this age… [Now!] must also be veiled. [How? In human flesh and in misunderstandings and creeds and dogmas, misquotes, misapprehensions, God knows what.] Notice! Sin-loving church members…

Who is sin-loving church members? Unbelievers. They negate it. You make void the promise of God by your traditions. If you have the true promise and the wrong interpretation you will not get the promise.

“See, look, I’ve got the chemicals here. Surely, Mr. Chemist you can… ”

“No, I can’t. I don’t have the way to do it.”

“Yeah, but you’ve got this!”

“I’m sorry, I don’t… Can’t you get anything through your thick skull, kid. I don’t have the way.”

Now you can look Scripture all you want in the eye and think you’ve got it, without a proper revelation you’re out. Now look, I’m just quoting from here and I’ve got the Word of God, too, because It says, “This is the condemnation light has come into the world and men love darkness rather than light.

Awake thou that sleepest and arise from amongst the dead and Christ shall give you life.” It tells you that the Bride is sleeping amongst the dead at the end time and she better wake up. And God sent a blast from heaven through a prophet; He thundered through the prophet to wake up a Bride.

Well, that’s Hebrews 12. Come on, we know our Bibles here. We’re not just… I’m not just spouting off some little order up here brother/sister, you’re trained enough to know, to know where I’m speaking from when I say these things and I’ve said that years ago and I’m going to stand with it, too.

We might not know anything except this Word, might not know as we should know but we’re knowing it, bless God.

[188]  Notice! Sin-loving church members and sinners cannot see It because of the human veil. See?


They couldn’t do it. They lied about Jesus. They couldn’t believe it. They made up stories about William Branham. And the people that made up the biggest stories of William Branham were the people who were in “the know” and knew better than to make up their lies.

So who must have lied about Jesus? Oh, those Jews must have done pretty much mouthing off, Pharisees; they were in a position to know. They can’t stand the human veil. Oh, they can stand… We can stand ourselves; they can stand themselves but my, if somebody else, oh no.

Like Brother Branham kept on saying, he said, “The Pharisees said, ‘Why now if he’d have been the real messiah he’d have come to great Caiaphas. He’d have rolled out the red carpet way down to the temple and come to us’.”

Like a certain bunch said, “Well,” the Oneness people I don’t know what group they were but they said, “Look it now if William Branham was that prophet he’d of come to us.”

And live in sin the way they do with marriage and divorce and all that stuff? Preachers? Man alive, you talk about a puddle of iniquity.

[189]  Now that’s the reason they couldn’t see it. “Why, He’s a man. Where did He come from? [Now see there’s the big thing, not just a man.] Where did He come from?


Now they could have taken a man except you’re too zealous for God. Jesus said, “The zeal of mine house has eaten me up. I’m out here in the cold because of your zeal.” Brother Branham said a certain preacher, “our zeal has outrun your knowledge.”

It sure did. Now his son is in the same trap. He said Brother Branham gave him his mantle. Where did he get it from? Where did he get it? It wasn’t Brother Branham’s mantle to give. How can you give a ministry to somebody? Hogwash! Some organization give you something and then you just toe the line with that bunch.

[189]  “Why, He’s a man. Where did He come from?

See that always was a veil and is a veil because it doesn’t line with people’s theology. Remember, Brother Branham said, about Jesus, “He came according to Scripture but not according to their understanding of Scripture, so they turned him down.” Right? Now they can’t take the flesh, veiled, couldn’t take William Branham. “Why the man’s not educated.” Dr. Davis hit him with that.

“Why, he said, “how could you with seventh grade education he said… turn the world upside down?”

“Well,” he said, “that’s what He said.” See?

[189]  …”What church does He belong to?”… See? What school did He have? Where did He get His education? Well, this man was born according to the tradition, according to the legend… around here… out of holy wedlock. Why, sure, He’s of the Devil.” See? “He’s… of the Devil.


And some people came along and said, “William Branham was born without sexual intercourse.” Preachers are as crazy as those that… You know people, you know let’s face it, you know, it was just be a little bit of poetry one time that said, how did they put it?

“Love no man not even your brother, or girls must love, love one another.” Of course, that’s pretty bad raunchy at this hour with the gay society.

But you know it’s kind of like this you know, I just almost say, look if you’re going to have faith in anybody have faith in God. Don’t put your… I can say this truly, don’t put your faith in man… in what man says. Put your faith in God.

We have one man vindicated by God like Elijah, let the true God speak, let’s hear. There’s nobody else to listen to brother/sister, it’s word for word here.

