Unveiling Of God #09

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Shall we pray.

Heavenly Father, again very privileged people to know the truth of the fact of Your Appearing amongst us in this last day. We know that many people, not with that intention, Lord, maybe with the very best intentions, sincere, godly, trying to be everything You want them to be, muddled the issue, darkened the question very greatly by denying It outright or trying to put It in some other area when Your own Word says, “The Lord Himself shall descend from heaven with a Shout with the Voice of the archangel and the Trump of God.”

We know, Lord, that You have come down, whatever that means then You weren’t there before, You’re here now, Lord. We don’t try to second guess it, Lord, try to get double meanings, we just know that Your Word says that You came down with a Shout which was a Message.

We know, Lord, that if You are Your Own prophet and manifested it, Elijah of this hour is the Lord Jesus Christ Himself then there’s no doubt that You are Your Own preacher, Your own teacher, Your Own apostle, Your Own Judge, You’re all of these things, Lord, and they have been steadily brought to our attention that All in all is here.

We don’t understand It thoroughly, Lord, but we believe it and we thank You Father that we have come to the place where we can believe It and we know, Lord, that our faith must be quite well grounded at least with this understanding that we have to renew our minds by the Word and if we’re denominational trained and if we have our minds in that groove we know that we’re wrong, so Lord, we know that we never were taught anything like this, didn’t have anything ever given to us like this.

So we believe, Lord, that at least we’re on the right track in this respect and since Lord, we also know it’s been vindicated, we know it is You. So we thank You, Lord, that we have some relationship at this hour, believing, oh God, that that relationship is one of Sonship, identification with You.

Help us in our study tonight, Lord, to glorify Your Name because that is the purpose of being here, instruct us in righteousness. We’ll be careful to give You the praise in Jesus’ Name, Amen.

You may be seated.


Now we’re not going to take any time in a review or a preview because that can be last Sunday’s message. All we’re going to do is go right back to paragraph 209 and see how rapidly we can progress.

[209]  So… now in this age, is when the old denominational and traditional veil has been rent from the Word of God, so It can be manifested!

In other words, in plain English, the whole Bible today has been interpreted very thoroughly through the understanding that has come forth over the years and has been accepted, at least if not in every circle in some of the circles, to be the proper interpretation or understanding of the Word of God.

And Brother Branham said ‘that has become a veil’ so that people taking their doctrine which they have been trained in as the standard of interpretation they’re no… in no wise able to grasp what is going on.


Now listen!

[209]  You see what I mean? [Now here’s what he said, watch that veil now.] The tradition says, “All those things are past.” [Now what things are past? Well, you see you could let your mind skip back and say, “Well, I’ll try to figure it.” Don’t figure, just read on.]… Let It soak a little bit. “The things are past.” But, in this day, that traditional veil has been rent… and here stands the Pillar of Fire.

Hogwash, see, nobody with a traditional background is going to accept that. There’s no need for it. There’s no room for it. It just doesn’t fit in. See, there’s no place for it. “Who needs a Pillar of Fire? We’re doing very well without it. We who claim to believe it, minimal.”

The great Billy Graham, the great Oral Roberts why they’re cutting wood, fifty cords a minute, baling hay like feed all the cattle in the world, shucking corn and bringing it in like there’ll never be a famine. See what tradition does?

[209]  But, in this last day, the traditional veil has been rent apart, and here stands the Pillar of Fire. [Now he must have meant it. He must have seen It there like we see It in the picture.] See? Here He is, man now… [What’s this Pillar of Fire doing?] Here He is, manifesting the Word for this day. [Well, they say, “Come on now.”]

…The veil has rent! Now, the world, still… doesn’t believe It. [Now where does he put the denominations? In the world. See, they’re the world.] No matter what, they don’t see It. [Well, they’re a cosmos. They’re an order, let’s face it. You can’t get away from it; they’re an order.] They don’t see… It wasn’t sent to them.


It wouldn’t do them any good if they did see. It’s like you take your kids uptown, great big Christmas tree there with all kinds of bags of candy and they say, “Well, this is for somebody else.”

So what’s it good for the kids to see the Christmas tree and all the goodies? It’s a… the more they see the more they’re going to be held accountable for it. So God in His mercy is letting them be blinded. We’ll see that later.

[210]  Remember, the Son of God was not revealed to Sodom, [That’s a nasty crack. Did you know that he… he throws the whole world into Sodom? Let’s just wait awhile. We’ll show you how that’s pretty accurate, more so than you think. All right. I suppose you’re thinking though; it’s all right. That’s where the] two messengers were. That’s right.

[211]  But, this, God Himself in human flesh was revealed to Abraham, [He represents] the Elected. And watch what He did to reveal Himself… now Abraham knew, and when He knew [that’s God… Abraham knew that God knew] what was in Sarah’s thoughts… Sarah behind Him [in the tent], he… called Him, “Elohim! See? Thy servant…” [In other words, he’s using this as the illustration as the definitive basic identification for Elohim.]

[212]  Notice now, so it can be manifested. The Word… had a veil over It all these years to the people, “It can’t be done.”


Now you could take that more than one way perhaps there. You could say, “Well, Brother Branham said, ‘God is hid to be revealed, so therefore, the Word had a veil on it and the purpose of that was to have it as a covering so the Word would be manifest.'”

Now that’s not true with the denominations because when that veil stays upon the denominational heart they can’t see it because just like Israel. There’s no way you can see it.

[212]  So if you notice now, so it can be manifested. [He’s just bringing the thought up it’s going to be manifested. Now he said,] The Word… had a veil over It all these years to the people, [And the veil was] “It can’t be done.”

Now let’s face it you’re looking at the Pillar of Fire, you’re looking at a prophet, you’re looking at God doing today what He did centuries ago and they say, “There’s no… there’s no need for it,” and then they say, “It can’t be done.”

Now they don’t realize they’re limiting God and telling God that there’s no way God can do what God wants to do in the face of what they want God to do.

Now I don’t know if they’re that rye-balled or not or that ridiculous. You know when you get drunk on your own whisky and your own revelation of wine that you’ve been brewing all these years you can make some pretty horrible statements in the face of God.

And you just don’t put it past denominations but you know then you don’t impute it to them either unless it’s really there. Well, they say, “It can’t be done.”


Now he’s going to illustrate from his own life.

[213]  You remember the sermon I preached the morning when I left here the first time, about Goliath and David? I said, “Look at the challenger out there, saying that ‘the days of miracles is past.'” [You see?] Watch those tapes as they come down, watch each one now, how It’s come in… plainer and plainer;

Now the big premise here is they don’t believe that we’re going back to literally Bible presentation of an interpretation. They don’t believe that. They don’t believe in the necessity of the Pillar of Fire and God moving the way He once used to do it. See?

They don’t believe in a prophet that God would send not as simply the epitomization of this, although it is, but the actual form that God would use and produce this all in and bring it to a people as they well know is how it was done.

Now he said, “You’ll see this as plainer and plainer as the tapes come down and this is where your faith stands.” We brought it out before that if you don’t see this in your spiritual understanding acquiescing to It, pinning your faith on It, you are not a believer.


Now the denominations said, “Now hey, you can’t sell us that bill of goods because that stinks. Don’t tell me that all these lovely folk aren’t believers.” Now they believe something. But if you believe the wrong thing: Have you ever walked up to somebody else’s car that looked just like yours and tried getting into it with your key? Sure, I’ve done it.

I was a believer. I believed it was my car. It wasn’t my car. All the believing in the world, brother/sister, doesn’t change anything. That’s why faith is built upon a true revelation of a true God and a true Word. Or then where… oh, come on.

A little psychology, you can work a lot of psychology, mind over matter, phooeyism, and all that sort of stuff. I could understand that but you know let’s face it, you’re not dealing with God then, you’re dealing with something else.

[213]  …It’s come in… plainer and plainer…


You see, especially John 15:24 with the Pillar of Fire. John 15:24 “If I had not done the works no other man did they had not sinned but now they’ve both seen and hated both me and my Father.” I did not realize until just within the last week or two that Brother Branham used that Scripture. I’ve used it for the last several years as my basic: I never, never realized he had ever used It but he used It and It defines his ministry.

[213]  [Now] watch… if you have ears to hear… eyes to see. Watch… I said, “There stands that great ecclesiastical [denominational] world out there, say in this scientific age that ‘It cannot be done.'” But I said… God, in that Light, before It was ever taken, [that means the picture] but once. Never was taken then, down on the river… they didn’t take the picture down there… [never took the picture]. See?… “He told me… it would be done; [What’s going to be done?] He would make a call and it would sweep the nations.” [Now that’s what was told him.]

[214]  And even… Doctor Davis said, “You, with a grammar school education, passed into the seventh grade, will be praying for kings and monarchs and will start a revival that will sweep the nations?” I said, “That’s what He said.” [See?]


Let me see here, Matthew 10.

Matthew 10:26

(26) Fear… not therefore: for there is nothing covered, that shall not be revealed; and hid, that shall not be known.

Now that can tell you right there that you better believe that if you have something that you’re talking about isn’t real, it isn’t true, be sure your sins will find you out. Your lies will find you out. But Elias he also says,

Matthew 10:27

(27) What I tell you in darkness, that speak… in light:… what [you] hear in the ear, [that’s like the Holy Spirit agitating your auditory nerve or someone whispering to you, like a voice] that preach ye upon the housetops.

Now that’s the commission given to the apostles. It was the same commission to Brother Branham, the same as came to Moses when God spoke, the same as came to Paul and nobody else heard the Voice. Only Paul heard It.

Brother Branham said, “Only Paul saw the light.” That’s debatable by the denominations.

They say, “The people saw the light. They heard a rumble but didn’t understand what the Voice said.” Well, I would sooner believe a prophet. He said, “They didn’t see the light and they didn’t hear.” All right.


But what did Paul do? Same like Moses, he came and told the people. See? Now people don’t believe that. Now Brother Branham said, “Well, look at my case. I came and told Dr. Davis. I came and told people and they said, ‘No way. Why,’ they said, ‘you got to be in link with the devil somewhere because you see God just doesn’t do this.'”

Now who told them that God didn’t do it? Where did they find in Scripture that God said He wouldn’t do it? Now you see once you start drawing conclusions like the fundamentalists has this is the plenary edition. “This is the full edition. See?

Nothing can be added to or taken from It, so therefore, we don’t need anybody. All we got to do is preach this Word, be born again,” and then you’re sitting pretty. See, that’s what they try to tell you.

Well, just what if they’re preaching it wrong? Now you see you’ve got two thousand years of history amongst us Gentiles that prove that statement that it can be preached wrong.

Now if it’s really preached right and everybody was tuned in, how come the Mormons preach what they preach, Seventh Day Adventists what they preach, Jehovah Witness what they preach, Pentecostal, Baptists, Methodist, Presbyterian, Church of Christ, church without Christ, most of them are anyway, you name it. See?

Something wrong somewhere. Now look it, common sense would tell them that. But as one person said, “How uncommon is common sense?”

[215]  And it’s been done. See? See, it’s been done. And that’s the thing of it, is, He [doesn’t] need [any interpreter]… interpretation. He’s done it. See? He’s already done it, that interprets itself, see; calling His Elected, see, from… all walks of life. Now it’s made manifest. [All right.]


There he tells you that he had been chosen with the Word based upon supernatural manifestation to be the chosen one to come to the Elect. Now he’s laying it out there.

Now Brother Branham said, “When Eve messed up in the Garden, all nature was interrupted.” And when William Branham came on the scene the denominations were interrupted and a big mouth outfit does not like interruption, especially when the man can back up what he said.

Now you can see why in Brother Branham’s early ministry when this was marked as the evidence around the world that God had spoken to him everything coming into line exactly as the prophet said, the denominations were duty bound to close it up and shut it off. And we’ll see that as we get down a little further.

[216]  I said… That David came and stood out there, a little, bitty, scrawny fellow with his back all bowed in, a slingshot in his hand. And bowed in, why, Saul looked at him, and the head of the ministerial association, said, “Why, you, you’re not even trained!” And he said, “Let me see if I can give you a Ph.D. or something.” Put this armor on him, and found out it didn’t fit a man of God.

[217]  Said, “Take that thing off of me.” He said, “I don’t know anything about that.” He said, “Let me go in the way that I know, what I fought the lion with, what I fought the bear with.” He was a kind of a woodsman. He said, “Let me go in that way.”

[218]  …this old Goliath said, “Do you send a dog out to fight me?”… “I’ll pick you up on the end of my spear and hang your carcass up there and let the birds eat it.”


Now you notice in here the big sneer. The big sneer and the big scorn, that’s the first weapon that people employ, and the churches especially because they haven’t got any power.

So therefore, they would use political power, the force of the numbers that they have, the power they exert over the press, the financial status, their social status, all of those things they will use like the Pharisees and they’ll say, “Well, did you see any of us believe that bird?

Why, Nicodemus, you are a great man. I am surprised.” There’s peer pressure coming on now.

First the big scorn, “You a stupid jerk, not even get through grade seven and do a good job. Kings are going to listen to you?”

He said, “That’s what He said.”

And that’s what happened. Now the others got to come behind and pull the other deal. You can see it’s a losing battle. Except for what? Oh, the election, the Elect lady: there’s nobody going to believe. The big smear is one of the big things. That’s why your kids get messed up all the time in school.

If you can pull them out of school, you’re smart to pull them out of school in this day. Oh, there’s a few good teachers but not very many. But what few good teachers you got they’re overrun by the stoops that are around them, the lackadaisical school board, a ministerial assassination that think you’re crazy if you don’t want the girls to wear slacks and little halters, and kind of crud like that. Why, you’re supposed to do that, you’re not normal.

You’d have a little bit of a job persuading God on Judgment day to talk your way out of hell on that one. I don’t think they got much chance.

[219]  David said, “You meet me as a Philistine, with an armor and a spear, and I’ll meet you in the Name of the Lord God of Israel.” [See, that’s Deuteronomy 18; that’s the prophet.] Watch the prophet…

See, that’s the prophet in David; he wasn’t a full-fledged prophet because he was a dual in there. Oh, he was full enough fledged but you know what I mean, he was a prophet king like… it was he had the… and then when there was a prophet in the land he had to step down. When Nathan was there he had to come underneath him. So he was just… you know, he was in there in a way that God was typing him.

[219]  “Today I’ll cut your head from off your shoulders.” Amen. Oh, my! He knew what he had, Whom he… believed, and was fully persuaded He was able to keep that which He had promised. See? it happened anyhow.

[220]  The old saying, “The days of miracles is past,”…


Now what miracles? Well, this is the exodus. He’s talking about Moses. He’s talking about the unveiling of God. God demonstrating Who He is, not to a people who are already one with God, no, but always where there was a drift as in Moses’ time, and Elijah’s time. “If God be God, serve Him.”

Old fellow said, “Look,” he said, “this stuff about God you met out there on the desert, what you; you must think I’m crazy. Why,” he said, “we’ve got gods here that would back your God off the map.

So Moses threw down the rod and it turned into a snake. And Pharaoh said, “Hot stuff. I’ve got magicians can do that.” He said, “Jannes and Jambres come over here.” They came over and he said, “Show that fellow a thing or two.”

They threw their staff… the staffs down, the staves down and lo, and behold, what happened? They turned into snakes, too. And it said then Moses’ snake came along and ate their snakes. Now that’s quite a scintillating experience.

Well, you think… you think that old Pharaoh would have gotten really jarred. He didn’t get jarred at all. “Well,” he said, “you win some, you lose some.” He had enough, you know, to do with his gods and what he wanted and he had a lot of power and he wasn’t really concerned… too concerned about Moses. “Is that the best Moses can do? Phttt!” Who cared about Moses?

Moses never… now if Moses had of brought in a great big army, if that had been in the days of the… of Alexander the Great, Pharaoh would have still been running. “But he just came down with a one man army,” as Brother Branham said, “the woman sitting on a mule and two young’uns on her hips, snorting through the desert and going down to take over Egypt.” [Brother Vayle chuckles.] Well, as one person said, “One man and God always, you know, did comprise the majority.”

[220]  …”The days of miracles is past,” he said, the walls is tore down! [Now listen!] Jehovah… stands in full view, manifesting His Word, unveiled One. That’s right. [He’s manifested in signs and in wonders and the Word of God in a mouth of the prophet being thoroughly vindicated before the people.]

[221]  Notice, the Gentile church… also has been blinded from the veil… [All right. Now we’re talking about the Gentiles, running a parallel through the exodus and the unveiling of God as it was in the time of Moses and now in Abraham and so on. All right.] blinded from the veil, after it’s been tore off and showed God, the ecclesiastical veil…


Now what they’re going to do is to attempt to interrupt what has been going on in this hour by their own judgments and by their own little black books. And it won’t work. Now you’ve got to come up with one of three.

Either you say it is God, it is not God, or you don’t know. Now let’s face it those that don’t know are going to be too late, and those that say it’s the devil have blasphemed and they’ll never get out of it. There’s no way. All right.

[221]  By veiling the Word in human being again. [Now he doesn’t say even ‘a human being’ or ‘an’, he says, “in human being.”] That’s exactly what Israel failed to see.