See, and these people… they’ll lie about anything, just like a fellow one time said, “Will a man rob God?” He said, “Sure, quicker than he’ll rob anybody else.” See? Will a person lie? Why we came into the world speaking lies; that’s the first thing Brother Branham said about us. [inaudible]

[189]  “He’s of the Devil… born out of… wedlock… holy wedlock… Joseph just married her to keep her from being stoned, because she was an adulteress. And that man come around and tell us priests what to do?”

In other words, “What’s he got on the ball? Sure, ministers, so what, he… .” You know you can make anything look bad if you throw mud on it.

[190]  And there was God standing there revealing the Word, crying, “My God, why has Thou forsaken Me?” [Now there was God standing there, revealing that Word, crying. What Word? The Word of redemption of this hour, “I’ve become flesh and I am going to die for your sins.” See?]

“My God, why has Thou forsaken Me?” The very songs they were singing in the temple, that David… made for them years ago, pertaining to Christ. “All My bones they stare at Me. They pierced My hands and My feet.” And there they were standing there, singing that, and the very Man dying on the cross…


All right now, Jesus was anointed. He was the prophet. He was Redeemer and he was veiled in flesh fulfilling every Word and they couldn’t take it. See?

Now you notice in here, watch. John came on the scene and he said, “Now there’s the Lamb of God,” and that blew it right there because they didn’t understand Isaiah 53 was also the prophet.

Now remember, the man that was in the… the Ethiopian eunuch in the desert that Phillip joined himself to reading Isaiah 53 said, “Who is this? Is the man prophet, this man is talking about himself or another?”

And Phillip said, “He’s talking about another. He’s the prophet Isaiah talking about Messiah.”

Now listen! When Jesus came on the scene it was prophesied he must die for the sins of the people. It was also prophesied that he was the prophet. It was also prophesied he was a great general, he was the king, he’d sit on the throne and the people don’t understand you put it all together. And they could not put together the fact of redeemer by blood.

Now there’s a lot of people right today who cannot put together the fact he is the Son of God. That is the Holy Spirit. He has returned to being the Holy Spirit in the form of a Pillar of Fire and now what is happening he has come here in that form and he is the Son of God. But what’s he doing? Son of man. They can’t understand. The King is here. The Judge is here. The Groom is here. They cannot separate.

They don’t understand that these are titles and sometimes they run congruently. Sometimes they separate; it’s like the Pillar of Fire I told you about. It folds and enfolds and moves and comes back and comes forth with Its various facets but it’s always the same God.

One God, brother/sister. We’ll get into that in the next… we got to get to the next message as quick as we can which I think will be God’s His Own Interpreter or something or one of those, we’ll see. All right.



[191]  And when He died, the God of Heaven came down like He did on Mount Sinai, with the Holy Fire, and burnt that temple veil from top to bottom, tore it apart. And what could they do? Look right… out of the temple window, on Calvary, and there was God in plain view, the Sacrifice.

Well, He’s not the sacrifice today; He’s the Son of man. Right? And it’s in plain view and He’s the Judge and it’s in plain view. It’s all open and they’re going to crucify to themselves the Son of God afresh. How?

Through the ministry of the Son of man and being fooled all the time because they say, “Oh no, we’re right because we’ve got the Son of God,” and they look at charismatics. See?

And they don’t know they’re not born again. You can’t be a believer and born again unless you understand what I’m saying this morning because I’m saying what the prophet said.

I’m not trying to put myself in there understand but I am preaching this message, William Branham message on God… on the unveiling of God.

And the unveiling of God is now being done. It has been done. That’s why he said, “I am not the Son of man, the Pillar of Fire is not the Son of man; it’s in the form of the Holy Spirit,” and he tells you right back here in Harvest Time.

I’ll get my little quote here, he said, “That the Son of man revealed. The Son of man is the Word living itself again amongst the people.” Now how’s it doing it? Through a man with the Word of God. The Token [63-09-01M] says the same thing. This says the same thing. See? Right.


Now, God in plain view.

[192]  But they don’t see It yet, today. [The Jews don’t you see and we don’t see it, the Gentiles.] God in this last day has ripped those traditions away and brought the Word for this age right plain in view, and they still don’t know It… [And what is the Word for the age? Son of man, Son of God, Son of man; same Son of God now is going to be incarnated to us, and he’ll be once more… he’ll be right then King David, Son of David. He’s going to bring us back with Him to rule and reign.] they still don’t know It. They just don’t know It. It’s… so simple. See, it’s just so simple, It’s so far away from the things of the world.