Now he’s bringing you to the point it’s crucial: the prophet, the use of a man, that’s why I said awhile ago that I believe that we’ve missed terribly the tremendous position of a human being. We missed the exaltation and I don’t think that’s too bad of a word to use or the exalting that’s the right word exalting of a human being by God.

[221]  That’s… what Israel failed to see. If it would have been some Angel or something, Israel would have believed It, but being… It could not be an Angel. It had to be a man! Amen! God can’t break His Word. In the last days it has to be the same thing again. See… [So let’s watch that.] it has to be the same thing again. [Now that’s going to be the stumblingblock.] See? What blinded Israel? That Man. “You’re a Man making Yourself God.”

Now in that particular case he was God. He didn’t make himself God; God made him God. He was God in human flesh. That’s now William Branham that’s a different story. William Branham is not God per se but he is a man making himself God to the people. God made him that.

[221]  That’s what they killed Him for. And, today, because the Message comes through man and not Angels. See? God can’t change His way, change His Word. He said He changed not.


Now if you go to Malachi 3:6 he said, “I am the Lord, I change not, therefore, ye sons of Jacob are not consumed.” Now if it weren’t for the fact that God does not change and does it this way if it weren’t for this fact now there wouldn’t be one of us that didn’t burn.

Now we may come up in a second Resurrection but the very Word of God would be aborted. Say why? Because this is how God does it. Now that’s the thing that nobody wants to come in line with. They have their own ideas about how it should be done. But you cannot listen to yourself.

[221]  See? Notice, Thomas and the Gentiles are just as blinded today as Israel was. Because what? The veil. God veiled in a human being, blinded Israel.
Notice,… . One, It will blind;… One, It will blind; to the other It will reveal the Truth. It’ll close the eyes of some and open the eyes of… others. [What percentage? Very, very small.

[222]  Look! Jesus stood and said, “Well, your name is… Simon, and your father’s name was Jonas.” He said, “Lord God!” See? Philip… He said, “How did You know?”, “Behold an Israelite, in whom there is no guile!”… he said, “Rabbi, when did You know me?”

[223]  He said, “Before Philip called you, when you were under the tree, I saw you.”

[224]  He said, “Rabbi, You’re the Son of God. You’re the King of Israel.” [Now he’s using this to show you how quickly these people in their simplicity grasped this truth.]

[225]  But there stood those… and said, “He is Beelzebub.” See? What did It do? Open one’s eyes, blinded the other. What did the priests say? “Why, that guy is Beelzebub!”


Now over in Matthew 12,

Matthew 12:22-23

(22) [They]… brought unto him one possessed with a devil, blind, and dumb: and he healed him, insomuch… the blind and dumb both spake and saw.

(23) And all the people were amazed… Is not this the son of David? [Isn’t this the Messiah we’re looking for?]

You see? In other words, they were pleased to find such a person as this unwarlike, not trying to take over a kingdom but bringing spiritual reality and dealing with their everyday problems.

Now this would not suit rulers: anything that rules, except theocratically which is by the Word of God in all submission and abasement, is of the devil. Ruling is not of God.

In fact the key to being great in the kingdom of God is that he who is greatest of all is a servant of all. Now these rulers couldn’t take it. The people could take it because they were satisfied with this. See?

Matthew 12:23-24

(23) Is not this the son of David?

(24) But when the Pharisees heard [that], they said, This fellow doth not cast out devils, but by Beelzebub the prince of the devils.

They said, “No, he’s not the son of David but he’s the other fellow. He’s the antichrist.” Now don’t think for one minute that Jews do not believe in antichrist because they do. They have their own formula as to how he’s going to come. One day we’ll get around to playing the “Ask the Red Heifer,” and you’ll find it. We just haven’t had time yet but we’ll get there though, don’t worry.

[226]  The little woman said, “I know Messiah is coming, which is called the Anointed One. [That’s what Messiah is, the Anointed One.] “The Anointed One will come. We haven’t had prophets… You must be a prophet. But the Anointed One will come, we’re looking for Him. This is the last days for the… Jews.” Said, “This is the last days.” See, both Samaritan and Jews were looking for a Messiah… [Now he’s dealing with the two groups.] “This is the time for Him to appear. We know when He comes, He’ll do these things, He’ll tell… these things.”


Now if He did those things in His appearing in Matthew 4 and Matthew 12 are correct; it is in the form of the Holy Spirit He will do… He will come to the Gentiles, then He will appear amongst them and it will be that same little insignificant sign that people will say, “Well, you’ve got to be a fortuneteller.

You’ve got to be a spiritist. You’ve got to be a mind reader. Maybe you’re into telepathy, but we don’t believe that that’s the genuine sign because we just wouldn’t take that.” Now that’s okay for…

Now look it, you know what they will do? They’ll say, “Oh, Peter, oh, Peter was a great man. Hallelujah. And you know Phillip was a great man. Hallelujah. Thomas, oh sweet Thomas went to India and died. Oh praise God, that little woman at the well, oh my.”

Why they must have been a bunch of jerks because all it took was a little simple thing like that. You know, just listen, just let your minds go and realize how people are. Don’t put any faith in them, brother/sister. Get away from that nonsense. Don’t listen to anybody. Get to the Word here. You haven’t got a chance.

You’re not smart. There’s none of us here smart. Yes sir, you haven’t got it. See, people vacillate. They just swing so quickly, denying. See? None of those people disbelieved God in the sense that there was a God. Nobody said, “Hey, there’s no such thing as God.” No, see. They just couldn’t take it though.

[226]  “This is the time for Him to appear. We know, when He comes He’ll do these things, He’ll tell us these things.” He said, “I am He.”

[227]  Her eyes were opened, the priests… were blinded. That’s what the Gospel always does. It opens the eyes of some, reveals the Truth to some, while It blinds the others; has a two-fold meaning. [Now two-fold fulfillment taken from “I will take my son out of Egypt”, brought up Jacob and the children, brought up Jesus Christ. See?] Some can take that sun and look straight into it, and go blind; others can take it and walk out with it. The difference.

[228]  As it was done in every age, Deity veiled in human flesh. Notice, He did. The prophets were Deity, veiled.


In other words, the prophets were the veil of Deity making them God veiled to the people. God using them as a veil, consequently it was veiled to the denominationals. And you’ve got a lot of people in this Message who can’t go that far.

You’ll notice over the years I’ve been very, very, very careful, and you’ll notice I’m letting my guard down more and more and more all the time. You say, “One day you’ll make Brother Branham God.” No way.

If I’ve made him God I pray for him… I pray to him and use his name and everything else. I’m not about to but to give him what the Bible says is due him and he being backed up by God all of his life and God is not somebody who has lost his integrity. And if God sent an evil spirit to fool people; it’s strange He botched it because very, very few are fooled.

So no matter how you cut it and how you look at it, it holds with the Word of God. There’s no way you can… no way you can get away from this brother/sister.

Look it, in other words, you aren’t… or it is not incumbent upon you to produce anything, just believe. You aren’t to produce anything. We’ll look at that later on too, with more of that. The Lord will bring it to my mind, don’t worry.

[228]  They [were] the Word of God, (is that right?) veiled in human flesh. [That’s right.] So they didn’t notice our Moses either, see, Jesus. [In other words, they couldn’t take Moses; they couldn’t take Jesus; they couldn’t take Paul; they can’t take anybody. That’s what Jesus said. That’s what happened. Israel’s just… we’re just like them.]

[231]  Behind the old temple, in the veil, what was… behind there? What was Jehovah? What was hid back there? What was the veil hiding? Oh, hallelujah! What was the veil hiding? It was hiding the Word. [Now written on tables of stone, put in the Ark of the Covenant, set behind the veil, right? Then God came over the mercy seat and God came over the Word to stand guard over the Word. See? All right.] The veil, old badger skins, was… hiding the Word to their eyes, natural.

…Behind there, also, was the shewbread. [Right there was.] Behind there, also, was the Shekinah Glory. [That’s the… Hebrew word for that is not in the Bible, “Shekinah Glory,” is not in the Bible. You can’t find it. No way, but it’s real. It means the glory that is attendeth upon the personal Presence of God. Take a look at the picture. The Shekinah was there, the shewbread was there, the Shekinah was there.]

…But It was all [hidden] from them. It was all hidden. All the Glory of God [the full assessment of God, the complete Word, the complete testimony, all of It,] was right behind that old badger skin, that’s right, all hidden to the natural eye.


Now what if he came in this form of His Son Jesus Christ. It was hidden. What if He came in a prophet? It was hidden. Now watch! All hid back there!

[232]  It is today, also. [Now you watch right here and be very careful.] It’s called “a bunch of holy rollers, fanatics.”