Now I’m going to tell you something brother/sister, simple things are very complex if you have complex thoughts. Simple things are very complex if you’re an unbeliever because you’ve got to reconcile all your unbelief to the belief. You can’t do it. You chuck it out the window. Paul said, “I count it manure.”

I better not pull that crack again about manure heads or I might get some ripe tomatoes thrown at me. Now listen, I certainly made some people very angry but that’s fine. That’s my job. It’s my job. I don’t mind at all. I’m not plucking up any… any these days any corn with the weeds, don’t think for one minute.

[193]  I preached the other day at a… gathering, of Being a Nut. One of these days I want to speak on… “being a nut.” We’re all nuts for somebody… [I want to] be one for Christ. [Sure.]… a nut… holds… things together, though doesn’t it? See? That’s right.

[194]  …notice the veil, the human flesh. No… Now… sin-loving people… [They swap their creeds, I mean they swap the Word of God for creeds and dogmas.] sin-loving people could not see that. Those traditionally religious people… couldn’t see that, because He was a man. What? That human flesh hid God. [or templed of God or veiled it.]


So William Branham, templed God. Now listen! The man could be a liar but he still told the truth that if he wasn’t Elijah someone is going to have to be and it will be a man, the temple of God. Now if this man had the earmarks then he was that one.

Do we look for another? By no means, by no means. We look for Him who is increasing to keep increasing through revelation and ripening our lives and coming up to the stature until one day we’re caught up and we crown Him King of kings as He incarnates Himself.

[195]  Now, [listen,] if He had been a great Pillar of Fire that came down, see, [watch, Brother Branham is very clever here, very good. Led by the spirit of God to say this.] a great Pillar of Fire had come down and showed them that… He was, that He was that great Pillar of Fire, they might have believed that, if Jehovah would have run around. [Yeah, see, his language is beautiful.]

But you see what He did, so that He could bypass all those smart, wise people, He just revealed Himself like He promised Moses… “I’ll speak to them through a Prophet.” And He was the Son of man, a Prophet. [That’s the man, ordinary fellar. “Why we know where he was born, we ate with him, we slept with him, we ate, we fished, we hunted. Oh sure, we know all about it. We went to places with him.”] Son of man, a Prophet. And some of them recognized It, oh, about one hundredth percent of one hundred in the world…

What is that? About one in ten thousand? That is about right. It’s not right today though. We’ve got five billion. Shew, don’t even think of that figure, just leave it be. Suppose there be one per billion standing here on earth? Five? Well, it will be more than that wouldn’t it? Would it be a hundred out of a billion?

No, that’s very small one hundred out of a billion. Five hundred people, maybe, seven hundred. Who knows? I don’t know and care less. We got a promise, some of us. We got a promise; this is the hour.

[195]  And some of them recognized It… [that’s about one out of ten thousand.] the rest of them didn’t. But He was just the same.

[196]  But there was the Mighty God standing in full view, the Mercy Seat!


Now remember, He is our mercy seat now. Turn this down; no mercy. Now let’s go take a look at that. Come on, Hebrews 10. We all know, read it the other day. Read it again because you can’t read it too much.

Hebrews 10:26-27

(26) For if we sin willfully after that we have received the knowledge of the truth, there remaineth no more sacrifice for sins,

(27) But a… fearful looking for of judgment and fiery indignation, which shall devour the adversaries.

That’s after death. We miss that now. Where does that come from? You turn it down, no more sacrifice, Hebrews 6:4 “It’s impossible for those who were once enlightened,” they got the light.

Hebrews 6:4-6

(04) …[taste]… the heavenly gift… [partake] of the Holy Ghost,

(05) …[taste] the good word of God… the powers of the world to come,

(06) If they… fall away… [no more sacrifice.]

But you say he says no more repentance. Well, sure, I don’t care what it says, there’s no repentance, there’s no sacrifice, there’s no Holy Ghost, there’s nothing but death. What do you want? The Bible has got to run in continuity. This tells you how and what. Put it together.


Let’s go to Hebrews 12 and put some more together.

Hebrews 12:25-29

(25) See… ye refuse not him that speaketh. [Who speaks? Christ! Who is He? Prophet, Son of man, God in a prophet, comes in the Spirit.] For if they escaped not who refused him that spake on earth, much more shall not we escape, if we turn away from him that [speaks] from heaven: [or that One that’s from heaven, or the One that came down: Revelation 10:1]

(26) Whose voice then shook the earth: but now he hath promised, saying, Yet once more I shake not… earth only, but… heaven [also]. [Remember, the blood purified the heaven, as well as the earth, now the whole thing’s going to get shook down so He can do it over again.]