Now Brother Branham has gone from the singular to the plural. And don’t you believe it because there’s no such thing as a body ministry. He sends one. Now you tell me what’s behind the bunch? It’s very simple. 2 Corinthians 3rd chapter, It said,

2 Corinthians 3:18

(18) But we all, with open face beholding as in a glass the glory of the Lord, [that’s where we’re behind the veil] are changed into the same image from glory to glory, even as by the Spirit of the Lord.

2 Corinthians 4:1

(01) Therefore seeing we have this ministry, as we have received mercy, we faint not;

The people don’t have the ministry. Paul had the ministry. William Branham had the ministry. Now what’s veiled in the Bride? The Word is veiled in the Bride that the prophet gave but that’s a far cry from her being a prophet or having anything to do with it. Now I bring you over here, look it, let’s go over it again.

The End-Time Evangelism, 62-06-03

[30]  Same thing today, when you see His work. Now, we have already seen and are witnessing the appearing of the Lord. Now remember, appearing and coming… two different words, to appear and then to come. Now is the appearing, He’s already appeared in these last days. [Now I’m going to read above there.]

[29]  See, they had a testimony that they seen the Lord. And the others didn’t believe it, and he upbraided them because of the hardness of their heart. They didn’t believe. These people were seeing that he was not dead.

Now he talks then… talks about them in the plural. But down below he talks about himself as the prophet, he said,

The Anointed Ones at the End Time, 65-07-25M

[271]  Now, I want you to know this is true, and you that listen to this tape. You might have thought today that I was trying to say that about myself, seeing that I was packing this Message. I have no more to do with It than nothing, no more than just a voice. “And my voice,” he didn’t say their voice, he said, “mine.”


Now here’s where you’ve got to watch Brother Branham very carefully or you get thrown a curve right in this sermon. First of all you’ll think that Brother Branham is saying “I am God, period. I’m God.”

Now listen to this and you’ll find him saying, “Hey, all you folk you can get it, too.” Why did he say, “Stay away from that Pillar of Fire? Don’t break in where you don’t belong; just be nice fine good people.”

See watch, watch the language what it means. There’s no way he can be telling you and me what you and I can get anything outside of him or he is not necessary.

Let one person get it outside of William Branham, then God must do it for every single person according to what William Branham said, for if God did it that way for one man then He’s obligated to do it all the rest of the way. Okay.

[232]  It’s called “a bunch of holy rollers, fanatics.” But they don’t know what’s hidden behind there. See? That’s right. They don’t know It. See?

This brings you to the point that I’ve been talking about that bottle of rocks where the waters poured in and you’ve got to take the rocks out. How do the rocks come out? By getting out what we have naturally and let Him come in what He gives us supernaturally. And what is it? It is that spirit filled Word.

Always go back to the Word. It’s pile Word upon Word upon Word until you’re full of the Word which is full of the Holy Ghost. Revealed Word will do that job whether you believe it or not. It the only hope we have brother/sister, the day of spiritual gymnastics and… is out, is over. Same now see?

[233]  Then when God, in mercy, rent the veil for them to see, they were so wrapped up in their traditions… it was still hid to them and it’s even so to this day. [That’s Israel.]

[234]  Same now! [Gentiles.] The Glory, the power of the Holy Spirit, the Shekinah Glory that comes upon the believer, now I mean the real believer, that causes the works of God and the faith to come into him to believe the Word of God. [All right.]


Now just a minute, we don’t believe the Word of God because we don’t have the Word to believe. Now the prophet has the Word and he believes the Word. See? Now when it comes to us we’ll believe, that’s fine, we’ll get it, but we’re not going to do those works.

We’ll only do that which lies within our various ministries and gifts, little peripheral things so to speak. See?

[234]  …to believe the Word of God. That’s all hid to their eyes. They say, “These things are passed.” You see, they’re still living behind the veil. You’re not behind that veil anymore, little Ones, God’s come into full view of you. [How? Through an understanding by a vindicated Word that supersedes all your taught Word, all the books you researched.]

[235]  The other day, Brother Fred Sothmann and Brother Tom Simpson… I don’t know whether[ he’s]… here or not. several of us were up at a Baptist church. And the minister said something that sounded pretty good, all of us said, “Amen!” Everybody in the church stretched up their necks and looked back.

…See?… we found a crumb that come forth from behind the Shekinah there, you know, and we was kind of glad to get it. And we said, in other words, “Thank You, Lord!” See? And, when they did, these fellows were so veiled they just laughed at us. They didn’t know what It was all about. See? They’re still veiled. So there’s some inside and some outside.

[236]  But [What about us?] God’s in full view of us, hid. [The Seals were opened. Nothing left.] Same now! Then when God, in His mercy, rent the veil, He was brought into plain view. But they were so wrapped in their traditions, He was still hid from them. Same now! All that Glory, hid, is hidden for us in Christ, the Word, Who is our Temple. [Well, how come He’s our Temple? I thought we were His. Well, you are because you’re baptized into Him. You and Him and He in you.]

[237]  Oh, now, I’m going to have to dig down in this a little bit. Excuse me for my emotions this morning, but… I’ve wanted so long to give this out… it’s just binding up in me. See?

[238]  Notice, all the Glory that is in God is in the Word.

Now you can use that word as Logos or you can use it here in the sense of the Word that’s come to life at this time. Now the question is what has come to life at this time? If it’s come… well, there’s a certain promise for this hour which is the Message.

The Message is the promise of the hour that’s brought to the people. All right now. What is happened? God has come in His fullness. This again is the fullness of the Godhead bodily according to Brother Branham. The Headship is here. All right.

[238]  …all the Glory that is in God is in the Word. All the blessings that are in God are in the Word. [Now all the Glory, all the blessings.] It’s hid to the unbeliever, by traditions.


Now who’s an unbeliever? A man that retains traditions, actually maybe he’s a make-believer. Who’s a believer? Those who get rid of traditions.

[238]  Do you see what I mean? But It’s all in Christ. All that God was, He emptied Himself, that’s [“kenosis”] and came into Christ; and we, into Christ, or behind the veil.

[239]  “Well, I’m into Christ,” you say. And then believe there’s three gods? Baptize in the name of the “Father, Son, and Holy Ghost”? Believe in all these traditions and things that you believe in, of the elders?

Now just a minute, the Trinitarian does not go along with that. How come the Trinitarian cannot believe the Roman Catholic is telling the truth when the Roman Catholic tells them, “This is our baptism. We made it up and history proves it.”

How come you can get married now in front of the altar and you’re claimed by the Roman Catholic Church as one of the true sons and daughters because you had been baptized correctly Father, Son and Holy Ghost? What’s the matter with the Protestants? Huh? That’s a good question.

[239]  Believe in all these traditions and things that you believe in, of the elders? No, you’re still behind the veil. [What veil? Denominational creeds…] Come into the veil. [There’s another veil. Come into Christ,] He… is the Word… [See? Now remember, they had the wrong veil and the wrong veil left them wretched, miserable, naked, blind.]

[240]  “I don’t believe in Divine healing. I don’t believe in these miracles and things like That.”

Now Pentecostals do but you try to tell them, “Look, we come to you in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ with a revelation from God and a vindicated ministry, how come you don’t believe? Well, they’ll say, “We’re vindicated, too. We’ve got enough to satisfy us. We’ve got enough proof of God. Who needs it?”


Let’s take a look at Matthew 12,

Matthew 12:6

(06) But I say unto you, That in this place is one greater than the temple. [Jesus is talking: One greater than your denomination, your organization.]

Matthew 12:41-42

(41) The men of Nineveh shall rise in judgment with this generation… condemn it: because they repented at the preaching of Jonas; and, behold, a greater than Jonas is here.

(42) The queen of the south shall rise… in the judgment with this generation, and shall condemn it: for she came from the uttermost parts of the earth to hear the wisdom of Solomon; and, behold, a greater than Solomon is here.

So what’s going to happen do you think in the day of the Roman Catholic unbelief when Luther rose up? The Roman Catholics are going to stand at the White Throne judgment and point their finger in this hour to the people right that heard this Message, that don’t believe it and won’t go with it and those that had the chance are done, and they’re going to say, “Listen, if we’d of had that we’d all of come out of the Catholic Church.”

Now I’m giving you some insight. You people think the White Throne judgment… let me tell you, it could take thousands of years for all I know. I don’t suppose it will but I don’t know.

I’d have to check with the prophet and I don’t think that Brother Branham said that. But the word in the Greek for Millennium is not Millennium; it’s Millennia which means thousands.

Remember, it’s after the Millennium that the White Throne comes on. What if it took a long time? Every single person has his day in court? That’s the law, you know.


Now He who never slumbers or gets tired the Judge. You can say, “Well, You’re tired, six thousand years have gone by.” Doesn’t work that way.

I don’t know how it does work or I can’t think because I’m not in that area. But what if it was? But they’re going to rise up and condemn this generation. I know they’re going to do it because it’s right here in the Bible because they repented.

A lot of them repented. What about the Wesleyan’s? I feel very sorry for the Pentecostals. I’m glad I’m not one of them anymore. You’ve got to on go when the light moves, you move with the light.

[241]  Well, you see, you’re… not in the inside and the veil… the veil, you don’t know anything about It. See? Christ is the Word! And when you are in the Word, we’re in Christ. And how can I be in Christ, denying Christ? [That’s true. See?] It was He that said, “No, not one word… to be taken or… added…” How can you take from and add to, then?

…Just shows you what veil has got you veiled away. [That’s the creeds and dogmas. Now that veil has got you veiled away becomes a bondage to you. It’s like the awl that they put to the ear of the servant. “I think I’ll listen and stay with him.”] You see? [All right.]

[242]  We in Him! Then, we being in Him, we are still veiled to the religionists and professors of the world. [Why certainly. If He’s veiled and you’re in Him then you’re veiled. Not going to understand.] See, our Glory that we have and enjoying, we are still veiled to the outsider. [What is your glory? The Word, the definitive statements that came to you from the Word.]

…They think we’re “crazy, a nut,”… See? See? That’s right. But we who are in Him, in Christ, baptized into Him, (1 Corinthians 12), into Him, we are partakers of this Glory. [That’s in 2 Corinthians 3] See? But not on the outside; you’re still looking in, denying It. See?

On the outside of what? Christ. Then how can a person be truly baptized with the Holy Ghost? There’s your evidence right here. Brother Branham said, “How can you be in Him and deny Him?”

[243]  So now we are invited into Him, to be partakers of all that He is now or that He is.


Now what is He? The Lily of the Valley, the Rose of Sharon, the Judge, the King, the Resurrection, the Light, immortality, He’s wisdom, righteousness, peace, all in all is in full view. See?

Really most people just don’t understand Isaiah 61. The second verse ends off… It starts in the middle… to the middle, It says, “To proclaim the acceptable year of the Lord,” that’s when he quit, then he comes on and, “the day of the vengeance of our God to comfort all that mourn, to appoint unto them that mourn in Zion, to give unto them beauty for ashes, the oil of joy for mourning, the garment of praise for the spirit of heaviness that they might be called the trees of righteousness, the planting of the Lord that he might be glorified,” and so on.

You can see here that this is the hour of that second definitive ministry that comes to the Gentiles. Now how many people believe it? Why they don’t believe it at all.

[243]  Now we’re invited into Him, [to be partakers of all that He is, we’re invited into Him] which is hid to unbelievers, by the veil of human flesh… [Now your flesh and the prophet.] They know that Glory, they read of It, It’s in the Word here, of the Glory of God and things like that, but it’s just a word to them. [It’s not a manifestation, there’s nothing… there’s nothing to prove a reality of It.] To us, it’s a manifestation…

What manifestation? A prophet with the very simple thing: discernment. People say, “Oh, that’s witchcraft, that’s mental telepathy, that’s spiritism, that’s oh, why that’ bad you know,” and they say, “You say that’s God? Come on, if that’s God He’d do something bigger than that. What do you mean then?”

Now find me in the Bible where He said He would do it. See, always trying to twist God’s arm, and yet, “Oh my we’re great believers, hallelujah.” You know this, well, let’s face it, you know how it is.

I never did hear a tin pan and old dishpan sound like a bell. As a kid I used you know make a drum of one and hopefully think it sounded like a bell but it sure didn’t sound like a bell. Beat on some old iron bed rails you know, and put up at a certain length and another certain length you’d hammer around, man I had the chimes of the universe and the pipe organ.

Oh, the poor dogs in the neighborhood and the neighbors must have thought, “I’d just kill that kid if I could get my hands on him.” So with the denominations. Something’s wrong.

[244]  God said, “Let there be light!” That was the word, but now there is light. It isn’t the word; it’s the light. See what I mean? [In other words, there’s no longer prophecy; it’s no longer something that God said: it is now what God is doing.]

[245]  Now it… just isn’t a written Word to us, it’s a reality. We are in Him. Now we are enjoying [Him,] now we do behold Him, now we see Him, the Word manifesting Himself. It’s hid, out there, because (why?) It’s veiled in human flesh… [The Son of man revealed.]

[246]  Oh, they say, “That bunch of people, where did they go to school… what education do they have? Where… did they come from… what group do they belong to?” See, they don’t get It.


Now that’s the speckled bird, can’t identify her. How hard is… have you ever tried to identify yourself to anybody? I’ve tried to identify today without trying to be too identical, to identify to a man phoning about that [inaudible] got a hold of him, we might be interested in looking at the church over there in Sydney.

So he asked kind of what we were and well, I said, “Well, I’ll tell you what it’s pretty hard,” I said, “to give you any definition,” I said, “we’re kind of more like those that believe in the old Philadelphia confession of faith.”

I said, “We… we’re strong predestination like Dr. Pink.”

I said, “We’re not really quite hard shell like the Baptist, the old Baptist bunch, but I said, “we’re pretty tough hang tough on that,” I said, “we’re not charismatic,”

I said, “we do believe in gifts, we don’t pan it but we don’t believe they’re any evidence,” I said, “we put them in a separate room if people want to exercise them, we’ve got them under judgment.”

And I know just about that time he was sweating, you know, because you can’t identify a bunch of birds like us; [Congregation laughs.] you say, “We’re Bible believers.” Went right away they picture that you must be along with them, see. Say, “Well, no, we believe in serpent seed.”

“What’s serpent seed? Very strange. What’s serpent seed?”

“Well, haven’t you heard? Say, my that’s tremendous doctrine from way back 400BC, a hundred, thousand years before that.” Well, you can’t convince them though.…

[247]  A man said to another man, the other day… “You have to belong to a denomination to be a Christian.”

[248]  He said, “I am a Christian, I don’t belong to any of them.”… he said, “God took this cancer out of me… now what do you think of that?” It was a doctor. He said, “Show me the denominations doing it.”…

Now in other words, what denomination had ever authority and power to ever give anybody anything? Oral Roberts might belong to the Methodists but they didn’t give him any power.

Pentecost didn’t give them any power. I’d like to join some church myself and say now, “Hey, I want the authority to heal the sick and cast out devils. And I mean I want the authority. And don’t just lay hands on me and say, ‘Go believe, Brother Vayle, and do your best. I want power that when I do it, it is done.”

They say, “Well, we can’t do that.” Sure enough they can’t do that.

When God told Brother Branham that’s a different story; it’s done. When He said, “Moses, you go…” it was done. See? That’s what they say, “That’s all past.” Is it? Ha! Well, it is for them. That’s their business.

[249]  It’s still veiled. We’re inside of Christ. Now, as then, all true believers see Him…


What kind of believers? True believers see what? Him! Now if you’re a true believer this doesn’t shock you. If you’re not a true believer you’ve got problems and you don’t like this. It gives one person faith and peace and joy; it gives the other person unrest and anger and malice and he becomes like the king pretty soon. Let’s read it again.

[249]  We’re inside of Christ. Now, as then, all true believers see Him, the Word of promise of this day, openly manifested. That’s a big word if you can get it.…

The Word openly manifested, Elijah shall truly come and restore. The ministry of Jesus Christ shall return to this earth in the form of the Holy Spirit. The Lord Himself shall descend from heaven with the Shout, with the Voice of the archangel, The trump of God. See? The Son of man shall be revealed, the word of promise for this hour. Now if you believe it you’re fine.

If you accept it and you live on it and breathe on it and this is what you’re… this is it. Now if you’re trying to sit on a fence and look down the road and say, “Maybe I could just move,” look it, you done already moved.

In fact… oh come on, you haven’t even got a fence to sit on. No, there’s no fence to sit on. It’s one side or the other today; it’s been declared and manifested.

When they said, “Who is on the Lord’s side? Let God be God and Baal be Baal. Whosoever will serve God let him stand up and be counted.” Oh, the Baalimites didn’t believe that that could happen.

They didn’t believe that it would happen today and God didn’t even give them a choice. Just came on and said with a two 44’s and just blast it right out there. They didn’t like it. Son of man revealed, openly manifested

[250]  In order to do this, our old denomination traditional veil must be rent again. [Now he’s repeating himself.] In order to really see what It is, you’ve got to come out from among that stuff. See? You’ll never do it; they’ll keep pulling that veil before you, every time, “Oh, there is nothing to That.”