(27) …Yet [this] once more, [signifying] the removing of those things that are shaken, as of things that are made, that those things which cannot be shaken may remain.

(28) Wherefore we receiving a kingdom [that] cannot be moved, let us have grace, whereby we may serve God acceptably with reverence and godly fear:

(29) For our God is a consuming fire.

There’s your fire again. Put it all together, there it is. Turn it down, what have you got? You’ve got judgment. All right.

[196]  He died… [with] His Own children saying…”We won’t have Him! Away with Him!” Spit on Him.


“Oh, Jerusalem, Jerusalem, thou that killest the prophets. I sent them to you. I sent you five-fold ministries. I sent you people that could just testify to you, said, all I can do is tell you something. I don’t anymore. I would have gathered you.”

Now we’re gathered in the last time by a Word through the prophet, Christ Himself, just what he said, and they turned it down, they don’t want it. The mercy seat in full view. They turned it away. There’s no more hope.

[196]  …”We won’t have Him! Away with Him!” Spit on Him.

And then Brother Branham goes from there into the type of David. I think our time’s about gone. Okay, our time’s run out and by the grace of God come back Wednesday and we’ll just take that paragraph 196 and talk a bit on it and then swing right into the type of David and so on. I’m very sorry. I thought I might get back… get about sixteen pages done today hopefully and then I sat here and I knew it would never work.

I got to thinking too many thoughts, began flooding in. I said, “Well, that’s all right.” You know, I’m a lazy man anyway. I don’t have to bust my brains anymore about anything, worrying about sermon materials, just take what the prophet said, ask God to help me.

You people, you help me a lot by just wanting to hear It and that pulls It out and that’s great. So thank you very much and let’s rise at this time, Wednesday 7:30.


And don’t forget to pray for Brother Palberg. The last report we have he’s got some kind of virus, some exotic thing that came out of Africa and nobody knows how he got it. At least what they think it is. They’re giving him intravenously a, I guess a… maybe penicillin or something, we don’t know.

The doctor didn’t… he gave him kind of a double answer that meant nothing and it’s turned around his heart, it’s affected his heart because I guess those things… those bacteria, those virus is up there.

I don’t know it kind of sounds something like what’s going around, the thing I had, yeast infection or something, I don’t know, but let’s pray for him. I believe he’s going to be fine but we’ll pray for him and pray for these people like we’ve mentioned.

Keep each other in prayer, when you pray night and morning, or one time, whatever you do pray, ask the Holy Spirit to bring people upon your heart and mind that you know, that need prayer. Pray for each other and keep God in your heart and mind and ask Him to fill you with the Holy Ghost, full of love.

Just keep on keeping on, brother/sister, the stature of a perfect man is coming in view. Everything is coming in view. It’s already been in view, but I’m talking about you and me now. Thank God we’ve turned the telescope upside down. You don’t have to look at the end that goes way out to the future anymore, it’s right here. And you know what that does?

You heard how they said you can pick an elephant up? Well you just turn the other end of the telescope and you can just pick him up in your hand, he gets small. Well, this… a few years ago this Message looked so far away and so hard to apprehend and now you just pick it up and take it with you, ingest it, become a part of you. Right? Sure, it’s right down with the simplicity. Let’s pray.

Heavenly Father, go with us now as we go and may we go Lord as taking this Message from center to circumference, prosperity for our souls, prosperity for our bodies, and then Lord, if anyone needs any financial help it can be prosperity to the pocketbook too, because that’s what John prayed.

We’re not looking Lord, for the things of this world anymore. We’re just looking Lord for the better things which are… the two things that we bring out first which is the prospering soul and the prospering body. Oh God, give us a healthy soul and You already have Lord.

But may it just increase, increase, increase in the love and the nature of God and may that same lovely nature come through these bodies, healthy temples, as Brother Branham said, “A servant of God is entitled to a healthy body.”

We’re all your servants today, Lord, not one of us but trying to serve You. All entitled Lord, help us, now, today, to come right into our entitlement Lord, because the will has been opened, the Seals open, the whole thing in plain view.

Oh God, that when we look at the fullness of what is here we’re just ashamed of ourselves, Father will You accept our repentance this morning and help us as we’ve never been helped to come right now into the fullness, the full meaning, the fullness of it, oh God, because we need it.

Let Your Name be glorified, Lord. Father in heaven, just fill our souls to such a point that this can happen and Lord keep us from anything we say or do that is not pleasing to You. May it all be pleasing, may it all glorify You.

We ask these mercies in Jesus’ Name. Amen.

All right, let’s go and sing, “Take the Name of Jesus with you.”

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