Nothing to what That? Fire, cloud, angel, miracles, his testimony, his discernment. “Oh well, that, you know that, that well.” But look what he did. “Serpent seed? Oh come on, don’t tell me that Eve got messed up with that feller.” Well, she did. “Oh, nothing to that,” they said.

[250]  But here It is written, and here It is made manifest, you see. [Now what’s wrong with them? They take their own interpretation from that Word the same as Israel did.] See?

[251]  Now, what if a fellow refuses to see the sun, say, “Oh… I know God said, ‘Let there be light,’ but there is no such a thing. I’m going down in the basement… I… refuse to see it”? The guy’s crazy… [Now that’s the example.] something wrong with him.

[252]  …something wrong with a man or woman, can see the promise of God and, see It manifested… then refuse to believe It because the denomination pulls the veil down. See, veiled! [Now they do that.]


Let me go to Matthew 13:10 and start reading.

Matthew 13:10-14

(10) And the disciples came, and said unto him, Why speakest thou unto them in parables?

(11) He answered and said… Because it is given unto you to know the mysteries of the kingdom of heaven, but to them it is not given. [All right. There you got something right there. That’s the way Jesus does things. Brother Branham said so and it’s true.]

(12) For whosoever… [now watch this.] For whosoever hath [the correct revelation], to him shall be given, and he shall have more [abundant]: but whosoever hath not [doesn’t perceive the hour of his day, what’s going on], from him shall be taken away even that he hath. [Your names will go off the Book of Life and you end up in the Tribulation, things like that, see.]

(13) Therefore speak I to them in parables: because they seeing see not; and hearing they hear not, neither do they understand. [Now that’s bad right there. That’s a threefold indictment.]

(14) And in them is fulfilled the prophecy of Esaias, which saith, By hearing [you] shall hear… shall not understand; [by] seeing [you] shall see, and shall not perceive:

They’ll say, “Well, who needs it? What’s it all about?”

I knew a fellow, this man is a, he’s a lovely brother, just a marvelous fellow, and he said, “I have never seen a miracle in my life.” And his wife with tuberculosis was sitting before the television said when Oral Roberts said, “Make a point of contact. Touch the television set.”

And she was instantly healed from tuberculosis right under his eyes and he’d never seen a miracle.

What’s he mean miracle? Oh, well I had the card and I will now turn this into a hundred dollar bill; that’s a trick. That’s no miracle. Any jerk from the barker, from a… you know, one of those sideshows can do that where the hand is slicker than the eye. You just… I tell you this is very accurate.

So I’ll tell you if I saw something nice see [Inaudible] there’s a lot of things right now people see that they don’t see and it hasn’t got a thing to do with the spiritual which is very, very spiritual. In other words, it’s in the… in that realm of… which is very difficult to apprehend.

Matthew 13:15-23

(15) For this people’s heart is waxed gross, and their ears are dull of hearing, and their eyes they have closed; lest at any time they should see with their eyes, and hear with their ears, and should understand with their heart, and should be converted, and I should heal them.[Now It tells you right there that there’s no such thing as the baptism unless you see this.]

(16) But blessed are your eyes, for they see: and your ears, for they hear.

(17) For verily I say unto you, That many prophets and righteous men have desired to see [the] things which ye see, [and it’s going on right today] and have not seen them; and to hear those things [that you] hear and have not heard them.

(18) Hear ye therefore the parable of the sower.

(19) When any one [hears] the word of the kingdom, and [understands] it not, then [comes] the wicked one, and [catches] away that which was sown in his heart. This is he which received seed by the way side.

(20) But he that received the seed into stony places, the same is he that heareth the word, and anon with joy receiveth it; [that’s when your denomination comes along and…]

(21) …[no root in the feller, endures] for a while:… tribulation [comes] or persecution ariseth because of the word, and by and by he is offended. [That’s when the denominations sits in on you. They tried it on me years ago; it didn’t work. I walked off. I said, “Boy, how stupid can these guys get?”]

(22) He also that received seed among the thorns is he that heareth the word; and the care of this world, and the deceitfulness of riches, choke the word, and he becometh unfruitful.

(23) But he that received seed into the good ground is he that heareth the word, and [understands] it; which also beareth fruit, and bringeth forth, some an hundredfold, some sixty, some thirty. [All right, that’s far enough.]

[253]  In order to do this, our denomination traditional veils must be broken, by God’s Spirit of Fire and Sword, which is His Word. [Now listen carefully to what he said. It’s got to be broken by God’s Spirit of Fire and Sword, which is His Word.] Always His Word is His Sword. See… He took His Sword that day, full of Fire, and ripped that veil from top to bottom. He does the same thing with the same Sword today! Not “my creed, my book of creeds, my… catechism.”

…But the Sword of the Lord… [Now remember, he said that’s the Word of God.] rips the veil down, and you see God standing in plain view, manifested in His Word. [Now that’s the Seven Seal, right? Sword in the hand, Seventh Seal? All right, that’s what it is. That’s that Third Pull.]

…What a glorious view to look at! See? All right. God’s Holy Spirit and Fire, His Sword, rips it, the Word rips the denominational veil. [Sure it does. It ripped it. It tore into it and proved that this man stood there with THUS SAITH THE LORD and had the right to bring the Word for the hour. Now that doesn’t mean anybody’s going to accept It, except the Elect. Oh my. No. Now.]

[254]  What if you just said, “the Word,” and the Word didn’t work? What good would the Sword be here, and say, “It can’t rip”… [It won’t work. Now listen, it’s now… it’s a challenge right there, denominations can’t do it but you watch William Branham.]

[255]  But when you lay that Sword of God up there and watch her rip… she’s held by an ordained hand [only a prophet] sent to do so. See, rips it open, and there He is. There it shows God plainly in view, the great Jehovah. [That’s Jesus Savior.] That is His Word made manifest, the portion that’s promised to this… to the day. Do you get It? See?

…When the Sword promised of today, in this day, what’s supposed to be, and God takes His Sword and rips down the denominational veil and pulls it back, and manifests Himself and shows that He is here. Still that same Pillar of Fire! Notice, that is the Word made manifest for today’s promises.


There it is right there. That’s been made manifest for today’s promise. Now if he came you’ve got the Word, you do what you want with It. Now people say, “Well, I’m looking for something else.”

I’m looking for nothing except to see that Word continue in human beings until a Bride gets out of here because he said, “Under the Seven Seals, those Thunders gave us everything to put us into the Rapture,” and this is the Seventh Seal he’s talking about and that revealed Word is that Third Pull.

Sign in the hand, discernment, and now this. Now you can come along with a sign in the hand, with discernment but you try and do that.

Now the proof is that you cannot do that because you do not have the other vindication that goes with it because the discernment in itself is not the great thing. It’s the THUS SAITH THE LORD.

So here we are in Hebrews 13:8. Now that’s a complete new slant on Hebrews 13:8 because Hebrews 13: 8 until just this hour has been equivalent to Mark 16. Well, there’s a degree of, you know, there’s a prophecy there but it’s not the whole thing.

[256]  We see It as did Peter when he said, “Lord, to whom would we go, after seeing This?” Where would we go? What church could we join, when we’re born in One? See?


Now I want to stop a second. The battle is between God in a prophet and denomination. Now someone might say, “Well, I think the battle is sin.”

I’m sorry you’re just sort of banging around because the denominations are full of unbelief, so therefore, they’re full of sin and so you don’t go and battle unbelief if God is the perpetrator. Right? What else can you do?

You say, “I’m going to judge the act of adultery.” Hogwash! You judge the guy that did it. “I’m going to judge the act of murder.” You hang the guy that did it. That’s not what we’re talking about.

Unbelief: denomination. So the fight is between denominations and the prophet, between denominations and God, therefore, the denomination is antichrist. It is anti-Word. The denomination is antichrist; it is the faux of Christ. They are the champion of sin.

I said a while ago and I beat you to it, talk about Sodom. The church champions sodomy. They champion the homosexual. They ordain woman preachers. You say, “Well, not all.” It doesn’t have to be all. They’ll get there.

Well, not too long ago it was a Lutheran church, I think I’m not sure, Methodist or somebody, they had a woman come in there and she danced nude before all the people. Well, they said, “That is fine. She’s a lady preacher.” I knew they’d come to that.

Women preachers I can’t stand. I would get mad or vomit or both but I’m not quite sure but some of them might just… something almost just begins to burst in my head.

Terrible anger, terrible anger over it. You have a woman preacher, so her nude impression is to dance to glorify God. They teach sex and every rotten perversion… there’s always some church or many churches as you can find that teach the lowest rotten death of sin, they try to cover up by nice, nice, nice. Who needs nice?

You know what that nice stuff is? It’s the same baloney they said, “Be ye warmed and fed,” and not withstanding gave nothing for the stomach and nothing for the back, “oh, bless you, my child, be ye warmed and fed,” and they had all kinds of money.

Like the pope one day went down the street and he said, “Well, we’re sure not like old Peter and James and John when they went through the Gate Beautiful, said, ‘Silver and gold have we none.'” And the fellow said, “Yes, and neither do you have their power.” They’re the champion of every rotten sin in the book. Who champions sin and corruption? The church. Why? They’re not just one Word off; they’re all off.

[256]  See? What could you… What denomination could you join after knowing this Truth… when they [every one] deny It? Every one of them! I haven’t got a one that’ll say a good thing for It. That’s right. That’s right. [It doesn’t say one man, he says one denomination. Your mind still slip right there and say, one man. Didn’t say one man, he said one denomination.]

[257]  I started off on one of these trips down here… [That’s going down to Alabama, to what do you call, Birmingham] forty-two churches in one place were the sponsor, when I got there, I had none. Everyone said, “He believes in Eternal security.” That let the legalists out. One said, “He baptizes in Jesus’ Name.” That… left the rest… out… One… said, “He believes in the serpent’s seed. The serpent has no seed!”…

[258]  But the Bible said, “I’ll put enmity between her Seed and the serpent’s seed.”

[259]  See… the veil’s been lifted off… the Word. See? That’s right.


Well, I’m going to tell you one thing, if the denominational veil was attacked with the Sword you better believe they’ve got enough swords to fight back with. Fire with fire, sword with sword, gun with gun, flood with flood, you bet, money with money but they’ll never outdo the power of God I don’t care what they do. “We shall overcome,” they said that but they’re wrong.

[259]  See, [that’s it]… the veil’s been lifted off… the Word. See? That’s right. It’s revealed to babes [such as will learn. See?]… it’s lifted, they [the babes] see It. There will be as once said, that’s right. And then it will be as once said, “When you see…” When this veil is taken off… the Word, the traditions is taken off the Word, as Jesus once said, “When you see Me, you see the Father.” See?

[In other words, you see this you’ll see God. What you’re seeing now is the complete manifestation, a revelation, the Son of man, right down the line, see.] See? God and His Word are one. Now you understand? When the Word is manifested, what is It? See?

[260]  Jesus said, “Search the Scriptures, you think you have. You’ve believed in God, believe also in Me. If I do not the works of My Father, then don’t believe Me. But if I do do the works, I and My Father are one. When you see Me, you have seen the Father.”


See? Now what does It mean there? It said, look, why don’t you just stop. There’s a… evidently something has come up in a realm of an argument; something has come up that’s describing, you just don’t say, “Why don’t you just stop and look at all of this? Just stop and look It over and stop long enough till you’ve come to real definitive understanding according to the Word.

In other words, look at your side, look at my side, let’s go to the Word, let’s see what we can see because there’s something in here that’s too great. Man cannot do this of his own merit; it is no way, no sir, something wrong. He said, “Better watch.” But they won’t do it.

[261]  And when you see the Word made manifest, you see the Father, God, because the Word is the Father, the Word is God. [All right. When you see the Word made manifest you see the prophet God or the prophet is God. See? When you see these miracles done, you see the great miracle doer, the great healer, you see Jehovah. Why? Because it’s a perfect manifestation. He’s bringing It to pass.]

And the Word, made manifest, is God Himself taking His Own Word and manifesting It among believers. [Didn’t say ‘in them’, he said ‘among them’.] Nothing can make It live but believers, just believers…


Nothing can make It live. It tells you that fact. What kind of a believer is it? Brother Branham hadn’t gone any place yet.

He said, “That’s what He told me. I will go before kings and there will be a worldwide revival.”

“Oh,” they said, “you’ve got to be crazy. You’re just… you haven’t got a good education.”

He said, “That’s what He told me.” He’s a believer. That’s why he spoke with the assurance he did. Abraham never had his assurance, his persuasion of faith, utter persuasion until twenty-five years later. See? Just believers, make it live.

[262]  You can take wheat and plant it… a different kind of a soil, it’ll never grow. But… it’s got to have certain fertilize in the ground to raise wheat. And if… the wheat isn’t germitized to that fertilize, it’ll never grow. So no matter where the Word falls, if It doesn’t fall in the right kind of a heart… [it won’t grow.]

[263]  Jesus said so. “Some fell by the wayside, some fell on stony ground… [I read that to you] the fowls of the air come and fed on it.” And… He said, “Some fell into thorns and thistles… choked… right up… right away,” traditions, denominations, cares of the world choked It. But…

…”Some went over into good ground and brought forth a hundredfold,… that’s the Kingdom of God.” [What was it? They believed It all. See? They received what was presented. Israel turned down the manna, couldn’t get in, died, didn’t have the strength to carry it over. No sir, you better watch it.] It’s the same thing, see, some will… believe it all.

[264]  Some will believe for a little while, like the disciples. They followed Him, many of them, the seventy followed Him for a year, to find out, about a year and a half… two years, just to find out if they could find something in Him… like some way He had some power to do these things, or like a rabbit foot, a magician of some sort, what He could do to produce these things, [Pentecost did that with Brother Branham] how He could know what was in the people’s hearts and what they were thinking.

…And they finally found out that He said… He “come down from Heaven,” He “was the Word Himself.” And when they did, that that was too much for them, they said, “No man can understand This.” And they walked away from Him. That’s those who fell among thorns.


How many people when Brother Branham said, “The prophet is God to the people,” how many could take that? How many could stand up when the vindication, THUS SAITH THE LORD? Not very many, come on.

[265]  It brings back to the same thing, in every congregation, you have make-believers, unbelievers, and believers. It’s… in every congregation. You find them at all… times. Some of them make out like they’re believers, that’s the worst… type… then there are those who are actually unbelievers; they won’t bother you, they’ll just walk away and shake the head.

…But those who make-believe, say they’re believers, that’s the kind that’s the kind you have to watch, are those make-believers. And then there is some genuine believers. See… there’s three there? [He’s talking of his own ministry in defense.]

[266]  There were the unbelievers. As soon as He said, “Eat the Flesh of the Son of man,” oh, man, that was it!

[267]  The other… was make-believers. They stayed till… like Judas… right… to the end.

[268]  …then the real believers, they couldn’t explain It, but they believed It, anyhow. And they went on through. [There’s lots of stuff we can’t believe but we receive It, and we do believe It thereby.]

[269]  The veil of tradition of unbelievers is taken away, then you see God. When the veil of traditions has been removed, you can see that God is still God of His Word. He still keeps His Word… He’s the God, the Author of His Word
that is hidden behind skin veils to others. Yes, that is right. To those who cannot go behind the veil, He’s still behind skin veils. [What’s He behind? The prophet’s veil. The people can’t see it. See? All right.]

[270]  Notice, then we then we become part of Him, as you are the veil that veils Him. [Now see that’s to us like I said before.] You are part of Him [as long as Christ is in you] as Christ was of God. Because God was in Him, made Him God. And as Christ is in you, the hope of Glory, you become part of Christ. “He that believeth on Me, the works that I do shall he do also.” See?

…You become part of Christ as long as Christ is hid in you. Then it’s veiled to the unbeliever, but you know He is in you. You are templing Christ… behind the veil, the skin. Then we… Then we become… behind, because of this veil. [This is just drawing His feature.] The veil again, in human flesh, hides God [the Word] from the unbeliever. [Well, the true seed, you see, he gets the revelation.]

[271]  “As it is written!” See, written, “You are written epistles,” the Bible said. Now, what is an epistle? It’s “a written word.”… you are the “written.” In other words, you’d read It like this,… “You are written epistles,” or, “You are the Word that has been written, made manifest,” nothing can be added to it. You can’t say, “I’m a written epistle,” and living some other kind of a something but what This has already written, because nothing can be added or taken away.

[273]  Everyone… always come to me and said, “Brother Branham, those seven thunders that the voice thundered, and… said, ‘Write It not… but close It up,'” and said, “that’ll be seven thunders that will be revealed in the last days? See, seven thunders that’ll tell us?” Now, doesn’t that sound real good? See? But watch what you’re talking about when you say that. He said, “See that you write It not.” See? Those seven thunders uttered their voices, see, and He said, “Don’t write that, see, but It’s to be sealed up in the Book until the last day.”

[274]  Now, someone has been, many has been saying to me, and theologians said, “Brother Branham, if the Lord God…” Said, “If… with your experience that the Lord has given you for His people,” humbly saying this… “you’d be eligible to write a… Bible yourself, your Word that God has manifested.”

[275]  Now he said “That might be true.” See, he was trying to catch me. See? And I said, “But, you see, I couldn’t do that.”

Now you see you’ve got the same thing here in the parallel ministry that Brother Branham is tested like Jesus because they come and say, “Well, why don’t you do this, do this, do this, do this,” see. Well, it’s always the same thing, they want a sign that isn’t there for that hour. Now it’s human nature always wants what he’s not supposed to have. He just can’t have that.

“Why,” he said, “…You have all the qualifications.”

[276]  I said, “But… look, one word cannot be added or taken away.” See?

[277]  And he said, “Well, then, those seven thunders, you see… wouldn’t those seven thunders blasting out, won’t that be a Revelation to be given to some man?”

[278]  I said, “No, sir, it would be adding something to It or taking Something from It.” It’s all revealed in there, and the seven seals opened up the Revelation of what That was.


Now notice he’s telling you it’s opened it up. You don’t have to ask anymore, it’s been done. And it wasn’t done by the method that people thought it would be done. It was an exposition of the Word of God that lay here for this hour. The finishing up of the un-finishing and bringing to light what was necessary.

[279]  Now He’s still the Word! You see, you can’t get out of that Word. It won’t leave the Word. And God’s Spirit will never leave that Word. It’ll stay right with the Word, blinding some and open the eyes of others. It will always do that.

So what I hope we have now this is the completed Word, just don’t worry about it, don’t go thinking you’re too far thoughts out, don’t try to figure. If something comes to you just say, “Well, that’s great, I praise the Lord for the prophet’s Word and I’m beginning to see it.”

[280]  “Ye are written epistles, read of all man.”… Translate That, turn It around this way, see, just turn It around, “You are epistles that has been written,” because you can’t add anything to It, “that’s read of all man.” Manifested Word of God,” in other words. And Peter and John, to show it, when they went up there, they perceived they were ignorant and unlearned, they had no education, but they took notice they had been with Jesus. See?

…They were ignorant and unlearned… they were written epistles, see, read that they had been with Jesus, because, Jesus was manifesting Himself through them, Christ veiled in their flesh. Manifested, made alive, like He was in Moses.


Now that’s very fine for prophets and great people. What about little people like us? Well, he just said, “Live godly, do the best you can, you know, serve the Lord, stay with the Word here, see, and there’s a life to it. Women,” he said, “you just serve your families, your husbands, you’ve got a ministry right there, you’ll get rewarded.” To those that have other offices he said the wife is a part of the ministry, things like that, it’s just, you know. All right.

[281]  When the Word was in Moses, he was God in flesh. [That’s right.] When the Word was in Moses, he was God to the people. When It was in Jesus, It was God in flesh. See? [So therefore, God was in the flesh of Moses, God was in the flesh of Christ.] Only thing He did was change His mask, not His Word, not His nature.

…He’s the same yesterday, today, and forever. He only changed His form. He changed from Noah to Moses… from Moses to David; from David, [not to Joseph because Joseph predated David] then Joseph; on down till He came to the fullness of the Godhead bodily. See?

[282]  It’s still the same God! Amen! Amen! I hope that gets through.


Now you see there’s… there’s the real sticker right now and it doesn’t need to be because we might not have all the answers but then the argument will then come up, “How much of God is in the prophet?”

Brother Branham said, “The fullness of Godhead bodily in the last hour.”

Say, “Well, I believe that’s all the Holy Spirit poured into a Bride.”

Well, that’s all through the ages. Come up to Headship again. All that was in God He poured into Christ, Christ pours into a Bride. But does that diminish Christ? Is He no longer Head? I thought Christ was the Head of the Bride? Head of the Church.

How can you be head and body at the same time? No, it’s the life that’s in the body. The head is head. The church never was head. Christ never was in the church. No siree. He’s in the Word. He’s in the Word. And what He gives via the Word, the conduit, He puts in the Bride.


Show me where the Bride ever takes headship. Can’t do it. That’s why some of you people are all loused up when they said, “Brother Branham used the term, he said, ‘The pastor is the spiritual husband of the church.'” Oh my, some preachers really ran with that one.

I said, “Now just a minute,” I said, “he also said, ‘That the church be subject to the pastor, and the pastor be subject to the church.’ “I said when was the male subject to the woman at any time? See, you better watch all your [inaudible] and everything else he said. Get them all together. Brother, you’re some kind… some husband you are if you got to bow down to the woman. He wasn’t saying what they thought he was saying.

Just like the bunch run around and say, “Well, Brother Branham said, ‘The pastor is ordained to see you through.’ Come and sit under me or come and bring your money.” Fap. If you think I’m ordained to see you through, you’re nuts: I can’t see anybody through.

I’m like Harold M… “If there’s one pastor that would come up and tell me he was ordained and could prove it I’d go there right now and make sure I got there.” What’s the word mean? He absolutely is commanded of God to do something for you to help you get there.

Not that you help him live high on the hog and everything else. That’s a lot of hogwash. He’s supposed to be a servant. Not that I’m any too good a character. I’ve got to bring these things out if I cut my own throat, that’s fine. My blood can be shed the same as anybody else.

[282]  It’s still… God! Amen… I hope that gets through. See?… the same God… He just takes on another veil… [Now listen!]

[283]  He did it in the reformers, took on a veil, took on a veil, until finally It come down through the Lutheran age, [What was the veil? That was the Word reforming a little bit. Not a prophet.]… then finally It comes out into the Complete. [All in all comes up through a body. Word upon Word. The full manifestation, the whole thing.] Just before It comes, [Now listen!]

…Just before It comes, a prophet arises again. [Couldn’t be through reformers, no siree, no way. Got to come right up this way. All right.] When It does, It foreshadows the Word, showing back there, revealing what’s been done, what’s been left off… [Now he’s telling you he preached the Church Ages, see.] not without understanding.

…Then when this fades out, then, like John said, “I must decrease, He must increase,” then all-in-all comes into Him. He’s fully manifested, through Luther, Wesley, and Pentecostal age, and on down, on down. He’s fully manifested, you see. Come on down, just a manifestation, God unfolding. See! Now, notice, fulfilled in His promise for this day as they had.

[284]  Now, Moses was the Word that day, because the Word was given to him for that day, Moses. Joseph was the Word to his days, portraying Christ exactly. See, each one of them was the Word. [Then what was William Branham? The hour of the Son of man, the complete ministry. See? Bringing everything out.]

[285]  And… Jesus came, He was the Word in Its fullness, because the whole plan of redemption laid in Him. The whole plan of redemption didn’t [lie] in Moses, didn’t [lie] in Joseph, didn’t [lie] in Elijah. See, they were only part of the Word, pointing to It. See? [Now notice, keep your thought, here It comes, as I’d say.] See, the whole plan wasn’t in them. They were pointing to It.

[286]  Therefore after Him, the fullness, we cannot point to something else. It points back to Him, the Word. This is the complete Revelation, nothing can be added or taken away from It.


Well, if that’s the complete revelation then it’s got to fully manifest and reveal Christ. Every single thing that was wrong is put in order, everything that needs to be added was sealed up in there and put to it and there you have the complete Word, the complete revelation and you have the complete Holy Spirit.

[286]  There’s the complete Revelation. And all that, a shadow of Him to come; but when He came, He was the Perfect… “God in sundry times spoke to the fathers through… prophets,” [He’s right back to the prophet again.] God spoke through veils, the prophets, “but in this last days through His Son, Jesus Christ.” There you are. Unveiled out there on Calvary, the Son of God, unveiled.

[287]  Notice, “made alive,” and today when the Word is manifested in human vessels, veils, it’s absolutely the Word fulfilled in that day, which comes back to God. Being baptized into Him, according to 1 Corinthians 12, we become identified with Him…


He’s telling you right there, the whole thing is there, there’s no more to be baptized into Christ, the last one is coming in in this hour. You’ve got the full Word, the full revelation, God Himself on the scene what more does a person want? There it is right there. There it is right there, the whole thing, the manifesting. See?

[288]  I said a half hour, but can I have just a little bit longer… [Did the tape run out? About one minute? Okay, page 43. I don’t know if we might make this up next Sunday, I’m not sure. All right.]

[289]  But now notice. How many American… [No, I’m going to leave that right there. Let’s just read this here again.]

[287]  Notice, “made alive,” and today when the Word is manifested in human vessels, veils, it’s absolutely the Word fulfilled in that day, which comes back to God. Being baptized into Him, according to 1 Corinthians 12…

In other words, now when all has happened, everything that came in this hour is for you and me. In other words, that Word we receive there we find our totality in Him and it’s now separated not from the prophets…

[Tape ends]

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